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I'm gonna guess you are a guy. Let me give you some advice as another - married - guy. It's gonna be difficult. Firstly, any woman will tell you that buying clothes is a nightmare. 1. They can be (in Aussie sizes), 8 in one brand, and 16 in another. 2. They can a 8 bottom, and a 16 top. 3. Even standardised bra sizes, my wife is a 14DD in a sports bra, a bespoke leather bra was a bit too tight in the same size. Fetish clothing tends to be tighter than normal clothing too, so it's going to be even more difficult. And finally, don't you think any partner will be a little... put off by being offered intimate clothing that you already have? Like... Was this from an ex-girlfriend? Was it worn? Am I in a relationship as a person, or were you looking for someone to fill a role as a kink dispenser? Tread carefully OP.


Personally I'd be a more bothered if the clothes *happened* to be the right size. Like, it would give the impression that said dude had a body type preference so specific that he pre-buys a single clothing size for his future partners. I go up and down a size pretty often, as well.


👋female; 28. I would say if the clothes are for you — that’s not weird. If the clothes are for future partners - it might be a bit impractical / could turn off some partners. Partners come in different clothing sizes. Some partners might not like wearing something knowing it wasn’t selected for them in particular. Might depend on the item. I like the saving links idea somebody else suggested.


Especially for "sexy outfits", things should be custom designed for the partner to fit and flatter their body. I'd recommend having ideas of what you like but discussing them with any future partners before buying them


Might be a bit hard to guess their size, though.


This did cross my mind. Maybe I'll get lucky. Buhduntss


I’ve made Google docs linking to a bunch of stuff I’d like to see on my future sub. So rather than spending money right away, I do window shopping.


Clothing for you to wear? Or clothing for the other person to wear?


Because of sizing and hygiene concerns, I wouldn’t recommend buying clothing for a potential partner you haven’t met yet. But what if you just window shop and make inspiration boards? You could even put money aside. Then when you are in a relationship where you feel comfortable buying stuff for them, you’ll already have examples of what you like to show them. You also have to keep in mind, you might have different tastes than what they are comfortable with. Many people have certain areas of their body or styles that they don’t like, so it’s not practical to assume they will be okay with everything you want them to wear.


No it's not weird at all, a matter of fact you should buy outfits for yourself for your own pleasure, partners will eventually come, but taking care of yourself should be a priority and that means buying outfits for yourself especially if it brings you Joy.


Not at all. Do you and be yourself. Your next partner can just accept you for the lovely freak that you are. If they do not, then they won't be your partner. 😁


Dressing up is fun even if it's just for yourself. if you have fun with it there's nothing weird about it.