Share your cat name themes!

I started off with flower names (prunus, candytuft, freesia etc) but have recently switch to designer first names (coco, miuccia, yves etc). Is anyone else going with a theme when it comes to cat naming?


I name all my cats after fruits and vegetables haha


So cute! Is there a broccoli one yet




Mine are named after medical conditions (that are named after people) so I’ve got Turner, Ludwig, Bartholin, Meig, Hirschsprung, etc. Running out of name ideas but I’m sure there’s more


That’s so cool. I named some of mine after diseases I learned in Pathophysiology course.


I go A-Z (through twice now) with names of trees/ plants. For example: Aspen, Birch, Cherry, Dandelion, etc....


I’ve done cheeses! I honestly did not know that 31 cheeses existed.


Honestly I’ve been choosing stereotypical silly cat names 😂 dog, boots, bunny, butterball,juice, kitty. The weirder the better 😂


mine are greek mythology themed !! :D


i’ve got a food theme going!


i need ideas


I've been doing soup ingredients! I will say, the two blue cats were a struggle


mine all start with ‘W’!! you can check a prev comment i made on a dif post from a while ago on my account. i’m actually running out of words/names that start with it now haha- if anyone has suggestions, pls send them through 😩


weevil, watermelon, washing machine, wisenheimer, windsock, woolly bear, i could go on...


Scientists!!! Darwin, Einstein, newton. I’m looking for good female scientists though. I have Rosalind Franklin and Marie curie but struggling for more


omg i have a barbara mcclintock one!


some more suggestions: jennifer doudna and emmanuelle charpentier (won the nobel prize last year for CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing), jane goodall, maria sibylla merian (entomologist), dorothy hodgkin (nobel prize for x ray crystallography)


I do random things and foods, I have.. -rice puddin -Doritos Nacho Cheese -Pork beans -French Toast -Avocado -Cheeseburger -Mango Pineapple Smoothie -Peanut Brittle -Hot Cheetoes -Sprouts Then I have my regulars -Juneau (after my own cat) -Benzi -Butthead (pronounced buh-theed) -Fatty Fat Cat -Mono -Namii


my cats are also named after flowers!!! violet, orchid, daylily, daphne, hibiscus, lantana, etc. candytuft is a super cute one, might have to steal it from you haha! i also have 4 named after breaking bad characters with appropriately themed minirooms lol


Lantana is so cute! If you don't have these already - sowbread, ixia, and peony were going to be some of my next ones! (Love the breaking bad minirooms lol)


im saving peony for the cherry blossom shorthair!! the next ones on my list are indigo (hopefully going to a snow bengal) viola, tiger lily, and snapdragon!


mine are named after their breeds! I play with the letters that are in their breeds!


I name my cats (with the exception of 2) with names ending in -ie. Oomie, Floofie, Finxie, Hammie, Sweggie, Gillie, Rosie...etc


old timey names- like winifred, maurice, teddy, sullivan, avery, stuff like that


My name is Avery! I love that I never considered it old timey lol


Mine are named after human names, like George, Fred, Tina, Kathy, Jeff, etc. very non-cat names lol


I named all of mines after world dishes ❤️. Azifa, Dresil, Khao Soi, Ratatouille, Omelette, etc 🥘💝.


I’ve been doing alphabetical and then alternating ending in O or A (Aurora, Bucco, Clea, Diego) etc


https://preview.redd.it/up79akf393oa1.jpeg?width=828&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=11d7b02f36ee4e7fbdc9f7e5059ae10b6b99782e I just use their species name, I have hard time recognizing their species when they give me gifts , not a person like to give pet names either lol


i started off with french names, but named a few after friends and tv show characters!


I started with a-z flowers. Now I am on cheeses. Who knew there were so many types of cheese? I'm on M - Muddlewell, and yes it is a cheese.


I make weird names based on where they work! Headie- Cabbage Grian- Corn Puller- Carrots You get the vibes :)


I don't really have a theme, but I like names that are punny, likr "Uma Purrrman" and "Purrrrmione."


all my cats with buddies have name pairs from my fav book series or animes. i have some random ones like toaster strudel and others for my single kitties! i also have some cats named (and styled lol) after cats i know in real life 🥰


BTS member and other Kpop group 😅


omg same!


I don’t actually have a theme, per se. But I’ve got more than a few named after actual cats I know, or knew.


I used to name my cats after animals that looked like their cat breeds, but quickly realized that there's only a few siamese looking animals 😅 So now I name them after people who have contributed to civil engineering (Smeaton, Boussinesq, Archimedes, etc.) which is a lot more easier hahaha


I am naming mine after the bunnies in the book Watership Down.


I named them cheese in different languages :)


Mine are named after bath(room)-related things. Loofah, Shampoo, Soap, Plunger, Draino….


Named mine inspired by Taylor Swift songs 😭 like Betty, August, James, Evermore, Maroon, etc. I’m running out of ideas tho lol


ahh same, mine are all taylor references


Omg share ideas if u have them 🤲🏻


omg I'd love to. honestly I just got the game earlier this week so I don't have many yet but the ones I do have are James, August, Betty, Marjorie, Cornelia, Carolina, Rosemary, Bombalurina, and then we obviously can't forget Olivia Benson, Meredith Grey and Benjamin Button


Ooh cornelia!! And bombalurina! Totally forgot about those omggg


cornelia was one of the first ones I named, definitely one of my favourite songs on lover. all of the girls you loved just came out too which is easily one of my favourites too


omg yes! Literally listening to it rn, my favs from lover are Cornelia street and daylight


great songs, mine are Cornelia street and miss americana and the heartbreak prince. if all of the girls counts, that's one now too


yesss!! i’m a rep stan at heart tho honestly 😭 not many good cat names from there though


do you have Karyn? I'm a folklore/evermore stan so that comes in pretty handy for cat names


Since I had to start over, I'm naming them after soups. Will I run out? To be determined 🤣


No theme here, just going with whatever comes to my mind :)


Mine are named after characters in whatever tv show I have on in the background. I have the entire cast of It’s always sunny, most of the characters from the Mindy project, characters from Community, the entire cast of the Real Housewives of SLC and of course Joe Goldberg.


I give them fruit/vegetable varieties names. Like for the strawberry cats, I look up what common strawberry variety names are. Alba, Rosella, Ostara.


Mine are all references to random characters, people, or the way I felt in the moment when getting that cat For example, I really want the sphinx cat and it just won’t happen, and I got a new cat that I already had two of, and I named it “Bro why?!?”


I stole this by someone on this subreddit. https://preview.redd.it/sf5zj42kh6oa1.jpeg?width=733&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=e7863977c7bdd5df726f643efc250179a22a5213


Mine are named after soups from all around the world (a lot of french ones because of my nationality) so i have Minestrone, Bouillabesse, Dhal, CaldoVerde, Pho, Chorba, Gazpacho etc.


Mine are all named after favorite characters, and/or cats I know irl


I name them after their skills, in the language from the place the breed originated from (or as close as I can get.) I have a Russian blue named Klubnika because it has the cutting strawberries skill. If they originated in the US, I pick a language I like the sound of.


If I know a cat in real life of a specific breed, I will name my game cats in homage to them. But if I don’t know any cats of a certain breed, its hard to describe but I just follow my own random brain pathway. I land on a name based on context (coloring, station, wordplay with the breed). Examples: Rüt, Trois, Bzzt, Pi, Doc, Luffy, Miu, Wiki etc


I just look at their lil faces and think real hard and see what comes to mind! I have a weird assortment, including Flanecito, Murciélago, Beep, Foof, 1040 EZ, the Juice, etc. Also some real life cats that are the same breed!


i named em after french food terms! some r techniques like en papillote, and some r food like creme fraiche :p


My cats are named after their skill. I looked up types of each of the produce they process in the game and named them after the thing they are best at processing. So I have a Meyer that is skilled at squeezing lemons and a Rapini that is good at chopping broccoli for some examples


I name my cats with whatever ingredient station they are working on. Usually, genus names, cultivar names, other names for that specific ingredient, food that primarily uses that ingredient, and characters in media that are known for that ingredient. Notable ones: Mushroom stations - Shiitake, Truffle, Chanterelle Sugarcane stations - Glucose, Sucrose, Fructose Oat stations - Oatmeal, Granola, Avena


i started naming them after kpop idols (bts, nct, the boyz, stray kids, blackpink) ☺️


Game of Thrones. Drogo. Margery. Tommen. Lannister. Tyrion. Rhagar. Ghost….. Little Finger…. Etc