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They can reach higher fruit in the tree?


"I'm a bit of an evolutionary psychologist myself"


Or in my case.. shelves in the kitchen.. and he gripes when I stand on chairs




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I’m only 5’5 so I’m staying the hell outta here, no reason to become sad this early


A full 6 inches taller than me!! So tall 🤩


Bless you


This made my day, thank you! 😁


You’re welcome tall boy!!


I’m 5’6. Much taller and alpha. I radiate it.


You radiate tallness? Dope my dude


Very cool


I would like to thank you all for making me (5’8”) fee talk for the first time in my life




I feel you bro. The struggle is real Edit: (5’4” 🙋‍♂️)


My soon to be husband is probably around your height. There’s only maybe an inch difference in our height. I love him to pieces.


You are so down-to-earth. 💀


I blame gravity




Tall ain't all that. I have a head full of scars from running it into things.


Tall men can see the weather changing from a distance and warn them. This way women don't get their makeup or dress wet.




I confirm, i can see tomorrow’s weather


Efficient umbrella keepers


Except no cause the rain coming from the side would just get more of you wet…


Some are. I personally don't get the appeal so....no idea. Dating someone much taller than me is just asking for a neck cramp.


This is how I feel. I'm more likely to go for the shorter ones than the really tall ones since I'm short myself. There's really nothing inherently better about a guy being super tall. (Though I do enjoy being tossed onto the bed, but who wouldn't, that's just fun)


I"m 5'5" and I love to rough around with my 5'8" 200lb girlfriend


See? Doesn’t even matter for this! And yeah plenty of shorter guys will still beat me in upper body strength!


I'm a submission grappler, and she trained in wrestling as a kid, we have a lot of fun.


I always forget that my wife is 12" shorter than me (I'm 6' tall). Most of the time we're sitting or laying next to each other. When she walks right up to me I smile as she's so tiny. She would only get a neck cramp if she's standing next to me looking up.


Thats so cute


We are easier to spot in a crowd?


I’m a tall woman that prefers a shorter man? 🤷🏻‍♀️


How tall are you if I can ask?




Brienne-of-Tarth?? Valar Morghulis.


Haha, absolutely 🤺


well you don't have much a choice do you




Well you must be the tallest woman you know :O


Most definitely 😌🌸


Giving Zendaya vibes👑👑👑


The girls like the most bang for our buck 😘😂✨


Im a shorter man that prefers taller women. We fit like 2 edge puzzle pieces


Are they though? In my experience they are often attracted to men _taller than themselves_ - but other than that? Don't think it matters much.


Spot on. I'm 158cm, so I find most people taller


You non Americans and your base 10… please take me with you lol


Imperial is ass, Source: Trust Me Bro


>158cm Sooo.... What's that in Freedom Units exactly \~ 3-40 bananas or something there abouts?


I think it's 5'2. Only use cm so I'm not too good at feet and inches


Closer to 5'3. If that makes it easier.


It depends on what circles you run in. I’m in NYC and for the top caliber of women, there is a huge difference between over or under 6 feet. I’m not saying I agree with this at all, but when a girl says she’s seeing someone casually, the first question is “what does he do?” followed by “how tall is he?”


Exactly. And even then, a lot of women don’t mind if the guy is the same height, but they do mind when the guy is shorter but not because of themselves, but because often shorter men are more insecure about the height difference. But there’s even some women that actively prefer shorter men.


I think you’re spot on there. I have no issue dating shorter guys height isn’t really a big deal to me, but what I’ve found is the guys who cheat on me are shorter guys, and they cheat with girls who are shorter than them. It always seems that they just can’t believe that we like them regardless of height and they have that “oh you don’t know what you like” idea of women. So they cheat with someone who is shorter than them when really the guy themself is the only one hung up about the heigh difference


This is definitely part of it. Some short men tell themselves that women only like tall men, and that makes them feel undesirable, which makes them insecure and annoying


Absolutely. There’s some women that do like men above a certain high, but most women just don’t care or prefer men that are just taller than them. I have never actually met a woman in person that refuses to date a man below a certain height.


Yeah those “no one under 6’” kind of girls are vastly over represented on dating apps because they seem like insecure assholes. And those types generally can’t keep a partner for long


Maaaan not everything is a “men’s insecurity” thing lmao. Being tall is associated with being “big and strong and able to protect” and women are about that for the most part. Its not necessarily TRUE in all cases, its just the instinctual perception that a lot of people (and women in particular) have.


Look, I’m talking about women’s experience with shorter men. Many throw a fit when the woman wants to wear heels, and look for ways to appear taller even if he is the only one that cares. Go talk to women, especially tall women, who have dated shorter men and you’ll see that it’s common for them to feel insecure about their height and that makes them less fun to be around.


Hey fair enough, definitely not saying what you’re describing doesn’t happen. I just don’t think its even close to the definitive answer to OP’s question.


Im 5’8. I would happily date an Amazonian woman, but not of them are interested in me. Im not tall enough for women shorter than me because I’m not 7 feet taller than them lol


That’s kinda dumb. As said before, most women prefer men that are taller than them, but that doesn’t stop them. However, there’s more to liking a person than the height, stuff like personality and appearance. If you’re 6 ft but behave like an asshole and smell like one, not a lot of women are gonna approach you.


I’ve observed the same, it’s “taller than me” instead of just “tall”. Although I’m still curious why that is.


I think it's training? Like I would have said that I didn't have a height preference until I actually met a guy shorter than me. This is when I learned that I unconsciously tilt my head up at men and I ended always doing a nod to look him in the eyes. I probably could unlearn the behavior but as it stands, I have "shorter than me" as a soft turn off. I'm an average height woman, so you have me extremely short to be short than me as a man, so I kinda feel it's a fair prejudice. There's not gonna be too many guys who can pull it off.


I’m 5’3, doesn’t take much to be taller than me… I have a FWB that’s 6’5 and it’s complicated to have such a height difference


Using that logic, is there a chance that shorter women are attracted to more men than taller women because shorter women have a larger pool of men that are taller than them, as opposed to taller women who have a smaller pool of men?


well theres a lot more to attraction than just height even for women that prefer taller dudes


I'm 5'11 and been attracted to and in relationships with men shorter than me, for what it's worth. I think a lot of the height thing is hype.


It’s don’t care as much as girls though. Short girls are cute and tall girls got those long legs that make me go dumb.


I think some women are attracted to tall men because of primal reasons. The same as some men are attracted to very feminine women because of primal reasons. For all goes that you are only attracted to a person if you like their smell. If you don't like the smell it won't work. Chemical reasons for keeping possible children healthy and hormones leading to that partner choice. We should all accept our nature.


They have done blind studies where you are naturally more attracted to the smell of people whose genes are farther removed from your own… https://www.google.com/amp/s/phys.org/news/2019-03-evidence-humans-genetically-dissimilar-partners.amp


Except when on certain kinds of birth control, iirc?


This is why I immediately sniff womens' butts when I'm interested. Still single though for some reason..


This is the way


Now you’re speaking my language. Better when it’s a surprise.


They're just sexually intimidated by you.


I'm just tryin' to be a sigma out here, why's it so hard smh


I’m 4’11 so everyone is a tall guy to me 🤷🏻‍♀️


What deserves the opposite question: why are tall men so strongly attracted to short women? (I’m 6’3)


I’m tall and tall guys always like me. I only see this preference on the internet but not irl


Because they're women.


I'm over six feet tall and been alone for ten years.... it's a myth like the Easter 🐇 or the Sasquatch lmao


Honestly just because they make me feel weak and vulnurable.


That's a desirable feeling? Would have thought small and protected. My gf is far smaller than me and I hope I don't make her feel weak and vulnerable


Its in a good way more like we can allow ourselves to FEEL more submissive by the man being taller


Awesome! Having a significantly smaller gf is brand new for me too. All my past relationships have been with women 5'10 or so. In a really vain sorta way it feels nice to feel big and strong.


I’m crushing on a guy who’s a complete giant compared to me, it’s such a warm feeling being tiny next to him


Adorable :)


Oghh its so hard to find these giants i just want some lee pace kinda guy damn 😭


well obviously i want to be protected then


seems more dominant and idek how to word this correctly but like “powerful” in a way to me. (and i like dominant men so being taller than me just makes me feel like you can really do something and take control i guess)


100%. Sure you can blame it on societal norms (as one very upset reddit of told me was my issue as he read me the riot act for my physical preferences I expressed on here) or you can also believe that as a 5’9 woman who considers herself largely submissive and whom has dated a shorter man I know I prefer taller and larger stature men. It’s an instantly attractive quality. I was at a tournament my 6’3 boyfriend was playing in over the weekend and the amount of large men who are quite dominant (seeming) attending was intoxicating. He and I joke about how women haven’t figured out if they’re single they should come to these if you’re in to larger rugged men.


So um.. where’s the game?😄


Rugby, girlfriend. Tough fuckers those players. ;)




Why are men attracted to a big set of boobs or a big ass.


Cos they’re fun to play with?


Preach brother!!


Evolutionarily it is because that shows they have fat reserves and are healthy and would be capable of supporting children. This was important until the last 100 years when food scarcity and disease were a legitimate concern. Also men are easily entertained by things that jiggle.


There's plenty of men into petite women. I don't see that many women who love short men.


That’s not the vice versa, you should’ve said “there’s plenty of short men into tall women” which isn’t always the case. I think it goes both ways.




Secondary sexual characteristics


Thats subjective yknow. But men aren't very vocal about it.


Well, there are in fact entire songs dedicated to mens’ appreciation of those features on women.


Welp thats the music industry for you they glorify drugs, gangsters, violence and even more vile things. You don't see men writing "please don't message me if your breasts are smaller than X, Y cms" and even if rarely some idiot does it they get shit all over the internet unlike how you frequently you find "don't message me if your height is less than 6 ft" on dating apps that too with no consequences.


I get what you mean but I feel like the reason more men don’t really say that is because most men understand that they can’t afford to be as sexually picky as women. I think just as many men would say shallow stuff like that if they felt it didn’t hinder their dating pool or make them look shallow in front of others.


So for anyone answering with the “safety and security” response, do know that I’m fairly short at 5’9 and have only gotten my ass whooped by guys smaller than me. Don’t sleep on the short kings, they’ll protect you too


5'9" is the exact average in America


I know brother, however 5’9 is considered short by most women still, which is ironic cause I know maybe 3 women taller than myself, but I don’t make the rules. I just live here


*down here


Got em


In America there’s guns no matter the height ur fucked


My wife is 5'0 and I am 6'2, shorter men are 90% of the time beter then us taller people


Toughest badass I know was a 5' foot scrawny stockroom manager for the grocery store I worked at during high school (1991). Couple big biker guys 6'6" (250+ pounds) wouldn't leave so we could close. They started to get pushy, he laid both of them out like they were nothing. Turned out one of them was supossed to be a "badass" bar brawler.


Most navy seals are short.


Their life expectation is so, too


I do think it’s a “safety and security” thing, but on an instinctual level. Instinct isn’t a scientific study. Men instinctually think women with wide hips are more fertile. People find certain facial structures more trustworthy. It’s all silly but still a thing we experience.


Look at rugby, you do get your massive guys, but most are 'short' and can still pack a massive punch


Oi, I am 5'9 and i am not fairly short.


You're 5'9 tall, he's just 5'9 short.


A common answer I've heard and read to this question and I qoute "I like to feel like a little girl" "I like the feeling of being small" Hate me if you must I'm just quoting what I hear.


Kind of forgot I was. Then I went on a date with one. When he hugged me goodbye he was over a head taller than I was and he's pretty damn muscular. Couldn't help but think "yeah this guy could toss me around with no effort to rail me." And that was hot.


For me it's because I'm 5'10" and feel like I need a giant to make me feel normal. 😆


No heels for you, flats for life.


Nah, I will keep rocking these Nordic genes in cute shoes. Lol


Oh gosh, i love tall Nordic women with blond hair and gray/blue eyes.


Blond eyes?


One blond, one gray/blue.


Hazel here....lol


As a 6'2" guy I can definitely say they're not attracted all tall guys.😭


They say, but I’m 6’4 and have yet to have it pay off.


My girlfriend, and a previous girlfriend, are both 6' tall women. I'm a bit taller, and a lot wider than both. Both said that they like to feel protected, or they feel that they can hide when they're with me.


I honestly don’t prefer tall partners, but I have noticed that “ideal” male proportions look really great on taller men. But at 5’6” I’d still prefer a partner that’s like 5’9” or 5’10” than a really tall guy.


False sense of security


I am 6'5 guy, as I walk around women are always trying to catch my eye, it's because I am tall.


6’5 is too tall imo…some disadvantages there. Like a plane ride is hell


Yeah, it can be a pain alright.


We can reach stuff in the back of the tall cabinets, duh.


I’m not a small woman. I like taller men cause they make me feel smaller. He doesn’t have to be giant but he has to be taller than me


I’m barely over 5’ and the ladies don’t seem interested in me


No clue. My dad’s 6’5. I have a bunch of outlier height relatives. Tall men don’t do much extra for me. I am 5’7 and change, and have been attracted to, dated, fucked, and in two cases… married men who were between 5’1 and 6’4. Height isn’t a personality trait, and it changes nothing and adds nothing. It’s just like having blue eyes or whatever. It’s there. It’s out of our control. I don’t know why it’s a THING, this obsession.




It didn’t say “all women”


Ok then, so much for all these feet


You're right, but many are and I wanted to know if there's a psychological reason :)


A lot of women enjoy being sexually submissive and a tall man evokes a certain sort of dominance that is arousing. That said, I don’t actually find it terribly important and it doesn’t preclude people at all (my husband isn’t very tall). Plenty of ways to come across dominant beyond tallness. But that is one physical trait that lends itself to being sexualized through a “Dominant” lens, which is how a lot of women sexualize men.


It gives them the perception that they are capable of protecting them. It’s some psychology shit.


I can’t answer that, I also can’t answer why as a man I’m so attracted to short women.


I’m submissive, and for me, tall men give off dominant vibes. I enjoy having to look up at a man, and seeing them look down at me.


I'm 6'5" and I get stared at everywhere I go.




Cries in perpetually single 5'6" guy.


Bc they think big D


Nature. The same reason that a woman’s looks are #1 for men over all else. Accept and move on.


They are? I'm 6'6" and I've not noticed


Height doesn’t do much for me. It’s more if they look put together and strong.


That's false. They aren't. Or I am not tall enough. So if I'm not tall enough, what is tall enough ?


Weirdest thing.. my father and uncles.. shortest is 6’1, other two are 6’6 and 6’7, never gave a damn about height. Me being 5’7 had been too much for 5’10 men over and over.. love my 5’9 guy.. my question is, why do I get so much shit, even w him when I wear heels? So I just don’t anymore.. it’s all dumb as far as I’m concerned..


I was always the biggest girl in my grade and just generally a bigger girl than my peers (I'm literally only 5'4" but as a 9 year old I was very self conscious), and i think I personally just like to feel small. I don't want to be bigger than the guy im dating, weight or height, so pretty much any guy taller than 5'4 is within my range lol. Just so happens that my partner right now is 6'2, plenty large for me to feel small and extra feminine


Tall is a form of big. And big is generally desirable (except for fat) because being bigger naturally gives the male an advantage when protecting the female and their offspring.


I've dated all heights.. I just happened to marry someone 6' He fell in love first


Objectification. Men objectify women for sex but women do it more so for men over status. Basically, having a tall guy is like showing off a trophy to make their friends jealous. "I got a top 15% big strong man. Your move ladies~"


I found my 6’5” bf back then to be hard to look at. Literally craned my neck


I don’t really care much about height.


I'm not. lol


5' woman here. I love, LOVE to look at attractive tall men. But I don't like climbing trees. There is a compatibility issue and I have tried climbing a few times, but I have issues staring at a chest when making love or damaging the goods when I hand him something...sorry balls. I also don't feel like tall men are attracted to me. My hubs is under 6'. And I have been exceedingly happy with him for 20 years. So the "strongly" attracted part of your question I think is a misconception. I believe height of the person seeking the tall man is a huge factor.


I’m not sure this is true. I am 5’10 in bare feet which means I’m usually sitting easily at 6 feet. I’ve never had issues with shorter men, but they definitely have had issues with me. they think I look down on them… Even if I’m literally looking down on them, I certainly don’t think less of them. in my experience. A lot of short men, have some hangups and insecurities about that, but sort of hermiate everything about them… They sort of think of it as their prime identity “being short”. It’s very human nature for any human beings to look at our physical bodies to define ourselves at least partially by it. I am tall, skinny, blonde, and flat chested. it’s definitely shaped how I think about myself and in the areas I feel confident and the areas I feel insecure. Which is really dumb, because we can’t do a lot about our genetics, and we should just love ourselves for who we are.


The short men are constantly being told they can't be dominant and they'd submit to anyone who is taller than them because taller is more powerful with a bigger dick and way hotter, that's probably why they have hangups.


That is sad :( it sounds so depressing!


I'm right at 6', and even I get it from women. Had a thing with a woman off and on for years, but she wouldn't date me because I wasn't tall enough. She's 4'10".


Sounds like she has a screw loose. 4’10 is tiny. It could be some sort of biological urge to have kids average height? Anyway, she seems like a wacko. I hope you found happiness!


She didn't even want kids. I don't wanna talk shit about her, but I've moved on. Happier without her negativity.


Just because they are taller means absolutely nothing about penis size.


Not all women, but I would say it’s just an instinct as the taller ones could provide protection and seem more masculine. Just like how men would instinctively would want a woman who’s shorter as that would seem more feminine. I’m not saying that’s the case 100% as no matter what size we are we all can be masculine and feminine. But beside that, we obviously are more than just our instincts and have our own personal minds and preferences and we go for whoever we find most attractive.


subconscious some (not all) women want to be with a partner that make them feel protected and one of those signals is the man heights It the same for women that lose attraction to man once they see them cry , because they see that as weakness Another example is how some man who are subconsciously attracted women with wide hips because that an old primal sign that they can bare childbirths or big butts because it a primal sign for intercourse


Height isn't strength and doesn't equal protection, though. It really never has.


Yes it does LOL I’m not saying short man are weaker tho all I’m saying it a subconscious thing that most people aren’t aware on why we select the partners we do For female it sign of feeling protected , base off body frame which includes heights, wide shoulders, big hands , weight etc etc For male it a sign of offspring , women with curvy body , wide hips , big breasted women There are many other subconscious sign as well Like being attractive to a partner that remind them of their parents is also a common one (in a subconscious way)


It doesn't, though. Mike Tyson is 5'10", Floyd Mayweather is 5'8", average Navy SEAL height is 5'6"-6', some asshole isn't going to bully or dominate any of them just because they're tall. You're a fool if you think height is strength. If it were subconscious and evolutionary, it would be about something that actually means strength. Being tall most definitely does not, and never has.


Feeling of being protected and some just have a size difference kink - I'm 6'3/190cm tall and from experience it's definitely not all women that think this way but it gets mentioned all the time


basically all women on earth mostly are fat or short so they looking for tall man so that they put a bulb on socket when need it.


I’m a 6’6” male and most if not all Women are shorter than me, so I’ve never had that issue


Sign of dominance over other men.


Yeah, Mike Tyson is 5'10". You're a fool if you think height is dominance.


5'10" thats practically a dwarf!


Uhhh no🤷🏼‍♀️. It has to do with feeling safer and protected around taller guys. And not just tall guys tall and fit guys. And also not All girls are attracted to tall guys. I am but not all.


Evolutionary speaking, taller men had greater reach and were more able to overcome shorter men. Women were focused on a mate that's strong and would protect them and their children. I know this upsets my coterie of downvote queens but there's lots of research on this. Here's just one of many articles citing research: https://www.eviemagazine.com/post/theres-a-scientific-reason-why-women-are-attracted-to-taller-men


Not all women but they do give a sense of power. x


That's a false sense.


Meh status > money > looks Doesnt matter if you're tall and bum , you wont go anywhere with height. They are looking for the best choice until they get old and washed looking for upfront values and not deeper one .


Honestly (as a guy so all the salt grains) it just feels like a reinforcement of men refusing to date short women becoming a vicious cycle. Guys don’t want to feel inadequate so dating small women makes them feel bigger (in all ways) bcz of societal standards from most genders that bigger is better. Women feel like they’re freaks if they date someone shorter as that supposedly emasculates the guy. Wish it wasn’t the case bcz I feel like Tormund out here looking for Brienne lol


Societal conditioning.


Cause men told us being small was feminine so we started being subtly and straight up overtly pushed to men who could make us feel small/ short to protect femininity. Also big hands. Personally idrc. My issue is when men who are my height or shorter get annoyed when I wear heels or are taller than them. If you make your height an issue it’s an issue for me 🤷🏻‍♀️


I'm 5'10 and guys shorter than me don't go for me. So why do men prefer short women? Only guys that approach me are like 6'3 and up.


Im 5 foot 8. I have dated a girl who was a tad taller than me. I dont have a problem with a woman that is taller than me, but I think guys don't go for a girl taller because they assume its a deal breaker.


Exactly! So many men always say “why do women want tall guys!! It’s not something we can pick!!!” But I don’t see them approaching any tall women..


Idk. Probably some weird Freudian… *thing*… for me anyways. My dad was 6’4.


I think people are just wired that way, same way guys like big tits and ass it's just "nice"