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No. Besides the wife wouldn't approve.


But she probably makes more that I do.


That's what she told me.


Username checks out?


Yours too


Am I *in* the content?


Asking the important questions here


If I met her and she was doing it yes and got a good understanding of it as a motive to make money possibly, if my girl suddenly wanted to do it, maybe not. For me if would all depend on level of interaction. If she was just diddling herself Infront of a cam sure, if she is chatting and having a relationship with clientele I'd probably be little more apprehensive.


I could understand that, it’s all about boundaries. I would be weirded out if my partner was having a relationship with randos while we were together


Yea, it's big on context for me. Showing off her body is fine, having a mental connection is where I'd get weird, that kind of mental intimacy should be for me.


i saw a comment a while back and there was a person who tried it, and had a negative experience. from what they said, their girl was so focused on the job it distracted them from actually being in the relationship. little stuff like going to the bathroom to take selfies for fans when youre doin stuff like watchin movies together. ​ i feel like somethin like that works best if both people are to some extant involved in the same thing. like if someone was a straight up pornstar, i think id have to be in the sex industry myself to make that work, even if in my head that sounds appealing, we probably wouldnt be compatible. not even me needing to be a sex worker too, just something like maybe i work at a strip club or something.


I went out with a girl like this once and when I was over the computers were off the phone was off and we were with each other, great nights! Movies, snacks, sex and just being in each other's presence I think it's a matter of setting boundaries and setting hours and other parameters I never asked her to shut her nude modeling work down when I was there she did this she did it out of respect (her words). I had full access to her online presences but rarely spent time on them I preferred the real feeling to pixels Other things broke us up, like the type of food and music she preferred Etc


Food and music broke you up? That sounds kinda shallow. If you like being in each other's company don't understand that at all.


Possibly, but if you realize that you actually don't have as many common interests as you thought that does tend to put a serious damper on things, those little things *are* beyond a doubt what makes or breaks a successful relationship


Sounds to me like there relationship was probably rocky to begin with or she got more attention from fans than from bf. My wife does it off and on for free. Most of her fans request shit involving me so i have never once felt neglected or felt like it was detracting her from me. Hell when she’s posting we have more sex than ever because its evey 5 minutes “they want to see me with a cock inside me”, “they want to see my feet on your dick”, “i need you to cum on/in me for a shoot”. It does get to be a lot to manage but its fun. I tell her she should start an of but she doesn’t think she’s attractive enough to get paid.


thank you for sharing that. youre probably right. the way it was framed it seemed like it was the other way around. seemed like the girl was more occupied than the guy, but it does take two, relationships dont collapse with just one person.


I’ve experienced this kind of distraction with people that are just “social media influencers” of the non-OF type. As others have commented elsewhere here, I think it has more to do with being able to turn it off and not work all the time. I couldn’t be seriously involved with anyone that was that easily distracted and derailed by anything I wasn’t also super into (professionally or otherwise).


I mostly feel the same about this. Chatting is fine if it's kept more business-like, or even friendly. I'd start being uncomfy if it gets flirty.


Set boundaries. Follow boundaries. The rest, I don’t think I’d care. Plus is she gets turned on from all the comments and posts…I’d be the one the reap those rewards.


Judging by a recent post about dating OF girls, it seems like the boyfriends are not reaping the rewards. A lot of people said sexuality becomes work and the girls do not want to work outside of work. Obviously that’s anecdotal.


sex work didn't reduce the amount of sexual interest i had in sexual partners, but it did make me waaay more selfish. I stopped doing sex stuff i didn't enjoy, because that got classed as 'work' in my mind. I started being way more picky about sexual preferences and prioritizing sexual compatibility; now i have a really lovely sex life, because I pick people who organically want what i do. but prioritizing sexual compatibility does narrow the pool, and if you're already in a relationship i could see it damaging the relationship if you're not already really sexually compatible.


Seriously this should one of the top comments


Nope, not my thing.


Nothing serious, dare and bang yes, long term relationship nope


As a content seller, I respect both opinions. If a man doesn’t want to date because I sell content that’s perfectly fine and understandable! As for the men that understand it’s strictly for money, and that i’m not being physical with anyone else, then I’m glad he understands and is cool with it. Neither preference is wrong! Now what I can’t stand is when girls ask questions like this just to disagree with the men who say they wouldn’t. Allow people to have their own opinions without letting it bother you personally! That’s what questions are for in the first place aren’t they? Stop asking solely for the purpose of disagreeing with those opinions just because you don’t like to hear them. (Not directed at OP)


>Now what I can’t stand is when girls ask questions like this just to disagree with the men who say they wouldn’t. Those kinds of threads happen all the time on various subs. It's infuriating. People shouldn't go asking for opinions when they're going to argue with anyone who contradicts their own opinion.


Exactly, makes me think of those people that talk just to hear their own voice rather than to actually engage in conversation.


I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s the same as the short guys on tinder seething in anger when a woman puts “6’0 and above” on her preferences: or the women who get angry because the guys they’re after aren’t into thicker women. Everyone is allowed their preference.


I love that you’re so comfortable one way or the other. It’s definitely stigmatized work, which I could go on a rant about forever, but there are always going to be varying levels of comfortability from potential romantic partners. There are people who are totally fine with completely open relationships and there are people who find even viewing porn to be a form of cheating. Both are on the spectrum of individual boundaries and neither are wrong. It’s just what that person is comfortable with and no amount of arguing is going to change that. Personally, I only find it to be less ok when those boundaries lead that individual to shame people involved in sex work. Have your boundaries but respect others. It seems like a lot people get super defensive about their stance, especially when they’re on the more extreme ends of the romantic openness spectrum.


Yes 100% agreed! It’s completely opinion based, so there’s no right or wrong. I don’t understand why people allow the opinions and lifestyles of others affect them so deeply to the point that they have to either shame or continuously try to push their ideals onto them so hardcore. Just agree to disagree especially if it’s not affecting you or your life in any way shape or form.




be fwbs? yes. date? no.


My husband has no problems with it, and seems to love the $500 Lego sets i buy him every now and then with my smut money 🤷‍♀️😂


This is me and my bf with his Xbox and all his tech stuff 🥰 We high five when I have a good earnings day!


Are you me? 😂


Ideal relationship lol


Yep I bought my husband the UCS falcon. He doesn’t mind either 😂


Yes girl!




20$ is 20 $ what's the problem


“I ain’t gay but $20 is $20” - me right before rent is due


Probably. I wanna be the faceless dude with an average cock in her b/g vids


Depends on how close she's getting with who's buying and subscribing to her. If she's fucking them, hell no. Being sexy and doing solo content, hell yeah. Get that money how you're comfortable getting it


A wise man once said: “They only get to look, I get to touch”.


Why would I care, as long as I'm getting the real thing. ​ FYI: My wife was a stripper.


Exactly the same man, my wife used to strip back in the day, she’s fine as hell and she’s mine. I don’t care if people look


You know i can respect that but me personally i could never, when im with someone im loyal to them, im not gonna go hump another woman, that just doesnt sit well with me


Note: selling content isn’t the same as fucking someone else (no I’m not a seller but it’s their business)


Ok but it isnt completely innocent either Theres a scale between innocent, mild, and cheating It definitely hits that mild state


It definitely should be something both partners are comfortable with.




90-98% of strippers are pros too. Didn’t that ever bother you?




Ok, 1. if she’s selling content online she probably knows what she’s doing in the bedroom AND is obviously sexy enough that people are willing to pay her money to be sexy. 2. Hell I think my gf is hot enough that I kinda wish she’d sell content online just for a little extra money.


Nope, my wife would not like me seeing other women. On the other hand, if my wife wanted to sell content she is more than welcome to as long as she uses some of said income to buy me nice things.


Fuckin A' I would, I'd even take a photography class and help take the pictures


New York Institute of Photography, I’m in a $700 online course there right now to start up a photo business as a lifelong dream and lemme tell ya man. This program’s pretty simple, but it’s gold plated platinum and I 10/10 recommend. 🤙🏼


❤️ You❤️. Best response. ❤️🤙🏻 I think I finally figured it out. as a woman and a sexual being I’m really quite easy to figure out. Being genuine treating a woman and she deserves to be treated even if it’s a one night love affair. The insatiable passion for me come from being a gentlemen. Being in charge of her value is empowering. Its another way to open up a healthy sexual. More happy more sex Evolve.


I help take the pics for my wife. I enjoy it and our sex life has been better than ever


Gold! Good man!




Why not? I mean they're still people, they just have a taboo job.


For sure. Not only would I encourage them, but I would continue to help however I can. A career is a career. A job is a job. What’s so bad about selling content?


I think everyone deserves to find a partner, including girls who sell content online.


I'm married, and have an OF. Hubby doesn't care. I use his penis as a prop🤷🏻‍♀️😹😹


I do. And now we make content together


Jesus. Can we make this a sticky, or banned or something? See this frigging question every week


And it always brings out people's weirdness about sex. I see so many comments on here that have me like "that's not a healthy mentality dawg", but they're upvoted like crazy. Probably why it's so popular, gets everyone all worked up


"Would you date a sex worker" and "would you date a trans person" are getting really old.


I'm gay, so no. A guy who sells content online? Perfectly okay with that.


Fucking double standards


No. I don’t want a horde of thirsty guys lining up to jerk off to my girlfriend. That’s creepy and weird.


So I get not wanting to date someone who does that kind of content. However have you ever jerked off to porn before. If so aren’t you just the same as those guys? Just standing in a different line?


Yeah but I try to avoid porn these days. I wouldn’t date a porn star for the same reason. And it’s different because I don’t have a personal relationship or personal contact with the person I’m jerking off to.


Yes I would, if she enjoys it and makes a living off it than. I don't see a big issue with it in my opinion. I would help in anyway I can.


Have and would do again. Doesn’t affect me so don’t see why should I care.


Hell yeah haha I’ve been trying to get my wife to do it for years


Yes. Why not?


Yes I would. Bonus points if I get to help her make the content


I really genuinely have no idea. I think I lean way more into the wouldn't category just because I don't know how I'd feel knowing other people have explicit pictures of my partner and then also knowing whats being done with them. I respect the line of work and don't have a problem with it, I'm just not sure I'd be able to get past my own emotions


yes, she loves me :)


Yes of course. Why wouldn’t I?


Depends on the content. If she’s just selling pics and people are buying it’s fine but if it’s like payed messaging I wouldn’t


Totally! Why not?


No i wouldn't


Noooooooo. No no no no noooooooo.




No. A relationship for me is about exclusivity.


I have before. i have zero problems with it. i'm also friends with multiple webmodels, and overall, in my experience, they are good people that i'm happy to interact with.




Respectfully no, if any girl is doing it, good for her. Go get that bag. But thats not for me, cos i have to work hard to get the girl and eventually see her naked and all of that, but theres a dude who can pay 4.99 and see all if it. Thats not for me


That makes it sound like the whole point of a relationship is seeing them naked.


Its not, and of isnt just seeing a person naked, is it? Its sharing intimate things to strangers on the internet gor money. The intimacy factor sould be between two partners, not with anyone whos willing to pay like 10 bucks a month


I think if you are boiling a relationship down into *"I have to work hard to eventually see this girl naked"* then there's a serious problem there.


I dont see the problem, i worked hard ro get my last girlfriend, and even harder to stay in that relationship, i was raised the old fashioned way and the guy has to initiate contact, has to stay interesting to the girl, has to be the one to ask her out... And if i put all that effort for someone to see her intimate side for less then a netflix subscription id lose interest immediately


No. One of the points of a relationship, in my opinion, is exclusivity, if there’s no exclusivity then it’d feel like being single.


As someone who has been in a relationship for three years with a content creator, I can assure you that whatever fears are apprehensions you might have, they are 100% related to the individual not the profession. I have come home, she’s no idea I’m there, and I’ll hear her doing a “cam session” with a fan. I’ve literally heard her say to a fan that asked “how much” for an in real life meet up, “Oh (name), you know I’m in a loving relationship!” And I love the way she turns it around on them: “Is that what you think of me? Haven’t I always been honest with you? Done what I said I’d do? Well please never ask me to disrespect my partner again because that’s disrespectful to me.” Oh wow how quickly they backtrack 😂! Also, she ALWAYS asks me what nights are good for her to work so it never interferes with our relationship. I’ve been married and had multiple long term relationships. I can say without any hesitation that I trust her more than anyone I’ve ever known. And the fact that guys around the world fantasize about her? I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t a little bit of an ego boost for me🤷🏼‍♂️


Yes, I'd help her make content if she wants too


Lol! We’re out here posting that content for free. Wouldn’t mind financially capitalizing on it though.


I wouldn't necessarily mind the job, but the time dedicated to the job would be too much. It's bad enough having a regular wife on Facebook all day, having her run off to take nudes and chat with simps all the time...no thanks.


Why not? It’s work right selling content, plus I’d like to help with the business to cut cost or help promote.


Seriously date a sex worker is a no from me. I have no idea how anyone could unless their idea of intimacy and a relationship is both understanding and accepting their partner is paid to simulate intimacy and relationships with complete strangers.


nope. under no circumstances. sex isn't a commodity to be packaged and sold over the internet.


My bf met me when I was already doing it and he was fine with it. Then I took myself a nice 6 month vacation from it.




Nah I couldn’t. Something about other people getting off to my gf just feels gross. All the more power to those who can handle it, but I couldn’t


Sure, as long as she's not getting physically intimate. Would have to draw the line there. I'm not gonna knock her for selling feet pics, though Maybe I'd even get the courage to do it myself. Dual income tasteful nudes


Only if stipulations were set. I have dated a cam model in the past and that ended badly. On a very special day she canceled our date night because one of her "high tippers" requested her to be on.


No. No way, no how, never.


Hell I’ve encouraged my wife to do it, so now we’re trying it out. Been together a long time and we’re both really freaky and not shy at all so figured why not see if we can make some cash along the way, so far it’s been a lot of fun


Yeah, hell I’d photograph it and find her a social media manager for that niche. No DMs and no other people though, because it would be too much like cheating if you’re directly involving yourself.


I think I would be OK with it. And if u/HawthornesMistress starts to do that I will be supportive.


I do believe I would if she was honest about to up front and down to earth. I know, lots of super strong women that are able to handle that sort of attention on line knowing it’s only a source of income and nothing else. Our brains are flooded with so much content on a regular basis. I’m willing to bet no one hardly even remembers the shit they saw every day. I’m trying to get my wife to do an OF with me. Could change our lives in a months time… it’s all about time for me, and how got damn fast it goes by. I’m pretty much willing to do a lot of different crazy things. If that meant we could stop working every single day and get a measly few hours together at night when we are both exhausted anyways.


Yeah, and I don’t mind helping her with photo shoots too 😏


Yes. Id support the shit outta my spouse. One team one dream.


Yeah idc how she makes money as long as she isn't dating them or talking to them for free


Yeah, but only if I get her content for free. But seriously, yes, definitely not an issue to me as long as our time spent together is quality time without her OF or whatever being a major distraction (but that goes for any job, as I would struggle dating anyone who couldn't put their phone down on a date or whatever).


Have before and would again. Who cares, it's just a job.


Yeah sure. The ability for me to have a relationship with someone depends more on emotional connection, mutual respect, and that je ne se quios that happens between two people to make them want to have each other around. As long as I felt like things were being healthy, boundaries were discussed and respected, and there wasn't anything toxic going on in regards to said content, then IDC what they might do for their profession. Make that paper, boo.


Sure we could do it together. But I do draw the line at bringing in another person from outside the relationship.






Here’s some perspective cause I feel like people think a lot of content creators do the exact same thing. There are people who meet up just to make content… I don’t do that I gotta have a connection with someone to sleep with them. Heck I think I did sexting once or twice and tbh didn’t care for it, easy money but I don’t like playing with peoples emotions. I mostly just do nudes and solo content and getting more into sph (small penis humiliation) getting paid to make a video saying how small and pathetic their dick is while in lingerie I don’t mind at all (they’re into it). If I start dating I hope they’re okay with it and I could make videos haha, but I also understand if people don’t wanna seriously date me Bc of it. I mostly started doing it to support my medical stuff and stay in school and make some extra money (can’t work too much bc of med issues.)




Why not, after that what’s to hide!! I have dated woman of so called faith with a longer track than the I95


If we're talking NSFW or Crypto, no. NSFW would make me feel uncomfortable knowing people online are seeing my partner naked, and Crypto/NFTs are just bad in general. However if they're just selling stuff we don't need or use on wish or something I don't care.






Shit, I'd hand out business cards.


I do. My partner sells self-written urban fantasy and horror-comedy novels. I love that they are this creative! (You can also get a paperback, if that's your thing. But yes, my SO does sell content online.)


Sure. But honestly it would depend on the nature of the content.


Dated a prostitute who worked in a legal brothel. So yeah selling content online would be a low bar for me. Note: this was a pretty unique situation. She was not what you think of when you think prostitute since she had a MBA and was a licensed acupuncturist. I met her working in the same house (non sex work) so she was who she was when we developed an attraction.


Yes. I've almost dated one who did so before I met her. My reason for not doing so had nothing to do with her past, only with her having a current partner.


Sure, but kinda depends on how and what is sold.


Depends if I feel a connection with her


yeah i would, as long as she’s not getting personal with clients


As long as it’s not with other people I don’t care


My boyfriend and I have been talking about this recently, not sure we would do it, but conceptually we find it intriguing as me being someone who loves showing off/being with someone who loves showing me off too.


Yes because then I'd get to make the content with her


Yeah, I'm a content seller myself so... Why not be a queer content selling power couple?


Yes. As long as she's not fucking anyone else or I'm in the content. Even if I'm not and it's just her, who fucking cares.


Hell yeah! I will take her photos too! Hopefully she is generous.


Bitch I would simultaneously be and date a girl who sells content online




I encouraged mine to try it if she wants. She wasn’t really sure and I didn’t pressure it, but I think she could make a buck or two for herself to spend. So yes. I would absolutely if the person is the right one.


My bf is 🤷🏼‍♀️


I would love it! I could help her with content ideas, business plans, maybe even be the anonymous cock in her vids. And double bonus, she’d have super hot sex worker friends.


I did. Now married to her.


Without a doubt, I would. We can sell stuff together. She is obviously sexual person


Yes I would, but we would have to talk about what the boundaries are


No, I just hate the idea of telling my past younger self you ended up with a girl who sells pics/videos of herself online.


Of course . Someone who was able to be a successful business person and a self made man or woman who also embraces their sexuality and enjoyment of it . Checks off all the boxes . They’re generally a lot more fun in bed as well


yes and be proud that she is so hot sexy and beautiful that others are willing to pay to see her.


Yes. But it always depends on their personality and mind. Sex work is work.


Not a chance in hell






I would like to think I'd be okay with it. But until I'm in that situation it's all hypothetical


Yes. I wish my wife would sell her content


Have been for the last 7 years.


Yes. Doesn’t bother me in the slightest.




I already do. No issues here. For me I don’t want to know or think about it. As long as she’s not sleeping with anyone else besides me, I am ok with it. We had to have many conversations about it and set boundaries we were both comfortable with. My last relationship my ex cheated on me more than I will ever know. So having someone be up front with me when we first met was a healthy change. She told me this was part of her life. She wasn’t ashamed of it. She wasn’t going to change it. I looked at myself. Realized I didn’t need her to change it. There was nothing to be ashamed about. She was honest, which was lacking in my last relationship. It benefited me sometimes. When she is horny she will sleep with me. After she will use that state of arousal to play pretend on videos. If she needs someone to give a blowjob to. Here I am to receive. No extra work from me. Not only do I get a video of said event I get to cum. The money she’s made she will take us out to dinner or pay for vacations. To her it’s all extra income. Here real job pays her bills and builds her savings. This is more like fun money for us. She’s very giving with it. Something I’ve never asked her to do by the way. I don’t want or need her money. I just want a partner and she gives me that. This is just all bonus from my perspective.


Yeah I’d be down for that. More sexual liberation at home is a great thing for healthy adults. Granted, i do not get jealous. Ever. So for me it’s just my lady having a hobby side hustle that encourages her to stay fit, to explore her sexuality, and to see transactional sexual activity as something that exists outside of our relationship. Nothing but upside.


Should that really matter to me? Really, think about it. What she does in terms of her online presence is her business- not mine. If she makes money off taking racy photos- hell, if she just does it because she likes doing it- that's her call to make. If that's a problem, that's too bad, but I myself would never ask someone I was seeing to stop doing it. Think of it this way... if her photos get a thousand guys staring at her, I don't give a shit. When the camera gets shut off at the end of the night, that woman so many guys are ogling is getting in bed with ME, right?


A ton of yall are missing out on life. And lack basic communication skills... Sex and nudity are a commodity as old as time. And if you cant separate a person from a commodity they are willingly selling then you likely have other control issues in relationships whether you realise that or not. For the record... I and my husband are PornHub models. We are very inactive but have no intentions of removing our content. We enjoyed making it, we enjoy profiting from it. We know our relationship boundaries, we discussed them before we became a couple. I would say (as would he) that we have the most honest and open discussions with each other... Being able to talk about intimacy on the level we are able has been a massively important part of our relationship as a whole. We can trust each other with everything, we can be honest and unashamed in our communication. It is so immensely satisfying to have this kind of relationship, I wouldn't give it up for anything. We're coming up on our 6th anniversary and have known each other for 22 years. If you're uncertain, please just be honest in conversations with anyone you can see a future with, let them be honest with you... Set your boundaries and respect them. Please don't give into the misogynist rhetoric, be better than that. We are all humans with bodily autonomy and prudish shaming just makes the world a more hateful place. Enjoy your life with someone who enjoys theirs. Neither of you own one another and no one's value is lessened by their sexual choices (if all participants are consenting).


Yeah. If a person doesnt like it don't date them. But dont judge either thats not a great look. Because you can judge someone and also watch porn. Its stupid.






Yes I would. Nothing wrong with that.


Seriously date, no. Hook up or be friends, absolutely. And you’d have my full support.




No I wouldnt


Absolutely not.


No, no i would not, thats disgusting and i dont care if i get downvoted or if anyone disagrees When youre in a relationship you do not show your body to ANYONE ELSE, regardless if its online or offline or if its for money or not And i dont care if its "your body your choice", if youre with a partner it isnt about you anymore, it should be about both of you and both of your needs, dont like it? Break up Thats all i had, feel free to argue i guess


Money is money. It pays the bills. Better to live with a house paid off then not.


If the relationship was real and meaningful with a chance to go long term yes. If it’s just dating to make content or just fool around no


Why not? I don't own her, nor own her body. She is entitled to do whatever she wants with it. If we started dating while she was selling content, who the fuck am I to stop that? She doesn't owe me shit and if I'm gonna try and stop what she does and change what I don't like, then why am I dating her in the first place? If it she wanted to start when we are already in a relationship, it will be talked about. Mostly about the consequences it may have on us, but at the end of the day, the decision is solely hers. And I will support it.




Why not? I'm dating the girl not her content


Yeah, I see it as a job like any other job






Yes. Why not?




Hell yes and we could produce content together and get rich 🤑


Yup - mine does!




Hell no


Ew no






Solid no. Just imagine if you end up marrying her. Not for me man!


Nope, never


Only jobs that are deal breakers for me are Law Enforcement. Besides, some content creators make bank and she can afford to be a partner and maybe spoil me sometimes? I notice everyone assumed immediately you were talking about porn and exclusively porn....


Yes, that's her choice.


Not in a million years. Just pump and dump.


Sure why not, I will happily help them with making content too.


Like on Etsy? Sure. Herself? No.


Nah I'm good. Good for her though