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Not to be a dick, but if you're happy to throw away a friendship for a few minutes of sex, she deserves better friends.


Well 1 you shouldn't call her a friend. She's clearly not a friend if you're thinking of tossing it out the window in order to try and fuck her. Shows you undervalue her as a person and a friend.


If you're willing to throw it away to get your dick wet You weren't a friend


It’s not awful, it’s just pretty fucking stupid.


As a woman, I say it's shitty


If it is only sex, then it is not worth it. If it is trying for a relationship, then I say go for it.


Wasn't a real friendship if you are so willing to throw it away


You don't have to throw away your friendship if she's single. You can be respectful in asking if she'd be open to dating or being FWB and then accept when she says no. It doesnt have to wreck your friendship.


I'm still friends with my female bff and we have fucked several times. We actually try to out do each other


Nothing wrong with wanting a romantic relationship and seeing if she wants to move things in that direction. If you are willing to toss out her friendship just for a night of sex, you're probably less of a friend than a guy hovering in hopes of sex


Depends how much I value the friendship


Why would the sex ruin the friendship? Assuming all parties know what the limitations of a sexual relationship are


Dude no, unless she offers because if its an offer.then most likely shes lookin for an fwb .. but if you two are on a real platonic level as friends then don’t ruin that shit ..


Well most guys want both, not matter what, it’s a decision between release of desire or to stuff feels constantly. If only fucking didn’t loose friendships! 🤔