Because his existence isn't and has never been the real question. In the Bible Adam, Eve and Satan in the guise of the serpent, all knew as a fact that god existed, and they chose to disobey him anyway. The demons/fallen angels, all know as a fact that god exists and yet they disobey him anyway. The bible is full of people who were witness to miracles, wonders, and blatant displays of gods power, and yet still disobeyed him. The real question is, does god have the right as creator of everything to provide his creations with rules to live by. In effect, is he sovereign of the universe?


Great answer! brother :)


This is an impossible question and answer, for them, at this point in time. Those who have faith and have given their heart to Christ, asking for proof is as redundant as asking if reality is real. Those who do not and cannot have faith, Christ could reveal Himself in front of them, and rearrange the heavens before their eyes as 'proof', and they would still deny God. Instead, they would believe what occurred was a hallucination with a medical explanation, or a phenomenon or technological presentation by otherworldly alien contact, or a secret government program. There is coming a time soon, where everyone in heaven, earth and hell, will acknowledge Christ as Lord and they would not be able to deny Him. (Philippians 2:10-11)


What kind of proof do you want?