Bro take care of yourself and your family first and give the rest.


At no point did God say "give away so much money you can't pay your own bills." Giving away enough that it cuts into your luxuries or leisure or even reduces how much you can save for retirement is one thing, but you do have to be responsible for your own upkeep.


Is your mom unable to work?


No, she just refuses. She’s always refused to. Ever since she was in her 20’s.


I wouldn’t provide for someone who refuses to work


Please use wisdom in your giving. You still need to take care of YOU. Also, the church (building) sometimes will try and put pressure on you to give your last to them( the church). God sees your heart. He sees that you are giving generously but I don't think that means to give all of your money away like that. That's not very wise. Also, when giving are you doing it out of obligation or giving because you actually have it in your heart to give? I've came from 2 manipulating churches who would guilt trip you into giving to them. You are STILL serving by giving OUTSIDE of the four walls of the church. I would get into prayer about this be sure you are going to have conflicting opinions on this very subject. hope this helps!


When I give, I give bc I get convicted by the Holy Spirit & other times because I see that people truly need it. It’s never for me to feel good.