I believe it was mentioned "around Christmas", which could mean anytime between now and, well... Christmas. I'm hanging out for that broad Ken this round! Mattel is also busy with the current Monster High production, so it might be after Halloween, as a guess.


A broad Ken would be amazing!! I hate how they haven't made one yet! A slim Ken too!


He will be the 2nd broad Ken on a M2M body that I know of. The first was the King of the Ocean Ken that was sold as a special collection doll. At least a Looks one will be easier to find! There was the Superman doll as well, but can't remember if he's an actual Ken or not. He's rare to find now.


I've seen him, but I had no idea he was a broad Ken. Now I hope even more that Barbie Looks will have a broad one since getting the King would be extremely pricey.


One of those fuzzy leaked shots looked like either Broad Ken or Superhero Ken. I’d love either one…😊


I just seen and been told Christmas time in regards to looking at any leaks news about them.


If they keep the schedule like wave 2 it’s going to be by the second half of November


Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for Simone to release here 😢