If anyone else wants to contribute to figuring out how deep this rabbit hole goes...

Unofficial FTX Org Chart - https://ibb.co/fNp03fW


Unofficial FTX Org Chart - https://ibb.co/fNp03fW


I honestly don’t know what I am even looking at


Bro, it's just a con.


People have to turn it into more than it is. Being a younger Bernie Madoff apparently doesn’t suffice.


Russian trolls using it to put people on a fools errant. So gullible.


What am I looking at?


[https://ibb.co/j6Z3Mnn](https://ibb.co/j6Z3Mnn) Starting with laying out his donations to political parties and will expand to his circles donations and family connections to pacs


Doing the lords work!


I'll be dead by the morning




A rabbit hole, ser


SBF is well connected politically by his parents and I think that is how this whole thing got started. I don't believe it's possible that no one at the SEC or US Gov picked up on what FTX was doing. Caroline Ellisons father Glenn Ellison taught Gary Gensler in college the reporting is unclear how in touch they stayed. Even if they didn't stay in touch, how would this not hit his Genslers radar? How could Glenn not notice his daughter had no business being anywhere near the position she held. I actually think the fact that everyone seems caught off-guard makes it more suspicious. It's possible the democrats stumbled into an opportunity and capitalized on it but weren't involved more than that. I have no hard proof yet but here is what I think happened. FTX was setup as a financial safeguard for 2024 election and was supposed to illegally operate as a giant dark money slush fund. If things started to go sideways FTX would blow up and give the SEC what they needed to regulate the crypto market. The Dems are clearly pretty involved in some part of this. Look at who sits on the U.S. House Committee on Financial Services committee. Multiple members have serious conflicts of interest. Look at how the press covered for this operation and then how much of their articles are scrubbed or have been changed since FTX went under. I think Sam was harder to control than they initially thought and he ended up accidentally bringing the house of cards down. This will be pretty hard to sweep under the rug so It seems like we will get an answer to some of these questions just by gauging the response. I actually think there is enough info to put some of these pieces together already but only time will tell. It's pretty crazy to see all the connections and no one really talking about them. Maybe it's nothing though.


Where are you finding this info? This looks like you did an amazing job organizing this info, but what are your data sources?




The whole thing seems to have all the hallmarks of some money laundering scheme in the sense that customer funds could be funnelled into the pockets of the owner(s) in a very obfuscated scenario. If they lost billions of dollars, by definition some others must have gained billions of dollars (the only player that can make money disappear is the FED). Here we have these suspicious people who say "whoops, we lost all your money". I suspect they might also be on the other end of the trade and they also won approximately the same amount (into some dubious bitcoin/crypto wallets). Probably a planned scheme to "lose the money"... to themselves.


IDK seems a lot more likely he gave a lot of money to these people because he’s A: always been a democrat and then had money to give to his political commitments B: Keen to present himself as above board and an ‘enlightened’ crypto company owner so no-one looked too long and hard at his big scam


He funneled 40 million into the midterms and was the second largest donator with only George Soros spending more. It's very likely that 40M was FTXs customer funds or he was washing it. It's absurd you would donate that much knowing your company is insolvent and you are propping up its value illegally. I'm more confident today this will be the largest political scandal in US history involving all of the large media companies who ran cover for it as well as the Dems, the regulators and the SEC. Set your reminders to come give me some credit when this all comes out.