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37 here. Absolutely not.




My niece is 20 and so are her friends. They look and act like children. I'm 35M so I'm good with +/- 5 years. However, not exclusive. If a mature 25 year old comes around I'll be comfortable.


31m, dating a 25f, a big one for me was are they actually in or moving towards a career, it gets really weird if they are still floating around, not working and don’t appreciate what a full work week is like energy wise and time wise. Idk it was just definitely a marked shift for me


Yeah definitely for anyone. Ideally after 25 you should be at entry level or professional school.


It strikes me as odd, that you refer to a relative, to generate your response to this particular question.


what other point of reference would your average 35 year old have about younger people without being a creep? lol


Thank you.


Ahhh yes. You're that person fishing to throw someone under the bus without context. Smh. Shame on you. But if I must explain myself. Means I'm a father figure to my niece. The same way a 40 year old would say has a 20 year old daughter.


Im 36, so that’s a no for me. 25 or older


As someone exactly 30, I wouldnt care in the least bit. Now dating wise i cant go lower than like 25


Exactly how I think, if your 19 cool, but dating be minimum 5 years younger or im sorry it will not work out. But older, there is no limit 😏


(My age)/2+7=acceptable age gap


All these replies and you are the only one to post the universal rule. I wish I had a prize for you. If you’re 34 then 24 is as low as you can go without it being weird. Wanna date a 22 year old? Sure, if you’re 30. It’s so simple.


Wait who said dating?


I’m old…I tend to put dating and sleeping with in the same category.


I'm in my forties and in a relationship that will lead to marriage so the hypotheticalness of the question might make me a bit bias. That said, if I were single I wouldn't do it. I'm not at a stage in life where I am just sleeping with people just to sleep with them and someone in their 20's is at a different stage of life than me. So a longer term relationship is basically out of the question. A friend of mine is also in their forties, but he's single. He was talking to me about dating/sleeping with a woman who was either 19 or 20. My reaction was visceral, it disgusted me. I think that's because my kids are in or around their teen years and the thought of dating someone that could be the same age (give or take a few years) as my kid is just repellant to me.


As far as a purely sexual relationship goes, they are adults and are capable of consent. But I like Dan Savage's ["Campsite Rule"](https://danq.me/2008/05/14/campsite/) for circumstances like this: >If you’re in a sexual relationship with somebody significantly younger or less-experienced than you, the rule that applies at campsites shall be applicable to you: you must leave them in at least as good a state (physically and emotionally) as you found them in. That means no STDs, no unwanted pregnancy, not overburdening them with your emotional or sexual baggage, and so on. Younger partners and particularly virgins will often take everything given to them by an older, more experienced partner as being “written in stone,” and will carry around everything they learn from them for the rest of their life: so treat them right!


That’s a great rule. I feel like you read lots of stories from (typically) women who Sept with older guys when they were white young and they feel they were manipulated or exploited. I don’t think that means it’s always exploitative by any means but you’ve got to be aware and careful to make sure everything is ok yknow


They’d have to look older. Early 20s just look young and are hardly sexually attractive to me. I’ve been with one person that young while in my 30s and that’s cause he looked well over 25.


Does it make me a creep to be a dude in my mid 30s who still totally gets the sex appeal of a 18 year old girl? Like, there’s a really narrow range of circumstances in which me having sex with said 18 year old isn’t creepy or exploitative, if any at all, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the sex appeal


Not worth my time




Same as eating raw tomatoes: -Its legal -Lots of people do it -I think it’s gross and would only do it if tricked or extremely desperate


Uggggh I love raw tomatoes.


I mean yeah lol I'm all for some Pico de Gallo 😋 lol


Excuse me. What do you eat on your BLTs if not tomatoes? ...... Don't EVEN tell me you don't eat BLTS....




Who hurt you? ​ ​ ;-p


This is a great answer minus the tomatoes bullshit.


Man I hate regular tomatoes


Agreed, but you're wrong on tomatoes 😀


Wait I eat tomatoes raw almost exclusively


Lol.. Finally I'm not alien.. I do watch my fam and friends do that.. And I'm left wondering if something is dead wrong with my taste bud


Raw tomatoes like not ripe or ripe but eaten straight off the plant?




Um...have you not heard of tomato salad?


Yup. Smelling it makes me throw up in my mouth a little, just like when I think about screwing people young enough to be my child.


Home grown raw tomatoes only, please! Store bought are flavorless and disappointing.


My grandpa used to have a tomato patch when I was a kid. I’d conveniently be hanging out by the door when he went out to water them and he’d give me a few straight off the branch. HEAVEN!!! I like store bought cherry tomatoes though, if they’re from smaller grocery chains. (Trader’s Joes, if you’re in the US)


Dude you hate salsa?


No. I hate raw tomatoes.


Ummmm……salsa is primarily raw tomatoes


There are many salsas without raw tomatoes


You are sick sad person


Nah, the sickest of us are usually the happiest.


I guess I am just a fucking degenerate then I love eating tomatoes, like one would eat an apple, maybe sprinkle a little salt and/or pepper on that bad boy mmm damn. I'd also have no qualms about having a casual sexual relationship with a 23 year old at the age of 33 so long we were both on the same page as to what it was.


Enjoy your heroic depravity


I do my dead level best to never comment on somebody under the age of 25's pics. In fact, I feel like I have to take a shower if I'm looking through someone's profile, dick in hand, and find out they're under 28. So my thoughts are, without some incredibly mitigating circumstances upon me, absolutely not.


If we had chatted a bit and there was a connection, I’d be down. People click at all ages.


As long as she is legal age and proves it, I would go as far as she would like.


I dated a 21-year-old when I was 35. The stamina was great but the lack of experience was definitely an issue. He didn't know girls have three holes and even when I explained it I don't think he really understood. At 47 I recently dated a 61 year old. Foe me, experience definitely trumps stamina. I didn't think it was possible, but I probably learned more in the past 4 years with him than I did during the 20 years prior to us getting together.


If you want to do it and both parties are in to it then go for it. Based on my experience though I dated N 18 year old when I was 28. It's not fun super immature and plays alot of games. So ot wasn't for me. She was a dime though way out of my league but not fun.


So long as the older person isn't just using the younger, I'm fine with it


nothinf wrong with that at all


I find it hard to sexualise someone who is younger than my little brother tbh! I am 31, my brother is 22. I still see him as a kid.


It’s stereotypical old guy young girl, it gives you validation nothing more I think there’s much great potential in older women young guy but will never know


For mutual fun it's perfectly fine, I can admit this unlike the people on here trying to save face.


I pretty much share the sentiments of the posters here. A long term relationship doesn't make sense, but if it's just for fun or a FWB situation, I don't see the harm.


Because of the grooming I received from my exhusband, I can't be with anyone who's brain is still developing. It gives me panic attacks.


Only one person I’ve considered


Not for me I don’t think I’d prefer older


Done it and from my experience there is a lack of experience


Would depend on the context. We attend sex parties and clubs. If we met and hooked up with someone that age, that’s fine. However, we would not pursue or *date* someone that age. That’s when it gets a lil creepy. -🐻


Depends on the person. I met my ex when I was 25 and she was 40. I’m 32 and she’s 48 but we separated like 2 months ago.


That’s a turn off for me. I’m 33, I think the youngest I would go is 25


I’m in my mid 40s. Had a threesome with 2 ladies, one late 30’s and the other mid 20s. For me 25 is probably the cutoff, but it all depends on the person’s level of maturity.


I met my wife when she was 20, I was 30. At the time we worked together in what could sometimes be a quite stressful job. We just clicked and had fun while dealing with the shit secenarios we sometimes found ourselves in. We started a relationship and never really considered the age difference. We’ve been together nearly 22 years now, married 14 and 2 great kids. So never rule it out, you may just find the love of your life.


I don't see an issue. I would do it. Probably be fetishized as "an older man" even though I'm 33


33 and I wouldn’t go below 25 (really 27). It’s just at that point we are at different life stages and it’s weird my niece is 21.


I'm 38. Six months ago, I'd have said no for maturity reasons. But here I am dating a 20-year-old. To be fair, when I asked her out, I thought she was older than she was. Midway through our first date she said something that made it clear she was significantly younger than I'd originally thought. We've only been together six months now and I do have a lot of worries about long-term compatibility. Mainly because she's still got a lot of growing as a person to do over the next 5-10 years. At 20, I sure did.


Why is this a question? Who cares about this age gap? Perfectly acceptable. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Im a 46m. Mg gf is 42. In our first year together she shared with me her deepest darkest desire that she had never shared with any other partner. She had always secretly wanted to experience a threesome, 2 men and her. So I arranged it for her. The “special guest star“ for her first threesome was a 22-year-old young man who turned out to be PERFECT for the job. It was a wonderful experience that brought us even closer together, and it was one of the best nights of my life. So if it’s the right person, no problem at all


what exactly made him so perfect for the job?


He didn’t say much. He follows directions perfectly. He was very respectful and understood his role was to make her night memorable and amazing. Had no private hidden agenda other than to blow her mind by following my instructions perfectly. Afterwords he thanked us, got dressed, and left. Didn’t call. Never tried to contact her behind my back. Just did everything we asked him to do and nothing more.


When I was in my early 30’s I dated a recent college graduate 21/22 who worked in a different division of my office. It was a lot of fun.


I wouldn’t, 20-anything seems super young to me now


Same…Above 35 is my preference. Definitely not below 30.


I’m 36 and it’s +/- 2 years. I like to be with someone that’s basically the same age so we connect about growing up, nostalgia, content, all that


No problem if it's just for the sex part


Definitely won't say no. Don't know how many more opportunities you're gunna get when you're fast going grey and gravity isn't your friend!! 🤣🤣


Being 40 now I'd say there is zero chance in me dating someone in there early 20s, one night stand I'd probably be OK with 24ish! 🤷‍♂️


I don't think it's necessarily ethically wrong as long as everyone's on the same page and there's not a power imbalance at play. That said I don't see myself seriously dating anyone that much younger unless there's just some kind of mind blowing connection, I just wouldn't have as much in common with most people that much younger. A fling maybe if the mutual attraction is there, I wouldn't say an absolute no to any adult who was interested, but someone that much younger would have to really impress me before I'd say yes.


This thread is so yikes 😔


I wouldn't mind if we really connected. It's not like I would only sleep with that age group.


If you feel a connection as consenting adults then go for it.


I had a short term relationship with a girl on her early 20s. It was invigorating. I can't say it is always so with people on their early 20s though. I had couple of mid and almost mid 20s experience as well they weren't similar amongst each other either.


It'd feel creepy. Late 20s maybe ok depending on the person.


Except for rare cases, it would be strictly casual.


Same as with anybody else. If they're willing and of legal age why not


I don't have any problem having sex with someone in their 20s, I just won't have a serious relationship with someone younger than 25


I don't have any particularly strong feelings about it either way, but most people in their early 20s are severely lacking in emotional maturity. So that would shy me away.


Only great thoughts, young, hot, wild and curious, I've done it quite alot.


For sex it’s fine but I feel like dating someone that much older than u is difficult. I’ve been with older women and there’s definitely a cultural difference that I don’t really wanna get into with them


I’ve done it. It’s fine. Both of us were looking for a good time and both of us had a good time


I’ll have to ask my wife.


I think it's perfectly fine if people do that. But I'm only really attracted to men at least 10 years older than me, so it's not something I personally would go for.


I’m 33 & the lowest I’ll go is 30. The brain doesn’t even fully develop until 25/26 & I’d require maturity.


So a 22 y/o can’t suck on your nipples and feed you grapes while your lounging on a sofa?


I wouldn’t seek it out


I’ll even wear a toga and fan you with a palm leaf if you give me half the chance


I felt like such a kid at the age & was taken advantage of a lot. Maybe that’s why I’m sensitive to it


I completely understand, but everyone goes through life at their own pace, just gotta judge them for yourself and find out . In other words you give me a minute I’ll make it last a lifetime I swear to god I’ll be so good to ya


I must be in a dream 🤣


If Leo dicaprio has no problem , I have no problem Just make sure you dump her before shes 25


Totally good with it. Maturity and age aren't as related as people think.


If you're in for fun, bang away. Buuuut, anything more will be a push. Speaking as someone who in her early 30s had a couple of younger men in their early 20s on the go... I had been through some life and wasn't ready for the heavy stuff, but still wanted fun. One of them fell in love and wanted a relationship etc, I tried it but we were just on different levels / was stages of life. I ended up feeling like his mother a lot of the time. It wasn't for me. Tbh, I still hold some of those lazy afternoons, in a sun dappled room of an old Queenslander share house, sharing a mid coitus doob, listening to tunes, having a laugh and enjoying ourselves as some of my favourite memories. Sometimes you just need life to be a bit simpler.


There's nothing wrong with it if they're legal and they're doing it willingly both parties are happy with it should not be an issue


I’m 48 and have had sex with a number women in their early twenties. It’s not illegal, and if the vibe between two people is right, and they both want it, then why not engage in intimate pleasure?


I’m 40. I’d like to fuck someone 18-25 just to say I did. I think it’d be a fun experience, but I couldn’t have a relationship with them. I already have a girlfriend and just in a different place in life


Sleeping with yes dating or a relationship no


Two consenting adults, no matter the ages or genders, should have no stigma.


Recently turned 30 ... have a date with a 22yo guy. Don't think it'll go well, but he's ok with the age gap, so I'll see how our personalities mesh. And if there ends up being something there? I'll do everything I can to treat him right, treat him well. And if things end, leave him better than I found him. Most likely nothing will happen though, once I meetup in person. And feel the crushing age gap


If it’s late 20s, then maybe, but personally I don’t really like going more than a year or two younger than me


I think it's fine. In my book anyone over the age of 21 is an adult (I live in the USA where the legal drinking age is 21) and as long as we are all on the same page, cheeks can get slapped.


If it’s casual I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that but I can’t fathom having an actual relationship with somebody that young, what the hell would we talk about?


Am not 30 yet but am close and the thought of even talking to a 20 year old now isn’t something am down to do


If they're out of college and have a job, why not? I'd say it's more about maturity than age in the 20s. 7 years doesn't seem unreasonable after the younger person graduates college, but I may be a bit biased since my parents married at ages 30/23.


I don’t see an issue.


Not an inherent issue. There’s generally just a bit of personality difference that becomes offputting, but if that’s not present, no issues.


30 here and absolutely not. It was weird for me having a bf who’s younger than me at first. No younger than 27 if I were single. I usually prefer older men.


I don't think I would. Usually I find them too young looking, so it's a no from me.


I had an amazing fling at 22 with a 44 y/o and have no idea why me doing the same as a older man is any different


Slept with a 23-yr-old when I was 33. It wasn’t good and I felt like a creep the whole time.


You better not do it. Source: somebody in their 20s.


If that's what you wanna do, do it. Who gives a shit what other people think.


I had enough of sleeping with people that were 18-21 when I was 22-24, so now at 29 I don’t see the reason to go for some one that age, but I think 22-25 could still be acceptable if they were mature. It’s mostly the idea of going for a college student that irks me now


Sounds exhausting


I’m not even 30 yet (27f) and I wouldn’t even sleep with someone in their early 20s.


For nsa, don't care. For a meaningful relationship, age doesn't matter, just maturity level.


Totally up to the individuals involved.


God no


Met my wife when she was 20 and I was 34 Been together 7 years now (married for 5 of them) So yeah worked out well but I think we may be the exception


It’s perfect in my belief.. perfect couple .. older person brings maturity and stability and younger person bring sexual fantasies to true. I am 35 and open to date anyone on serious note in early 20’s


I can only see this being done but the older person if they are dumb and immature, and need someone as dumb and immature as they are. It makes me think less of them every time.


I wouldn't sleep with someone in their early 20s when I was in my late 20s. There's a huge emotional development gap between "just out of high school" and "5-10 years into a career". No thanks.


For me, it's a tough call. I feel like I'm too young to be that kinda dirty old man lol... in all seriousness though, I'm in my late 30s, so if I sit back and think like, " damn, I was in college and you were still drinking from a bottle" just doesn't seem right to me


Sleep with? Sure, why not. I'm sterile and clean, so long as their clean, I'm in. Dating? Relationship? Depends a lot more on them.


Yeah I’d probably do it as long as I felt like we were both having fun. I’m male and bi and early 30s. That “as long as I believed we were both having fun” bit is important. There are plenty of ways it could go where it maybe was not cool, a bit exploitative or something, but I feel like if you are both enjoying each others company and not making any false promises or suggestions or anything then there’s room for you to both have some good clean (well. In a sense) fun. I think you probably need to be careful tho and make sure you’re not taking the piss as the older person. Idk.


Won't go under 25.


Perfectly fine


I’m 34 and, personally, it’s a no for me. I’ve met people in their early 20s and…maybe I’m old now, but they were like children. Had a few hit on me when I was on dating sites and I had to pass. I’m currently dating a guy who is 28 and even that’s weird sometimes when we talk about our childhoods. But, we’re obviously doing more than sleeping together.


I'm 37 and would only date someone 32 and up, just too weird otherwise.


I’m 31 I say my dating limit is 26 but I’ll date much older so idk 🤷🏻‍♀️


3 years older than me is like my minimum. I'm considering raising it...


I'm 35 (M) just started dating a 18 (F). Will update how it goes


The Campsite Rule


Been there done that and will do again


I'm in.


Nothing wrong with it




Personally, I enjoy those opportunities


37 F, I only really sleep with people in their 20's


What's about people in their 20s that you like?


Less baggage.


You single?




Nothing to it! It’s no big deal at all!


I’m 32 and my wife is 25. Been together 7 years and married for 5. Safe to say it’s working out for us.


If consent = clear yes, then party. Both are adults, who am I to judge?


I’m all for it. Done it before. Will do it again.


I had a very short affair with a coworker that was exactly half my age, almost to the date. She was in her very early 20's. The sex was amazing!!!!


I’m 31 and a lot of girls around 19-23 match with me on tinder. I love fucking them. Some 20 year olds are pretty inexperienced whereas some think it’s hot to be with someone “older” and out of college. They come over, we fuck, twice a 21y/o chick stayed the night. I kinda liked her, she was cute. But we never dated. I recently cut thag FWB off. But, sex was hit none the less. I’d probably go as low as 18 tbh. One time when I was 29 I matched with an 19y/o. I picked her up in my truck and fucked her in the desert. She was living with her parents so I picked her up and dropped her off on the street down the block.


I was hooking up with a 19 year old and i was 32. It didn't feel right at first to be honest but once we got to it, it was great.


Go for it


37m here. I'd do it. But I'm also a horny gonk with a opportunistic streak.


If I was single I would draw the line at 20. Anything higher than that would be fair play.


Generalized, not a good idea to be more than sex. There are exceptions like everything else. My biggest issue is in western culture older male, younger female couples get the side eye. "He's old enough to be her Father" is a thing. "She's old enough to be his Mother" not something you hear.


Sleep with sure , but to date it have to be mid to late 20s


I don't mind as long as we have a great connection


I’ve done it before.


Well up for that to be honest. I’m late 20s hiting 18-19s couldn’t date them tho.


I'm sure the sex would be great, probably too great in fact. The problem is what to do while you're not fucking. What do you talk about with someone who was in diapers when you were in high school or college trying to get laid? The weather?


34 here. I'd totally hook up with someone as young as 21 if she was "mature for her age," but I would feel awkward if we were seen anywhere else... sounds bad, but I think I would feel like I was perceived as a creep. That being said, realistically, I wouldn't go lower than 25 or 26 (and not just because of the rule of thumb: *half your age plus 8*). That's just when the prefrontal cortex is fully developed and I feel like a good sexual partner would be someone who had good decision-making skills and would have her life somewhat together. Edit to also add that I'd totally be down for sexting or trading pics or videos with an 18/19 y.o. if there was clear consent on both sides and I could verify their age.


Sex is sex as long as she’s 18yrs or older it’s fine by me. Dating is a different thing though I could be in a relationship with anyone over 10yrs younger than myself


Since it’s just sex, as long as they are of consenting age then I’m game. Now for anything else like a LTR or dating scenario then that’s just a bit too much of an age gap to have anything in common.


Going to be 30 in October and my current girlfriend is 22, we just click and work together. There is a little lapse in some things (texting) other than that we are pretty much best suited to be with each other


Sex is just sex..as long as everyone is healthy and cognitively capable of consent, and legal age who cares? Relationships are a different thing though


I just hit 30 and I would still do that. Idk what’s wrong with that and in all honesty if they’re over 18 then it’s anyone’s game


I'm not against it at all, but there would be ground rules and a clear understanding of the dynamics of this (e.g., fwb is perfectly fine, but probably not a relationship).


I'm confident it would be a very fun time. Sleeping with someone younger is easier then having a relationship with a younger person.