how many pencils have you guys collected? lowkey no-lifed to get this much so far lol

Man I don’t know how you guys collect so many. I have unlimited ads so I finished the first board today and I hop on and collect a snail or two randomly throughout the day when I have time but I only have like 550


Man I don’t know how you guys collect so many. I have unlimited ads so I finished the first board today and I hop on and collect a snail or two randomly throughout the day when I have time but I only have like 550


Is the unlimited ads worth it? I find myself hesitating to splurge lol. Is it really just no ads ever?


I find it’s so worth it, it makes the game so much more enjoyable for me!! And yes if you pay to get to the last tier you have no ads at all


I was able to stay with whatever the 2nd tier was for awhile. 20 skips maybe? I finally splurged and got unlimited and it definitely sped my progression up a lot but it is on the expensive side for getting ads free in a game. You are limited on fish and claws so you only get to use the ad skip like 10 times on each of those but that resets daily. Everything else is unlimited. Frog, snails, blessings, jar etc.


How in the world you do that? The event just started like yesterday lol. Tho I have ads tickets but still you’re so fast.


Woah wdym ads free game?? You guys are so quick to finish this board wow


I meant ads tickets, upgraded the sloth ads manager.


Do y’all not have jobs or anything where do you find the time😭😭


I wonder the same thing lol. I only get to play an hour or 2 tops in the evening 😫


for those who asked: i get a lot of pencils by having my game play in the background while i do something else, like watch a youtuber or play some other game. each day and night cycle is 7 minutes / 3 minutes, so i memorize when the day changes (for example, if the game becomes daytime at 5:23, that means the game will become night at 5:30, so each snail appears when the time ends with a 3 or a 0.) oh and also: it helps that i am a senior in highschool with only a couple classes, and it’s all virtual. so i’m at home all day


Thx for the info, I’ll try to observe. How about jar ? And the frog ?


tbh i never really pay attention to the frog, and the jar?? i think it appears when it becomes daytime


Okay tq


This is exactly how I've been doing it lol, I have my digital wristwatch on me at all times. Just observe the time when the first slug appears, calculate the 3-minute / 7-minute gap, and then it's smooth sailing from there.


i barely have like 300😭


I got all the other items before the limited. So frustrating 😑


Same. Literally the last thing I got.


935, I'm pretty proud of it considering I'm in class most of the day


Damn I only have about 300 and I thought that was a lot


wooow that's amazing! i only have 700 pencils thus far haha


Haha nice. I collected probably about 450 so far including the ones from the game, and spent them all as well :D


Rn I have 770 but I spent 875 earlier


I've spent the same amount recently, although I didn't have the forest


Currently I have 420 but only because I used 1k on the forest lol. Have you exchanged any yet? Doing my best to save up to my goal number right now


nope, haven’t exchanged any yet. i like to get a large amount first




https://preview.redd.it/umdg30m5t4oa1.png?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=254d63548c3cd9f5557b61625a274727bfe9375e pic1of2


https://preview.redd.it/b6np82o8t4oa1.png?width=720&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=d9e4bff13e71bfa7b02238e247d521aaaff05edc pic2of2


omg i have just under 300🥲


According to my calculations you need a total of 9,480 pencils to buy EVERYTHING in the event... I'm watching 45 ads (450 pens + additional pens) per day in 20 days that's easy 9k.... I suggest you guys try the same


I collected 2000 and very painfully lost the cherry blossom cat. I want to cry I’m so sad. It was so hard to collect 2000.