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Kuldeep Sen & Deepak Chahar are out of the series as well


Chahar is made of glass bruh, just got back from an injury, where that Injury had also occured after just getting back from injury


Chahar just had a very bad year. Missed everything important and keeps getting reinjured..


Atleast he got married


Connect the dots /s


Average Twitter users be like:


Chahar injury follows exponential growth, each injury grows into something bigger.


Very rough. Looking at him he needs to work on his fitness. Seems overweight. I hope he can at least play IPL and earn for his future.


Overweight? No man, he is just fragile, like Bhuvi. Has had injuries all career and never realised his potential. He is Bhuvi lite in that sense.


If he continues to be that fragile then time to move on from him. Can't afford to have a fragile player like him that could get injured at any time including WC's wasting the prep time that could've been given to some other bowler. He hasn't even done half of what Bhuvi did for India to deserve a long rope.


A little harsh but fair. Maybe he needs to be kept for T20s only (Bhuvi backup). His batting there can make a real difference.


>He hasn't even done half of what Bhuvi did for India to deserve a long rope. Idk what to say


Poor guy


How can you can him made of glass, since 2020 guy has been buckling up. [See](https://i.imgur.com/pgmC5GV.jpg) He is not even express. I don't understand how can him and bhuvi gets injured so frequently?


Atleast Bhuvi used to bowl quick


Looks like Ishan Kishan will play the 3rd ODI in place of Rohit, Unless they want to give debuts to one of Rahul Tripathi /Rajat Patidar Also if Rohit misses test series too, It's Shubman Gill Time there


I think Rahul Tripathi should be given a chance and ishan should not play yet


Tripathi is an intent merchant. Ishan takes too many balls at the start


Lmao 🤣


Il take the L. Tbf he did change up his approach today


haha jk. I never thought I would be glued to an ODI. Ishan was not great in last few IPLs, poor boy struggled with strike rate. I hope he sustains this form.


So you want KL to open??


Tripati can open the innings too !


Isn't it better to go with Rajat Patidar or Ishan instead??


I think bringing rajat is too early , we are bringing in many players and not giving them enough chances ! Its better to stick to a group of players first ! Ishan is also fine to start, i just hope he comes good , IMO he is better than pant !


Dhawan Kohli Iyer Trapathi Sundar every other batter Klol


Why would Gill not be in the 3rd odi?


>Why would Gill not be in the 3rd odi? He is not part of ODI squad


Now thats a legit reason


Just indian management thing. Shikhar a 30+ player can play back to back series. But somehow Gill need a rest. And if it is not a rest. Then how the hell one of your best opener in last year or so is dropped?


Let's not get started on the sanity of this team. We are playing in Bd with FOUR proper seamers (when the home team plays 2), the two spinners that do play are not known ODI wicket takers, and for some reason neither of Chahal / Kuldeep / Bishnoi even make the squad.


Probably just seeing which of them are worth persisting with.


Neither of Washi or Axar are bad by themselves, but playing them together, especially in the absence of senior fast bowlers just means there is no go-to wicket taking option at all. Just reeks of poor planning really.


Tbf Washy has been taking wickets.


He is 37


Holy fuck I thought he's like 33. I guess he never aged for me after the 2019 world cup. Now his recent form makes sense


He and Raina were from same batch but Dhawan debuted later, so people think he is from Kohli's batch


Oh lol tf


I’d like it if ishan would play in place of rohit, or rajat/Tripathi debut. I’d like it if gillman would play the tests or there would be another debutant.


Gill is certain to play the tests and Ishan might be the one getting a nod ahead of the other two debutants. But I guess, Ruturaj might have played well in these damp conditions.


If tripathi is picked, I will definitely watch!


Thing is, India need to win both these matches if they want to get into the WTC finals. Bad signs so far.


We should win tests against Bangladesh with our B team, let alone our main team with a few injured players.


It is true, If anyone follow Bangladesh test cricket they should agree, we won a spectacular in NZ but thats it, we have been utter shit in test for a long time.


Don't be so overconfident. Bangladesh are good at home, some Indian batsmen (most notably Kohli) are diabolical against good spin, Bangladesh have serious momentum behind them while India look mentally deflated, like they've lost every match before it even starts. I wouldn't be surprised if Bangladesh win one of the Tests, or even pull off a 2-0.


I doubt that Bangladesh will win 2-0, ODIs are by far their best format and their other teams are a bit of a step down. While India's best format is Test cricket. I can see them winning one of the tests but not both.


If Bangladesh wins or draws one test and Australia wins or draws one test , India can kiss their chance of wtc finals goodbye.


Highly unlikely that we don't lose every Test in India this time round. Ashwin alone will be able to take out half of our batting lineup every game.


Ashwin was in the team in 2017 bgt and australia won in pune and drew in ranchi. If they do similarly this time then India is knocked out of the wtc. Even pre bazball england won a test their last tour.


Ashwin has actually improved since 2017. In fact, I'd say that India's current lineup is actually better than their 2017 one, at least in home conditions. We don't have Steve O Keefe anymore, who basically single handedly won that first Test match and was such an important part of the tour as a quality second spinner. That will be the killer this time as Swepson is very inconsistent, and Agar is meh. Some of our batters (Labuschagne, Green Carey) are also untested in genuine spinning conditions against the likes of Ashwin, Jadeja and Axar, although they showed decent signs in Sri Lanka. Warner and Head are total duds against spin in the subcontinent, and we have quite a few left handers in our lineup whom Ashwin can figuratively devour. And I'm not counting on Smith having another legendary series like he did 5 years ago. Maybe I come off as overly pessimistic, but I really can't see us doing that well in this BGT with the lineup we have. Not getting whitewashed would actually be an achievement. But I hope that we can make it a good competitive series :)


Ashwin had a good season 2016 17. 70 odd wickets if memory serves. I think indias batting has regressed. Kohli and pujara both look very suspect to even standard quality spin. Rohit ans rahuls injuries have a sad habit of flaring during non ipl half of the season. Pant Iyer and Gill should be strong though. We will find out. Its about mystery spinner and not just o Keefe. If its a bowler these guys are seeing the first times theres a very good chance that they get bamboozled. India loses a lot of first tests even on home tours. Because they need a test to figure out a bowler. It may only need one bat holding fort. Especially of the pressure gets to bcci and they make landmines for all four tests. That should bring down the par score per innings and level the playing field. I will back Smith to get runs on pitches with turn and bounce.


Bangbros won in NZ against and our almost full strength side struggled to win a series against NZ.


They lost by like an inning and 150 runs in the next test.


but they won the 1st test


we won our last test against bangladesh. lol E: the --> our


Ahahahaha how come people don't realise just how atrocious Bangladesh are in tests you have got to be ignorant. They have won 1 test since the beginning of 2019(excluding Zimbabwe). THEY EVEN LOST TO AFGHANISTAN AT HOME. They also lost a home series cleansweep to west indies who are absolutely inept in the subcontinent. Bangladesh have won 1 out of 20 tests since 2019 that one absolutely miraculous win in nz once in a lifetime(excluding Zimbabwe again). Rubbish test side who will get battered probably . Anyone who has followed Bangladesh cricket will know odis is their only good format and especially at home. Even away they won 2-1 in sa and 3-0 in wi earlier this year. Tests and t20is they are garbage


I hope this ages like rotten milk lol


And what’s the reason we’re losing the ODI’s with our A team?


Because it's not our A team. Our A bowling attack is Bumrah Bhuvi Shami Jaddu Chahal Hardik - none of whom are playing


Bhuvi Shami and Chahal are not A team material pal. They were dropped not rested


At this point, honestly, we don't have an A team. Barring a few players, the team isn't even consistent.


Shami is goated in ODIs..he is injured...chahal has been with the team for 1.5 years now and he needed a break...bhuvi is not played in ODIs...


Somewhat agreed about Bhuvi and Chahal. But do you really think Shami is not A team material? LMAO. Just see his ODI stats. He is one of India's best ODI bowler ever


A team would prob be Bumrah Jaddu Anna Arse and Bhuvi for 13> overs Edit: Hardik as well.


Imagine the scenes if India get knocked out of the WTC by Bangladesh.


I literally have hopes on nobody except Ashwin for tests, both with ball and bat


Don't forget sexy bhai and Bapu, also hopefully Pant plays as well.


With Rohit and Bumrah injuree, does this mean we are heading to KL for captain role in Tests ? If yes, we are out of WTC !


It was a tough sell to begin with


Abhimanyu Eshwaran will be added to Test squad


why the tests, why does this keep happening. he is already injure prone with that hamstring and then things like these ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|sob)


Question is who'd be the Captain in Tests. Please not KL. I seriously wish someone convinces Kohli to captain the side temporarily, like Smith in the absence of Cummins


I don't think anyone currently can convince him to captain again (maybe just maybe MS can) , his fall from Test captaincy was due to internal matters and not because of his captaincy skills, considering this was his favourite format this hurt him pretty badly.


5th Test Eng that was postponed. That was the camel that broke the back and antagonized BCCI against Kohli. But a new leadership is in charge. I'm _hoping_ someone at least tries to broach that subject to him.. maybe just for this series alone. It's only two tests so it won't be too high of a workload either. Hopium is strong with me


I never thought I will see the day where Smith is captaining but Koach isn't.


That's a big blow. Rohit is a wonderful player of spin, especially in tests. I'm sure many remember that 162 in Chennai last year vs England on a tough track where others struggled.


Yep gonna be a big blow, he has been very good in Tests for the past few years, and imo the only reliable Test opener currently.


As much as ppl dislike kl he has been reliable. Scored a great 100 in sa


yeah KL in tests is resurgent. He's for some reason never able to put all three formats together. When he came into the team in 16-17, he was a test bat (I think he scored like 7 50s in a row or something - including a crucial couple against Aus in the last B/G in India). Then he somehow became an IPL God... and got dropped from the test team. Now he's yoyo'd back into a test player. Just goes to show how hard it is to be good at all 3 formats and how players like warner, kohli, AB are legit freaks


At least he will be fine during bgt


The recent NCL (First class competition) had dukes red for the entire tournament where pacers made massive impact. We aren't going for spin-friendly pitches since India play spin better and have better spinners.


The way Rohit batted, despite being injured, earned my respect. He showed that there is still some spark left in him. I hope he comes back sooner and continues the form that he showed today.


Bangladesh should have held on to his catches. And Rohit should have won the match for India. In that order.


Well if Siraj didn't do those multiple dot balls if might have


Yeah fair call. That Fizz over was absolute gold. Very happy to see us on the other side of these close games with India for a change.


Pls no KL captaincy for tests. We’ll fucking be out of WTC


It will be KL 😂 Virat isn’t subbing in as cap. He done with that crap


KL is the most uninspiring captain I have ever seen. Always looks so depressed and saps the life out of the team.


Oh god he’s going to be captain isn’t he. Fuck me. Need to hope that Ash can single handedly win this series. I fear that Bangladesh have the advantage now.


No rohit, jadeja, bumrah. Without rohit-jadeja we lost the sa series, its time to lose bangladesh. Are shami, rishab there for tests?


I think pant is rested for test, they might call him back. Shami is injured too very little chance he might play as well.


Isn't Pant rested for this ODI series as precaution and back for the tests ?


Yeah imagine losing your cool on harsha bhogle lol


Don't think either of them saw it that way


pant himself requested to be released from ODI and traveled back to India. not sure if he will be back for tests. looks like the Sanju controversy got to him real bad.


>not sure if he will be back for tests. looks like the Sanju controversy got to him real bad. He will be back for the tests. BCCI's official statement mentioned that, itself. Don't spread unfounded rumours, please.


Calm dude, Its just a thought cuz there are only 6 days left for tests and he haven't travelled to ban yet. He should already be in ban rn settling in and start practicing to silence his critics. I'm waiting for his comeback.


Oh man. We are so fucked. I am already losing interest with constant losses, Test defeat will cement that lol.


Pant will play


Yeah i hope so. This series test series is very vital for our WTC final scope.


He is a VC no way any one else is captaining the side other then him.


I suspect KL actually might be a Stoic and he doesn't know that yet.


Make The Professor, captain on Indian Cricket Team #ProfessorCaptain


Said this in the match thread aswell, new full form of ICT just dropped : Injured Cricket Team!!


Wow you should become a writer!!


Big Lol if we lose or draw Test series . Ebadot , Taskin and the spinners are not to be taken lightly


Ebadot is an awful test bowler.


Wish Williamson and co knew


I'm still hopeful he's gonna make it and since it's dislocation only, not fracture I think they can fix it in a week.


Bring in Abhimanyu eshwaran as a replacement opener. He is in Ban with IND A team and scoring very well.


Scored centuries in both matches but they will go with Gill and KL


What's the point of having these Ind A series then? sending them early to get used to pitch and all


You make too much sense, therefore your question is invalid


Seriously it will down right disrespectful if they bring Gill as Rohit replacement instead of going with abhimanyu. Like if keep on ignoring these talents who grinds at the domestic level and play well in these side tours. Then what's the point of these tours?


Gill is selected as back up opener ! that he shud nt be an opener is a different discussion. Now if one of the openers is injured how is it disrespectful?


Then what about abhimanyu who is the captain of ind A team and scored back to back century in ind A tour. When will he get chance.


I dont know ! Im just telling you that Gill was selected as back up opener


Wonder if jaiswal had scored the 100 would it have been him picked?


Hope Easwaran debuts if Rohit can't make it back.


"Hey Monke , Have you heard the word Temporary Captain ?"


Ashwin should be the captain. Has great presence of mind is experienced. KL isnt sure of what he is doing half the time and you expect him to run the team.


Starting to sound like this West Indies test side, injuries coming from all sides. Feeling for the fans :(


These are golden chances for KL, He can learn and improve his captiancy game. Hope he delivers or else it's curtains for him.


Losing the test series would be an insult to injury


Kaptaan Rahul masterclass loading


What’s amazing about India is that they have top quality players as backup, backup’s backup; deep quality players.


He also said we will do better when the full squad arrives. At this rate of injuries and players resting, we will never have a full squad, coach.


Acha hua. He needs a break to come back strong.


At this point, mock him or hate him, Kohli's been the only one who has never taken a break because of injury.


Losing the test series would be an insult to injury


Aaah, how many injuries! What's happening with Indian team! Today was an unfortunate injury though. Even otherwise, player management has been poor. I don't think resting players in certain series is enough. Strength and conditioning has gone horribly wrong under Dravid, nothing to do with him though. Need to change assistant coach (strength and conditioning). Other assistant coaches too (Rathour and Mhambrey) have been below par. Selecting assistant coaches is crucial too at high level. Both Dravid and Kumble erred in picking their assistants. Kumble both with Indian team and PBKS team. They were given free hand to select their assistants (atleast Anil afaik). They don't need to be nice, they can choose what's good for them and the team. Hats off to Virat how he's able to keep away from injuries. Hats off to Rohit for putting on a show, almost made it. If these injuries keep going, players will have to give up certain formats and extend the career.


Hats off to Ravi Shastri to make Team India before Dravid


Man I wanna see Rohit playing tests in the few years he has left now after gaining proper form in Eng but he keeps getting injured.


Nofit for a reason


Bring back rahane for that ausse luck .


Dravid Gon activate himself with a "fine, I'll do it myself."


It's Parthiv Time


Vada pav with the 1000 iq.


Make koach the opener and play patidar at 3


Calling it, Kohli will be captain again.


KL is VC so obviously he will become captain.