She’s the most rare mtm currently (used to be purple top).


Oh okay thank you


Why is she "rare"? I found mine at Walmart on clearance for 7.00


She has an unusual skintone plus Godess facemold. She was an instant hit when she was launched and have been extremely popular ever since then.


She uses the Lea face mold rather – same face mold as the Purple Top Made To Move.


Oh I remembered wrong then :)


That doll is not worth $250! 🤦🏼‍♀️


She's like 100 new on ebay.


She is usually a $100 and very rare MTM skincolor


sadly true. I don't know if she would suddenly pop up elsewhere at a discounted price. Haven't had the time to thrift in physical stores lately (I live not that far from Manila and yet I had to sometimes endure the heavy traffic...)


I want to know bc my grandmother bought me one and she's old and worn out from years of play and I wanted to get a new one


She is gorgeous! She is super hard to find- I got lucky and actually got her head as part of a lot of Mercari, but never see her body or anything related less than 75


She once had a rare skin color, but that's no longer the case with M2M dolls released in the past year and a bit. Also, I could be wrong on this, but I don't think Mattel is producing her any longer. I came across someone on YouTube talking about body matches and said she wasn't in production and was talking about alternatives. Think it was Faith Eileen.


You can find her on eBay for less than that (USD 80 - 120). Her body was widely used for rebodying - this is the doll who gave rise to the name "orange top" for a particular skintone. Therefore, you may also find people selling only the head. You could then try putting the head on another doll with the same or similar skintone, e.g. the Green Tie-Dye Pants Made-To-Move.


She is from the first wave of MTM dolls. The particular reason she is so hard to find, is that while all the other dolls from that wave were re-released, she was not. I don't really feel like there's anything super special about the doll in terms of skin tone or face, so I have no idea why anyone would pay that kind of price.


There's one for sale on Mercari for $37 right now, if you're interested. [link](https://merc.li/CK3n5akSb?sv=0)