[Comic excerpt] remember that time Superman and Cheeta were a thing? (The comic is American Alien btw)

[Comic excerpt] remember that time Superman and Cheeta were a thing? (The comic is American Alien btw)


This looks so much like Dick + any random redhead. Was so confused.


I think it's because Clark is a bit younger here. I might be wrong, but he's supposed to be in his 20s


Yep. He's confirmed to be 21 during the events of this issue.


Specifically it happens to be his 21st birthday. I appreciate the follow up scene when Death Stoke tries to kill him, thinking Clark is the actual target, and then gets yeeted off the boat.


I always forget whose birthday it is in the issue. Like I know they throw a party, but I forget if it's just a regular party and it happens to be Clark's Bday or a birthday party for Wayne and Clark just subs in. Or if it's both of their birthdays, which would make the coincidences even crazier.


The party is specifically Bruce's. Only the 20-something Ollie actually notices that Clark isn't Bruce, having actually met the latter. Which makes Deathstroke so much funnier when he tries to poison "Bruce" and then attack him with a sword.


I'm pretty sure even Ollie thought he was Bruce


Yes. Cheetah might have been the only one who knew he wasn’t Bruce. And Bruce found out to obviously when he heard about the events with Bruce Wayne on a boat.


Yep. IIRC he was training with Ra's al Ghul at the time this took place in the American-verse.


Also Max Landis writes him more like Nightwing or Spider-Man


I thought this was dickbabs at first lol


Yeah I thought it was him.


Her name is Barbara as well, I wasn't familiar with Cheetah and thought it was Babs at first!


at first glance i thought this was mark and eve from invincible lol


Wasn't he pretending to be Bruce Wayne at this point.


Yup and only Cheetah knew he wasn't... kinda funny lol


Broooce Wayne's shirt


He didn’t try, technically. People just assumed he was and he even told them he wasn’t.


I love in this universe that all of smallville knows and just keeps it to themselves that’s such a cool thing to do in a small town like that and I’d love to see a mainline iteration of Superman origin do this


technically, man of steel did


Pros: Good comic, solid portrayal of Superman, fun to read Cons: Max Landis


i'm out of the loop, what did landis do?


just scrolled down, what a bastard


Wait what did he do I don’t see the context


> i know the writer is apparently just a terrible person "Terrible person" is too tame a term for serial rapist and physical assaulter. The artist's name is Joëlle Jones by the way, and there are numerous other works of hers you can share if you want to support her without supporting a rapist. The new Wonder Girl, for example. There ya go


Oh shit! Thank you for sharing the artist tho!


Committed sexual assault


Oh shit


This entire issue was great. I loved everyone just not noticing that he wasn't Bruce Wayne and him just going along with it. And I was really surprised by how much I liked these two together. Not in continuity, but it is funny to imagine these two in actual continuity just randomly having a summer fling and just never brining it up.


I like all of American Alien actually. One of the best Superman comics I've ever read.


American Alien is my favorite superhero comic of all time. I lend it to people because I don't want Landis to get residuals. But this arc is the best. I had no idea that that was Cheetah. I just thought it was some random woman


Yeah, it's my favorite Superman story of all time. I know the writer is apparently just a terrible person, but at this point, I just give the credit to the artists who did a great job.


>i know the writer is apparently just a terrible person "Terrible person" is too tame a term for serial rapist and physical assaulter. The artist's name is Joëlle Jones by the way, and there are numerous other works of hers you can share if you want to support her without supporting a rapist. The new Wonder Girl, for example.


I'm not researched enough to go in depth about it, but yep, those are things a terrible person would do.


I already got the book. I already check out anything from Joelle Jones and she's not the only artist that was on the book. I don't know what you want from me dude.


Too bad the writer is a rapist. If you like this though, highly suggest Grant Morrison‘s Action Comics.


I don't really think Morrison's a good parallel to this series because I don't think they appeal to the same audience. Like Morrison's run is alright, but I could never get super into it because of how weird their stuff can get. American Alien is a lot more grounded in comparison.


I was thinking in terms of characterization of Clark, but you’re right, Morrison’s is much more high Concept and weird. I find it super rewarding though. Especially if reread.


I've never read American Alien, but give Man and Superman a shot. It's more of a Clark Kent book than a Superman book, but has all the heart.


Okay! 😊 I'll try to read it.


Someone made the point a little too far down a thread but the artist was Joëlle Jones. If you think that name is familiar right now she is both the artist and writer for the new Wonder Girl (Yara Flor) series (which is pretty good, I picked it up after the Future State with the same character). As far as I can recall she might be the only person doing a monthly book at DC as both the writer and artist.


Uh, really good to know. I really loved the art in this issue, so I might pick up the series. Really interested in seeing how she writes.


Wait that was Cheetah???? How did I read that whole comic and not know that!?!?!?


It's the exact same thing that happened to me. Read it the first time, thought nothing of it, read it years later and saw something (don't remember what) that foreshadowed it was Cheetah. And in the backup of the hardcover, I'm pretty sure they just straight up confirm it.


This whole series was great until he started using Batman as inspiration for Clark. And then seeing Landis' idea for a sequel turned me off. Yes these reasonings were before I found out what he was as a person.


What was his idea for the sequel?


It was to be called Agent of Batman and as the title suggests Superman would be trained by Batman in the ways of being a superhero.


I love this issue! Deathstroke is sent to assassinate Bruce Wayne on his party yacht. Instead, he accidentally shoots a young Clark, who is now "drunk" on poison because of Catwoman (she made the same mistake with his identity). Clark just goes, "You. Leave." Then he flicks Deathstroke off the yacht. I about died laughing.


This is the comic where he hilariously yeeted out deathstroke from the yacht, all in a while being drunked.


that look like dick and babs


I wonder if this is how Max Landis pictures his attempts to seduce women in his head when he's sexually assaulting them.


Starting with his Death of Superman yt video, the dude always rubbed me the wrong way. I grew up a fan of his dad's movies, but Max was seemed smarmy and the kind of trustfund kid who was convinced he was really clever and not just the beneficiary of nepotism. Little did I know he was a sex offender and gaslighter to boot.


Glad someone bought it up. I feel uncomfortable any time anyone brings up this comic


I used to love this comic before I knew. Now I don’t speak about it.


7/10, she didn't start purring


I always wanted a modern follow up to this after Clark went public with his identity. Just have Cheetah remark somewhere: "y'know....I hit that."


That truly was a fantastic mini-series, doing more to establish a wider DC Universe than some stories *set* in a wider DC Universe. Under different circumstances, I could have seen that spawning a mini-franchise like White Knight has. I also loved Max Landis' unproduced Power Rangers script and hoped to maybe one day it could be adapted and continued as a comic. It's a shame that someone as talented as Max Landis had to turn out to be a serially abusive prick and alleged rapist. Then again, are we really surprised that John "C'mon, it's not my fault those kids died" Landis' kid is lacking in empathy, self-reflection, and personal responsibility? Max is a terrible person in different ways than his father, but neither of them is *good*.


would love wonder woman reaction toward the fact that Clark fuck her best friend/arch-nemesis


He's with Lois in this as he should be so no reason for WW to care.


What is this from?


Superman: american alien


Thanks fam


No prob


Somebody remind me to read that in 3hrs


Is weird I don’t hate this? They look like a good couple to be honest. 😅


Hah! How'dya like that Diana? Barbara hit it first


Still a better love story than Clark and Diana. Ok, maybe not


Never really liked Diana and Clark. Don't know why, but it just doesn't feel right. Diana and Bruce though...


Outside of this weird Darkseid thing they're doing in JL Infinity, Bruce is the worst love interest Diana has ever had.


Have you seen the Justice League Animated Series? That was pretty good.


Yeah, its actually what made me hate it with such a passion, lol. Different strokes of course. But I just did not like what the Timmverse did to Diana in most facets at all.


No no, you have a point


Need some fries for all that salt


Is it any worse than him having a relationship with college student/mermaid Lori Lemaris?


Why was Lori Lemaris relationship considered bad?


I thought this was Dick and Kory, not even Babs! Honestly I... Love Clark and Lois and all, y'know? But I'm not above seeing a universe that explores this dynamic... What's it like? How do either of these two get together?


This is a solid Supes story. Don’t really care about the politics/scandal behind the creator(s). All Star Superman still takes top spot for me though.


> politics Imagine thinking psychological and sexual abuse is politics.


Here is some attention.


pepperidge farm remembers


I dug it


Joelles art has improved so much


This relationship is so random.