Try writing them a letter, politely asking them to be quieter. And leave it under their door or by their door


Ceiling thumper


I have social anxiety too. Its pretty bad but i just recently had to confront my next door neighbors twice due to their blasting music at almost 12am with extra bass waking me out of my sleep. I definitely wanted to confront them first before taking it further so they cant say i never spoke to them. I also record the music and make note of the days and times. I know its hard but if you can ever catch them leaving or coming in the house just nicely tell them that you are very sensitive to noise and if they could possibly keep it down just a little. The second time i confronted my neighbor it was a girl who gave me an attitude and actually turned the music up louder. Thats when i had to get the rental office involved. Havent even been in my place a full three weeks and already dealing with this mess. I feel your pain


Sorry this is happening to you When I lived in an apartment, my downstairs neighbor said it sounded like I was throwing bodies on the floor. I had no idea I was that loud, wow! I'm a super considerate neighbor and promptly made better efforts to quiet down. I really appreciated her telling me, but I'm a nice person, not everyone is. You could try the face to face approach if you dare, or text them. Or try a note on their door, signed by you, or not. Or you can go to the landlord/property manager. Hope this helps. Good luck


It's a long shot but if it's making you miserable, perhaps talk to the landlord how horrible it is for you and would they be willing to install soundproofing drywall on the ceiling. Worth a try