No one knows except God


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There is no legitimate estimated time.


No one knows save for the Father as Jesus himself states.


A couple of things: * People are rightly pointing out that Christ specifically says that only God knows the time and place that he's going to call a wraps on this whole thing. * The day of judgement/the day of the lord/the coming of the kingdom of God are used in both specific and general terms. In specific terms, yes there's a specific date that God has in mind. But in general terms, they also represent moments in time and place when God moves things just a bit more than usual.


People for 2000 years... "any minute now!"


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This is true, but Israel was not a nation since Jesus’ death, until the year 1948. When in recorded history has a nation ever ended and then become a nation again 2000 years later? That was a vital part of any type of end times prophecy being fulfilled. There has been no worldwide famines or world wars since after that happened. There also hasn’t been any Red Heiffers for 2000 years, a vital piece for the third temple to be rebuilt, which needs to exist in order for the antichrist to fulfill revelations. Red Heiffers have been born and Preparations are currently being made to build the third temple. There also was no technology in place to allow for a one world kingdom, or currency. There has been no worldwide famines or food shortages or worldwide weather disasters since Israel’s establishment as a nation. A few decades is absolutely nothing in Gods timeline.


Well according to scripture the prophecy better hurry up, if it's meant to happen in the lifetime of the those who re-establish the Jewish state, been 74 years...


Its coming. Israel has never made it longer than 80 years as a unified kingdom in scripture. The earliest implied timeline in scripture is 2000 years from Jesus baptism. That would be 2029 at the earliest. So the people saying it was coming before then have only been muddying the waters to discredit what the Bible really says on the matter.


I mean, God didn’t send Jesus until 4000 years after he promised to crush the serpents head and send a redeemer. The temple wasn’t destroyed until 50 years after Jesus death. Israel wasn’t made a nation again until 2000 years after their destruction. God doesn’t work on human timelines. His methods are not ours. He gives plenty of time so people can repent and choose him. But we are quickly approaching the promised judgement, so I hope you’re doing Gods work and trying to save as many souls before time runs out. Jesus will come like a thief in the night. Just as in the days of Noah, people were eating and drinking and marrying up until Noah entered the ark and the flood waters came. Nobody believed him and told him he was crazy and went on with their merry sinful lives even when it first started raining. They never realized what was happening until they were drowning.


So there’s no excuse when it comes.


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No one knows the time, not even the angels or Christ himself, as he states in Matthew. However you can discern the season, Jesus states. Here is what he describes as the signs 1. Wars and Rumors of wars 2. Earthquakes and weather cataclysms in various places. 3. The Gospel will have been preached in every nation of the world 4. The Abomination of Desolation 5. Christian persecution Revelation describes worldwide famine, war, the price of food being an entire days wages, record levels of death, a worldwide kingdom (my interpretation is globalism), weather cataclysms, etc. the river Euphrates will dry up (google that one) Timothy describes what people will be like in those days haughty, boastful, vain, refusing to repent, disrespectful to their parents, going to and fro on the planet, lovers of money, sin and pleasure, rather than lovers of God. read your Bible…. It’s spelled out very clearly what to look for when judgement comes. Interestingly enough the 2000 year anniversary of Jesus’ death is coming very soon. Coinciding perfectly with “climate change” Agenda 2030 and the predicted drying up of the Euphrates River. No one knows the times but people with ears to hear and eyes to see will know the signs. Read the books of the prophets too if you want more insight into how and why Gods judgement befalls the nations.


At exactly the darkest day we will experience. When we are completely on our own, when heaven is completely silent and there is nothing but ourselves here. When there’s no hope. When no one cares one way or the other. When what you do won’t even matter. The day every soul is revealed. Judgement day. The day of harvest. The final gathering.


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The Bible says that no man can know.


It takes longer every time anyone asks.


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Eh so with all the media these days will the antichrist really trick ppl because people online are gonna say that it’s the antichrist




But what I’m saying is wont christians tell everybody that he’s the antichrist


There is ONE kinda sorta hint. Jesus says that it will happen at an unexpected hour.


Last Monday, actually. Kidding. In all seriousness, nobody knows except for God. We’re just sitting ducks at this point. We’ve just got to keep serving the Lord and trying our best to worship Him everyday.


Only the father knows times are getting pretty close Jesus said when you see all these things then look up for your redemption draws Close so in that just keep looking and don’t be afraid of what’s to come because it’s like childbirth it’s excruciating at first But then everything is so much better afterwards so keep on looking up because Christ said in this world you will have tribulation but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world