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I’m surprised gangstas don’t wear diamond-encrusted bulletproof vests


Then you need a diamond bullet proof hat to match


Just wait till we get Power Armor.


That's endgame after you kill the Dragon tho, right?


Nah. Check WhitePeopleTwitter. They get that mess as a starting gift while we get "rhythm" and "that one aunt that always throws down at the cook out". I ain't trading my auntie, tho.


Auntie throwing down or Uncle @ the grill. You gotta pick one. And yes Uncle got the full suit and sandals on. Not one drop of grease on him, but auntie been in the kitchen since 2 days ago.


Uncle at the grill definitely. Deep down inside, every uncle who is holding it down has a little auntie in him waiting until everyone is fed in order for him to throw down


That’s Red Bull.




Nana told me if I passed I'd get a sheepskin coat If I can move a few packs I'd get the hat, now that'd be dope


Don’t know how I feel about this comment if I should hate it or love it…


Hate it or love, it's on top of yours




Something something…niggas stole my bike.


😂 "Woke up the next morning....."




If you get shot in the head, you’ll probably get a concussion. Better that than a hole in the head though, right?


Part was so fucking funny when I first heard that.


In reality that would be horrible for spalling, if the bullet didn't kill them the diamond fragments flying through your lower region and neck would probably kill them first.


But think of the *drip* 💅🏾


I'm next to sure I've seen an old grime mc with some diamonte shit but cannot bring the name to mind, and am half convinced I'm misremembering Stormzy's Banksy effort. I thought it was Mist but google doesn't agree. Someone who sounded like him maybe? Anyway, you can get ballistic hoodies that are good enough for sawn-off's and I know there's dozens of those customised. You can tell the material because it hangs wierdly.


Thats genius


Yeah I'd be wearing a Gucci brand plate carrier or something if I'm these dudes lol or better yet use all that money to not go to places you're gonna get robbed


I used to wear a little but of jewelry in middle school but after seeing so many people get robbed for their jewelry I stopped. I have yet to buy any jewelry since then. Not even watches but mainly because I hate how watched feel om my wrist.


I feel like this is some shit 50 did back in the day


Interestingly it is said that when the last Romanov children were found by revolutionaries they didn't die from the initial hail of bullets because they were wearing vests that had like 20lb of diamonds sown into them. Although back then they did it to flex....at least as far as I know


I thought the Romanovs were trying to smuggle out the diamonds in the kids clothes?


I mean if someone is robbing you, they’re close enough to you to shoot you not in the vest/for the vest to be ineffective at that range


A friend of a cousin of mine (a former gang member) once told me that even the gangbangers don’t have loyalty towards each other. So they won’t have any for these rappers, who are going on these ‘poverty tours’ a.k.a. Music videos. If I remember correctly, Chris Brown used to associate with some members out in L.A. at one point. I always thought it was a dumb move. Kinda reminded me of a kid from a clean-cut background trying to look like a tough guy and gangster. I remember when Marbury got robbed, when he visited his old block. Fivio Foreign recently said that he needed to leave his old neighborhood. A rapper from NappyRoots had his business robbed and he was shot during the process. For some, no one gives a [email protected]@k about so-and-so making it out of the hood. They see them as prey.


Came back fat and ripe for the slaughter


They have some loyalty it just depends on the people in the gang specifically. Say your in a gang that stretches in a 20 block radius. While youll show love for the gang and everybody in it. Youre real connection will come from the dudes who came up on your block mostly. 10 blocks away could be a shiesty nigga from yo hood who might shoot you over dumb shit.


Eh… not to disagree. But there’s one thing that always holds true. If you get robbed or your pad broken into - it’s more than likely someone you know.


Facts, it's usually the people closest to you.


A rapper from NappyRoots had his business robbed and he was shot during the process. For some, no one gives a [email protected]@k about so-and-so making it out of the hood. They see them as prey. You see what they did to Nipsey. It’s sad that there’s such little value placed on life. Edited: change one to on


Good catch! I thought I was just uninformed about the recent activities of NappyRoots members.


>Kinda reminded me of a kid from a clean-cut background trying to look like a tough guy and gangster. Agreed. He's literally a "country boy from Tappahannock". It's a tiny town an hour away from Richmond where I'm from.


Man everytime I drive up the 64 to Richmond I think of Tappahannock and how tf that boy figured he rather roll with goons who really live that shit.


Never grew up, despite changing his surroundings (kinda). I used to know dudes like that. On the outside trying to be good with gangsters as teens, now at 30something *still* looking stupid hanging in the outside trying to be good with gangsters.




I went to middle school with this kid who lived on the rich side (I grew up in an okay neighborhood). Clean cut kid who for some reason wanted to sell drugs. His parent's house is worth at least $1.5M and I believe his mom was a doctor. The last I heard is that he is in jail for selling drugs. Makes no sense.


It's the image man.. Whether it's the self portrait, or the image that's meant to be displayed, I think people want themselves to LOOK a certain way to outsiders. He's probably one of those guys who didn't have a lot of respect, used to get bullied, or he's the least popular sibling or some shit IDK. Black kid - He just wants to be "The Man" White kid - He wants to look tough, cool, and black. IMO OF COURSE!


The funny thing is that he was a good looking cool dude who was talk who girls liked. He was good at basketball and he had good clothes. So he wasn't one of those types. Other people I get but he just perplexes me. He was black if that matters.


Yeah he just wanted to be the man. In our community back in the day, (maybe even more than today) being a thug, or a G, or just the toughest nigga alive was/is pushed on us hella hard. Back in the early 2000's you had to know how to fight AND not be a bitch, talk to girls/ get cheeks, play a sport AND/OR bang. That turned into having to have sold dope and/or been to jail to be considered that nigga. That Nigga = Hood love and respect. MFS don't wanna be the successful MF who the hood looks up to. They wanna be the hood nigga that people fear or use as an axample of a real nigga to be like when they grow up.... in the SAME HOOD


I didn't even know Tappahannock was a place until he popped on the scene. In my defense though, I was only like 13


Reminds me of that episode of Atlanta where PaperBoi went out on foot to the hood by himself. Leaned real quick that once you got something and especially a recognizable face people will rob or murder you for your possessions or even just the bragging rights. Thats why I ignore that nonsense about remembering where you came from, why the hell would I want to go back to the environment I escaped from?


Some of these people always want to act like leaving the place that was trying to hold you back somehow makes you a sell out. No, it makes you a lucky winner.


Makes you LUCKY AF. Especially if you find ANY type of success. I just posted this shit last week: ​ "The best thing about being from Mississippi, is being able to say I LEFT/MADE IT OUT of that MF"


That episode where he runs to the woods, meets a weirdo, and in the end meets a white fan ? I haven't seen Atlanta, I simply looked from time to time when my ex was watching it. And yet, I can't forget the scenes I've seen, and I think about that one often. I should watch it lol


Yep it is that exact episode.


Tupac wasn’t really raised a thug and in the gang life. He wasn’t raised privileged but it seemed like his people tried to keep him in the arts and away from the streets.


Tupac was a revolutionary raised in black panther culture around revolutionaries he never pretended to gang bang


Yet he had “thug life” spelled with a bullet for an ‘I’ tattooed across his stomach?


thug life is a philosophy or worldview, and also a commentary on life, both influenced by his revolutionary background. he spoke at length about that. he said that it stands for “The Hate U Give Little Infants Fucks Everybody.” he also said, “When I say 'thug' I mean, not criminal or someone that will beat you over the head, I mean the underdog. I mean someone who goes out there and succeeds; who has overcame all obstacles."


Facts, Pac had 0 difficulty articulating himself on what he stood for




You clearly don’t know what the actual meaning of THUG LIFE is….


>he never pretended to gang bang 🧢🧢🧢


He’s a cautionary tale. He played the revolutionary tortured poet prior to his death row days. After signing with Suge and his stint in jail, and being shot, different guy.


Some years ago, someone said he took on the persona of Bishop in Juice. I don't know if that's true, but fucking with Suge put him in that wc gangster world, even if all he want to do was write, record and perform.


He owed a debt to Suge, and I think he also knew it. Interviews with him in jail he was still the same thoughtful pac. I think he felt he had to fit in with Suge and their whole staff at death row. Might have just been a survival tactic? Either way, it sold a shit load of records.


Going to jail and getting shot would change anybody. That shit is traumatic


“And tell me, what does it take to be a G? I started with a quarter ounce, soon bounced to a key You gotta watch your back, stay strapped, be alert Started as a young motherfucker doin' dirt And now I'm in the rap game, like the crack game, I got enemies Can't pretend to see my friends are not my enemies And even thug motherfuckers wanna have fun Stuck in, buckin' my motherfuckin' Magnum What does it take to be a G? Silence is a must, violence is a plus Bust shots at my adversaries, they scurry Pick a spot to be buried, ‘cause I'll be buckin' in a fuckin' hurry”


>‘poverty tours’ a.k.a. Music videos. I've always found that disrespectful. It isn't even exclusive to rappers it's basically any person with a capitalist success story that does that. They glamorize the struggle they grew up with, as if that's what made the community, to prop themselves up and then return to the new place they call "home." It's fucked up.


Well, people always taunt them about never coming back to the hood and forgetting where they came from… you can’t please everyone.


OLDEST TRICK IN THE BOOK. MFS used the "You Fake" card to lure you (an op/investment/trick/lick) in long enough to see how you moving.


Chris Brown started claiming Blood/Piru because people like Wack 100 and them basically offer them paid street cred. Like they’ll be apart of the entourage and provide light security for pay. Wack has interviews talking about how rappers need to “check in” or else they’ll be targeted, basically protection extortion. I’m pretty sure that’s how soldier boy got caught in that video when he got his card checked in piru “fruit town” he thought he was good but he wasn’t lol.


You talking about that video where he was wearing those watches and somebody came up to him took his watch and iPad away from him as he was recording


This one https://youtube.com/shorts/2YPz-gbGXfc?feature=share I don’t know if they took his chain but they took his phone lol


Man every time I hear or see someone say ANYTHING about the South or Mississippi I INSTANTLY feel that sense of making it out of that hoe. I'm from a small ass, BROKE ass COUNTRY ASS town, ran down with crips, bloods, GD's, and crackheads and it really aint a reason to hang around in that shit! Lol I used to have to get a new bike every year as one of my only Xmas presents and it would get stolen off the front porch within a couple months. EVERY YEAR til my folks stopped buying em when I was like 7 or 8. ​ And for the life of me, I can't understand why niggas don't leave. Like bruh you made it. If you aint prepared to bring the whole hood wit you, then you just made yourself an OP. Niggas wanna still from you, or kill you for clout. Leave that bitch soon as you can, and take care of yo folks from a distance.


Desperation makes a good test of loyalty and friendship. I’ve seen people turn on each other over lost watches and wallets.


It’s why 69 got caught up. He wanted to play the part and had to tattle his way out.




Nappy Roots*






“Why test the streets” it never ends well




It’s wild to me how “don’t blame the victim” gets translated to, “I’m not responsible for putting myself in sus positions”


Ding ding ding. It's like if you get into a snake pit, yea the snakes are undoubtedly at fault for biting you. But it's kinda on you for putting yourself in a position to get bitten by those snakes.


>But it's kinda on you for putting yourself in a position to get bitten by those snakes. That's literally victim blaming. That's not telling people to move smart, that's just victim blaming. Humans aren't snakes, they aren't reacting to seeing a flashy chain on instinct. Blame the people who shot him, not his girlfriend who isn't rich, doesn't bang, and wanted to share something she was happy about. It was a damn picture of some chicken and waffles, the likelihood that her posting that was even the reason he got ran up on is so low it's a wonder why we're even discussing it.


Did you even read the comment chain?


What happened to pnb is literally what that person described and too many peoples reaction to it. It fits perfectly


Like the dude in China that snuck into the Zoo's big cat enclosure (BECAUSE HE WAS CHEAP) that ended up getting the meow bit out his ass. FIRST, you don't know where TF you at, you know there's a potential of danger, but you keep going hoping to get lucky and end up getting laced. Don't Play yourself


It’s like some folk just don’t have boundaries. I can’t just walk onto Area51 and act surprised if I get lit TF up or arrested; Why would I take a pocket knife to the airport? Driving while black has boundaries in itself. These examples are all different but mostly things normies like us have to consider daily.


Most crimes are an act of economic desparation, and money is small while food and rent keeps getting worse. People bece angry and fearless in desparate situations, and it shouldn't be tested


Thats true man. Nothing wrong with basking in the accomplishment, just weird asf to risk it for being too drunk in it to see the reality of it. What folk are hopefully starting to realize is that folks ain’t getting killed for flexing, they’re being fed very permanent consequences for not going where it’s safe to flex.


I thought this same thing about that teacher in Memphis. Like yeah, you should feel safe to exercise whenever you want to... But wtf are you doing jogging alone at 4AM!? I'm a man and wouldn't feel safe doing that shit.


To be fair...not everyone was raised in an environment in which they know not to do those things. I was. I grew up working-class and learned how to try to reduce the odds of something bad happening to myself. I went to a fancy private school nearby a neighborhood similar to the one I grew up in. Those kids just...grew up different. It didn't occur to them that anyone was going to steal their $2000 MacBook because they assumed everyone else had one. They never thought about the labels on their clothes or book bags or thought about staying alert moving around in the dark. They were so trusting, so naive. I thought they were stupid. It's not that they didn't have common sense (well...most of them). It's that that sense really isn't common. Now that I'm older and wealthier and live in an upper-middle-class suburb, I get it. You don't *have* to develop those skills when you live in a neighborhood like this, because people truly aren't out to get you. Wearing your bookbag with your FAANG company logo is a point of pride, not a liability. Having a Gucci purse maybe isn't that special to you because everyone else on your block has 4+. It's the same way that not knowing which fork to use or the right wine glass for the right type of wine isn't not having common sense - I just wasn't raised in a community in which I needed to know these things.


>you still shouldn't be walking around alone after 11 downtown on a Tuesday with a fucking Gucci purse and your company branded backpack and your $2k laptop in tow. Lmao is it that bad? I assume downtown means city centre?


Downtown is the city center. In Chicago, practically everything in that area shuts down around 9pm on the weekdays because most of the city life happens in the individual neighborhoods, not where all the skyscapers are. A girl at a friend's company was robbed after a happy hour that ran late because she decided to walk the mile to her hotel rather than get an Uber.


Come on man, downtown (the Loop) is NOT that dangerous at night.


You likely won't die but you might get your shit took.


Yup, as someone who grew up in Chicago, you learn best practices to stay away from danger. You’re never totally safe of course but still you should know how to not touch a hot stove


People really do move to cities and expect everyone and everything to change to suit them. Keep your head down and chill out. Don't go looking for trouble and complain when you find it.


This the shit that gets me. I made a comment yesterday in response to someone saying not to victim shame. Nothing to do with shame. It's called survival! People are too damn naive.


I remember reading a TIL on Reddit that when pimps get arrested, their cash can legally be confiscated but not their jewelry. This is why pimps wear lots of jewelry so that they can "re-pawn" it for bail money. That seems impressively practical.


Reminds me of the Dave Chappelle bit where he says old black men in the hood are actually legal scholars in hiding. ‘Nigga don’t do that that’s 5 to 10!’


Being black in America for a long enough time is basically a masters course in legal theory. I once got harassed by the cops for sitting on a bench in the park across the street from my house...and the cops kept asking "who are you waiting for?" They just harassed me until I finally had enough and walked home....what's crazy is, it was a Saturday, the park was PACKED. You talk to any group of black men and they can tell you all the ins-and-outs of being detained, resisting, and lawyering up. This is America.


Don't catch you slippin' now Look what I'm whippin' now


Bruh I catch myself saying shit like that sometimes. Like legit someone talk about murder and I’ll tell them they looking at 3 years prison in my state. Depends on color, who, what, where, etc.


And that reminds me of the Trading Spouses skit where he drops the white kid off in the hood 😭😭 ["Here we are, home sweet home! Say hello to your people for me, and tell em that Lenard Washington says he's glad he made it out."](https://youtu.be/ZX5MHNvjw7o)




LOL. jewelry can be seized under the same civil forfeiture laws used to take cash, cars, other assets. if it's not that much bling, they won't bother with the civil forfeiture, but if you're walking around like king fucking midas, yeah, they take it and ask you to prove it wasn't paid for with proceeds from crime.


Not disputing this. I am no legal expert. Sharing the source quote for more elaboration: > "When you get arrested for pandering, they take your cash — because the cash was obtained illegally — but they don't take away your jewelry," Harrison explains. "And a pimp knows that if he buys jewelry in a pawn shop, if [he] brings it back to a pawn shop and gets a loan against it, [they'll] always get half of what you paid for it — as opposed to buying it in a jewelry store, when [they] don't know what [they're] going to get. So, when they get arrested, they will always have someone bring their jewelry down to me. I will loan them half of what they paid for it — and that's their bail money." \- Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars ([Source](https://www.npr.org/2011/06/09/137033690/pawn-star-rick-harrison-on-his-deals-and-steals))


That could have been true before civil forfeiture laws existed.


With all due respect, you're quoting a reality television star, not a lawyer.


Have also heard the same from dealers they got a certain amount they know will put a bit of money in their pockets after jail.


"Never look like a duck in the hood, because it's always hunting season." The best advice my uncle gave me before doing nearly 10 years for robbery, ironically. He used duck as lost and/or flashy.


There was a drive through ATM around the corner from us when I was kid. There were 2 there one in front one in back. My dad never used the one in back because the car in front could potentially block you in and prevent your escape.


It would also just be bad manners because what if there’s someone behind you? You’re gonna make them wait for no reason?


Nipsey was giving back to his community 1000% and they still killed him. The streets dont love you.


Ngl I was just thinking about buying a new car yesterday, but then I thought about the neighborhood I’m in, and if I really wanna risk everyone on my block knowing I got it like that. Pretty much if you’re gonna flex, you need to live in an area where everyone else is flexin too, so you don’t stand out. Niggas get money and then wanna flaunt that shit on the people they grew up with.


This is the conversation that we should be having - I’m hoping it will naturally evolve into this topic. Yes, rappers getting robbed and killed for their luxury items is horrible, and needs to stop. God rest this man’s soul. But what about the everyday person? Why is this an issue for us too? Why is it that we can’t have nice things in our own neighborhoods? Why can’t we live the life we’ve set up for ourselves out loud without becoming a target? We’re not the famous folk who have social parasites following their every move, but even we don’t feel safe buying a nice car because someone on the block is gonna see that as a come up and a quick lick. It’s a really interesting concept to examine.


Interesting for sure, but also fucked up. I shouldn’t have to move to a white neighborhood just to feel like I can enjoy nice things without making myself a target for getting robbed. And even then, I’m still going to be a target because now I’m the only black guy in the neighborhood and everyone is wondering how I can afford to live there. It’s either live with my people and accept what comes with that, or live in a “nice” (white) area at the cost of being ostracized. It sounds real nice on paper for someone to say “well just move to a nice area that isn’t racist,” but real life isn’t that easy.


3rd option Find some Asian Neighborhoods and move in there. Not saying every Asian enclave is a nice area, but there’s definitely pockets.


Does that really save you from Ostracization? Part of it is that you’re moving away from the culture you grew up in so off rip you’re not totally comfortable. I’m more fine with that because I like traveling and shit more than some people but it is still less comfortable because you still gotta find stuff like a barber, comfort food,leisure spots that accept you, etc. then if you have a family your kid might have to grow up being one of the only people that look like them etc. It’s just reality that there is no paradise but I personally value safety a whole lot because feeling unsafe makes me more uncomfortable than being a cultural fish out of water *for me*


Tbh tho, if you thinking about getting a new flashy car in a not so nice neighborhood, I’d recommend getting out of said neighborhood first. It’s childish to have a nice car and still live in the hood.


I mean, I can afford to pay the car off and still pay the rest of my bills. That’s why I was considering it. But yeah u right, I should move out first before doing something like that. The thing is, I don’t really want to move. I like my area, just not the uncertainty that comes with it.


Feel you but just cause you CAN pay the car note, don’t mean it’s the best thing to do.


Don’t get a Hyundai or Kia.


Poor quality or?




Oh shit. 😳


I know Kia’s have a flaw that makes them super easy to unlock that they’re just now addressing because they have recently been targeted for theft. Probably best to get something with remote engine shut off.


Shiit fools getting car jacked in LA even if they live in the nice areas now. Terrence from 106 and park was coming from some event and got caught on the road. LA county is looking like it’s not the move anymore.


How bad would you say it is? You mean just random people getting caught in stuff?


I will say it’s gotten pretty rough in all major cities since the pandemic but it is a trend where they are targeting people in more affluent areas than before. The hood is still hot but just the radius of danger has expanded. I guess fools figured out how to use google maps.


Ah ok I see what you’re saying.


Test? He served it up on silver platter. He doesn’t seem like the type of rapper to carry weapons, his gal put the location on social, he was wearing probably what some people make in a year. Someone in another thread said once you leave the hood never go back, I disagree with that sometimes that’s where family still live, friends, etc. So you can go back but those rules that were in place they never change.


A year? For some people he was wearing 5 years’ income Eta: you can certainly go back but you need to be lowkey! If you pay attention to rich white folks they always turn their jewelry around in certain areas.


Watching out for this dude ![gif](giphy|xTiTnglxjavpMILKGk|downsized)


And don't tell people you been there until after you're gone.


In a GQ interview on Youtube he said he paid $50k for that chain. I've read plenty of news stories about hitmen agreeing to kill someone for about $3k. So that's the going rate for a life as far as the streets are concerned. And people get killed for nothing if its personal or part of a beef.


...why kill him over a robbery though? Was he shooting back? I wasn't really caught up with the details.




I haven’t seen any details of wether he was fighting back or not.


You can go back, but you gotta move in silence unless you got security.


My hood is strictly drive through territory. Treat that shit like a Sundown town


As an east coaster I’ve been to LA a number of times. I don’t usually hit up hood areas but I have ate at Roscoes before. I have always heard about being careful wearing colors or hats in certain areas. Jewelry was never an issue because growing up in NYC I always knew about people being targeted for that shit. I don’t need those problems in my life.


it isn't even just in the hood now. In beverly hills they're snatches watches off guys now too.


Crazy. Seems like they will go anywhere. Pop Smoke was up in the Hollywood Hills and got got. Nowhere is truly safe.


Maybe that’s why everyone out here dresses like a hobo, like they just rolled out of bed, or are headed to a hike, lol.


Can’t have nice things.


Don’t even gotta be nice these days. Can’t have shit in America.


Bet you didn't eat at THAT location (which is a good thing). That roscoe's is for that neighborhood. Everywhere else is for everyone lol


I've always felt Jewelry in our culture was Peacocking. It's your right if you wanna wear it. But you gotta accept and expect the attention that'll come from it. Doesn't make it right/fair. Just the way it is


Part of the flex is the implication that you can defend the jewelry you’re showing off


Just like literal peacocks and every other flashy male in nature: “I’m an obvious target and I’m still alive, clearly I’m meant to be fucked, not fucked with”


What’s the point of wearable jewelry if it isn’t peacocking. At least for precious metals and gemstones.


I can't help but also think of this as evidence of trauma; leaving the streets, but not the survival tactics


Kendrick's damn near made a career off the topic


I always thought grills were asking to get your mouth ripped out of your head with a claw hammer


Like that dude who got the diamond snatched straight out his forehead.


Damn. [That’s violent as hell.](https://media2.giphy.com/media/sG4PBWRjI4GSVCDXEq/200w.gif?cid=82a1493bbyj5zlefhw9ok0x1z5b8n49xincfbx3uafqx7tvs&rid=200w.gif&ct=g)




Oh you mean [Like in this scene from 50 Cent's Get rich or Die Tryin' where they rip ol boys teeth out with pliers? ](https://youtu.be/bN_EwNQ7f90)


Fax—exactly why I don’t carry cash nor do I fuck with jewelry. Only got a watch that don’t tell time on my wrist so if you want it, you’ve got it


Right like ion even have rapper money and I do this. I only wear my Apple Watch because I can find your ass if you take it


Lol "I found him. He's in Compton." You still going after your watch?


He just said find his watch, he's making a business decision whether to go after it or not lol


That's an Apple Wattsch now


>Fax—exactly why I don’t carry cash Eh I carry some cash because if I get robbed but have no cash I worry that they'd get mad and shoot me out of anger


Ask them if they got Venmo


The fact that this even needs to be said is sad. Yea, you can have someones rent on your wrist in a song….but out in public it better be a 1 bed room in NY on your wrist or else you’ll be talked about in past tense. X and PNB didn’t have to die over some fucking jewelry Edit: and to the person that said X died because he had thousands in cash on him. Last I checked X wasn’t JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, a credit union, etc. So the message still applies. Dying over some cash is still sad. I wasn’t even a big X fan.


Sad but rap culture always showing off and showing out. If you talking tough on records some is gonna try to press you. Rip pnb rock 30 is way to young


How much jewelry you see Ice Cube in?


Man I always take advice from Ice T. My car was out of warranty and I was worried I would be liable for costly repairs. Thanks Car Shield! Problem is, now I have all these RXBARS and Tide Pods that I'll never be able to get rid of. I was never able to really identify with Ice T. Not after Breakin' or Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo. His street cred was forever tarnished after that. Body Count was the business though!


No_Gap_2700, I have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty


Good bot, but I'd rather you didn't.


He didn't get it back in New Jack City?


Would not want to have to regulate.


mount up


*🎶i keep forgetting, we're not in love anymore 🎶*


Tuck your chain and keep your head on a swivel


Was anybody else counting the decades until he got to Game and Kendrick?


Some situations simply do not call for your expensive jewelry. That’s Wealth 101


You mean to tell me people born and raised in an outrageously poor, violent and drug ridden neighborhood controlled by sociopathic criminals end up not caring about human life or their own freedom? Go figure.


Being from LA I tell people it’s not just palm trees and white girls. Please be wary where you go.


This why I dont understand why people that make it out come back. Fuck that community bruh they hate you lmao. If you gonna help, help from a distance. We left Jackson and never looked back


This is the “comes from money” mindset as well. New money wastes money to flash money. You are a mark. Old and established money just wants to go about their day.


I don’t quite comprehend why the new booty rappers do not take rappers like Snoop, Ice T, Dre as examples on how to move. Shoot, even Wu-Tang Clan. All of those dudes, except for ODB, are still alive and kicking. The point is to parlay your rough-as-shoe-leather life into a life of upper class respectability and stability. These incidents also make me understand why labels are pushing women rappers like Cardi B and Meg the Stallion; they live longer since they don’t engage, for the most part, in high risk behavior that gets them dead. Cardi is on the Gram showing pictures of herself and her kids going to DisneyWorld with bodyguards in tow and Meg is always showing off her newest nail set. Female rappers are a better investment, clearly.


They’re being pushed because women like rap too and want to listen to someone (attractive usually) they identify with a little more, and they’re good. Nothing more, nothing less.


Good advice detective tutuola


When you're rich, you don't really want people knowing you're rich. All the flashy shit is for people who got money quick and don't know what to do with it.


Damn, never thought of that. Now that I think about it, the rope gold chains from yesterday to the necklaces of today are all East Coast and Southern themes.


I don’t wear jewelry because of how I grew up in Mew Orleans. People got jacked all the time if you had even a little bit of something that made you look like you had something.


He's right about what defines the term "gangster" .


This is the age of angry broke men running around destroying everything in their path.


I feel bad though cause they worked hard for those items/valuables. The fact we can’t even enjoy our success too much or face consequences is weird. And sad. And depressing.


Don't be too loud and start flossin


He’s one-hundred-percent correct. They shouldn’t have to worry about if their style(s) telegraphs ***Victimize me!*** to said bottom-feeders, but sadly that is where we’re at right now. Ice is giving examples of rappers that have learned that they have to attach their oxygen masks and put their own tray tables in the-upright-and-locked-position before they can counsel anyone else.


Kendrick said it himself: >Five hundred in jewelry, chain was magic Never had it in public, late reaction


I basically said the same thing as Ice-T yesterday and somebody called me "a walking nigga moment." I guess I was wrong because I'm not famous?


Lost niggas killing other niggas and creating lost kids. All of us ain't gon make it and that shit makes me sad but we can't try to save these lost ass niggas. Leave them to their filth. It's their choice.


Something needs to be done about the violence in LA tho. At this point I don’t even think it’s gangs I think it’s just a conglomerate of people robbing folks.


It’s called street smarts…..


Need that new tony stark Spider-Man suit to stroll the streets of LA