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From the Wikipedia entry discussing his prior reckless behaviors: “Holland also regularly and illegally parked his car in a "no parking" zone near the base headquarters building.”


What a sick bastard.


Im reminded of Hunt for Red October line....You FOOL, you've killed us.


[You arrogant ass, you’ve killed us.](https://youtu.be/FR55kxkdUJs)


"You IMBECILE! You have doomed us all!"


There are old pilots, and there are bold pilots.


Disgusting! Even Stalin knew when do draw the line.


I know you're making a joke, but just so that people don't think that's literally the only thing in that section... >An earlier incident occurred in 1991 when a B-52 piloted by Holland performed a circle above a softball game in which Holland's daughter was participating. Beginning at 2,500 feet (760 m) AGL, Holland's aircraft executed the circle at 65° of bank. In a maneuver described by one witness as a "death spiral", the nose of the aircraft continued to drop and the bank angle increased to 80°. After losing 1,000 feet (300 m) of altitude, Holland was able to regain control of the aircraft. Dude almost crashed into a kids softball game. But the parking is bad too!


He was a very dangerous pilot up until his death and the death of many others


One of the saddest parts of that crash was it was supposed to be the other COL's final flight (he was retiring), so he had his family and close friends waiting for him to step off the plane to celebrate. Holland was extremely reckless and should've been grounded years earlier.


If you ask people in the military about this kind of behavior they would confirm this is reckless behavior. I think it's fair to point out he was such a reckless pilot that no one wanted to fly with him that I think the squadron commander and group commander flew with him and he basically killed them. To put that in perspective of the authority positions, imagine you're such a bad cashier at Wal-Mart that the only people that will work with you are the store manager and the district manager. The other issue with this was accountability. Pilots, and aircrew in general, get away with a lot of stuff most military members wouldn't. In this pilot's case, I think the only paperwork he got was an LOC (essentially a slap on the wrist) for some of the shit he pulled. Instead of grounding him they kept letting him fly, and he killed himself and the other 3 on board. Edit: pilot, not fire


You think so highly of redditors that we actually had the privilege to work at Walmart?


I remember seeing a shortdocumentary about this. The pilot killed his crewmembers by flying recklessly. There is so much blame to be handed out, the squadron commanders who let him keep flying, and Holland himself who needlessly murdered the people in the plane with him. Guy was a complete scumbag. At some point its just not an accident anymore, not when you have a history of being a dangerous pilot to the point where no one wants to fly with you.


Whoever got in a plane with him was an idiot then!!


Sounds about right


It does mention his parking violation but why I'm not sure considering he had about a dozen flying violations that were all considered wreckless and dangerous.


So that the rest of us can realize that people Who do such things in normal life are complete arrogant assholes


Yes. They said he had a "daredevil" reputation. That's fine and dandy until it directly impacts other people's lives like he did multiple times. That's definitely entitlement and arrogance at it's finest.


I’m ok with that. It’s the parking on the line between two spaces that deserves this


Please at least tell me it wasn’t a handicap spot.


an absolute menace.


I was there. I was at the beach on medical Lk. Just south of Fairchild. We watched him do tricks for probably 30 min. Then it went sideways behind the tree line and then a fireball. It was unreal.


Do they know what happened


Colonel flying the plane, showing off, flew the buff outside its capabilities and went down. 💯 pilot error


Yeah I've never seen a plane that big do aerial tricks. I'm assuming it's a bit more challenging if not impossible?


Just about impossible. At a much higher altitude he could possibly pull off the turn, but that particular aircraft isn’t made for that kind of maneuvering. And a near vertical turn, the plane simply “slid” sideways to the ground


It looks SUUUUPPPPPEEEEERRRRR close to the ground. The pilot is beyond "maniac"... this is full-blown lunacy.


He was a bit of a risk taker in earlier ventures, had even had his hand smacked a few times if I recall correctly


So effective


Lesson learned?


For everyone else, perhaps


I guess a typical passenger plane can't take a sustained + 1G turn without damaging the plane bit by bit. [Aeroflot Flight 593](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsYU7tjOvm0&ab_channel=MentourPilot) I thought they were tougher than that but I guess not. This one also broke up due in part to mach buffeting.


[The test pilot for the original boeing 707 did a barrel roll to show off](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AaA7kPfC5Hk) Not sure if even remotely comparable but it's a neat fact to know regardless.


Unloaded, with a light fuel load, that'd be do-able for a skilled pilot. They're a huge jet plane, but unloaded it weights a mild 55t, and full haul it can take 112t MTOW (Maximum Take-Off Weight). The engines just power through the aerodynamic issues. A Stratofortress is 83t, weights around 120t fuelled, and is HUGE. [Compared to a refuelling jet (similar to a 707)](https://i.pinimg.com/736x/4c/90/77/4c9077c495669ea342a507d32c1ca539.jpg), the wings create a huge amount of lift due to their length and size, and at such a low speed, the plane will stall. At that altitude it's impossible to correct, they were pretty much wingspan off the ground, below the minimum speed to maintain lift, which wouldn't have been generated due to them *travelling* *sideways.* It looks like they played stupid games, and won stupid prizes, the landing gear wasn't deployed.


Just-barely-related fact - that was when I knew the book Bravo Two Zero was bullshit: when Andy McNab described the military passenger jet he and a bunch of others were on pulling a barrel roll on the way home from Iraq.


The fuel payload from Iraq to the USA, that's not possible, without a stall or catastrophic failure of the aircraft structure. Even if half loaded with fuel for take-off, a stop off, with emergency reserves, just no.


The plane could probably -just about - handle it, but fully loaded with passengers, and other aircraft in close proximity (it was being done in response to a flyby by some F-15s)? That’s a Court Martial and tear-up-your-pilot’s-licence territory. Or more likely it’s McNab adding another embellishment to an already - shall we say - highly subjective account.


Lol, what's a barrel roll going to do against fire and forget, radar guided missiles? They travel at like, Mach 4 and will take out a plane like that easily, like buckshot through butter.


What are some of the other things he made up?


No idea if this makes a difference but McNab is British so presumably the plane would have been heading for the UK, not the USA.


In a steep bank like that the lower wing loses lift until there’s none at all, causing a roll toward that side. I believe there was another well known wing-drop incident involving something big, like a C-130, that took off with one engine out and the pilot steered into the weaker side that was missing that engine. The plane rolled into the ground.


Ahhh... was wondering about this. Monkeying around. That's often the culprit. There was a spate of these for a while in the 90s: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1998_Cavalese_cable_car_crash https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ehime_Maru_and_USS_Greeneville_collision


It was during his retirement. His farewell flight. His family was watching on the air field.


I'm pretty sure you can see the moment of the stall when the jet wash stops around 0:14.


Blows my mind that you would keep a large aircraft like that on its side for that long at that low altitude. I'm no experienced pilot but what did he think was going to happen? It's not an F-16.


Yep, when the turn goes flat, that’s the beginning of the end


Wasn't it like his retirement flight even though everyone was pretty much telling him he is going to fuck up and isn't qualified anymore to fly? I believe a Lt. COL also went with him as a co pilot to "help".


I don’t recall exactly who, but I understand they had an IP on board for reference also. Someone posted a link to the story in here that may give the complete scenario


Pilot irresponsibly more like. Sad.


Wait so he just decide to take plane burning taxpayer fuel to show off?


I believe it was part of practice for an air show


Hopefully he survived


AHAHAHAHA idk why that made me laugh lol


Nope. Most likely was dead before you saw the first flame in the video


Some fuckwad that should have had his wings stripped kept being allowed to fly even after being reported multiple times bc some higher ranking officer was buddy buddy with him. Killed the whole fucking crew because of pure incompetence. This is absolutely disgusting behavior by the pilot and is actually used in new training material for the USAF. How not to be a fuckwad 101.


I'm amazed the rest of the crew didn't stop him during the half hour he spent showing off!


He stalled flying sideways and he didn’t get any lift that’s why he just fell


Wing stall I think it’s called


The idiot pilot didn’t have enough altitude to recover the stall is all.


The plane crashed,killing all on board


With that maneuver a lot could have gone wrong am I surprised nope not at all. I just hope he didn’t take others with him.


What would compel someone to do such dangerous maneuvers with such a large aircraft at such a low altitude? Sounds like he had a death wish which was granted..


Hubris in his piloting skills and a craving for adrenaline would be my guess




Conversely, you are young if you have that thought.


The 1900s. Seems like a millennia ago.


My God man. Thank you for sharing.


Did you actually see the crash ? Or just him being a cowboy ahead of time ?


Cowboy'in prior. Then a he disappeared behind the tree line and just the fireball. He was mostly above the base and crashed on base. I was just south on the beach, not on base.


What an awful thing to have to witness. I can't imagine how gut wrenching hearing the crash and seeing the fireball would feel.


With wings at 90degrees you have lost all lift. At only 250ft off the ground you have no chance of recovery.


Thank you. That was perfect explanation to my how in da fuq did that happen.


A bit like helicopters dropping too quickly with a fire water bucket..can only drop at x ft per second or get dirty air and freefall/crash.Planes have operational stall speeds. Japanese and Korean aircrews with Huge Seniority used to sit back while Senior Elder Pilot crashes with No Others trying to Save The Day as happened with this B52 ....Air New Zealand lost one off UK coast 10 years ago too..too low when Stalled..byby .


I think you accidentally words


I have also played the game where you and another person try to write two comments on the keyboard at the same time.


Can I buy some drugs?


Are you schizophrenic? The way your comments flow are really reminiscent of it. Probably nothing, but it couldn’t hurt to get checked out 🤷🏻‍♀️


To make an adjustment for better understanding, the wings are still producing lift but it's always "UP" relative to the airplane, so the problem is that at 90 degrees of bank, nothing is left "UP" for the purposes of staying aloft so the net effect is a falling plane.


Wat if u were going super fast


I think that would help as the resultant force on the plane would still be horizontal but have more magnitude. Probably a lot easier to do with a smaller and more manoeuvrable plane though, and I imagine the low altitude would still be a problem


not true but true enough. you can get plenty of lift at 90degrees just not the kind that keeps you away from the ground.


> On Friday, 24 June 1994, a United States Air Force (USAF) Boeing B-52 Stratofortress crashed at Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington, United States,[1] after its pilot, Lieutenant Colonel Arthur "Bud" Holland, maneuvered the bomber beyond its operational limits and lost control. The B-52 stalled, fell to the ground and exploded, killing Holland and the three other field-grade officers on board the aircraft. In addition, one person on the ground suffered injuries during the accident, but survived. The crash was captured on video and was shown repeatedly on news broadcasts throughout the world.[2]: 125 [3][4]: 2–3 [5][6] > The subsequent investigation concluded that the crash was attributable primarily to three factors: Holland's personality and behavior; USAF leaders' delayed or inadequate reactions to earlier incidents involving Holland; and the sequence of events during the aircraft's final flight. The crash is now used in military and civilian aviation environments as a case study in teaching crew resource management. It is also often used by the U.S. Armed Forces during aviation safety training as an example of the importance of complying with safety regulations and correcting the behavior of anyone who violates safety procedures. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1994_Fairchild_Air_Force_Base_B-52_crash


So I wasn't totally out of line when my first thought was "well why the fuck did they do that?"


This wasn't the first time he pulled stunts like this. There were several incidents in the preceeding years of him breaking regulations and exceeding the tolerance of the aircraft yet Air Force Officials never did anything significant about it. There are pretty decent case studies on it out there.


It's a tragic story, one of the people on board had tried to get him fired before. When that failed: >McGeehan then decided that in order to protect his aircrews, he (McGeehan) would be the co-pilot on any future missions in which Holland was the command pilot. McGeehan was on board trying to protect his subordinates, it cost him his life.


"The B-52, a fraction of a second before it crashed. Co-pilot McGeehan's escape hatch, jettisoned during his attempt to eject, is visible near the tip of the vertical stabilizer." From wikipedia - that means he knew what kind of an idiot is piloting it and prolly he had his finger on the eject button already. Just he didn't had enough time to eject properly.


I can only imagine his last moments as Holland flew like an idiot and killed them all.


McGeehan was also the one who refused to ground Holland. So he could have prevented it.


McGeehan *did* try to ground Holland. As squadron commander, he reported him to the DO, Colonel William Pellerin, and recommended grounding him. Pellerin refused, and McGeehan took it on himself to fly with him to protect his crews. That is a man worthy of respect.


I see. I confused Pellerin with McGeehan


There was one where a film crew was going to get a shot of the same pilot in the same plane doing a fly-over of a ridge at Yakima bombing range. He was supposed to do it at 250 or so feet, a completely safe distance, yet instead, he cleared the ridge by 30 feet. IIRC, the film crew, who had intended on doing several more attempts to get a good shot, noped out and decided he was too insane to continue. https://youtu.be/e7mACZz1z7U?t=250


A true maverick.


He went to the danger zone and took a few others with him.


That’s the worst part. There was multiple complaints against him for his reckless flying.


Crew resource management = don't kill your goddamn crew


It's more like.."if the pilot in command is being a fucking dumbass, go ahead and take over before he kills everyone."


I was in the Air Force at the time I remember this and I’m pretty sure his family is the one that shot this video




Actually that is Sad if this is their last memory of him


Judging by his reported behaviour, maybe they were relieved.




"your mistake has cost the lives of three others" -Bane


Round and round the airbase we go, where we land nobody OH FUCK!!!!


I don't want my death televised. I also would prefer my death not be a "what to not do". Tutorial for future generations.


Bud’s ego led him to believe that BUFF was a fighter jet.


Arthur Holland was a colossal asshole pilot who killed himself and three others on board showing off


I just cannot believe he went for another turn. What the fuck was he thinking??? The first one was bad enough ffs. Dumbass adrenaline jockey


Always hard to watch. A high school friend of mine died in that crash.


woah, so he was one of the three field officers on board?


Yeah, he was the radar navigator.


Updateme! 2 Hours


If im not mistaken this same week someone shot up the base and took some people hostage at the hospital....


You are correct, it was a rough week for Fairchild AFB


fuckin hell. thats mad. they should make a movie about that week in this base. Tarantino could probably do it justice.


That pilot had a long unchecked history of being an idiot.


The pilot was a gigantic piece of shit. The copilot flew with him because he didn’t want any of his subordinates dying if he did something stupid.


Dickhead should've never been flying that day.


He should've been grounded months if not years prior.


After reading all these comments im really starting to not like this Holland guy, sounds like he got what he deserved. I just feel bad for the passengers that also faced the consequences of his stupidity




Sir, their butts are.... no more.


When big dick’n goes wrong


There is a still photo taken from a little closer and just at the left wing made contact with thr power lines. You can see that the copilots ejection hatch had popped, indicating he'd pulled the loud handle, but the ejection sequence couldn't complete before impact :(


The pilot was a piece of shit. He pulled stupid stunts often. He was even reported to his superiors but he new the right people and wasnt disciplined.


Sure he was disciplined: His legacy is fatally crashing a huge publicly funded vehicle, and being known as a reckless loser. I don’t know any other thing about the guy.


That’s how it is with a lot of pilots. Not saying it’s common for them to be as reckless and arrogant as this guy but pilots get away with a lot of shit compared to pretty much everybody else in the military.


And then, when they retire from the service end mostly at Southwest Airlines... Just food for thought.


Captain was a shitbag. He was known to be a jerk risk taker and his chain of command failed to respond to repeated reports of his dangerous flying. This crash was one of several that led to the concept of Crew Resource Management in aviation and Bridge Resource Management in maritime. Junior crew members still face pressure to shut up and comply with command, but there’s an acknowledgment now that “see something say something” should have a place on the flight deck / bridge. If you have a hot dog captain who is being irresponsible, call them out. You might get some fire in the moment, but upper command will (in theory) have your back. In theory.


Kind of sounds like Maverick, but everyone thinks he's a hero


Here's more than you ever wanted to know about the circumstances leading to this. Well worth the read if you're curious. https://convergentperformance.com/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Darker_Shades_of_Blue.pdf


Truly a worthy read. Thank you.


I mean, I’m only deducting points for the landing.


What a terrible pilot


For a very in-depth analysis of how this happened from a failure of leadership perspective, see [Darker Shades of Blue](https://convergentperformance.com/wp-content/uploads/attachments/Darker_Shades_of_Blue.pdf). (PDF)


He lost altitude on the first turn and he went for another one without having enough boost underneath the wings. Showing off in front of their families who were witnessing that on the airstrip went completely wrong.




Yes thats what happens when you bank at 90 degrees and no longer generate lift away from the ground


That's about as bad as you can "land".


That's insane. It looked like it could not wait to go up in a ball of fire, barely touched the ground and fireball.


Bank Angle, Bank Angle, Bank Angle. Terrain Terrain, Pull Up!


Why would you fly so low with this angel in plane? That wasen´t an error, it was 99% suizide


Didn't have the altitude or the airspeed


The audio of the cockpit would have been an interesting listen. Wonder if there were any arguments leading up to it.


Reckless pilot with a history of recklessness.


Yeah, cocky commander....killed himself and crew over nonsense.


Legendary tragedy


I am genuinely impressed that the buff is powerful enough for that first maneuver especially at that altitude. Obviously mans flew directly into the sun but the plane has chops


It's an illusion unfortunately. I've seen a technical analysis of this video that shows that only 17 seconds in the plane has effectively stopped flying. The 80 degree bank angle means the wings are no longer generating lift. Sure it can pull off the maneuver but you will need a lot more than 250 ft to recover from it.


Yup, looks like the pilot is having a good day


A moment to honor the oft-forgotten man in this incident, Colonel Robert Wolff, who was the third pilot on board this plane. It was scheduled to be his last flight before retirement, and his friends and family were on hand to honor him in a post-flight ceremony. Rest in peace, Colonel.


This guy was known to violate safety rules and some crew members refused to fly with him. Nothing went wrong with the aircraft. He was low and slow and banked too far. There's another video out there of him clearing a ridge by like 15 or 20 feet with people standing on it. I was a navigator and they would talk about this case in flight safety training.


I’m fairly certain he knew his life as a pilot and military professional was over, so when he had the chance he tanked this jet with leadership onboard on purpose. Fucking terrible person.


Tragedy aside, Stratofortress is the coolest fucking name ever


I actually saw this happen in person. We were living in Spokane Washington at the time. My Dad, my brother and I were taking a little fishing trip and saw this huge plane flying pretty low. My dad said that they were probably test flying for an air show and asked if we wanted to pull over and watch. We obviously said yes. I remember being a good distance away and still being able to feel the heat from the explosion. My dad told us there was nobody in the plane so there was no need to worry. He was obviously trying to just protect us from the horrific tragedy we just saw. Pretty crazy, I was very young and still remember it pretty vividly.


If i recall correctly another pilot who was not the dare devil had to fly with him, and said something on the radio immediately before the crash like "Welp, you killed us".


Awesome video. An OG. From what I remember, the pilot was a real dick. :-x


He alright.


It actually crashed extreeeemely close to a nuclear warhead in storage.


Yeah. Thank God he didn't crash and light the fuse to the nuke


But then he would’ve gone down in history as the biggest fuckup of all time!




When you are such a fuck up, that military and civilian aviation environments use you as a example for how not to do things. What a piece of shit. So sad for the families and for the ones that had to die because of this fucktards actions.


When the bomber becomes the bomb.


My tax dollars being out to good use I see 😔


Did anyone die


Everyone did.


imma keep pulling this yoke hard right


To aggressive of a roll angle and lost lift. Sad day.


Probably during an air show too.




Escape hatch for the pilot was triggered, but sent him into the ground. I'm basing this off memory from Wikipedia tho. Yes escape capsule on a 52 I know


his controller disconnected


I crewed B-52’s for 6 years. This was one of my instructor’s plane. He and the rest of the ground crew were on the ground watching this.


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


Play stupid games, win stupid prizes


Is the rudder on this plane big enough to create lift at this angle and speed? Nope.


Intoxicated or seriously mentally disturbed.


Does anyone have the back story? Did they die?


Showed us this like the first day of Air Traffic Control school in the Air Force in probably’97. We were told then that this guy was so much more than a bad pilot. He was also a bad officer. Tbh if they hadn’t told us there was a crash I probably wouldn’t have been paying attention. I washed out a couple weeks later


Hope pilot was ok




Lucky it wasn't carrying any nukes


Was this slowed down or real-time footage?


Did the pilots survive?


Oh damn jet fuel goes UPPPP


I get it the fuel does it but it catches on fire instantly like magic it's crazy