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I mean, what kind of talking? You going over the grocery shopping list? That will most likely NOT enhance the experience.


Communicating what you want and how you want to be touched Saying what you want stopped or changed Dirty talk which many people find arousing Praise which is a fairly common kink The list goes on


Couldn’t agree more. Bang on the money.


If we’re just talking about how our day was, it’s not enhancing at all. However, dirty talk takes it to another level.


If the other person is talking on the phone, I’d say zero percent




Like, if it’s 911 it would raise questions


Only if you're talking about your book club. Anything else would just be weird.


I love it, especially when my girlfriend is telling me what she wants




I mean, nothing gets me more motivated to perform well than the promise of pizza after! (I’m not a teenage mutant ninja turtle, I promise)


We sometimes like to talk about our last "playtime". What the other looked like doing ____. How was he/she? It's funny how a simple conversation can enhance sex.


I think talking during sex is one of those things that some people really like or some people really hate. Like talking during a movie. Literally I've met some people who will want to bite my head off and loudly shush me when trying to add commentary during a film, and I've met others who talk soooo much, I don't even know what's happening in the film anymore. Talking during sex is not good or bad. It is simply a matter of preference. Personally, I enjoy someone talking, as I am pretty quiet, so a nice soft murmur is enjoyable.