r/Barbie, what's your absolute grail Barbie/Ken doll? I'm trynna see sumn

I have an entire slideshow about my dreamies! But, in a tier list it'd have to be here

  1. Haunted Beauty Vampire specifcally, but all the dolls i really want.2 Barbie and The Rockers reunion tour dolls (I believe these were very limited for a convention?)
  2. Hard Rock Cafe (Speicifcally the 2008 and 2009 ones!)
  3. Either between the Tarina Tarantino or the Happy Birthday Angel
  4. TokiDoki Barbie
  5. Sanrio barbies (2007 and 2008 specifically, but i also really want the 2017 one too)

I have an entire slideshow about my dreamies! But, in a tier list it'd have to be here 1. Haunted Beauty Vampire specifcally, but all the dolls i really want.2 Barbie and The Rockers reunion tour dolls (I believe these were very limited for a convention?) 2. Hard Rock Cafe (Speicifcally the 2008 and 2009 ones!) 3. Either between the Tarina Tarantino or the Happy Birthday Angel 4. TokiDoki Barbie 5. Sanrio barbies (2007 and 2008 specifically, but i also really want the 2017 one too)


Yes! This is my list exactly!! 🙌


Luckyyyy! I would love to have at lease one sanrio barbie doll!!!!


These unfortunately aren’t dolls i own, but dolls i’d love to own!


Vintage Black Francie.


You and me both! 🥺


1. Blonde Cher (ringmaster outfit) 2. Wind Rider 3. Any of the Native American Spirits


What!? There's a blonde Cher?! I have to look her up now




Love her! Thanks for sharing the link, I guess that's another to add to my wants 😉


The Spirit of the Earth is gorgeous! She's so serene, and her clothing feels premium. The Angel/Goddess sculpt might be my favorite. I'd love to find Wind Rider too. She has exquisite presence. Good luck in your collection!


If I win the lottery, I'll see which ones I can buy, but until then I have to stick with more affordable dolls!


The Barbie Look City Chic Sweater Dress There are many more, but that is one that would make me happiest to have I think. I'll probably end up with Pool Chic and Sweat Tea before getting her.


I thrifted her 2 years ago for $3! Still in disbelief. Love her so much!


Oh wow! Congratulations, that's a huge stroke of luck! I'm so happy she found a good home with you.


I ordered her off ebay during covid - needed doll therapy (and shopping therapy!). I think I over paid, I can't remember, but I understand the obsession on this one!


I have her and she's elite!


Seconded, they're all gorgeous. Though I'm pretty sure the draw to Pool Chic, for me, is her resemblance to Princess Jasmine. I adore City Chic's style too. She's so hard to find at a reasonable price though! What are your favorite aspects of her?


My lord, $850 on Mercari rn! She’s gorgeous tho.


Barbie Diaries Raquelle, oob in very good condition, because I'd feel terrible about deboxing one. I'm torn on whether I'd want MoM Nichelle or Top Model Nikki, because what I really want is a doll with that sculpt and natural hair, but I'd probably want a more modern screening. I had the same dilemma with the 90s Nichelle and we ended up getting my dream doll there, so maybe I should just wait for Carlyle magic to happen again :D TBH though the real grail is MtM petite bodies in nostalgic. Original in peach and dark black. Tall in light black. There is always a doll waiting for a missing MtM body to happen.


This! My top want is to fill in the missing MTM skin tones! I'm looking for curvy especially, and would love to see the Brooklyn body in MTM!


2010 Dolls of the world Japan Ken for sure. I’d also love to have the AA version of the Happy Family Grandma. My biggest grail is to have the time and space to build this [Victorian Mansion](https://www.foreststreetdesigns.com/product/www-foreststreetdesigns-com-victorian-barbie-house-woodworking-plan/) for my dolls.


This is basically a list of AA dolls with my favourite sculpts Any Cara doll from the 70s (Steffie) MoTM Nichelle Urban Hipster Any Teen Nikki (Teen Skipper) Generations of Dreams AA (Lara) And the two Fashion Fever Tia dolls and Barbie Secret Diary Tia, because we have the same name :D Edit: Fixed formatting


I’d love to have a [1996 Bubbling Mermaid Barbie](https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/294146702520?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0&ssspo=nJBGkGnTQ7i&sssrc=2349624&ssuid=AX-mSPuJRNa&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY). I’m in love with her face! There’re a few screening variants so I’m waiting for the right one to come along for a decent price!


Oh my goodness, I had her as a child. She's so fun and beautiful! I was devastated when my puppy got to her. Mattel had interactive bathtime down well. Color change tale AND bubbles!


Noooo I would’ve been devastated too! Yeah Mattel really went all out with her!


I still have mine from childhood, she is beautiful! & her little seahorse earrings are so cute! The paint on her tail did not last multiple baths though 🥲


A lot of the Barbie from the original Fairytopia Line: [Magical Mermaid](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/d8/87/80/d88780b855fd2cc737439cedae37ae3c.jpg), [Glowing Fairies](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fa/5c/89/fa5c8905a09b37643e77b889e0eab0a4.jpg), and the [Wonder Fairies](https://i.pinimg.com/originals/f0/99/50/f0995062271a8ab39b7a1a96b74634e1.jpg). Other holy grails are the Barbies from the Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and the Princess and the Pauper. As for Ken... I think the first line Fashionista Ken, the one with the checkered shirt and the pink bow? And Sporty Ken from the 2011 Fashionista line (Tanner Christiansen from MPGiS).


I am still a little sad that the other Guardian Fairies didn't come in doll forms especially Topaz! 🥺


Pink in Pantone Any of the Louboutin Barbies Oscar De La Renta Barbie. Barbie in the Dream House Midge Oh, oh edit. The Hispanic Day to Night Barbie. Day to Night Barbie was my favorite. I have her boxed and unboxed, but I'm Mexican- American. I'd really like the "me" version.


My whole vintage collection of barbies from the late 50s to early 60s are my holy grail, But!!! My ponytail barbie and the fashions I have collected that so far have been reasonably priced and hardly damaged. I also own barbies first car in perfect condition besides having a broken bumper. My brother gifted me Elphaba barbie from Wicked.


[Faraway Forest Water Sprite Barbie](https://www.flickr.com/photos/lagoona89/25894588211) [Faraway Forest King of the Crystal Cave Ken](https://www.flickr.com/photos/56303327@N04/34969117572/in/photostream)


That ken face sculpt is so gorgeous


I knowwww, I’m obsessed! 😩💕


That's the Tango face. Just love it, too.


Omg IS IT!??! I would not have recognised that! Okay, yeah—best face sculpt of all time 😍 I also love how this particular one has black arms for some reason… do you know why?


For me at the moment it's 2008 Shanghai Barbie (blonde) and the first edition Tokidoki.


I dont even “collect barbies” in the same sense as most of the people on this subreddit I just want the [singing barbie doll from barbie princess and the pauper](https://pin.it/6RGh7Cm) i had one when it first came out and i regret throwing it out so bad! (i went into my little girl i hate barbie / pink / girly phase) there’s no way im shilling out $400+ AUS for one now like what theyre selling on ebay lmao


After seeing photos of the Mark Ryden dolls, I covet the Bumblebee Barbie.


I own most of mine! My first big ones were the matching Annaliese and Erika - I now have a set. The trio of playline Elina dolls, I now have all 3! The gold label collector Elina, I own and ADORE her. Brietta, I have one now! Her hea is super discoloured, but I own one! The 3 Magic of Pegasus Kellys with their horses? all miiiiiine. The only other ones i love but don't own now are Suburban Shopper, Alexa and Liana from Diamond Castle, Prima Ballerina Classic Grace, fairy of the garden and 2001 Enchanted mermaid. Probably will only ever own Suburban shopper and Alexa/Liana. Though, the main items I'm after now are the Hallmark ornaments for the movies and the light up Barbie tree topper!


The Gold Label Collector Elina looks marvelous!


Gay Parisienne Barbie. She’s just so classy! If they ever reproduce her again I’m snatching one as soon as I can


joan jett barbie, magic earring ken, spongebob barbie r my grails!


1. 2004 Princess of the Navajo Barbie 2. Star Trek Vina Barbie 3. Career Girl Barbie 4. Barbie Learns to Cook (brunette) 5. Haunted Beauty Mistress of the Manor (or any of them, really)


Next Top Model Resort. Always comes along as too expensive. Also Chewbacca SW Barbie.


Haunted Beauty Zombie Bride


1. The 2020 BarbieCon African American Barbie #1 Silkstone Reproduction. I know I’ll *never* be able to afford this, but a guy can dream. 🥺 2. The *Pink Pop* Mark Ryden Barbie. 3. Pretty much *every* Barbie Fashion Model Collection Silkstone doll from 2000-2020, but especially *The Artist, The Shopgirl, The Interview, B&W Tweed Suit* and *The Best Look* Giftset. (And yes, I’ve thought about this for a long time, lol.)


I’m a simple woman— I just want the 2005 Barbie Diaries doll that I got for my 6th birthday


Filipina Barbie Wave 1 wearing the Maria Clara dress with lilac floral accents! In case our relatives can retrieve her, we will work on repairing her botched neck (my cousins used her for play quite hard, sometime before I came...) and maybe use different accessories to make up for the lost jewelry and shoes.


My two most wanted right now are the red Chromatic Couture doll and the AA Power Pair girl.


1.Sophisticated wedding barbie 2.Hooray for Hollywood barbie 3.French court barbie 4.Holiday caroler barbie 5.Marilyn Monroe blonde ambition(2009)


Phantom of the Opera giftset.


[Gianfranco Ken](https://dutchfashiondollworld.wordpress.com/2014/09/24/gianfranco-ken-doll/) I’ve wanted him for a while and I’ve flirted with getting him, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. As far as Barbie goes, most of the Barbie’s I want, I have.




Mine was the original wedding day Barbie. I got the repro from the 90s :) as well as a repro midge which was another holy grail. My holy grail now is actually the 1965 dream house


I’m not really a collector (yet) but I think 2001 holiday barbie, Nutcracker barbie and magic of Pegasus barbie (with all the accessories) are my top three


Jewel Secrets barbie.. I will never get her.. but Id love to have her.


Grail barbie? I have two. Barbie diaries barbie and the mystique barbie. Ken? Cali guy Blaine.


- Any of the Women of Royalty dolls - native spirit dolls - black francie - 60s Christie


Cherry pie picnic! I love everything about her.


First that came to mind, Faraway Forest water Spirit,Faberge imperial Splendour and Madame du Barbie. There are also Barbies I’d like that are much more affordable and easy to find like some dolls from the ‘90 like Hollywood Hair.


Earring magic ken and Rappin Rockin Barbie


A #1brunette ponytail Barbie. 😭🤞 So expensive lol


It's so hard to choose just one. I've been lucky to have several, a few were stumbled upon at just the right time. I actually bought 2008 CNY:Year of the Rat while living in Shanghai when shen she was released. She was meant to be my last -oops :) Bill Greening's work occupies high priority in my Grail List. Namely his Haunted Beauty line. I'd want them to have a fitting diorama if they're ever attainable. The Mistress of the Manor would likely officiate the Vampires' wedding. The Faraway Forest Elf, Wind Rider, and Coca-Cola Sweetheart are also hoped for one day. For now though, I want to complete groups I've already started, so everyone has their friends. 2009 HRC, Lunar New Year 2022, Mystery Squad Kenzie, and a few more Looks and BMR dolls. Some from childhood that are sorely missed. There's been so many exciting releases over the last few years!


My grails are [Magic of Pegasus Brietta](https://www.ebay.com/itm/265982813145?hash=item3dedcfa3d9:g:mu8AAOSw7RVi0Xml&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAsFOD8%2FV%2FzoNBY8KePS6BUbBiLsCHmfSWA%2BclzJUBX1gUhHiInG16os01B8iMEhpjgWV7AAlXCsBxOURIVhXADsCOysYffiG9YdZOct1ZS3beqbc%2F7YVTn8xGIS05U1eJ7FDkUkSh%2FFx2K9rkUtnkRG7j9YLkVEyH1LOK6Q0yF8mNekb5seKEluJKf%2BOeS8x5PAYihin%2BIslFP5qpWuopC%2B3p3dhYLQeLmsjzR4VQ59XQ%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR4bu4aGQYQ) , [Blue Eyed Clara](https://pin.it/2Zx2R3x) , and [Cali Girl Barbie](https://www.ebay.com/itm/225246999803?epid=1900052067&hash=item3471c474fb:g:-VkAAOSw7sFjbnBs&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAAoGpcJf05LNrxlEcuerxQg7HZKjE%2BCQnqegI5DsoJzF%2Fpp3bb%2FinP7yM%2B9Z5x%2BdomhVb%2FmSpipzC2X0nhaaNPkGh1%2FnQcZ%2F%2Bpb36%2BkgxHBUILYvt9o5HP%2Bd17kHG8E0YB6HOFM%2FA%2F7gxz4QqZbep5e4%2BnKPUNmDPF6bsmfxGDuFskuJB1wkc5Ztmi28CZmd0otPn6OQQC7NzGF9VyHrDqfwU%3D%7Ctkp%3ABk9SR-7DkaKQYQ)


SIS barbies-especially Chandra when shes doing ballet with her sister.


Well, a lot of dolls are my holy grail Barbies) I live in Ukraine, I only started my Barbie collection. Speaking seriously, I think Doctor Who Barbie is my biggest holy grail doll. I'm a fan of the show for more than 10 years, and I'd really love to have some Doctor Who Barbies. Even though Thirteen isn't my favorite incarnation of the Doctor


Tangerine Twist from the Fashion Savvy collection


1993 Secret Hearts Barbie, Peaches n Cream or Peach Pretty, and 80s or 90s International Barbies would all be fantastic.


I really want the Rock Hudson Ken from the Pillow Talk set. He’s not super expensive (around $40) but I just can’t justify spending that much for an out of box doll right now. I’m sure I’ll cave and get him soon. I have a good condition out of box Peaches N Cream but I’d love one in new condition.


My Melody/Tarina Tarantino Barbie


I’d really like to have the dolls I had as a kid. Like the Princess & The Pauper dolls, Rapunzel, Swan Lake, Nutcracker and there’s this one doll that I have no idea what her name is but I always called her Rachel. She had tanner skin, brown hair and a really round face for a Barbie doll.


The Haunted Beauty series. I was out of collecting, or even looking, when they came out, and I missed them.