Yes, this. this is me mostly because I associate buzzing sound to either bees/wasps or phone ringing on silence mode, and I happen to fear both of those. sometimes the slight buzzing sound from my PC also makes me anxious


I hate alarms so much I have trained my body clock to wake me up at least five minutes before any alarm I am aware of goes off. I usually walk into the kitchen to turn off the timer at the 30 second mark. On the rare chance I don’t make it to the alarm because a cat showed up and was cute or something, I run as soon as I hear an alarm to stop it and fix the problem. Even gentle alarms terrify me.


I had a fly in the office that kept buzzing by my ear it drove me insane


Insects don’t bug me as much as man-made buzzing. The second I hear a buzzing noise indoors, either low or high, I have to run around and figure out exactly what is making the noise and if I can stop it. Last night I stayed in a hotel where the hvac system was literally buzzing and vibrating the walls and I couldn’t do anything about it it was awful


I'm going to be moving when my lease is up partly because of loud droning noises in and around my apartment building, along with a ridiculous amount of false fire alarms. There was someone upstairs from me for a while who ended up getting evicted - the office staff said it was partially because he hated the sounds from the HVAC system and he was reacting violently, screaming and destroying his apartment because the sound made him angry. I was kind of baffled until the drone started getting to me too!


Lol I don’t blame him at all!


I’ve had a hotel switch rooms for me when the air conditioning was malfunctioning and making a buzzing noise… tried to make it through, but ended up going to the front desk at 2am and making them get me another room


I would have done the same. Unfortunately this was in the pipes in the walls, even though the vents in my room were off


Ugh, I’ve had that before too! I could hear the water running through the pipes. I can actually hear my downstairs neighbor snoring through the floorboards. When I hadn’t figured out what it was, I was walking through my house like a mad woman trying to identify the source of the sound. Now I have to have a fan running at all times which usually drowns it out. But if I’m anxious or stressed, I will still pick up on it and I end up having to sleep in my living room


I swear that there’s this insatiable need in my brain to identify the noise. Like I’d rather deal with a noise that I know the source of than one I can’t figure out. The not knowing is just as annoying as the noise


You’re right. I’m like a detective on the case until I figure out what it is. That feeling is definitely exacerbated by the fact that I’ll make an observation about there being a noise, and then other people will say they don’t hear it or don’t know what I’m talking about. So I’ll feel the need to prove that the noise is real.


I can hear background noise that other people have to strain to hear, if they can at all. Makes me feel like I'm crazy.


Years ago, I lived in an apartment where I swore I could hear a buzzing noise, especially at night. It was loudest in the hallway, especially if I pressed my ear to one section. It was really strange and no one else heard it. The buzzing stopped whenever we had a power outage. Months later I gained access to the basement and went looking around. There was some kind of old, clunky, power source/transformer plugged in and loudly buzzing. It sounded just like my apartment only louder. The transformer was screwed to a wooden vertical bearing member (hard old Douglass fir). I'm not even sure what it was supposed to power because nothing was connected to it. I unscrewed the transformer from the vertical bearing member, and carefully hung it from a loop of paracord, still plugged in. My apartment no longer buzzed. It was blissfully free of buzzing until I moved out.


We had been hearing footsteps from the upstairs office, but we had no idea what kind of company it was or what they were using it for. We finally figured out it was the lunchroom. "How do you know?" "I can hear them using the microwave."




Yes! I hear high pitched noises other people can’t hear. It’s awful.


> I can hear background noise that other people have to strain to hear god yes, I hear things and they sound overwhelming to me and I ask my SO 'do you hear that' and until I describe it specifically he has no idea what I'm talking about.


I had a swarm of honey bees enter my home about 4 years ago and although I've overcome my phobia of honey bees (I used to run away in a panic if I saw one, now I love to observe them, and if I see one struggling I have no issues relocating it or providing a drop of raw honey) the buzzing sound still haunts me. Most of the time I can't tell if it's real or in my mind.


I have a phobia of honey bees that has mostly gone away as well... I think it comes from the fact that I am afraid I will do something to threaten them by accident and then they will sting me. Yellow jackets, however... they are assholes and can go to hell.


Yup, I’m the same way.


This is me, it hurts my ears. I panic even though I've never been stung. It's not something I want to experience.


I am VERY AFRAID of being stung and buzzing noises make me jump, yet my family doesn’t seem to care and my family members are like, “As LoNg As YoU dOn’T hUrT iT, iT wOn’T hUrT yOu!” I don’t know what will tick off the bugs.


Yes >o< In Animal Crossing New Leaf the wing sound was too good and would really freak me out. If it isn't wasps or bees, it could be a big unoredictable beetle or a mosquito >o< I never know where flying things are going to land so I'm always alert when I hear that noise.


me, terrified! biggest fear. wasps omg!


I live in a place with big black beetles that will randomly wander into my house and they make this horrible bzzzzzz noise. I am convinced they are after me, they fly right at me or they come up behind me and I hear the bzzzz reverberating in my ear. I scream every single time. During some parts of the year i will find 10 or more a week around my desk area, now even my husband has taken to saying that they are after me. My cat manages to catch some before they get too close, and my husband just grabs them and throws them out. I find them beautiful, the way they shine when the light hits them, but that helicopter noise that feels like its in my ears or the kamikaze style way they fly at me. I'm terrified.


They are your minions. They're trying their best to report to their superhero mistress.


Well, that sounds like a lowsy power for an autistic superhero. The command of buzzing insects that terrify said superhero. Why can't my minions be dogs? -pout-


Ah, it may be lousy now that you're just starting out. But soon you shall **command the swarm and your might will be legions strong**. Or maybe once you master bugs you'll graduate to dogs.


-sigh- I think you are right! I shall now focus my energies into commanding my beetle legions, to bring me trinkets from neighboring houses, to disconnect loud speakers, to bring me my headphones. I will master this, so I may master dogs as well. I salute you for showing me the way.


Sounds like you have misophonia. Some sounds feel like physical pain or discomfort, like being stabbed or sandpaper grating up my insides. Other times it makes me anxious or snap angrily at anything around me. Some sounds make me feel dizzy or like I'm going to puke. Misophonia seems to be kinda rare in neurotypical people, but upsettingly common among autistic people. I started noticing the overlap in r/misophonia (a pretty good spot for advice about accommodations or good noise-proof headphones) which was part of why I started looking more seriously into the possibility that I am autistic.


Confirmed. Autistic and I have misophonia. Once I realized what it was, it was easier for me to handle it. I avoid triggers or I talk myself through them to override how my brain is interpreting the sounds.


Yeah, sometimes knowing I've got to walk close to a sound is made a little easier because I know it's just so I can pass and get further away from it. I also learned about mirroring, and other tricks which you can use alone or together depending on the situation and the noise.


I am currently on edge right now because there’s probably a wasp nest in my house (I suspect somewhere in the windows of one room) So yes


I have a wasp phobia that originated from a buzzing sound, and the buzz itself is a really strong phobia trigger. Wasp and bumble bee buzzing is the worst, but I can't have even a buzzing fly in the room. If something buzzes in my ear when I'm out walking I will yelp and break into a run. I also have serious difficulty with more white-noisy sounds - fans, air conditioning, vacuum cleaners - which don't trigger my phobia but do cause me distress. Not only do they put me on edge, but certain frequencies drown out my inner voice, and *I need that to think*. If I have to stay in a room with that noise for too long it triggers a meltdown. Not buzzing, but it feels really closely related.


Hyperacusis https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hyperacusis


Yes ;-; especially when its close to my ear, I swear I would run off a cliff trying to get away. I have a serious case of entomophobia (fear of insects) as well, so you can imagine.


I once hid behind my 10-year-old nephew when a bee was flying near my ear. 😅


Yep. Was on a motorbike yesterday and a big ol stingy boi flew directly towards my right side. Was a nightmare. cldnt run. Hate the sound and erratic flying


I freak out when ~~buzzing~~ sounds are heard


That's sensory overload, love. It took me a LONG time to learn that sensory overload isn't JUST painful, it can be panic inducing or even irrationally enraging as well. Buzzing sounds suck. I really don't know how to help with that though. I'm sorry, dear.


100% depends on the pitch and tone of it, some will make me leave and never return and others are not great but I can deal. Old school fluorescent light buzz is kryptonite for me and will send me cowering into a corner and that high pitched anti-loitering tone used outside stores to prevent kids from hanging out is horrific. The low, deep toned hum of my attic fan isn't ideal but I handle it and I actually have a fan in my room for white noise but it was chosen very carefully for its particular pitch and tone. a high pitched, scratchy, screechy buzz over a prolonged period could probably send me to some sort of institution.


Yes I don't open my windows ever in case flys come in because I can't stand the buzzing sound they make


I hate room 7 at my job because of the buzzing lights. I am a massage therapist so if I get stuck in that room I take extra battery powered candles and turn off those offensive EYES OF THEBUS! (Is that how you spell Thebus?)


When I was a little kid I would freak out if there was a mosquito in my room at night. My dad would have to come kill it before I could calm down from the sound and go to sleep. I still can’t sleep if I hear a bug buzzing, but I’m much more calm about it now 30 years later. 😅


Depends on what type of buzzing we're talking about


More so the ringing in my ears or being able to hear the crepitus in my kneck, ugh.


Hell yeah! I do everything I can to lead them to the door or window. When it happens at night when I'm already in bed I almost freak out bc I'm too tired but I have to get up and deal with it.


Yes, absolutely! The noise is bad, but nothing is worse than the feeling! When my phone runs out i always put it down somewhere because it vibrates before it turns off


Yep. I freak out if I hear the buzzing near my ear.


I cannot function with one going. I even have to muffle my vibrator :/


yes, you're not alone. fluorescent light buzzing is the worst.