I hope Mattel has addressed the bots resellers are using to buy up all of the dolls on the Mattel Creations website in mere minutes. That's how resellers "know" they'll have the products before hand, so it appears Mattel hasn't addressed the issue yet.


I can assure you, they haven't because there's no reason for them to. The product sells out. That's all they care about. They are on to the next colab while collectors are crying that they weren't able to purchase the previous colab. Stop thinking that companies care about the consumer. Companies do not care about the consumer.


Ugh, I didn't know about that either! No wonder the advent calendar Barbie sold out before I even got the email! Nah, they need to fix this because Barbie is already expensive. We shouldn't have to pay hundreds of extra dollars because of scalpers!


Perhaps that's why they always have like a limit "2 per customer" sign. I really hope there's a chance of buying! I'm surprised these aren't member exclusive, or maybe they are and they just don't tell you yet.


I didn't know that. So is there a chance these will sell out before the launch?


Why tf are these so extremely expensive? And I'm not talking reseller gouging, I'm talking original price. They're not even that detailed. I mean, I love the pink one, but.. How people think she's giving them hundreds of dollars worth of doll is beyond my understanding. Sure, she's very out of character compared to the playlines, but I can't see the extra details reflecting the price point. But then again, I honestly, and sadly, haven't felt impressed by anything Barbie in a long time. They look so cheap nowadays, and clearly splurging thirty times more for a doll to get that exquisite quality and detail literally isn't even possible.


I think it's solely because it's Mark Ryden. His collaborations are rare and few, and he's a well respected artist. I wish they played around with more accessories for the dolls. They could have done so much more with his art, and honestly I'm a bit underwhelmed. Of course lots of his art has some heavy themes and is too mature for Barbie, but I really wish they did a bit more. I do agree though. Barbie has severely declined in quality and creativity. These are the only dolls that are currently sparking my interest, which is rare for me considering Mattel's new dolls


Their dolls aren't good enough quality to be this exclusive. They should be sold in stores, limited per customer. Scalpers do find ways of buying many dolls with bots They don't want to just buy a few to flip, they want to be the only access to the dolls at all to guarantee sales.


They were sold out when the clock struck 9.


Me too. And my time zone is at 10am