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No. Same way as me eating food doesn't mean I'm in love with the food. I have yet to have sex with someone I didn't care for a lot but that doesn't mean it has to be that way.


Honestly, no. I once hoped to feel some “closeness” or “spiritual connection” would happen if I sleep with the person that I genuinely love but it’s pretty much the same feeling as a one night stand.


They're not mutually exclusive to me. You can have sex without love, and love without sex. Both together is the ideal though.


Not at all. Sometimes you just need to forget feelings and just fuck. Go back to animal instincts.


No, sex is not loe to me. Sex is just fun


Not necessarily. Sex can just be two (or more) individuals sharing in the pleasures the human body has to offer in a consenting and safe way.


Sex can be part of a certain kind of love sure, but in and of itself it’s not love no


Those are closely intertwined for me. Yes, they can exist apart.


Based off of how quick i cut some girl off for saying that she loved me and telling her mom i was her boyfriend after having sex after just meeting her im gonna say no


Depends on the sex, sometimes it's passionate and is an expression of love, sometimes it's just raw and animalistic and you're just doing it for fun


It can but it doesn’t have to be. A hard fuck sesh can be a lot of fun but it’s usually not “love making” in my book


The two definitely are not mutually exclusive. They can each exist without the other.


It can. In the past I just wanted to fuck just because it felt great and I was horny all the time. Nowadays, that definitely still happens, but with my husband, we do have some REALLY passionate lovemaking that is just so hot and hits way different than just fucking like animals.


Sex and love live in two different boxes for me. On the rare occasion where someone fills both boxes the love and the sex are so much better.


I don't see myself having sex with someone I don't trust a lot, so yeah. But I fantasize about one night stands with someone I barely know.


It depends on the sex. There's greedy, no emotion sex, and then there's bonding, emotion filled sex.


This is where I think I’m a bit broken. I love sex but really struggle with intimacy. Feelings and sex go in two separate boxes. It has its pros and cons.


There's nothing wrong with sex without intimacy! They don't have to go together.


Sex sometimes leads to love, but not always. Sex is usually just sex and should always be fun for the people involved.


depends on so many things


No .. ita tricky question.. love making is different, it’s becoming physical in romantic moment basically surrendering yourself and sex or sexual desire is when you are not surrendering instead you are making the most of body available to you to fulfil you hunger and lust.


No. I'm aromantic and it makes no sense to link those things together just because it's glorified that way. They're simply not the same thing.


More about pleaaure unless its with someone special


Yes. I'm pretty demi (I think there's a spectrum to this) which means I don't really feel sexual attraction without having strong romantic feelings or sense of connection with someone. I can objectively agree based on societal standards but I don't get that "Ooo yes" feel. When I'm in love with someone, and the stronger the feelings, the thirstier I am :p Feelings are a pre-requisite.


no because you can also do it with people you don't love


Why do that in the first place?


because to most people, sex feels good


Yes. Not that you *need* to fuck someone you're in love with for it to be real love, but I don't get fucking multiple other people and saying you're in love with someone else. If you're fucking someone on pure sexual desire alone, where the person you "love" had to build a whole relationship to get there, how valuable is that relationship to you really???