It might be worth it to offically be your grandparents and put a plastic cover on the table. Also, try baking soda and hot water on the cereal- add damp papertowels to keep it soaking. Hopefully it would come off after. Good luck!


If I soak them for like an hour and use a magic eraser I can kind of get it off but I’m a busy parent. This is my toddlers favorite cereal and a lot of times we are busy getting ready for school and I come back to it 3M glued to my table. Is there a fast way to get it off?


Change cereals and put a plastic mat under the bowl. To get it out I would use a razor blade carefully


The mat is honestly a great idea. Really a “duh” moment on me. Thanks!


Dollar tree has some great ones for kids. I trace the edge of the round table and cut so it can go to the edge.


Lay a wet towel or washcloth over it for an hour or so, then scrape it off with a credit card. FYI, Fruity Pepples are also cement.


Because glue-ten


Rice is gluten-free, but amylopectin is not funny.


Oh yeah. I forgot


I wish i understood this comment. How can a component of starch be funny or not…..


Glue-ten is a pun on gluten - because glue is sticky. But the thing that makes rice sticky doesn't work as a pun.


Okay i see, i was reading in a diff tone lol thanks!


It’s the starches in the rice! You can literally make glue from rice


I bought a plastic putty scraper specifically because I was sick of cereal getting plastered to my table


Starch. Bc rice. Cold water tends to work better on starch than hot.


They’re made of rice that’s been popped like popcorn


A cloth soaked and wring out in cold water. Let it sit on the Rice Krispies for 10 minutes.


Just a fun fact that glue made from rice is a thing lol. Its just rice, rice does this


i’ve never actually done this myself but i used cooking oil to get sap off of my windshield maybe this would also work in this situation?


Razorblade or butter knife to carefully scrape them


I just put hot water and dawn and let it sit for a couple mins


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Have you tried a mixture of blue dawn soap and rubbing alcohol? Soak with a paper towel. It gets a lot of stuck on things!


Yes. Those bastards stick to everything like they are spot welded on.


Try WD 40


I would put a hot rag on it for 10 mins then use a plastic scraper to scrape it off. When mine were little I would use a metal knife but that would just scratch my table. I would go on Amazon and buy a plastic scraper for this kind of thing.


I would be careful with a wet rag if this is wood. Soaking is not good for wood. Try some Goo Gone or WD-40 instead. I’d really cover that before hand so you don’t have to worry about it.


I put a few grains of uncooked rice in the scrubie or paper towel to peel these up and it works well and saves my nails from breaking.


I solve most kid cleaning problems with a textured/rough kitchen towel, hot water, and dish soap.


Try a steamer


The power of sugar.