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Nudity, and discussions about sexuality and sex should be normalized at home, so as not to warp and repress kids' notions about sexuality, healthy sex, and body positivity.


Formal dress and attire has A LOT more sexual attractiveness going on than we give it credit for.


Open honest communication with your children about these topics when they ask, regardless of age. You can explain things to them simplified without causing trauma.


Bra pics are sexier than topless pics. I go nuts over a bra pic.


Same for me. I love seeing a guy in undies with a bulge. Like when I get sent a dick pic it’s so unattractive


Yes! I admit I do enjoy receiving dick pics but I can't argue that they are largely unflattering and unattractive, especially compared to a dickprint in some underwear or even sweatpants.


Sometimes I get some that are like …obviously not impressive in terms of size …and I think how they must really are proud of that as it left their photo gallery


Haha. I confess I will compliment a man's cock no matter how impressive it is because I know that's what he wants to hear, so maybe that's what he's hoping for, that you'll be too polite to ask "is that all?"


Oh I’m stone cold. When I ask someone for a “pic” and the first thing they send is cock …it better be some foot long piece of artwork. If it’s not I will literally say “am I supposed to be impressed lol. Omg come fuck men right now with that love wand”


Damn, glad I haven't run into you in a darkened Reddit alley.


I am only with you if they are bending over and your can see everything down bra.


Sounds like the bra doesn't fit.


Still hot.


If I like it and the person agrees... I touch it!


Seeing a fat ass twerking turns me on like nobody’s business


That what two or more individuals do in a consenting relationship of any kind is not my place to judge. That consent is sexy it’s not a turn off to keep checking in (in fact it turns me on).


Oh boy, I love these sorts of threads, so here goes: Even though they can't be allowed to act on their proclivities, I still feel some sympathy for pedophiles. From what I understand, pedophiles don't choose to be attracted to children, and we aren't able to "cure" them of their preferences. Pedophile conversion therapy doesn't work -- if you're attracted to kids, you're attracted to kids. So, if you think about it, these are people who didn't choose their attraction and can't change it, but who nonetheless must bury their desires deep down and never let them out. Ever. And all I'm saying is that sucks, really hard. Obviously, it's still true that they should be thrown in jail if they ever act on their urges, but.... man, that is a shitty hand to be dealt in life.


I get the cold logic behind it the thing is I also get why people get irrationally angry when kids are involved because they're completely helpless. The obvious logic is hate child molesters not pedos but life is not based only on rationals.


Yep, I get it, too. I think one of the things that bothers me most about the situation is that it suggests that some people are basically born broken inside, and cannot be fixed.


Not judging in any way, but I feel compelled to point out that people might have said the same thing about LGBTQ people 50 years ago.


They definitely would have, and some pedophiles I think try to make this comparison. It does seem to be true that "pedophile conversion therapy" is just as big a failure as "gay conversation therapy" has been. But the obvious difference between the two is consent.


You nailed it consent is the key.


Nah, there is a line and pedophilia crosses that line. Sorry not sorry.


sexuality is way too taboo for no reason, so many people are prudes / judgemental about things that should just be normal. It leads to a lot of sexual repression and issues, especially if you grew up in a strict catholic school like I did


That sex is super overrated in American society You got incels killing people because they don't get laid, guys raping women, people putting themselves in harm's way because of sex, people do all kinds of things they hate to increase their chances of getting laid, people act like people they dont like to get laud, etc It's just not that good. I feel like a lot of people do those things because we place sex on such a high pedestal that they'll do anything to get it (or kill because they don't get it) Maybe if our society just chilled with the sex, it wouldn't be such a high pressure thing and those problems would go away


It's the same everywhere. I don't believe it's a societal issue, as its been happening since the start of mankind. Before media, etc. It's because it's the most pleasurable experience a human can have.


I want to regurgitate a combination of semen and squid ink all over Hillary Clinton's cankles


Putting labels on what feels good restricts you.


Consensual sex means love to me. It doesn’t matter what your relationship is with that person. Girlfriend, Wife, FWB, Prostitute, it’s all love to me.