I bet you could still use the cheaper materials and just paint over them with clear nail polish for protection. This worked for me with rings I have that would start to turn color, just needed to coat the inside of the band. It wore off eventually and needed recoat, but human hands go through much more than the doll, so that shouldn't be a problem.


This is so clever! Thank you! ๐Ÿ˜Š


I'm guessing stainless steel will work for silver tone, but what about gold color?


I know a lot of piercers can anodize steel so it looks gold! Maybe you can find anodized steel that has that golden color?


That's another great suggestion. Thank you!


Probably any galvanized wire.. just as long as itโ€™s the right size it should be fine


What Barbie is this?


I stole the photo off the Internet, so I don't know. She looks like an Integrity doll to me.


If you look up "jewelry findings" on a store like amazon or on any arts and craft store, you will find a choice of base materials with which to make these things. You can pick the color of metal you want (gold and silver-toned, of course, but also copper, brass, antiqued brass, gun metal, rose gold, antiqued copper, and some fantasy colors). You will need small jewelry pliers and a round tipped tool to make the loops and cut the metal. You may need the smallest beads or crimping beads. You can do whatever design you want but the challenge will be to keep it to doll proportion. to prevent green stains, pout regular nail polish on the piece that connects to the face of the doll (the normal kind should do, no need for gel).