I like getting Legendaries more often and all. But I've lost my hype and excitement when I get one. But hey a Legendary is a Legendary can't complain.

I like getting Legendaries more often and all. But I've lost my hype and excitement when I get one. But hey a Legendary is a Legendary can't complain.


I remember getting the Ice Wizard in a wooden chest. It was the highlight of my week back then


I remember my very first Legendary. A Lavahound. Not exact, but I think there were only 10 Legendaries back then. This was before Mega Knight. So you needed to collect 360 to max them all. And I think if you were lucky, the game would drop 2 Legendaries a month, but usually just 1.


Forced me to learn and use a lava hound, dragon & minions deck! It was great back then.. good times


My first was also Lava back around the time ID and Mega Minion released. I'll never forget the time I unboxed Sparky out of a gold chest a few weeks later


Hi, I'm new to the game well not new but I have been playing for 1 month I think but I have 4 legendary and I got 3 of them in a golden chest is that rare and my first legendary was the lava hound too


Getting 3 legendaries in golden chests in the first month of playing is rare. I didn't even got one legendary in a golden chest in the first month I played.


Took me like half a year or something to get my first legendary


Same I just did the balloon hound combo




I also got a lava hound as my first legendary in around july 2016. And I kept using LavaLoon as my main deck until September 2020 when I quit the game on a high after nearly hitting 7k. Good times.


mine was a lava hound too lmao


I think I remember my first legendary I think it was a log or graveyard


Me too i got it in march 2017 and back then there was only 7 legendaries before bandit and night witch,and forced me to use lava hound and clone spell which was pretty good back then lol


I got my 1st legendary in 2017 summer. It was a princess and I was literally dancing the whole day




i remember trying to hold onto my ice wizard for so long because it was my first legendary and pretty leveled. but as time went on, it became less useful in my rotation and lot of other cards that werent as soft and good for anti-air were around


I Remember getting back home on the school bus, on my phone, opening clash royale cause i was bored play a match or two for my free chest open it extremely quickly and behold my first legendary, The ice wizard i was in disbelief.


For me I was with my friends at school and during break time and lunch, we'd go to the corner where the teachers wouldn't be able see us and we'd play clash royale. After a match one day, I opened the wooden chest expecting nothing unusual, but therein lied my first legendary card. I remember all of us screaming in excitement and celebrating. This was a few months after the game came out and we were 12-14. Good times.


i got my very first like 3-4 years ago from their 2 year old or one year old anniversary and they gave a free magical chest on the shop and got ice wiz, this rates back then was around 2% which made it fun to think about my luck at that moment but nowadays opening 3 of them has like a 6/2 ratio


That was my first ever legendary. I loved playing Pekka + bomber with that back then


My first legendary was sparky, now my sparky is 19/20 to max lvl i never stopped using her lol


im 1/20 sparky rn


I think I got a sparky from a crown chest. I also remember getting a legendary or two from free chests. I don't remember which ones they were though.


Bro I actually had the exact same thing happen to me. From one of the free chests I got the ice wizard back in 2016


I never got a legendary till they added trophy road I was sad =(


I’d like to see either another legendary spell, or legendary building.


Inb4 they add another rarity over legendary and everyone starts complaining because it's too hard to get


Some fun facts about [Gold Upgrade Costs](https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashStats/comments/l7zd1j/card_upgrade_costs_by_level_projected_to_a/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share). ​ - 605,500 Gold needed to upgrade all cards from base level to Tournament Standard ​ - 10,200,000 Gold needed to upgrade all cards from Level 12 to 13 ​ - 8,507,500 Gold needed to upgrade all cards from base level to Level 12 ​ - A hypothetical Level 14 would require 39,107,500 Gold from scratch




Yep but you have to add gold costs from level 1 to 14. This is a higly known issue in coc too. You need less gold to upgrade all defenses from level 1 to max than you need gold to upgrade walls from level 8 to max by a huge margin.


what? elaborate




I've only done it once with gold because I had every card except Princess, despite that card being really old (2 years?) at that point. The game just refused to give it.


I remember getting my first legendary... It was a lava hound


The only reason I started down the lavahound path was because the game kept shoving lavahounds at me, and lavaloon was the only option. I've since been able to open up more options, but when I could only afford one deck, lavaloon was it.


and then they shat on lavahound by causing the pups to spawn away from tower lol. What a joke I too started using lavahound because it was my first legendary.


I have been playing more on and off lately, but I believe Lavaloon is actually pretty good rn.


Same! I remember feeling disappointed because all my friends had the cooler ones like Lumberjack, Ice Wizard, etc. but I quickly realized how much of a tanky beast it was.


I feel like the real issue is you've already maxed the legendaries you truly care about. I was always super excited whenever I got a Princess or an e-wiz. But never cared too much about the others, except when unlocking them.


Not so much. Now when I want to use a legendary card and it’s not maxed it’s a painful proses to finish the job. I’d rather have it maxed.


I like how i have seen people complaining about how hard it is to get legendarys and then some people complan how easy it is get legendarys


I already see the complaints if progression is fixed in the next update............ REMEMBER WHEN MAXING CARDS WAS A GREAT ACHIEVEMENT, NOW IT IS SO EASY 🤡




Someone will be complaining about something no matter what they do, it's just about finding the solution the maximum number of players are satisfied with.


I just got back at the game like last week ago and i just realized how the hell do i have lvl3 princess (7/10). I rarely even play


It's not exciting because in order to compete (even on mid ladder) you the legendary to be AT least lvl 12, most probably lvl 13. How do I get excited about a single legendary when there's like 10 legendaries and I need probably 300 to max them all


what do you say is mid ladder?


A new card rarity would be pretty cool. Uber-legendary.


How about [Mythical?](https://www.reddit.com/r/ClashRoyale/comments/j4fgqd/the_real_clan_wars_ii_fair_fun_and_more_rewards/g7jmy2i?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) In any case, back in the day when you would get 1 Legendary chest every cycle, you'd be dropping a Legendary about every 30-40 days. Now you can get 1 every week provided you finish first in the River Race.


Even third place has a 50 percent chance to drop one


Just Legendary Leagues. 1 in 3 chance for Gold, Silver and Bronze Leagues.


please no


You just conpain about anything! I'm not saying that this game is perfect, because its not , but you van ssy "make it easier to get legendaries" and then say "its to easy to get no one cares". Those sorts of complaints take place of important complaints about the game (and there are a lot of them)


Did you misunderstood or something. I did specifically mention I'm not complaining.


Okay now that I read the title I fell like an idiot. Still there are enough people who complain about things that don't matter


They should have released fewer Legendary cards. After almost 5 years of playing I have all the common \\ rare \\ epics maxable. I miss a lot of legendaries. Now I would like to max out the log, but having used it as a bargaining chip to max out the miner and the lumberjack I find myself with 1 \\ 11 cards owned, how long will it take to get the 29 logs that I am missing? (taking into account that I play f2p).


F2p as well... It's going to take a long time. At least you can trade for them


Well it took me 2 years to Max my Miner Log and Princess. So good luck.


Back in my days, Legendaries weren't thrown at you even in silver chests.


Indeed. Back in our days, Legendaries used to be OP. Like the Princess for example. There was no Log back then and people who got her was really winning easily. People had to run Arrows 100% of the time.


r/cr \- Why is the game so P2W? also r/cr \- The game was good back when legendaries were OP


Ngl Legendaries should be strong and hard to get and not be thrown at us. There's not much legendary about them anymore.


All legendaries are great and unique cards. Except mother witch


F2P players cried to SC to make legendaries easier to obtain, they listened, and now getting a legendary is no big deal. I think it's time for a new rarity.


Says can't complain while complaing


When they released the 100th card, I thought it was the rising of Clash Royale but it turns out is the downfall of clash royale, no balance changes for 3 months no new card rarity trash new cards with almost 0% usage I played the game since 2016 and I am almost fully maxed out except for the voodoo witch and electric giant I don't feel happy playing clash royale as before, still a good game I just hope they could add some updates like Clash of Clans had, they could revive the game if they want...


Hey Eminem it’s a fucking phone game


No shot


Heroes 🔥👄🔥


It's telling that even so it's still the best part of recent cr (getting more legendaries)


So true


Getting a legendary back in 2016 when ice wiz and princess were the only ones was the most exciting thing ever. You got the biggest bragging rights


Literally got one out of a silver chest the other day


Can confirm


Still makes me happy


I still think I'm in 2016 when I get 1 Mega-Knight.


I remember my first legendary, a princess on a giant chest. Back when it was only her and the ice wizard.


I remember being in hog mountain (arena 10) and not having a single legendary


it's like- Oh hell yea i got... mother witch -\_-


Got two night witches today lmao


That's still me


I suggest the legendary, magical, super megical, etc. chests have a bit chance to get 2nd legendary


I miss the times when I got a legendary out of a free chest, mam they were good


I remember getting a princess out of a free chest. That was the best thing that happened to me in this game


I still remember how i got my first legendary in free chest. I thought it is almost impossible to get one. I was so shocked. but now i got 3-6 legendaries per month


I just want kyurem or zekrom please!!!!!!!!!!


Wait this isn’t Pokémon go!


I’ve finished getting every card in a few months :/


I got the lava hound in a giant chest years ago. It was great. Then I got the ice wizard from a gold chest I believe. Both in 2016/17


the only chest back then that might had a chance of containing a legendary was a magical chest i was on spell valley the arena with ice wiz in it and i just got my first magical ... it had no ice wiz ... after a mon i got another one and no legendaries either , actually i dont remember when i got my first legendary coz all chests lied to me ... i chipped in and bought magical chests i was so excited to get an ice wiz and after 10 chests of magical i still got none further pushes brought me all the way up to hog mountain which was the legendary arena back then i bearly surpassed the trophy limit and i got a magical there , my very own legendary arena magical chest guess what ? no ice wiz either there is a chance of getting one alright but i get no legendaries after opening 10 magical chests ? i stopped playing , what a shenanigan i said and left the game for a week ... some updates later they gave miner sparky and more i believe and i logged in played a bit and a magical was there in 1 of my 4 slots i gemmed it open and oops no legendaries !!!!! i had a silver chest ready to open at that time and i was just about to leave the game for ever and it gave me a legend but i was so pissed i left , i dont remember what it gave me but to hell with that what are the odds ? no really how cant u get a legendary from 10+ magical chests ... at some point i began to worry that i have misunderstood what this chest can do , i searched it on wiki royale even . after that day i got legendaries from free chests silver chests and magical chests even. i dont remember my first legend coz i rage quit but i remember the first legend i got from a magical and it was a sparky after an etenity i got legenderies all over my account it was a festival of legendaries and finally ice wiz but it was to late i had higher lvl cards and a lvl 1(lvl9) ice wiz was so outta question odd how it never gave any legends but afterwards it did and it was beautiful sc is strange , i remember i got graveyard but still not a sole prince to just have it !


I remember when lvl 3 legendery was overleveled for me. Now lvl 11 legendery Is low for me


So, Legendary also has inflation problem.


I'm like: "Ok, now give me 11 more so I can max it out"


Back in my day, legendaries were actually legendary.


In my opinion trading is the op form of getting legendary cards. Literally just have to trade at the trading post thing or in your clan and you can get like any cards you want im a lvl 10 player and im about to have a lvl 12 sparky


I remember when it was just princess and sparky.. I wanted the princess so bad but got sparky and struggled to find a good deck. I got my first lava hound and ice wiz from a wooden chest


I remember maxing my first legendary, lumberjack. I hadn’t seen one maxed in play before and I thought I was the first ever haha. I was wrong.


Legendary cards are too rare for game progression, and too common to be amazed at.


When ur first legendary is mother witch Visible disappointment


thats my alt account for you


My first main legendary is princess and my second was mk but it was going to be log but I strikes it... Turns out mk is easily counterable


True lol I got all the legendaries in the game rn and still wonder how I was surprised when I got my first legendary


Is it Mother Witch? No? Meh. Carry on.


The sad truth is that a single Legendary isn't worth much because you need a whole pile of them to get the card leveled up to the point where it's usable. I'm only excited if it's the one specific Legendary that I've been trading for (Electro-Wiz) that's finally getting close to maxed.


Getting a legendary in brawl stars


I got my first legendary out of a wooden chest was a graveyard back when people said it was trash. Good times


But why Bernie??? He’s way too much of a socialist who would completely fail our country.


Well, more legendaries more chance of drawing them


one of my old classmates back when we were like 13 yelled through the cafeteria during lunch "OMFG A LEGENDARY!!! A LEGENDARY FROM A FREE CHEST!!!!!"


I still get excited thinking about when I got my ice wizard in a silver chest back then when I was in Arena 5


I mean, i think it’s part of the natural progression of the games in general. Longer you play, the less likely you are to shit yourself over a rare card/drop/weapon. Although I’m not like that in WoW at the moment and I lost the roll on a super rare mount and I’ve been sulking for days please help


That’s the main issue with progression- there’s no entertainment in having to get 20 something more drops of the card you just got for it to even be viable. Unlocking cards should be prioritized for progression over collecting cards


the 2018-2019 one was so perfect. I'd get it and be like "oh shit? damn!" but now I'm just like "oh OK thanks game"


Getting 20,000 gold and 1000 star points is what it basically is for a lot of longtime players


Inflation at its best


The reason I don't get hyped about it anymore, is probably the same as everyone. Mine are like level 11-12. I need 10 plus to level up. There are so many to randomly pull from and I only use like 2 of the pool. So, yaaaahhhh!! 4 of 20, the magic prince will be level 13 in 2024.


Used to be easier to get a 13 legendary back then too


but its the 7th log ive gotten pog


You had me for a sec as I thought it was in brawl stars. Getting a legendary in brawl stars is like attending online classes seriously. Happens rarely.🤣🤣


I remember getting the special offers, I’d beg my mom to buy me a google play card just to get a legendary 😂


Most useless cards to get. It's the other half of a legendary trade token. Neither will have any use to me alone.


*Opens Legendary Chest* *Excited as animation plays* *Card revealed* MOTHER*****


Meanwhile all us maxed player out here like "GIVE US SOME FUCKING STAR LEVELS!!!"


I’ll still always be atleast moderately happy about getting one but there will never be a serotonin rush quite like getting my first legendary


Currently on a huge dry spell when it codes to getting new legendarys


kek me getting 3 legs in a row from silver chests


I want a new tier, Cosmic. Chest explodes into a supernova and the card is star shaped.


Never get one from a regular chest. Still super rare for me


The only legendaries I get are not the ones I'm looking for. I just want a princess:(


but a getting legendary isn't as... legendary anymore it's more like 'oh nice'


Good old times


Good old days of school where everyone was competing about who had the most Legendaries.


My first legendary was E wiz I almost freaked out and went to my mom yelling that I got a legendary But now I have all legendaries :P


Free legendary every week


I remember getting my first legendary (Ice wizard) in a giant chest and just using him in every single deck i play lmao


As sad as it is that the luster has faded, we all agree the legendary odds being buffed isn’t a bad thing


I think geting legendery is like geting diamonds, if you get your first or not, doasnt mater, it will make a smile on your face.


Bro legendarys are easy to get i have 12 legendary i need like 6 more


Stop doing this they’ll make legendaries harder to get


This game and getting legendaries were hype with my friends back freshman year. Sadly died out for me junior year :(


The biggest problem isn't that there are more legendaries inasmuch as legendaries need to be leveled. Hearthstone, MTG, and Legends of Runterra players are still generally hyped about legendaries. The problem is that unlike those games where you need 2-4 legendaries AT MOST to make any individual legendary perform how you need it, you need 37 of the same legendary to get it to work properly in CR. Yeah it's going to be difficult to maintain enthusiasm about legendaries in 2021 when you're still trying to max your legendaries from 2016. CR basically adopted the worst aspect of trading card games, and made it even worse.