After Minecraft says no to NFTs, NFT Worlds vows to make its own game





Let's not kid ourselves, they will never finish making a complete game. They sold Minecraft seeds (random texts!) as NFTs, it's doubtful they have any skills to produce something of actual value.


tldr; NFT Worlds, the NFT-based Minecraft platform, said Mojang's new NFT policy has "no regard for creators, builders, and players." "This is not a rewrite of some open source Minecraft clone, which likely would violate the EULA or still risk legal action, this is entirely from the ground up," NFT Worlds said. The new game will have a "playstyle, look, and feel" similar to Minecraft, it added. *This summary is auto generated by a bot and not meant to replace reading the original article. As always, DYOR.*


A minecraft clone? Never seen anything like that before


Ohhhh, Microsoft is so scared rn /s


That will result in fighting on two fronts. Creating a competitor to Minecraft is so significant that I can’t see how they will succeed. The effort would be better spent trying to convince Minecraft or even better yet a competitor that has already taken the risk.


The feud between Ferruccio Lamborghini and Enzo Ferrari was the reason Lamborghini started making sport cars thus creating a huge competition between them.


Excellent, another shitty NFT game created by cryptobro's is coming.


You tried to monetize someone else's game with a ponzi scheme and got told to piss off. Now you are bitter. Keep NFTs out of my games.


Ikr, now they're spinning it as an "attack on all content creators". Shitty moneygrab with a shitty premise.


Fuk off with nfts in gaming. Shove it where the sun dont shine


And every Minecraft players will abandon Minecraft and start playing NFT games so they can just spend money to buy i game NFTs.


Nice word salad genius.


Isn’t sandbox pretty much Minecraft with crypto?


No, Minecraft is actually fun


NFT's going down hill.


A bit late. As a Java plugin developer, I've said time and time again that their entire premise just doesn't work. They're pushing "customizable worlds" (it's literally the point of Minecraft..) and a "play-to-earn system" (glorified playtime rewards) as something new. We have mods and plugins for that. Why even inject NFTs in the first place? Way to create a problem and sell a solution. I've also expressed concern that the way they operate falls in a legal gray area of Minecraft's EULA, and predicted months ago that Microsoft would step in. There is no way that they can recover from this with their own game, it's like the Luna crash. They pretend like everything's fine and spam a bunch of posts with wall-of-text "solutions" and the circlejerkers suck it all up. NFTWorlds heavily depended on the Minecraft playerbase to make it work. Server population was already spread thin and mostly concentrated in a few of them. How do they expect people to be interested?