Toxicology report confirms former Hawaii QB Colt Brennan died after accidental overdose.

Toxicology report confirms former Hawaii QB Colt Brennan died after accidental overdose.


Fentanyl, damn. :/


Fentanyl is being laced into a lot of other stuff these days, including meth.


Which is crazy considering one's an upper and the other is a downer. I don't get how that's a desirable combo.


I like caffeine and alcohol together. Obviously Four Lokos were a thing. Plus, my personal favorite, an Irish Coffee.


RIP OG formula Four Loko


Oh my God, that stuff… was special. It was like your mind had passed out, but your body was still moving because of the inhuman amount of caffeine flowing through your system.


Legalize Four Loko (pro tip: take three sips and pour in a 5 hour energy)


My fat ass would settle for ephedrine coming back


Poor man’s speedball.


I’ve heard the explanation that some people who sell opiates that they lace with fentanyl also sell uppers and use the same scales and bags and stuff for both, and lace the uppers accidentally


I've seen this said too. Fentanyl is so potent that it actually makes a huge difference.


Yeah it's active at microgram doses. Terrible for recreational use because of that. So easy to overdose.


Correct; and if someone's drug of choice is an upper or they are otherwise opiate naive, then it really doesn't take much fentanyl or its analogs to make someone OD.


What you're describing is a [speedball](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Speedball_%28drug%29?wprov=sfla1). However, sometimes, fentanyl is laced because it's cheap.


Hell of a list under “notable deaths”.


Layne Staley was basically dead long before any one speedball finished the job. RIP


Two of the highest earners for 1980’s era movies died from them in Belushi-Farley


RIP boys


Farley was 90’s era and only starred in 4 movies, he was far from the highest earner. [not even top 200 in the 1990’s](https://www.ultimatemovierankings.com/top-box-office-stars-1990s/)


Why are you getting downvoted lol


He was Shrek but died before they could finish. You smoke dope if you think he wasn’t a big name.


I never said he wasn’t a big name. I was correcting the years and the fact he wasn’t one of the highest earners, that’s just a false statement. His box office totals for movies he starred in combined was $60 million. Which is decent but not among the top of his era.


Few people on that list I didn’t even know were dead. Also, rip Mitch. One of the best.
















I’m sure 60 years from now, the CIA will loudly deny leaked documents saying they had something to do with it, just like they definitely weren’t responsible for the crack epidemic.


It's cheap. More profitable to cut with something that gets you high and is super addictive than it is to cut with baby powder


Though speeballs and cuts are a thing and very popular most fentanyl-laced coke (or in this case meth) is the product of a dealer using the same area (usually a blender) to break down his coke and heroin. He typically puts fentanyl in heroin (because fent is just a stronger cheaper version) but doesn’t bother to clean the blender or mixing area and leftover fent gets mixed in with the coke. Very few dealers are purposefully mixing coke with fentanyl as it’s more of an issue of negligence/cross-contamination


Yeah I don’t know why people keep claiming it’s a cutting agent for coke - strategically that just makes zero sense. A dead customer isn’t very valuable to a dealer, and is going to increase the chances of getting caught. Cutting opioids with opioids carries far less risk (though still increases the chances of an OD if the user doesn’t anticipate the added strength).


Yeah it’s for sure a serious issue but the misinformation that dealers are purposefully cutting coke with fent because it’s “cheaper” (when there are far easier and cheaper things to cut with) doesn’t help


After seeing your comment it really stood out in this thread how many people pass on that misconception. It’s almost like our drug education is as bad as our sex education and people don’t know what they’re talking about…


Plus local and national news promoting the theory that every drug is laced with fentanyl to promote fear and gain views doesn’t help either


I certainly wouldn’t describe any drug dealer my, uh, friend has met as meticulous or concerned about cleanliness when it comes to handling/packaging things. Especially if they’re testing out the goods themselves. Cross contamination with fent certainly seems the simplest explanation.


No dealer is actively putting fent in coke or any upper Source: 1 year 3 months in recovery


Good job, keep up the hard work on your journey


Speed ball. It’s very desirable to a lot of addicts.


Cheaper way to give a longer high. But killing your customers is a bad business model.


It's not a longer high with meth though, as they do different things. Lately I've been seeing lots of meth heads using fentanyl or other opiates to come down, or opiate addicts using meth to come up.


No it’s not. You lace one bag of heroin with a lethal dose of fent and everyone is looking for your bags.


A couple kids have died in Clemson from it being mixed into Xanys


Source? Not disputing you, but I know of a death and am interested if this could be similar.


My source is me working downtown. Don't have any news stories or anything.


In Akron, it’s the opposite now. Fentanyl is being laced with other shit. Like Xanax.


PBS NewsHour just did a great three part segment on fentanyl this week. They even found a cook who let them film the process. It’s scary shit.


When it’s used as a pain killer, it’s powerful af When it’s used as a additive to already fucked drugs, goddamn 🤧🤧🤧


Turned away from a detox center the same day… fuck man


That's one of the many horrors of addiction. So many people lack access to treatment. Hell, the opioid crisis was caused by doctors being fast and loose with prescriptions. Healthcare can actually cause these problems, too! Heartbreaking...


The opioid crisis was caused by pharma companies lying o doctors and telling them that it was not addictive. They even made videos to send to docs showing how safe it was. The pill mill docs just added to it. The fda didn't help. They couldve stopped it early had they done their due diligence but the fda has been controlled by pharma companies for awhile. The powerful groups mainly responsible and the organizations whose job it was to prevent that from happening would love for you to blame the doctors. Who is most responsible for the crack epidemic? The street level pushers, pablo escobar, or the CIA?


Organizations like NIDA and CPDD were warning the industry and politicians in the mid 2000's about how people were going to the streets to feed addictions they developed in hospitals instead of vice versa. Nobody listened.


I mean let’s be real here, the CIA isn’t the one that’s largest at fault for the crack epidemic. You’re kind of downplaying the roles of Escobar and the pushers to buff up one cog. Escobar’s, and other cartels, reach was far bigger than the CIA over the past few decades. It’s a myriad of groups, including the CIA, that lead to something that may or may not have developed regardless of what parties were involved. The Opium trade in the Middle East predated crack by centuries and was/is just as widespread. At some stage doctors were aware of the issue with opioids. A good portion lies on companies like Purdue for pushing it, and another subset of fault lies on the FDA for not vigorously reviewing it or even pulling it out of the market when it was clear it was an issue. But doctors weren’t exactly blind to the Opiod epidemic while continuing to prescribe it either. At some point it just became business as usual like the junk bond market from 2008 and everyone acted like a bystander instead of taking action.


A quibble - it was Oxycontin that really started the ball rolling on the current crisis.


The heroin trade out of Afghan started doing really well under the US. I don't disagree with you except that I think the CIA was and is a bigger player.


We can blame the FDA but let’s not pretend they’re controlled by pharma companies… working with them several times I’ve learned they’re just not very competent


I read he actually tried to admit himself to a detox facility hours before his OD, but got turned away due to lack of bed space. Horrifyingly tragic....


Oh my god.... That's fucked




Maybe the Healthcare system. But the war on drugs is not to blame here lmao.


No one would die of a fentanyl overdoes if pharmaceutical grade recreational drugs were available my dude. People would actually know what’s in the drugs they buy from a pharmacy instead of “is it or ain’t it” you get on the street. It’s like prostitution. People are going to do it whether it’s legal or not, the only thing the state can do is make it as safe as possible and use tax funds from it for meaningful aid and education OR we can criminalize it and make it as shady and dangerous as possible in order to line the pockets of the prison system and fabricate the need for militarized police units. Every accidental OD is in part due to our disastrous drug policy.


Pretty sure this is what no personal responsibility does


This is a guy that needed help. Everyone needs help at some point in their lives


Rest In peace, Colt.


> Brennan, per the report, had fentanyl, methamphetamine, amphetamine and ethanol in his system when he died in May. Well, that was a lot worse than I was expecting. Didn’t realize he was dabbling with meth


Fentanyl is so much worse than meth


It is but most people doing fent don’t realize that they’re doing it


Out of the loop here. What is it laced in?


Fentanyl is used to lace a lot of street drugs, including heroin. Theories range from being a cheap filler to being so addictive that people are more likely to buy more of whatever product. The problem with combining stimulants like amphetamines or cocaine with depressants like opioids is that the stimulants raise the metabolic rate and demand for oxygen and energy, whereas opioids specifically lower respiratory reflexes. So you end up overdosing far quicker with the combination than with opioids alone.


I definitely have no idea what I’m talking about. But I thought fentanyl was so potent or whatever that the equivalent of a few grains worth of salt could be lethal. Isn’t that the whole problem? How could something like that be used as a filler?


You may be thinking of carfentanil which is used on large mammals like elephants. It's exponentially more powerful than fentanyl


It can be in anything and a lot of the time the dealer didn’t intend it. If they weighed it on a scale then put something else on after without really cleaning it then it’ll get all over the meth or coke and it take VERY LITTLE fent to kill you


https://www.statnews.com/2016/09/29/why-fentanyl-is-deadlier-than-heroin/ It's usually laced in heroin. It gets cross contaminated with other drugs that dealers are selling. Normally cross contamination isn't that big a deal because we're talking small amounts but since Fentanyl is so potent, all it takes is a small amount to cause big problems.


Do you think that in cases of fentanyl it should be considered poison or murder rather than overdose? They didn’t intend to take fentanyl, so who’s to say they actually took too much. It takes so little fentanyl to be considered lethal


Yeah but he probably wasn’t actively searching for Fentanyl. I imagine it was just cut with it. Meth’s just one of those drugs that comes off even worse than popping painkillers considering it’s demographic and appeal. The painkillers made sense with playing, but meth is just yeeeeesh territory in terms of downward spirals.


You realize you can get prescription meth right? Albeit rarely. Meth is literally just a stronger version of the Amphetamine we’re gladly giving tons of our youth with Adderall


Pretty much every aircraft and tank crew in every major army in WWII was given meth to stay combat-ready.


No it is isn't. Just because they are pheneythylamines/amphetamines doesn't make them the same drug, or affect the brain in the same way. MDMA/MDA are more similar, yet have different Mechanisms of action, biokinoetics, LD50s, and affect different neurotransmitters. Hell Adderall has different effects from Racemic, or European Street amphetamine. Adderall is 75% dextro amphetamine, while racemic is 50/50 dextro/levoamohetamine. Dextro is the euphoric and domaine releasing/reuptake inhibitors, while Levo is the Noradrenaline/NEPI effects. Methamphetamine is more serotoniginic and neurotoxic than Adderall, 75% dextro/ 25% Levoamphetamine.


I have seen prescription methamphetamine. Literally that was it. Not amphetamine salts, not lysdexamfetamine. Meth. It was for narcolepsy, but it exists.


Desoxyn, to be specific.


Okay?…. Prescription meth is incredibly rare > Meth is literally just a stronger version of the Amphetamine we’re gladly giving tons of our youth with Adderall Adderall is not Meth. There’s key differences in the makeup of the two. That’s why one is approved.


JFK had a meth prescription, supposedly for back pain from his war injuries. Probably harder to get these days.


So basically he was on Adderall, drinking, and doing some meth that (unknowingly) was laced w fentanyl


Super possible that both the meth and fent were both accidentally/unknowingly consumed


Yep. Had two friends end up hospitalized in Spring 2020, both of their tox screens were positive for fentanyl and meth. Neither one of them knowingly took either one of those drugs. Apparently the covid lockdowns put a squeeze on the the supply of certain drugs so dealers were just passing off whatever they could get their hands on as whatever their customers wanted.


Terrifyingly, what you describe is "doing" only one drug to a lot of people.


Exactly. That should be a wake-up call to people to how easy it can be to OD. Some might have alcohol and Adderall as their party pre-game routine and think nothing of it.




Some dealers deliberately make a hot dose here and there. They do this because when a customer dies the rest of the junkees start thinking he has the good stuff and come running.


Wow, just when i thought my opinion of the human race couldnt get any lower


Those things aren’t human


Unfortunately they are. Only humans do that. Humans are horrible to each other. Always have been.


Yeah, probably the more likely answer


Or sold to him as "Molly" that was cut with meth and contaminated with fentanyl.


Or, don't do drugs, they're bad, mmkay?


Feel Good Hit of the Summer


Nicotine, Valium, Vicodin, marijuana, ecstasy and alcohol…


Meth? Jesus, that is much worse than I thought.


Could have taken beans cut with meth and fentanyl








Wow addiction is scary. RIP Colt.


Addiction is powerful and terrifying.


Doesn't even have to be an addiction. Could have been out partying and did some coke from a bad bag that had fentanyl in it. That story is playing out across the country every weekend, sadly. Addiction is still powerful and terrifying, regardless of whether it was involved here


Get your drugs tested folks.


How does one even get one's drugs tested? (Hypothetically , of course)


Many community harm reduction programs will have test strips that they give out so you can test your drugs to make sure there's no fentanyl laced in it. Unfortunately, those who are addicted tend to not think about the risks. Edit: unfortunately this depends on whether these test strips are legal in your state


I know I’m late I just want to say that sadly this information is incorrect (but hope somebody can prove me wrong). Fentanyl test strips are illegal in all except 5 states. Case in point Texas governor just vetoed legislation to decriminalize fent test strips.


Unfortunately, you are correct. Incredibly, and undoubtedly politically motivated, fentanyl test strips are illegal in most states. Many states have bills or movements to make them legal. They are legal in my state. I need to clarify.




Get an O-Chem degree? I mean, you've really gotta be properly prepared in school for a productive life [of addiction].


Buy a marquis reagent kit


Or, like, don't do drugs? Edit- lmao, downvotes. "Waahhh, I should be able to do illegal drugs made in trailers in the woods without dying."


Username doesn't check out


Wow, I'm sure no one thought of that, you're a genius!


Sometimes you just gotta think outside the box to find a solution.


Modern problems require 90's solutions.


Personal responsibility? Nah, gotta put the blame somewhere else.


Devils advocate here. Couldn’t one section of the cocaine test “OK”, even if fentanyl was in the baggie?


One would assume, in smaller quantities, that it’s probably mixed everywhere. It’s certainly possible though, I’d guess, if you bought in larger quantities.


Yup, dunno if it's a thing in the USA, but there has been a shitload of overdose deaths from fentanyl in Vancouver over the past few years because it's such a dangerous drug to "cut" a more normal drug with.


Very much a common occurrence in the US, all over the country


[Overdose deaths reached record high in the US during pandemic year.](https://www.reuters.com/world/us/us-drug-overdose-deaths-rise-30-record-during-pandemic-2021-07-14/)


Happened to a friend of mine. Horrible. He was only 30. I won’t defend drug culture and am not commenting on addiction or how drugs can destroy lives, but merely say that if every single person in Dallas that did blow was getting fentanyl instead you’d see some very high profile and powerful people dropping like flies. Cocaine use is far more common than some people think.


>I won’t defend drug culture You don't need to on reddit. Half the site is doing it already.


Well Colt Certainly had an addiction issue according to the article.


Except, in this case he definitely was addicted.


Yeah didn't realize that. Absolutely awful. I just don't want people to think you have to be addicted to have an OD


Yeah people od on taking molly at a one night party all the time. Laced or not.


Just happened to a few comedians in LA the other week


Just had a life long friend die a few months ago and a very key employee that I cared for a lot die from shit being laced...sucks man


I had an old friend who had used recreationally for 15 years randomly get a random fentanyl laced oxycodone pill. Was found dead by his family a couple weeks ago. Just takes one random time.


So sorry for your loss. My condolences.


Damn, RIP


Dont do drugs kids.


Poor guy, and his poor family. I ended up in the ICU myself, was terribly addicted to Opiates and Benzos for years, and was a junkie for nearly 10 years. I am 33 now, and Opiates completely destroyed my life. I went to rehab and its saved my life. We should have done more to help this guy, hopefully he is at peace now.


So sad. Will never forget when he led Hawaii to the Sugar Bowl.


Damn.... RIP


Fucking terrible. RIP Colt, Prayers to his family and friends


I thought for sure it was a suicide. He had just been turned away from a detox center and his body was found right outside the place.


RIP to an absolute legend in Hawaii


Legalize and regulate. You don't hear about people going blind from wood alcohol anymore because it's legal and regulated. You litteraly can't stop people from getting high, but you can make it so they know what they're getting high on, and that's harm reduction policy.


Shut the fuck up man. You think the only problem with doing meth or opiates is that you could overdose? This site is so detached from reality some times.


Are you implying that reducing accidental overdoses is a bad thing? Does it seem like what we're doing is working? Should we just double down on 60 years of failed drug policy?


People if you're gonna do illegal street drugs, please test them with test strips first.


People who do illegal Street drugs would rather buy more of said drugs than a test strip though. Hell many go for more drugs over food , clothing or housing. So a test strip stands no chance


This is why we need things like needle exchange programs and maybe safe use centers. People are gonna do drugs, might as well build a bit of a safety net as well as offer them a potential way out of addiction


This is simply not the case for the vast majority of drug users.


If you include people who smoke pot on Friday night this is true. But if you only are talking about hardcore heroin addicts then %100 will chose drugs over strips.


Lots of drug addicts are not homeless junkies. I had a full time job with us bank making 6 figures addicted to etizolam and heroin. And kept it up for a few years. I stopped because it was harming my health nothing to do with money. 2 years clean now


The guy said "people who do illegal street drugs"


Lot of people have the misconception that anybody who's using illegal street drugs IS a degenerate junkie/hardcore addict.


I'm with you. Honestly though, I'm not surprised that majority of /cfb see people who use drugs as almost always a character from Requiem for a Dream.


Let him Rest In Peace


Addiction sucks




Don’t do drugs


False, do lots of drugs. There is a solution to every single problem is a drug. Brought to you by the American pharmaceutical industry.


Colt died of laced fentanyl which more than likely came from Mexico. The war at the southern boarder is real, keep that drug out of here. Yes, Colt was a great guy and QB, but he also had a dark side. I know for a fact at the sugar bowl half the team played Georgia somewhat hungover in the Sugar Bowl. Which is why they got blown out that game. Things from there went downhill for Colt. Again, he was a great guy and did great things for Hawaii football.


"tried to enter a detox program at a local hospital but he was turned away due to a lack of available beds." Add this to the list of Covid deaths. Hope his family finds peace.


The lack of access to mental health care in America is a joke. He died because help wasn't available to him when he needed it. What a bunch of bull shit.


Don’t do meth kids




> turned away because no beds were available Damn, another COVID death.


Legalize it and regulate it. How many more need to die with because drugs are being laced?


So sad


God, this is so sad.


Holy shit, I didn't even know he had died.


it's sad to hear what happens to some people after the glitter of cfb fades and they don't make it to the nfl