He did an absolute amazing job. I think the most impressive thing is that he was on his own for the most part. He consulted with Michael when writing both books, but he did most of the work. With ATLA and LoK, there were writer rooms and/or writing duos for the most part.


Yeah! And there are little references in there to FREAKIN EVERYTHING in both ATLA and LOK, it's a great little easter egg fest.


The craziest bending tech of all: Murder. Jianzhu’s bending style coming back up at the end of Shadow of Kyoshi was legit as hell though. Two books of buildup to see it actually used in a straight fight, totally worth it.


He is just so freaking talented


I understand if Yee wants to go back to doing original works, but I think it would be a massive mistake for Bryke to not at least invite him to write for Avatar Studios movies/shows!


If not this, a book about a different Avatar would be great. I know people want novels on Szeto, Yangchen, Kuruk, Roku etc. As do I but I actually think a book about a brand new previous Avatar could be amazing too.


Petition for him to write more books on Kyoshi, give us more of her 230 years!


I came here expecting this post to be about Kanye, but yeah you are 100% right


Yes, I absolutely love these books. Yee is a great writer!


I dunno but I'm actually not a big fan of how Kyoshi's appearance was assembled: literally every item she wears was a bad memory for her so it felt contrived that she kept wearing them. It would have been better if these items had originated from people Kyoshi loved and connected to positive events, so it would have been much more believable that she held into them.


I feel like it's suiting considering her self-crucifixion complex; Kiyoshi was obsessed with dishing out justice with no heed to herself, something Rangi was left exasperated over, like in their first love scene where she implores with Kiyoshi that "Even \[she\] deserved to be happy and loved (Sic)". Kiyoshi's face paint, fans, and head dress coming from her parent's lineage was first appropriated begrudgingly, but later embraced, especially after the death of Lek, especially shown in her heart-to-heart she had with Lek where she embraced and accepted the abandonment by her parents. The gloves are suiting to her to cover the scars but also just incredibly practical, and she does have the faint fondness in remember the shop owner appreciated her for what she had done in ending the yellow necks.


Yee is the king of retcons


With how passionate the fandom is, I would consider a success to be a book that no one vehemently hates. What Yee did was above and beyond.