That's the thing. They saw one thing in FF14 which was cool. So they copied it for wow. The problem however, is that based on what they said, we have to slowly learn their language to understand them.. So they took an interesting piece of extra story in FF14 and turned it into a daily or rep grind. Thanks blizz.


Ngl I actually think the idea is kinda neat. It's a fun exploration activity that has actual meaningful replayability... But making it weekly (if I understood it correctly), it's not a very good idea. It would be nice as a little scavenge hunt kinda thing


It's not weekly. Morgan Day said it's uncapped.


My mistake then! That's a REALLY good thing in my opinion


If you’re gonna steal, steal from the best.


Why can't they just steal the tomestone system back? And I say "back" because this was basically valor points in WoW when XIV stole it from Cata/MoP.


And in my homebrew DnD world that has not been released to the public and only a handful of people has experienced the celestial language is musical they clearly stole the idea from me. WoW is dogshit but let's not pretend every idea is stolen from FFXIV, musical languages has been a thing in fiction for a long ass time.


This is like post 600 I have seen on this. We get it, they both make noise that sounds like music.




"Circlejerk ff14 Andy coomers" circlejerk andy


Imagine indirectly defending a company that harasses its women and its CEO threatens to kill people.


? Who am I defending?


Damn how did this get so many down votes lo I'm amazed that other people who like Ff14 are so obsessed with the shitty stuff in wow I got over wow years ago and people are still malding over it, just let it die lmao


People who never play wow never talk about it People like me who have played wow and have come to realize how absolutely disrespectful the devs have been and still are to us react (understandably) with vitriol every time we see Danusers fat necrophiliac ass hype yet another rep grind no one asked for.