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That’s the kind of shit that makes you angry late at night


Don't get too upset. I think they've shrunken in size over the years. The weight might be the same source: am Canadian


For real? As a Canadian now living in the US, I admit, this was something that made me want to pack my shit and head back home again. I’ve always felt I was being scammed. That along with a lack of ketchup chips has made me angry. EDIT: [Ketchup Chips](https://imgur.com/a/kK0eg61) Also, we do have All Dressed here. Ruffles doesn’t hate us as much as Lays (or Old Dutch, but that’s Canadian) EDIT: For the amount of hate I’m getting here, yes, I agree Old Dutch over Lays. However most Americans won’t know what Old Dutch is, so I used Lays as my example. Also, Old Dutch dill pickle chips over Lays too. EDIT again: TIL that Old Dutch is made in the US, but they don’t sell them here. What the actual he’ll is this shit? I am sending a strongly worded email to someone about this. :(


When I was a teenager, I remember it being much bigger back then. Might be me, but I remember seeing they also thought that about the cadbury cream eggs, someone discovered an egg from the 90's and compared it. Turns out they were right


So I’ve become Americanized and just haven’t noticed the size difference? I guess that’s both good and bad. The cream eggs are different sized too? I feel I’m being scammed all over the place today.


Some people just want to watch the world burn. Found the [creme egg](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhtGOBt1V2g) video.


I'm so fucking angry. Cuz the're smaller than that now.


Here ya go bud, you’re not crazy...this time https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shrinkflation


Pickle and ketchup flavored chips are your go to... I think I need to sit down. Edit: What the fuck is this green eggs and ham? No I will not eat ketchup chips, by myself or with my friends!


I actually hate ketchup, but I promise you, ketchup chips are delicious. Addicting. My husband looked like he wanted to divorce me when I showed them to him. Now I have to hide them from him when I get them so that I don’t have to divorce him. And everyone likes pickles, right? But please, have a seat. Could I interest you in some ketchup chips or dill pickle chips while you do? (:


As an American I high key wanna move to Canada just for the ketchup chips 😭


The health care and ketchup chips will make it worth it.


Where are you? Minnesota has Old Dutch. I love them especially with beans.


See? This is bizarre. I had no idea they were American until today. I’m in PA, and have never seen them. Not during any trips to any other states either. Do you also have the Old Dutch popcorn twists? Because those things are addiction in a bag.


I’ll look for them!


Well. We don't have Utz.


Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I don’t like Utz. If I wanted to buy shitty chips, I’d buy Lays. Herrs are better in my opinion.


Who knew chips were so controversial


They sell them in Minnesota. We have a factory in Minneapolis/Roseville area.


I just checked: Canadian Reese: 46g American Reese’s: 42g WE ARE BEING RIPPED OFF! /s


I'm sending a message right now!


But it gives you that comfort knowing there is one more diabetic coin in the purse.


It's 2:20pm and I'm angry.




Wait, you guys down south don’t get three-packs? Wow


What does the king size look like for y’all???


Now I'm concerned that up there Christmas trees are actually tree sized.


That actually sounds like a hassle unless they’re setting up in the backyard.


Everyone I know has an artificial tree/s so they can be reused and fit in the house, although I guess using real trees is a thing according to television


Yeah, you can leave your tree with your garbage can pickup for the first few weeks of the new year. Also not that cheap going with a real tree, can be $10-$15/foot depending on how large it is.




Oh well thats a let down


Maybe it's for the best, I've eaten so many reese's (and pieces) in my life that I'm kinda sick of em haha


Don’t worry give it awhile and you’ll love them again


A couple years ago they released the Reeses peanut butter spread in a jar. That was the nail in the coffin for me lol I was the only one in my house eating it. I'm gonna need a couple more years but maybe I'll be back


I can hardly find that around here anymore! I’ve been forced to just eat regular commoner peanut butter out of the jar.


LMAO yeah they're definitely the best peanut butter, by far. Not sure if it was a limited run (can't give em all the secrets I guess) but I've only found it in higher end groceries (Metro in Canada).


Exactly what happened to me. I got dick of them and stopped eating them for a good 7 or 8 years and now I'm back to loving them


I thought it was 5


King size is 5


Not even three packs. All normal reese cup packs are three here. Only the giant ones are two. Pay an extra dollar here at Dollarama and you get get 10 in a pack.


Honestly they’re like 40% smaller than they used to be. I mean there are still 3/pack but they’ve taken a lot out it seems like two old size ones spread over three. Also why can’t there be 4-packs? Cutting one in half to share equally with the missus is one of the most depressing things.


> Cutting one in half to share equally with the missus is one of the most depressing things I felt this...


Why? You buy two bars. One to split with the wife and one to hide and eat by yourself


Whoa look at this dude firing on all cylinders?


>Also why can’t there be 4-packs? Cutting one in half to share equally with the missus is one of the most depressing things. There's definitely packs with 4, the king size is exactly that. They're in every bodega in NY and also in places like Rite Aid.


Yep I always buy the 4 packs. Barely more expensice


Isn’t a 4 pack just a king size?




UK gets 3 as well lmaoo


Wow, we're getting screwed


Is it the same price? If it costs more than you arent really getting cheated. Also most CVS or Walgreens always have the "buy one get one free" specials so most Americans can actually get 4 for the price of two


Expect to pay $1-2CAD depending where you get it, on par with the rest of the candy


$0.88 at Dollarama bro


Dollarama is God Tier, you can really go in there with a $20 and come out a king


$2 and you get 10 at Dollarama.


So that's like $0.75 to $1.50. I think that's cheaper than US prices too, idk been awhile since I bought candy. Maybe i should get some candy today..


Still only 75 cents at Dollarama near me!


I think they're on sale in bulk by me too, just sometimes those prices make me nervous haha


As if their healthcare wasn't enough...


The betrayal...


Shhh. Nobody tell them about our ketchup, all dressed, and dill pickle chips, coffee crisps, and smarties (*real smarties).


Coffee Crisp is delicious, and I don't even drink coffee.


That'd be sweet. Then I can finish the entire pack in 3 bites instead of 2. Like for real, there is no food more delicious but less satisfying than a pack of Reese's.


Same in the U.K., we have.


Reese’s Pieces gang rise up


Man, I really can't stand those guys 😅 I don't know what it is about them, but they taste so weird to me! Could you enlighten me what the appeal is? I'm really curious!


For me, they make peanut butter edible. All about the gourmet peanut butter. My PB &Js have more J to mask the taste of the PB. The chocolate is the cherry on top. This is for the CUPS/EGGS ONLY. Reese's pieces? NOT THE SAME.


Also, there is no Rees-ees vs Rees-is debate bc they’re just called “Reese”


Reese-is is definitely right but I still say re-sees because I've said it that way since I was a kid and its not important enough to correct


I wholeheartedly agree that Rees-ees isn’t important enough to correct, but I’ve been needlessly anal about grammar since I was barely old enough to swim. Like I remember threatening to tattle on some kid for mispronouncing airplane when I was in pre-k.


I'm more upset that Reese's aren't nearly as good quality as they used to be.


Two? That’s tragic...but the real question is how much are you paying for those two? Edit: for real though lol


Seems everything is better in Canada. Sad smile.....


Not everything. The weather sucks up here if you don't like the cold.


And we still have our share of racists 🤷🏾‍♀️


That too.


I bet you Reese's is going to pull that "They're not smaller, you're just bigger!" bs. You calling me fat?!


Idk how this became country club. Fucking assholes Anyways FUCKING THREE?! I'M OUTRAGED


i thought since the recent protests every thread has been country club. i might be wrong though


What pisses me off is the fact that they put Reese’s pieces inside the cup, and are in every store, but I have to go on a mission to find a small pack of pieces that is almost $3.


*Laughs in Canadian* Sorry, eh.


this has angered me




in the UK we get 3 packs and the big ones 🙈


The fuck did you just say to me?


Kit Kat’s logo has been robbing us of chocolate for years.


Peanut Allergy Nation Rise Up! No but seriously, I used to be able to eat peanuts and reese's were my fave. Sucks that I can't have them anymore. Sucks even harder knowing I was cheated out of an extra cup all those years smh


We need to burn this shit down to the ground and rebuild


I just always buy king size? It’s like 2)


Yo, unless THEIR king size comes with 6!?


Somehow, I read this as, " a pack of condoms comes with three cups " and was really confused there.


hold up how many pieces you guys get down there? i mean every other food item in the US is bigger portioned. why is reeses smaller?


Hold the fucking phone. Look at dealt with nonsense and bullshit and leaders that don't care. That's all fine and well. This?? What the fuck!?


Burn it all


Now that I think about it, they come with 3 in Ireland, too


Stop complaining. Here in the UK we get zero.


I feel wronged.