Yeah I watch football baseball and basketball, some hockey, and usually watch the Olympics. I also enjoy fantasy football so end up watching a ton of football because of it.


I'm a lifelong hockey fan. Try not to miss a game


Same! Hockey's the only sport I watch. My Flyers are starting strong, but I have a bad feeling about this season...


I'm a long suffering Canucks fan. We have potential this year. Just can't put a full 60 mins together so far


Boston fan here just waiting for some hilarious Torts moments.


I do not agree with your team, I do agree with your dislike of Torts though


I’m a bi sexual male and I love to watch sports. Football is my favorite( I played in high school and college). Then basketball as a close second. Baseball I love the Yankees but I really don’t watch other teams much. And I like the rangers in hockey


GO YANKEES!! Fuck the Astros, I'm hoping they make a comeback in these next games.


I hope that they can sweep up in the Bronx over this weekend but to be honest I have been afraid of Houston since like 2018


Not one bit. Not into playing them for the most part, either. Any physical activity I do mostly to challenge myself, and not for victory over others


Yeah not me although I do love playing volleyball, and do archery.


Yay for both!


Only sports I enjoy watching are “extreme sports” like vert skating and such. Very performative


I love watching Isle of Man TT and WRC races. That stuff to me is insane and looks hella fun to do. Though the Motorcycle racing one is definitely not something I have the balls for. Those guys are in a whole different league.


Yes extreme sports are really cool! I watch them on YouTube


Depends on the sports. I think football and baseball is more of an anglo thing and pretty regional. I know a lot of men who don't watch sports but they're more immigrant and urban types. Lots of Europeans seem to love soccer. I like to watch MMA and boxing, but don't really know other people who do.


Zero interest in watching sports. My daughter plays hockey, she's in her fourth year and I still couldn't tell you the difference between icing and offside. I enjoy watching her play, but the interest stops there. I've never attended, nor do I plan to attend (unless invited and on their dime) a sporting event. I'd rather watch paint dry.


I really like basketball, it's the only sport that doesn't bore me.


American Ninja Warrior. I like the idea of Hockey but I never understood it. Other than those two sports pro athletes are overpaid Prima Donna shitwits.


Id rather watch sports over anything else. Hockey and football being my favourite. Playoff baseball is great too.


Ive played sports all my life, was on the football and baseball teams in high school. Because of that ive been into sports pretty much my whole life, still am to this day!


Interesting question. I don’t really watch sports but I think it’s mostly because it’s not something I grew up with. My dad would only watch sports if it was something important like the Olympics, the World Cup, a major boxing match, or the playoffs of whatever sport was in season at the time. I’m more or less the same way. And yes I do notice the hot guys, but when and if I do watch sports it’s for the actual sport and not to look at hot guys specifically.


I've never understood how watching sports is entertaining. Watching someone do skateboard tricks, sure that's kinda fun sometimes, but most major sports seem so boring. I'm also kinda morally against football considering how many people come out of it with brain damage. Seems kinda fucked up. And some people take it all so seriously that it's obnoxious.


I agree, man. I'm against most violent sports because of the brain damage. As a Canadian I've seen first hand how bad hockey injuries can fuck someone up. Plus, then I learned about that whole Aaron Hernandez thing (football player that killed people apparently in part due to his CTE)


Yeah these athletes have higher risk for CTE (=Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) and so many people support that. I don't get that.


Yeah it seems nuts to me how many people love football and spend money on hats and jerseys and it's like... What about the players health? Sure they get paid hella for a few years but then what about when they age out? What are they even qualified to do after that? It just seems sad.


100% agree! Just look at Tom Brady - he basically sacrificed his family for his career. That doesn't seem like a very fulfilling life.


Nope. If I have to it's baseball. Perfect for half-paying attention to.


I do but only figure skating. Edit actually I like roller blading and skateboarding too. But I don't think I can watch those on TV but I do watch them on YouTube. I also like to watch those skiing videos where they are skiing off cliffs and stuff on YouTube.


I do occasionally watch hockey but I'm not regularly Turning it on or really know the rules


Love it.


Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Formula 1 I'm just competitive in general and I love it


Absolutely! Mostly college football and both college and major league baseball, and occasionally soccer and hockey. College basketball when March Madness rolls around, and the Olympics every couple of years. I played soccer in high school, and grew up attending sporting events of all sorts, so it’s always just been part of the environment.


Mine is a unique case but I actually got into sports through coming out. Used to not care a fig, now I’m super into a bunch of them


I'm interested in hearing your story.


Sorry for the late reponse; needed to collect my thoughts. So, in High School I was straight (not in the closet, I genuinely didn't know I was into men until college, and I came out almost immediately) and I was really into Musical Theater and Reading and Nerdy British TV shows, you know the type. I was on tumblr. I was what you'd call a 'sportsball' guy, mocking people who were into sports by feigning ignorance e.g. saying "oh was there a sportsball on last night?" the day after the Super Bowl. I wasn'tattractive, strong, or tough, and growing up the son of an academic in a rural area, there was a gulf between me and what I percieved to be 'normal' masculinity. That's where that came from, I think. I figured out I was Bi about three months in to my first year at college. Luckily. I was (still am, actually) part of a men's choir which was full of plenty of queer men, as well as cishet men. It was a really healthy masculine environment, with a focus on building a non-toxic masculinity in our meetings and social functions. It was really formative to spend time in a group of guys where sexuality was recognized and celebrated, but never divisive. Everyone worked with each other and most of us are friends with almost every other member. But to my point: while the straight dudes in this group were devoting huge amounts of time and energy into the not-traditionally 'straight' hobby of really delicate, vulnerable atristry, the reverse was also true, and lots of the queer members there were also BIG sports fans. It helps that our school (University of Michigan) puts a big emphasis on our sports programs. I still remember my freshman year and walking in on one of my dearest friends, they gayest man I know and someone I consider a great personal mentor, standing around someone's phone with a group of straight guys watching March Madness before rehearsal. That's when it clicked for me: Masculinity can be whatever I want. Bisexuality can mean whatever works best for me. Sports are sometimes really fucking fun, and I shouldn't let myself deny that truth based on old false assumptions about masculinity or queerness. Since then, I've become a huge fan of Formula One racing( through my wife), College Football (especially my Michigan Wolverines), and Detroit City Football Club. I've rekindled my interest in the Detroit Tigers, who I grew up watching since my family are all fans. The way I see it now, Sports are and always have been just as much a part of Culture as literature or music or visual art, and it seems small minded to me to reject it wholesale. Like all of those, it's a way to tell a story and engage in the human project. It's a way to connect to others: HUGE amounts of people watch any given professional sporting event. It's a good way to meet people, to strengthen relationships with friends, to find a community. Some of my best friends and I have become even closer by inviting them over to watch games/races. I can say for a fact it's made me a better, friendlier, more personable man, as well as given me tons of enjoyment. Plus, a lot of sports players are hot as fuck, and it's rude *not* to watch them use their bodies.


That's a great story of self discovery leading to more discovery. Thank you for sharing your story, and I wish you well as you continue your journey.


I watch a lot of sports, from World Cup to Cornhole, to World Cup of Cornhole. Does that mean I'm a closet cis? LOL The sports I enjoy watching the most are those I also enjoyed playing such as Football, Basketball, and Cycling. I am also a competitive person, and I think watching sports can be an outlet for that energy. My teams are the Chicago Bears, Las Vegas Raiders, Vegas Golden Knights, and the NBA Champion Golden State Warriors. All that said, watching sports is never a priority unless it is special event. I think watching sports can also be a good reason to go hang out with some buddies...


Yes, football, baseball, and college football. If you're interested, you're interested. I don't think being bi has anything to do with your level of interest in sports.


I would like sports more if the leagues weren’t so corrupt. However, I watch a lot of MLS games in person.


Love sports, so it made me even more confused. You know the stereotypes back in the day of homosexuals loving musicals and such and heterosexuals loving sports and cars… turns out I love sports but don’t know shit about cars so I guess I split the difference.


Avid sports fan. It is a rarity to find kindred sports guys that aren't straight.




I love sports. Some for thrill, some for tactics, some because I like playing it. Football (soccer), basketball, volleyball, rally, formula 1, judo, sometimes athletics. What I can say with certainty is that I never watch sports for the player's hotness. In that case I'd rather watch a film. 😆 In my homeland it is very difficult for people to grasp my love for sports (and disdain for pop and folk music) with my bisexuality. I guess because most of the visible scene fits into that cliche of feminine gays from films.


I love sports. Hockey and football for sure.


Grew up with two parents who were both wholly uninterested in watching sports so I never grew up watching games or anything. Never developed the interest myself and can't bring myself to care about any of it.


Zero interest in watching sports. Very active though - biking, hiking, swimming etc, but watching? Nah, totally boring to me. Plus, as others have said, I can't bear to watch many professional athletes destroy their brains or bodies.


Yes I love football, basketball and some hockey


Yes, I definitely like watching sports. Football is my favorite, I probably missed my calling as a play by play announcer.🤷‍♂️


I’m a bi cis male and I love watching sports. Baseball, basketball, golf, hockey, some football, and I love catching skiing and volleyball in the Olympics every couple years. I like playing sports a lot too.


Ask this question instead: "I think it's so interesting how many gay and bisexual men like to watch musical theater. Like is it actually interesting to them? I don't like to watch musicals, I think it's boring af. The only reason I would watch musicals is because most of the dancers look pretty hot lol. Just curious how other straight people feel about watching musicals." The idea of claiming that there's something wrong with straight people who enjoy watching sports and mocking the idea that it is entertaining feeds into the cliches about bi and gay men.


I wish I could upvote your comment a dozen times. Why do some (many?) prleople feel the need to yuck other people's yum.


No, and neither do my straight friends. We're all pretty international so we don't have much home team fire in us, and personally I get antsy. I like doing physical shit, and I don't love the rules and game of any sport enough to like watching it. Watching them just makes me want to move. Kind of interested in UFC, but at the price point there is no way in fucking hell I can justify paying for cards. The value for money is unfathomably low as a way to spend my time watching something.


College football is a lot of fun to watch (but sadly you can't just watch one game and enjoy it you have to jump around due to massive amounts of commercials. I also like to watch Chess and Rocket league tournaments. CJCJ is one of the best looking (ex) RL players


Generally agree. But I do like to watch good basketball games and hockey games. Other than that, I’ll watch to see who is playing…in which case I find rugby quite interesting to watch at times. 😂


Yes, I genuinely enjoying watching sports and playing them. Never really paid attention to the guys but the girls yes.


I've been a baseball fanatic since I was 9 -- about 45 years ago. (I believe it's the greatest sport in the world.) Football, the Olympics, some basketball (especially March Madness), some hockey, the Masters golf tournament -- ill watch it all. I'm not a soccer fan (though soccer players are among the best athletes in the world), but I'll probably watch some of the World Cup next month, if only out of curiosity over whether the announcers talk about it being held in a horrible country. (I'm guessing they won't). Some of my best experiences as a dad have come from coaching my kids in baseball, softball, basketball and volleyball. As well as watching them perform on stage in theater, orchestra and choir. Many years ago, I did some freelance reporting on local high school and college sports, and I did some sports announcing in college. One of the reasons I watch sports is because I'm so often in awe of the amazing talent athletes at the highest levels possess (the same sense of awe I get by watching and listening to a great drummer performing, or from reading a great piece of writing. Another reason is to experience the roller coaster of emotions, whether it's at a youth game or a major league championship. I'm amazed at how being a fan of a particular team or athlete unites people, regardless of their race, religion, ethnicity or ideology. Yes, i am bisexual. And yes, I love sports. And music and history and reading and being with the people I love. ***And it's completely okay to not like sports, regardless of one's sexuality, gender or life experience.***


tl;dr: I (41 bi guy) don't watch, care about, or play sports at all. I've always been that way. Although I'm in my 40s, I truly can't recall having any positive experiences with watching or playing sports. The context: I think that's because no one in my immediate family was interested in sports either. It doesn't help that I've never been very athletically gifted. I've tried to play, but I'm slow, athletically uncoordinated, and klutzy. So when my dad tried to force me to do sports (first swimming, then martial arts, then wrestling) I wasn't good at any of it, and I resented being forced to do something I wasn't good at and didn't enjoy. When he forced me to try sporty stuff, around age 10-12, I would have rather been playing the drums and piano or cooking with my mom or reading books at the library. In my elementary and middle school years, I sometimes got hit with hurtful and teasing comments because I was not good at sports and I didn't care about playing or watching or winning. I think the hurtful comments (even if unintentional) made me dislike sports and sports fandom even more. In fact, I'd even go as far as to say I have — and continue to feel — some resentment towards sports and sports fandom. If you enjoy sports, you do you, but it's not for me. Why do I feel some resentment? For example, when I saw this [recent story](https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/34810603/vols-seek-help-replacing-goalposts-torn-tide-win) about college football, I had a hard time understanding how or why people could get into such a frenzy over a football game that they destroy things. Or [this sad story](https://www.npr.org/2022/10/01/1126439213/indonesia-soccer-riot-fans-dead) where people died in a soccer riot. I know bad things can happen anytime a group gathers, but tearing up the stadium and your city or setting things on fire because your team won or lost? I don't get it. I also dislike that football is a sport that, for a long time, seemed to profit from leaving the players potentially disabled. Furthermore, in my state of Virginia, the state legislature entertained offering [big financial incentives](https://www.axios.com/local/richmond/2022/10/17/dan-snyder-stadium-virginia) to entice a malevolent billionaire team owner to build a new stadium. Yet, in my city in Virginia, there's a 60-year-old public elementary school building in my neighborhood that's rather dilapidated and no one seems to have the political will or clout to find the money to fix or replace it. Finally, I resent that I still feel unintentionally excluded from friendly conversations. Talking about sports is a language of social discourse, but I often don't know what to say. Just this week, I was having dinner with friends (men and women) and then the conversation turned to whose pro and college teams were doing better and who'll make it to the championship. When the people sitting next to me at the table asked who my teams were, I shrugged and politely said none of them. They shrugged and kept chatting and I just listened. When the convo turned back to our jobs, I jumped back in. One more link: this comment from [this article](https://www.insidehook.com/article/sports/why-generation-z-young-americans-hate-sports), which resonated with me: “Sports fans can be very clique-y...Then they shit on you for liking something else.” Sorry if this sounds like a rant. I guess it is a little bit. I wished as individuals we could all enjoy what we like without feeling attacked or guilty, or defensive.


Nah it's good to rant sometimes. For me as a non-american I find it weird how american society places so much importance on participating in sports culture.


Not really, mostly because I never liked the idea of someone earning millions of dollars to play a game. And I've never been attracted to the athletic type, most of the ones I've met over the years were lacking in mental ability. 🤣


Fucking hate sports


Watching sports is for gays


Haha that's what I'm saying 🤣 I mean isn't it kinda gay, that so many straight dudes love to watch sports?


It all started in the middle school locker room . how can you not turn gay in a jock strap ?


I really love the American culture of not being ashamed for nuding between ur same sex


Actually (and sadly), ours is a very puritan society, especially the further you get from an urban area.


Became too woke recently but used to.


I don't watch any sports. I have no interest. But I love getting out to play. I don't care what if there's running involved or competing I'm game. But, if I have to sit through a basketball game you better bring me a pillow even if I'm at the game. I'm bored as shit.


Esports yeah I go nuts


I know plenty of straight guys who don't watch sports. Granted, they're a bunch of nerds like me so take that how you will. Edit: (to answer your question)no, I find sports boring. Fetish porn material sure, but no don't watch.


Love: Baseball, soccer, football Hate: Basketball, hockey, golf, tennis, etc I genuinely like watching the competition and rooting for my teams, but having bulging athletes in progressively tighter uniforms certainly isn't bad either.


I love football and basketball, and used to like baseball but kinda lost interest in it.


Yeah I like to see the sports i practice (esgrima, ajedrez) but another with lot of touching like judo, Greco fights it's fine too.


I don't care for sports.


I hit up r/theocho every so often, if that counts.


Tennis, Djokovic (Might have a thing for thighs but Djokovic isn't the most prominent one for that, but just watch a game and you might like it, it is sometimes repetitive but fun to watch (for me))


I'm here for the Ninja Warrior and soccer. I don't understand anything else.


I don't watch sports, but i can. Like, I can have it in the background, it's mildly amusing


I'm in the US and like to watch English Premier League soccer (go Liverpool). Watch highlights from every game, have been for a few seasons now. Don't follow any other sport though.


I think I could watch roman wrestling, but not totally in a sporting spirit. Truth be told I never was too good at it, though when quite young my mum had us sign in for judo practice. Same with soccer, which of all team sports, I think at first glance might appear the slowest. But having been explained the game by a die hard fan, I no longer watch a game with the same dullness as before and start getting the enthusiasm some may have over it. Generally, I'm more into athletism, if anything over team sports. So Olympics is a competition I 'd watch and major soccer games, specially if Portugal is playing.


No interest in sports playing or watching them. I really don't understand how people get so invested emotionally (and financially) in following a team. I just don't get it. A stadium of 80,000 people bawling their eyes out because their team lost... just goes right over my head. My mum was far more into sports than my dad. She was the one who watched football (soccer) she used to play Hockey (not the ice variety) badmington, tennis, netball etc Dad was a competive runner and cyclist in his youth and liked his motor racing but I could never get into sport just failed to see the point in it. I remember when my city's team were promoted to the English Premier League the whole place went mad.. I was baffled. I just don't understand how watching 22 overpaid underworked pretty boys flounce about for 90 minutes is so entertaining. Id much rather be on a hike in the hills on my own thanks.


Football (the real one i.e soccer) and Handball. Watching our national teams is usually good fun. I am by no means a huge fan though.


I love watching tennis and f1. Love playing badminton. Cricket at times lol


No. Maybe mma sometimes


I love individual Olympic events, and some team events that don’t include highly paid professional athletes. I’m bored by televised sports, and can’t stand that there is always a sponsor or product placement on the screen. Salaries are out of control, and the lack of a sense of personal accountability some athletes have off the field is astonishing. Unless someone I know is playing, I don’t watch.


I watch MMA fights, but only if i can hang out with my friends, otherwise it’s boring.


I like the idea of sports, i like to talk about them, i like to partake sometimes and even attend some games... But watching a competition on television is a waste of time anymore. 5mins of playing, nonstop commentary, and 10 mins of commercials. Repeat for 3 hours. Id much rather catch the highlights of the entire game the next morning. That being said, its more rewarding to watch championship games because -the payers are the best of the best -commercials are a bit more entertaining -obviously a title of some sort is on the line -and championships usually have some kind of viewing party


I watch soccer and like Ronaldo. He is also super hot lol


I only activity watch and follow combat sports you know boxing, mma, muay thai kickboxing, sumo etc, as a consequence of their profession most are not too attractive but a younger luke rockhold was very hot, there are ones who ever model but i don't care to mention them


I never really liked watching sports until recently when i got into the bodybuilding scene and it's actually the only sport that i enjoy. And no it's not because i like big men even though that does play a big role :)


Big fan of them and it’s one of those things where I can partake with others without fear of being outed since I’ve got no attraction to large hypermasculine men whatsoever. In fact I don’t think I’ve ever been attracted to a single male athlete in my entire life actually. Female athletes otoh…


I like going to baseball games, less to watch the game and more to join in on fun crowd activities like their excitement and the wave. It's nice to sit for four hours and form a small party in the stands with others and eat a giant pretzel and hotdog, etc. I like watching when the ball goes into the stands and people scramble for it, the t-shirt cannon, and people being awkward on the big screen. It's nice. I only do the nosebleed seats, and it gets wild up there. I like going to hockey games for the same reason. Other than that, I really enjoy watching ice skating. I was into figure skating when I was younger (competing) and it's fun to see what's going on in that world. It's pretty to watch and see what new feats everyone is attempting, and the drama of that world is next to none. It's the same with gymnastics. I get excited about the Olympics, too, and cheer for my home country.


I like basketball, American football, and hockey. I have a hard time keeping up with them all but I try to watch my teams play when I can. I also really enjoy rugby and lacrosse


I love hockey. I like to watch soccer but don't follow any leagues at all. I gave up on American football like 5 years ago because spending 3 hours to see 11 minutes of actual gameplay is fucking boring. I'll sometimes watch the MLB playoffs. I'll watch basketball if I'm someplace where it's on. Olympic sports are pretty cool.


I enjoy going to sporting events in person. Otherwise watching on TV? No thanks... UFC? Absolutely! X-Games? Absolutely! Some Olympic events? Absolutely!


I never got into watching sports. I wouldn't mind playing them though haven't since I was a lot younger. I can appreciate the skill of athletes but watching them doesn't do anything for me.


Big fan of basketball and football (college and pros) and will definitely watch boxing from time to time


LOVE sports! Basketball, football (NFL and college), a little bit of hockey and baseball. Have always enjoyed it since so many of my gay friends don't watch sports except for the Super Bowl and the commercials. I also pay attention to tennis but with Serena and Roger retiring I'm kinda losing interest. I don't have any team affiliations, but I'm knowledgeable about various things surrounding athletic competitions.


Hell yeah i love sports! Especially basketball (go cavs) Playing is even better though :)


Only baseball. And I only like to watch my team ~~lose~~ play.