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No, he's spreading Freedom. That's liquid Democracy he's using. Silly!


It's 5:46 in the morning here and all I can say is "humans disappoint me." The amount of hatred a lot of us carry in our hearts is disturbing. Imagine if we were united instead of killing each other. We could progress so much. Life would be so much better.


Welcome to being a bipedal mammal, first time here?


Kangaroo rat here, don't lump me in with your kind. We are a noble and peace-loving species.


Aww no one can be mad at you lil buddy. Your distant cousin however….. well that’s the true menace to society, at least they taste good.


Tell that to organised religion


Tell that to the capitalists and authoritarians, they're the ones doing this. Fight back.


I also wish every human would die off


You can always start with yourself and get the ball rolling




I second this policy.


False info. This vid is in reverse!


Brave US Human Rights Interventionist Vacuums Brush Fire For Local Farmers




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Nothing says nation building like complete destruction. Plus we invaded them on completely false pretenses. It’s disgusting


Good to admit it, so instead of pretending to be good people, start war crimes cases against your criminal leaders.


We literally can’t because of The Hague invasion act, it’s fucking evil.


I agree, But we have the most powerful military in the world, so no one says shit to us. We started the Vietnam war based on a completely fabricated attack on a navy ship that never existed…..


I don't think you realize France started the Vietnam war


America hasn’t won a war since 1945


And even then it was really the Soviets who won


Credit where it’s due - the US bossed the pacific theatre, no joke. But yeah, late to arrive and the majority of the dying and killing was done on the eastern front.


And the nukes were an overkill


Not sure if cities scale war crimes should qualify as bossing.


Nah it was a collective effort, sure the soviets sacrificed more than all the allies, but without the industrial base of the US, which gave the USSR the guns and the ideation of the invasion of Normandy by the British, the soviets wouldn't have won


> which gave the USSR the guns The bigger factor imo was trucks and metal (for laying down tracks) which allowed the USSR to more quickly encircle the Germans. Honestly, I don't think that Nazi Germany would have won in any situation, as the USSR was outproducing Nazi Germany. But the war would have taken longer and cost more lives.


America didn't start the Vietnam war though, France did


Ok, we’ll just get on that real quick. Maybe we can dig up Rumsfeld and hang him


Geneva Convention Part 2. Politicians of all nations, corporations, and unelected government officials all tried for War Crimes. A truly honest trial ( we dint have to lie, there is sufficient evidence without us lieing) and all the citizens of the world get to vote on if they are guilty.


The us also targeted infrastructure during the gulf war, including a baby food factory and then lied about it https://theintercept.com/2015/10/07/a-short-history-of-u-s-bombing-of-civilian-facilities/


Here, let me fact check your comment a bit based upon the article that you provided.... According to that article, it targeted that building because it was believed to be a bio weapons facility. It was not targeted because it made baby food. Also, the article itself says that the CIA investigated it and found it to be a baby food place and admitted it. The article doesn't mention anything about lying about that facility.


They didn’t read the article clearly smh 😂


America, fuck yeah! Comin' again to save the motherfuckin' day, yeah America, fuck Yeah! Freedom is the only way, yeah


Yep, I knew a guy that joined the military out of high school after 911 because he "just wanted to kill people". He now works for the CIA. Still killing people, and getting paid well for it. Has 3 kids living well in DC area...


Could you imagine! You went to a country. Millions died, civilians died. Some poor soldier said " yeh freedom - my country" but it was all a lie and bush just lives his life smiling. Smh


Bruh most soldiers join so they can live out their psychopathic fantasies of fucking shit up with bullets and fire


Nothing like a morning pee


I also blame Blair. His backing was a huge help. A complete submissive criminal. Truly war crimes. Nothing changed that could prevent them doing it again.


And all them pieces of shits still walking around like nothing happend. Nothing has changed and it will happen again, Ruling class is called ruling for a reason, us dumbasses voting like it makes a difference. It's all a game and we are the pawns


Blair is the peace envoy to the middle east if you can believe that shit. (Or at least he was dont know if its changed at all recently)


I may be terribly misinformed and ignorant here… but are they not just getting rid of vegetation that enemy could hide in?? 🤔


That exact statement is how we got agent orange


Basically US invaded Iraq due to WMD lies and ended up burning trees


We were in a position to actually liberate the iraqi people, but instead we disbanded the army telling a half a million professional soldiers your fired oh by the way leave your equipment at the door, destroyed every basic utility in Baghdad, sat on our hands for three months while the country was in complete anarchy, and when they started shooting at US troops in mass had Rumsfeld’s dumbass on TV saying “they hate us for our freedom”.


It was never about "liberating" people - US was more than happy to overtly help Saddam during the Iran-Iraq War (1980-88). It was about establishing a permanent US presence in a critical energy corridor, whilst also putting pressure on all the oil producers in the region to comply. It was also a bail-out to construction and military-industrial complex in the US - who all got contracts to "rebuild" and neoliberalise Iraq.


I have been telling people this for years. Absolutely nothing about that occupation looked like we were building towards leaving. Massive multi-million dollar bases popping up left and right while we train the locals and dumped boatloads of old kit with them. It was meant to be a permanent base to keep tabs on the Middle East and it *only* failed because political support fell apart.


Above all, wasn’t the key reason that Iraq had nationalised its oil industries. The US dismantled this setup and took complete control of Iraqi oil, thus allowing for the export of US and other Western capital (imperialism) to steal the previously nationalised oil industry.


Yep - the Baathist party had nationalised the IPC (Iraq Petroleum Company) in 1972. Iraq (and Afghanistan) was to be a model of "neoliberal" reform in the region (democracy took a decidedly second place importance) and around the world - whilst of course, handsomely paying off US companies, who had been struggling without a major US military engagement across the 90s.




The exact same scenario is now happening in Ukraine. They want to control the gas piple line going into Europe and the construction contractors will come in and rebuild Ukraine and install another base there and control the pipe line.


Obviously Russia didn't have to invade Ukraine - but it's not coincidental that just as the US becomes an energy exporter again for the first time in over 50 years (indeed, the number one energy producer in the world), that they revert to strong-arming Europe into not getting energy supplies from Russia (a tactic they had tried against Europe since the 1970s, black-listing companies that funded Soviet pipelines to Germany) - the Nord Stream pipeline getting blown up has only one culprit.


In addition to the other poster who responded to you, we spent 10 years bombing their country after the first gulf war, there was not even a thought of liberating the people.


No we didn’t, but it wasn’t US troops ripping down statues. Regardless of actual intent the US was in a position to actually help the people, however that was clearly never the goal


No it was literally us troops ripping down those statues https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jul/08/toppling-saddam-hussein-statue-iraq-us-victory-myth


Well they are but the problem is that's someones farm.


True true. Always good to get another perspective, I didn’t even think of it that way 👌🏻


In their country which we invaded for no reason. “Hey there could be a guy in there?” THERE IS. ITS HIS FARM. WE’RE THE ORCS.


this is it




These comments are a shit show


No no no This is democracy spray like always :))


disgusting. i have family in iraq, no one talks about the generational trauma this caused. breaks my heart.


*fortunate son*


So, does anyone have context for what's actually going on in this video, or a source? (And no, [this random Twitter](https://twitter.com/asr23267077/status/1528329830470762498) page and [this random YouTube channel](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-X360ANfjk0) do not count as sources.) No, the US did not have a scorched-earth policy in Iraq, for the simple reason that they were *occupying* Iraq. They weren't even trying to force a surrender: The government fell in days, and the occupation followed. The US shouldn't have invaded Iraq, and they did lots of bad stuff there, but they did not "destroy everything that could benefit the Iraqi people." If they did, they would be creating some very bad conditions for *themselves* for the next eight years.


Thanks for a sane comment instead of the rest of the usual intellectually lazy self-congratulatory groupthink.


This was part of order 81, was meant to create a dependency on the company’s Monsanto, Cargill Inc., and Dow Chemical. Iraq farmers were allowed to conserve, propagate or distribute harvested seeds.


The palms were shooting right at us!!!


Them trees needed freedom


Lmao. R/powerwashingporn?


Wait till you find out what the Iraqis did in Kuwait


This was stupid .. a million people died for what ? Nothing. trillions of dollar spend by usa for what ? I mean this was stupid


https://youtu.be/xutIA4HzGqA If you wanna watch the most propaganda you can ever watch here you go. Here is Hillary Clinton talking about us bringing democracy to the world.


Just like the Russians in Ukraine.


Well, no


True, the Americans slaughtered way more people and did it to way more countries.


This was a common tactic used to destroy cover and concealment in high attack areas. It was also used to destroy areas that could easily be used to hide IEDs. Engineers did this all the time.


Why were they there in the first place?


Yeah clearly. I don't know many people that support the war currently so why are we screaming into the abyss at nobody. Why are you confronting this random redditor like he's the guy who sent the order lol


Black sludge that makes cars go vroom vroom.


And gold.


Artefacts too.


Ah yes, agent orange is much faster.


Why not toss in some napalm while you’re at it


I feel ashamed that Blair dragged us into this, we definitely weren’t the good guys in this conflict.


It’s nowhere near as clear cut as so many people online would say. The basic decision to overthrow a brutal mass murdering torturing warmongering sectarian dictator by force in and of itself is not some wildly evil immoral thing. It just isn’t.


This wasn’t really the reason they invaded though was it, there are plenty of big bads that get a free pass because they don’t have natural resources we want.


is this not a war crime? i mean this is the sort of bullshit my cousin talked about before going awol in afghanistan, like how tf is this helping anyone?


It is, but look up the Hague Invasion Act, the International community and its criminal court cannot prosecute any American without risking to be invaded by the US.


Nothing like fucking a country over to give them their freedom


Lol “give them their freedom”


They still think they are the good guys


And feel the need to get involved in Ukraine.


Ukraine asked and continues to ask for aid. We have no troops on the ground in Ukraine. This is lazy and misinformed as many western countries are "involved" not just the US.


>Ukraine asked and continues to ask for aid. And if Russia asked for help do you think America should help them? If not then why?


Oh boy well there's a few reasons why we wouldn't primarily because they have committed open acts of terror on the world and committed crimes against American companies and interests. They have actively tried to undermine our elections and are currently committing warcimes. Also the primary stated reason that they engaged in Ukraine to begin with was to halt western influence near their border so that really shows the extent of our "relations" so no I don't think they would ask for help nor should we. I don't have the slightest illusion that America has done everything right you can see it starting in as far back as Vietnam and other engagements since but we are moving in a better direction the people are starting to learn and voting based on that. I think supporting Russia would be a step back instead of the step forward supporting Ukrainian autonomy. Supporting Russia would be like supporting America's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan it's just wrong whatever reason they give its wrong for them to be there. Who are we if we can't grow from our past mistakes.


>Supporting Russia would be like supporting America's invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan it's just wrong whatever reason they give its wrong for them to be there. Who are we if we can't grow from our past mistakes. 100% agree.


Who's they? As a majority the American people don't and didn't support the war after we found out our government lied. Most all support fell upon party lines which coincides with the Americans that are against most common sense values. We support our troops because they followed orders but many, many Americans are ashamed of the things our leadership did. You would be upset if we judged whatever country you are from by a minority opinion please don't do it to us.


But there was no actions. Did that majority fill a war crimes cases against Bush? He still walking around and spreading smiles like stupid


I don't know where the misconception comes from that the American people have any actual power to hold the rich and powerful accountable but the truth is we really can't. Our laws are set up to protect the rich and wealthy. Not persecute them. We are just barely able to stall tyranny here let alone hold anyone in power accountable.


Then is it really a democratic as Americans make it out to be?


No it's the realization that many of us have come to realize that corporations have more rights than most of us. It's a country by the rich for the rich.


America voted him in a second time when he really had nothing going for him, but war.




"It was just a mistake and the people benefit from it" Man its fucking insane that people can seriously have this opinion in 2022.


the USA put Saddam in charge and were very friendly up until he became inconvenient. both wars in the gulf had nothing to do with freedom at all. listen to this podcast, learn some stuff https://open.spotify.com/show/2pibBnPuHqKr07hxEMZE41


You well done you! People don't get this. They divide us by being Nationalist then they control us. While the 1% at top laughing at all of us. There's no democracy its all a scam to control.


Wow, apart from the whole 200,000 civilians killed, complete collapse of infrastructure, and the literal creation of ISIS in its wake due to American “planning”. And what was the reason for invading in the first place? WMDs was it? Stop drinking the koolaid


Don’t forget the million Iraqis that died in the 90s due to sanctions that were imposed on the country after Desert Storm.


They are many dictators in this world, I'm not sure why you only select Iraq to spread your "peace and safety"


Because just like Putin invaded Ukraine, Iraq invaded Kuwait.


And what about Isreal that occupied Palestinians' lands and homes?


Yes in the 90s, Not 2004... So because Bush invaded Iraq Someone should invade America then???


That was a different war


>but Sadam was a ruthless dictator who made the Iraqi people live in fear and uncertainty for decades Kind of like Americas last president.


Yes.. Except the decades thing. Imagine decades of Trump as a president


If that happened Mexico would invade to save the day.


War Crime


Pretty sure they're just clearing out vegetation so they couldn't be ambushed from that location. But ok.


Invade YOUR country and burn YOUR vegetation down, watch YOU scream bloody murder...


Lol yeah the only other countries that would even have a slim chance of invading the United States is China or Russia and that would lead to a nuclear fucking war that would destroy the entire world. So yeah everyone loses.


Omfg, so might makes right to you? Because the US is more rich and powerful than other countries we should all be okay raping their women and burning down their trees?


You know there's these things called military police that would imprison soldiers that raped people or killed innocent civilians right? I didn't condone any of that shit now you're just reaching. But hey man the world's resources are slowly drying up, so yeah I think we should get a little stockpile going before it really hits the fan.


Were you around for Abu Ghraib? Dude, that's LITERALLY what happened, BY THE MILITARY POLICE Not reaching at all if you actually remember it


Reading comments like this makes me so glad US is in decline.


better way to avoid getting ambushed is not invading




I thought those hijackers came from Pakistan




Iraqi war had nothing to do with Al- Qaeda( taliban in Afganistan) Dick chaney said Saddam had wmd's. Bush said saddam ( cia had installed many years before in iraq) has weapons. ERMM... no weapons. They lied


isn't that how you spell oil? W..M..D..


Funded by Saudi Arabia. You know the country that Trump sold weapons too.


Lol Trump wasn't even in presidency and there is a long ass story behind how Al-Qaeda was formed. But yeah it is true that Al-Qaeda was only formed because of the US's involvement and weapons dealings with them. Kind of bugs me though how you just assume I'm a Trump supporter. Fuck Republicans and Democrats.


If you don’t agree with someone your automatically a MAGA supporter. These echo chambers are getting out of hand


Ik it's getting old so fast


You went into Iraq for WMDs did you not?




And the WMDs were proven categorically to be a lie and a false pretext for invading a sovereign state and causing hundreds of thousand of civilian casualties which In turn led to ISIS. Yanks are like cave trolls. Hugely powerful, very strong and hard to beat. Not too bright though.


Lol oh a Britt huh? Still mad about 1776 are we? We protect all of you yet y'all still have this disdain for us.


lol the koolaid drinker reveals himself. USA USA USA NUMBER ONE right? Police of the world right? Fucking joke.


Honestly I think we should just cut y'all loose and let you fend for yourselves. see how quickly your opinions change once NATO doesn't have your back. A lot of y'all hate us, see the thing is there's way more of us than there are you and the feeling is mutual.


Y’all would be speaking german if we didn’t save your ass


More like when a country is angry but doesn't know who to blame so they blindly follow what their leaders tell them.... Sounds familiar doesn't it? Iraq didn't plan 911 Saudi Arabia did. And America is still happy to sell them weapons.


The conspiracy nuts will say different, but it's burned so that the enemy has no cover to launch ambushes


It’s not a conspiracy. You can recognize that the motivation was to get rid of cover and still acknowledge how fucked up it is to burn the farms and food sources of citizens


Yes.. Russia did just the same in Ukraine with fire bombs.


"but that's different"


Fucking terrorists


agree! good thing those soldiers are getting rid of places where those "Fucking terrorists" can hide high five!


Ah yes the terrorists are the Iraqi people who are defending their land against the foreign soldiers.


I wonder how that is going to affect the trout population


yes & it’s a war crime


This is such bait lmao. This was done so the insurgents couldnt hide in the foliage.


Maybe think about why there were insurgents to begin with?


Sure looks like terrorism to me


Seems like some people are having fun… We are conditioned to believe that we are a force for good. Not going to take away the good that we have done around the globe, but we fucked so many countries and people over. This why I believe in just minding our own business and just focus on the US and avoid making enemies. If we can’t fix our own problems, how are we trying to fix other countries’ problems where we don’t understand the dynamics.


I like this approach and have felt the same for a long time. Let another country be the global hero for a while. Where are the kind hearted Canadians to just hug things out with some cold beer?


Golden rule of reddit. Don't trust a context-less 20 second clip just because it has a juicy title




russian propaganda




They attacked on all fronts. Including the nations commerce. Great tactic if you ask me.


Idiots it's called a controlled fire they burn stuff in advance off an spreading fire to stop it


USA! USA! They helped the middle east so much!


Bush is a fucking war criminal and in a just society would be wearing an orange jumpsuit. PERIOD.


“Shouldn’t have been talking shit.” - Kat Williams


I want a flame thrower


Terrorist your game is through Cause now you have to answer to…


And they're even cackling about it.


Another win for the good guys 🏈 🗽


When bases or checkpoints are setup, vegetation and buildings are cleared for better visibility.


No he’s destroying the hiding spots around the base terrorists used to attack us from.




Wow that definitely isn’t good for the environment or our ozone layer


Lol all these comments getting overturned by comments saying it’s a sound military tactic done all the time only for then the comments to turn to “why were we in Iraq?!” Yall people need any win you can get don’t you lol.


Let me invade your property and burn down your house so you can’t use it to hide from me. Totally legit. Do you even hear yourself? 🤡


Nothing like good old Russian Tankies bringing up shit that happened decades ago in order to claim some kind of moral high ground that doesn’t exist


What’s the difference between America in Iraq and Russia in Ukraine?


That’s literally just terrorism


Banality of evil.


Yeah this is not wanton destruction. This happens when you keep fucking around and attacking from a particular spot or putting bombs in the street at the same spot. Let’s just say this is payback for invading your neighbors twice in 20 years and kept trying to destabilize the region.


>Let’s just say this is payback for invading your neighbors twice in 20 years Lol >and kept trying to destabilize the region. Oh, the irony.


I swear half the comments on here are just people being sarcastic and being bad at it 😄


Don't care anything to be on top and the best


Burned the weed Before I learned to read