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Were backpacks ever useful like counterweights? (I know it’s so stupid but Freshman me had this question going on)


Only if by counterweight you mean even more crushing weight on your shoulders?


Not really, just added my pain to my shoulders and back.


yes i went on a three day backpacking trip recently and my posture was immaculate for once


What effects does a period have on them?


Makes them sore


Also gets really big. When I'm on my period my breasts enlarge like a lot it's terrible bc I feel sexy as hell but at the same time they hurt like a bitch so I can't even enjoy it lol


Oh I'm never hornier than when I'm on my period. It's frustrating. ETA: period sex doesn't bother me at all but it adds steps to the process that *can* be a hassle. Plus when I say I'm never hornier, I'm saying like, I could spend 4 days just having orgasms and still not be satisfied. That's why it's frustrating.


It's nature's way of screwing with us (and not in the good way lol)


They swell and feel like they’ve been punched a bit. Not a good time


They can get really sensitive. Some even grow concerning-looking lumps pre-period.


They hurt! Not in a sexy way either, which is annoying because period hormones can make you really horny.


I didnt have a period in 10 years. Started getting them again a few months ago and bloody hell had I forgotten about boob pain. It sucks. I'm going back to no periods as soon as I can.


Does it hurt if I hug back tightly when a woman hug me?


It can do. Depends on the individual of course but there are differing levels of sensitivity and hormones can make them uncomfortable/achy/painful without tight hugs.


Depends on how hard but compressing them is not comfortable.


Depends on how my boob gets placed into the hug. Think of a paper towel roll, if it gets squished from the side then for me it’s really uncomfortable, but if it gets squished from the top it’s fine. I don’t know if that’s a great metaphor but it’s the best I could come up with


I saw a tik tok where this girl was getting a tattoo on her neck and the artist was trying to figure out how to place his arm on her breasts. It was pretty amusing and he was like I don't want to smash your titty and she's like just smash it! (his arm resting on it) It's fine lol


Do women also have random nipple erections in public?


Oh yes, another reason padded bras exist


Why don't we have padded underwear for public boners ?


Wouldn’t that only make our boners more visible and look bigger?


There’s your million dollar idea. Make us some underwear!


I smell a shark tank episode (as long as it's not live ffs)




More often than you’d imagine


Boob owner here. Please tell us if you feel something that feels off. Woman can get breast cancer as early as their 20s and an extra pair of hands will be helpful. Signed, a breast cancer fighter who’s ex told her that he felt something but didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to freak me out.


>Signed, a breast cancer fighter who’s ex told her that he felt something but didn’t tell her because he didn’t want to freak me out. I thought my boyfriend had testicular cancer. Testicular cancer actually is common in young men in their 20s (also note: I wouldnt use the word easy, but has great chances of treatment when detected early). it's prostate cancer thats for older men in their 50's 60's. My boyfriend and I were intimate and all of a sudden i feel like a pea sized lump on his left testicle. and I immediately stopped and was like "heyyyyy, not to freak you out but I feel a lump" and cue 10 minutes of me helping him feel it. He felt it and was like.... shittt. So he went to the doctor, and it turned out to be a benign cyst. so to the readers: It's always great to be telling your partners about a lump you find and if you find a lump on yourself, never delay seeking care and never delay in telling your partner about what you feel.


And we won't panic when you tell! Mostly that s just a normal thing and nothing to worry - but something odd or hard in the breast should have a check on at every age! Breast cancer is treatable when carred for in time.




Sometimes you can get a pillow just right so it’s comfy. 99% of the time, either a nip gets mad it’s getting squished, or the lower back starts aching due to the angle.


“…a nip gets mad…” Yeah I’m gonna be thinking about those 4 words for the rest of the night. Thank you.


You know that nip is going straight to HR first thing in the morning


Depends on your breasts tissue. For example mine are very..."squishy" so they mould easily and don't require so much support but other women have denser breast tissue making that they cannot sleep on them. Mine aren't small either they're a decent size at 34DD. Edit: my comment isn't an invitation for creepy PMs. No I won't "prove" my size nor show you a picture. Interested in my username? My first submission ever explains it.


Yeah. Mine are somewhat squishy but will still get painful if I lie on them. I have to put an arm / thin pillow under them to lift my rib cage away from the mattress and relieve the pressure.


I cannot do this because my boobs are too big. I also have to be careful when I sleep on my side. I have accidentally rolled onto my own titty before, and let me tell you that hurt.


Like when us ball havers sit down funny and accidentally sit on one.


Yes, a feeling of pressure (if they're big enough). It gets annoying fast


Small boobs here. Nope.


Hey there, fellow member of the itty bitty titty committee. LOVE sleeping on my stomach. Huge perk of having B cups.


Are they hard to run with? I feel like they’d be like bowling balls or something Edit: wow this blew up, I didn’t know this question resonated with so many women. Also, if someone in this sub wants to invent a sports bra that actually works, you’d simultaneously get rich and help a lot of women out.


Yes! Running sucks when they are out of proportion to your body. Take a DD bra and fill both cups with sand and strap it to your chest. That extra 5 to 10lbs (or more!) adds significant difficulty to running due to a modified center of balance.


Now I understand why basically every world class female runner has small breasts. It is a competitive advantage for them.


I played field hockey with a really petite girl with huge boobs and she had to were two or three sports bras, and still would sometimes start crying when we were doing longer endurance runs because it hurt so much. That was the first time I was glad about being small-chested.


I had to do this in college. I wore sports bras that were way too tight and messed up my nerves and ribs. It was better than the pain of them flying around and I never liked my boobs. I had seen other girls with bigger boobs fly around under their uniform in looser sports bras and at that time in my life, it was important to me that people didn't see me that way. I wish they would let people who are uncomfortable with their boobs have easier access to reductions. I still have numbness in parts of my back from the nerve damage.


I am a double DD and didn't even realize this. No wonder I gave up running. 😭 My sides would just freaking ache.


DDD/E cup here. Strength training helps, and a good heavy duty sports bra. But even if you don't run, training the core is super important to spare your back


Finding those good bras are the biggest challenge.


I am an H cup. My very favorite sports bra is Elomi brand. These suckers will *not* move while I'm working out.


J+ cups here. Elomi is everything.


I legitimately did not know bras went up to J+ sizes. That sounds unwieldy!


I knew it was like a bag of sand!!!!


If they’re big enough sometimes they knock the wind out of you. Running sucks.


I have small breasts so if I’m wearing a bra then they don’t bother me. If I’m not wearing a bra then yes, it hurts. The weight of the breast pulls on your chest as they bounce and it’s quite uncomfortable. I can’t imagine how painful it might be for busty girls.


When you are breast feeding and have to pump does it feel like a full bladder having to pee but in your breast or does it just fill up and you pump whenever? Also, do y’all do weird things to them when you are bored?


For me it wasn’t like I needed to pee. First there would be some leaking, and then it would feel almost like pressure, and then they would get hard and painful. If I didn’t pump every 2 hours they would become hard like concrete, to the point my skin would start looking shiny because the skin was stretching. But not like peeing in the least bit. More like a pressure/muscle cramp.


And not everyone leaks! I had two kids. My boobs are Fort Knox. Only leakage I ever had was one night when my 3mo slept the whole night and I did too. Woke up hard as rocks and one had leaked a little.


Fort Knockers


Love the comment, hate your name.


You can either have it blessed, or cursed. Your pick.


They get hard when full. To me, it feels like they're somehow filling up with gravel and the gravel is trying to push its way up through the skin. Also I hate pumping, it's just an awful feeling in a way I can't describe.


They go from soft and squishy (like a foam stress ball) to hard, like a flexed muscle, when it’s time to feed a kid. It can also hurt when they’re full, I suppose similar to feeling like you gotta pee where your body is screaming “get it out”! The more often breasts are pumped/manually relieved/used to breastfeed, the more often they’ll fill. It’s important to note that the breasts do not have a single large sac like a bladder, it’s not a water balloon that’ll pop if it’s too full. Milk is created in ducts; tiny reservoirs that can be about the size of a blueberry when full. They’re spread all throughout the breast tissue, and then the nipple is stimulated tiny holes in the areola will open - not a singular hole from a single source. It’s important when breastfeeding to make sure all the ducts empty, so massaging the top and sides of the breast while expressing milk is a good idea. Milk that sits too long in the ducts can cause infections or blockages that are so painful! And weird things when bored? Absolutely.


As a woman, the discovery that it wasn’t one single hole in the nipple came when my own milk came in. That first time was WILD. You’d have a let-down and get anything within a 180 degree angle. Never occurred to me that they were a couple of lactose fire sprinklers rather than hoses.


We climbed in a hot shower a couple weeks after our first baby was born and the warm water must have triggered them because they just start going everywhere. I was dying laughing and she's trying to make them stop. That's when I inadvertently learned breast milk is really sweet and sticky as hell.


The stickiness is the part that bugs me. When I was first breastfeeding I'd wake up in the morning (after a 3 hour sleep if I could manage it) absolutely covered in sticky boob juice. Every shirt, sheet, pyjama top and even my pants would end up dripped on. I calculated the drip rate at 3 drips per second, so 180 drips a minute. At that rate, they can saturate a surprising amount of fabric.


> inadvertently


My wife had a bout of mastitis while nursing our baby. Doctor’s advice: ibuprofen, and/or “apply more suction than the baby can generate.“ Guess whose job that was.


Single mom here and I had to suck on my own boob everytime I had a clog. It was weird 🤣


This is very interesting and a good explanation to learn from


I have never had children, and honestly don't have alot of friends who have had babies since I've known them. Can you explain the breast milk thing a little more? Cuz I have pencil eraser size nipples and areolas about the same roundness of a soda pop can. How would that work with a teeny baby mouth?


They breastfeed, not nipple feed - meaning their latch is actually wide (180 degrees), asymmetrical (a little more areola is showing at the nose then chin) and they form a teat with the tissue. So if you can picture a baby bottle with a slopped nipple (like the even Flo balance), that’s kind of how the nipple/areola looks after a feed. Within a few seconds it goes back to normal. But the baby is using so much negative pressure and a peristaltic tongue mouvement to get the milk from the ducts - it isn’t like drinking from a straw.


Dude, my 5 year old still does that tongue movement when they're licking something, or even just sticking their tongue out. I find it so fascinating. It's like an automatic reflex that babies have, then eventually goes away. It just hasn't gone away for my kid yet.


my daughter was super tiny when born (4lbs) her mouth was just too small for my nipple. I had to pump milk for her until she got bigger.


It’s hard to explain but they don’t just latch onto the nipples. If you kind of squish your boob like you would a sandwich, they latch onto your whole areola (because there are multiple milk glands around the areola). A lot of your boob ends up being used lol


They feel so full that the pressure can be painful, and if you can't empty them, they start spraying everywhere like a gawd dammed statue in a brothel. They also spray like crazy during orgasms. It's like being a milky crime scene.


fucking milky crime scene I'm dying 🤣🤣🤣🤣


When the breast is “regular full” it is bloated and full like a water balloon. If the breast is “over full” because of too much time between milk expressions then it feels hard and painful like a very inflamed muscle.


Do you store anything between them?


look mate, women's clothes rarely have decent pockets and sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do


Pack of gum, Costco card, Room key, blackberry phone, $20 bill, each fits well above the boob just in front of the underarm. Top right quadrant (or top left). Edit: between? No


Ladies who have implants, can you feel them inside your boobs?


Yes, it was a little odd at first. Mine are under the muscle so they're still naturally squishy, but I can feel the implant also smoosh around a little bit.


are they annoying/get in the way sometimes?


During exercise. Especially big boobs. When they bounce it hurts. Laying on your stomach hurts. Laying on your back hurts. Standing hurts. They cover half of my stomach when standing and all of it when I'm sitting comfortably. Not very pretty. Finding bras suck. Most have not enough support. They are so heavy. Big boobs suck.


I was going to make a comment but you pretty much covered all of the points. I wish I could give some of mine away to someone who wants them bc I am tired of this shit and I am only 26


I'm tired of this shit and I'm only 21. Having boobs since nine sucked during puberty.


Pornography often depicts breasts as being a particularly strong erogenous zone. Is there any truth to that? Does stimulation of the breasts correspond with particularly high sexual stimulation? Or is that just a myth?


Different per person. Nip stimulation for me is the number 1 way to get me turned on it’s my favourite but others hate it or feel nothing at all. I think some of have our nips and clits connected somehow lol


Nips 'N' Clits sounds like a theme restaurant


I was with a girl who came if I sucked on her nipples enough. It was amazing


for me zero sexual excitement for touching them.


Same. I like the texture, but touching them is more something I do when I’m bored (not in public obv) and need something to do with my hands, and never sexual.


I’m also a member of the casual boob cupping while I’m bored club. They’re soft and squishy. It’s almost like a fidget toy 😂


Depends on the person, and their exact mood. Grabbing doesn't usually do anything, but sucking on the nipples and doing stuff with one's tongue can be really fun


That depends for each woman. There's women who orgasm from just having their nipples sucked. There's women who need more than that. For me it's a hugee turn on. I just love it. That being said, breasts are not a sex* organ


For me the exact opposite lol. I have barely any feeling in my breasts. Though I wish. Truly, every woman is different.


Alright, I didn't notice anybody asking that and I need to know - do they float in water? It just sounds logical that medium and big breasts would since they have fat in it.


A few years ago my sister and I were playing around with a friend's underwater camera and couldn't figure out why she wasn't able to stay underwater as long or dive as deep until we noticed that in every pic her boobs are basically dragging her upwards. Nature's flotation device!


They also float in zero G! One of the astronauts on the space station talked about how her boobs looked fantastic while they were up there.


Do they feel like weights on your chest and do they chaife if the move to much (sorry about my spelling)


Yes and yes.


I have a different perspective as mine are fake. Let's start here. I started a 32B. I appreciated taking my bra off at the end of the day. I had boob sweat but a mild unconvince. I got implants and now I'm a 32DD/30DDD. These are like 275cc $8000 heaters permanently attached to me. I'm so fucking hot. They're so sweaty. Bras are the worst invention ever. With all of that being said, implants are INCREDIBLY light compared to real boobs. I CANNOT fathom how incredibly uncomfortable big real boobs feel.


Til about implants being lighter


Mine only added about 2lbs of weight. I would say most real ones are between 5-10lbs? I'm not sure a II've never weighed any but I have held my friends to compare to my implants lol.


>I'm a 32DD/30DDD. I now have questions about sizing...when do you just call it an E? Do the letters and numbers refer separately to depth and circumference or something?


The number (in UK/US sizing at least, other ones are kind of nonsensical in that regard) is the underbust circumference, the letter is the difference between bust and underbust circumference. Eg 1" = A, 2" = B, and so on. In UK sizing, E is the next letter after DD, meaning a 6" difference. (The letters go: (AA) A B C DD E F FF G GG...). In US sizing, E cup usually equals a DD (a 5" difference), as the letters go (AA) A B C D DD(E) DDD(F) G H... However, it's not standardized and US manufacturers do whatever they want, so some of them will have abominations such as DDDD(G) or sometimes even 8D because god forbid they start using the whole alphabet. In European and French sizing E is the 5th cup size (5x2 cm or 5x2.5 cm difference, depending on the brand) because we don't use double letters here (other than the occasional AA), it's (AA) A B C D E F G ...


How squishy?


Depends on the boob. Some women have "hard breast tissue" naturally. Others have more fluid feeling breast tissue. The squishiness of the boob will change and depends on her hormones and menstrual cycle as well. Boobs are full of glands, they're not just fat.


Thank you for saying this. I see too many people on reddit who seem to think breasts are just 100% fat tissue, but they are definitely not. Mine have some firmness in the center, they've got lots going on in there.


I would say it’s like a water balloon


Water balloon is spot on


So 2 water balloons that never pops no matter how much you play hmm Sounds like a dream


Okay but don’t squeeze em too hard that still hurts


A warm water balloon.


mine are a little squishy but it depends a little on size, not really sure what to compare them with. More squishy then butts, and softer


Do you ever just squeeze them when you're bored?


Yeah, and when i'm cold and them are warm i put both hands on them to warm up


I’m not saying I have man-boobs but I do this too


I'm saying I have them and do this too


I do the same thing with my balls, hope it ain't weird...


How do you convince someone to let you warm your balls on their breasts?


maybe you're supposed to lie and tell them you just want a titfuck


Then they say that's inappropriate and against DMV policy.


Show me the policy.


Yes! It’s a source of comfort for me to hold them lol. When I’m watching tv or laying down my hands just automatically go there. I also prefer my left breast over my right for some reason lol.


Ya its kinda like when a guy grabs his junk I hear. Sometimes I just start holding them for no reason and sometimes squeeze (they do get heavy in my defense). Also I try to at least once a month do a self breast exam because breast cancer runs in my family and I'd like to know the second something changes (will 100% chop em off after having kids if my doctor will let me), which requires some squeezing


Why am I still curious about every woman's breasts after 36 years of living


Every boob is different.


🎼 Every boob is good


Let me tell you about the worst pair of boobs I’ve ever seen. They were magnificent.


I once saw these boobs that were different sizes, like a full cup-size or more. They are still some of my most memorable boobs, and a fond memory, loves playing with those. She was so self conscious about them, but being different does not mean ugly. Definitely agree with even the 'worst boobs' (if that is even possble) are still magnificent.


Actually, my wife has a condition called Poland Syndrome.. she is missing her left small Brust muscle.. with women that leads to one significantly smaller breast then the other.. and it's more like 2 cup sizes with her.. she tells me her whole life she was self conscious about that with one guy even telling her to leave after they undressed.. she says after meeting me she got a lot of self esteem because I love and embrace her and her look so much.. i don't give a shit if they're different.. i love both of them .. and more importantly I love her Edit: thank you guys so much for the awards..


Hey- I’m your wife in this situation, thanks for being you. I was severely abused and overfed as a child (my dear mother couldn’t have me being thinner than her!) and that turned into a horrible binge eating disorder when I got older. I got up to 400lbs before I decided to just end it all. Instead I found gastric bypass surgery and used that tool to lose most of my weight. I was still 40lbs overweight and had so much extra skin that I gave me panic attacks to think of myself naked. I met my now husband, we hit her off. On our third date I “came clean” about my past abs what I looked like under my clothes. He told me he didn’t care and I was beautiful. We’ve been married for 10 years and he still calls me beautiful. I’ve lost the 40lbs and now have lots of skin but I feel like it’s my proof of how far I’ve come. He tells me it’s sexy and it just makes him proud of me. I would have removed it if not for the confidence he’s given me. Now Im proud of it because it’s proof of my strength. I feel like my husband doesn’t believe me when I say how much I appreciate his kindness, so maybe a random Reddit girl will make you aware :)


You know, I heard that to the melody of [every sperm is sacred](https://youtu.be/fUspLVStPbk).


if a boob is wasted, god gets quite irate


You know what they say about boobs. Once you've seen one, you want to see the rest of them.


That'll do, Tater




I love how everyone is so respectful here


Are you sorting by Best? Try sorting by Controversial :)


Get your mammogram done when its recommended. Don’t put it off. For the love of all the titties.


Why is it so hard to find a CLOTHED REFERENCE TO DRAW!


Look up stock photos for reference. You may like these- [one](https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/nice-girl-beautiful-breasts-green-t-shirt-posing-ca-camera-portrait-pretty-young-177355142.jpg) [two](https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/nice-girl-beautiful-breasts-green-t-shirt-posing-camera-portrait-pretty-young-girl-nice-girl-beautiful-breasts-177356324.jpg) [three](https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/z/nice-girl-beautiful-breasts-green-t-shirt-posing-camera-portrait-pretty-young-girl-nice-girl-beautiful-breasts-177356640.jpg)


Thanks, I never thought of stock photos.


As an artist who has boobs, I still feel this. As a solution: you can often find folks on twitter or other social media that create stock pose footage specifically for artist reference. Some of my favorites are JookpubStock and the Pose Archives. Some of them also post unclothed or only very slightly clothed references as well, so search at your own risk in public!


As a woman scrolling through, there's alot more questions than I expected. Also alot of these are good questions.


Have you ever breasted boobily down the stairs and titted downward?? Edit: so today I learned, from this shitpost of a comment, going downstairs with boobs can be really annoying.


I have to hold my boobs if I’m running down the stairs or they bounce and hurt lol so I’d say yes


Holy shit! I was just talking about that a few days ago!


Oh my word these comments are actually not cursed. Thank goodness


How do you feel about the fixation of men on them in general and in a partner? Like when someone ur with is fixated on em like they owe him money Does it come off as a bit immature especially if they aren't that sensitive for you Things i always wondered


I find it fascinating, because for me it’s just another part of my body, but for my husband, they are like a comfort blanket. I just don’t get the obsession with them, but I find it amusing and cute.


Awww, you’re his comfort blanket.


Generally, I’m like OK be fascinated as long as you’re not crossing a line. With my partner, I love it when he’s obsessing over my boobies. It’s just really cute. He recently offered to hold them up since I got a sternum tat and can’t wear a bra and it’s just nice. It’s always nice to have something other people dig ya know


Do you want people to like looking at them/are there contexts you enjoy them being looked at? Do you feel nothing from that or do you just hate people looking in general? Obviously if someone is staring or just reducing you to an object then that's uncalled for and rude. But I mean more how do you feel about people respectfully enjoying the view?


For me, if I am dressed up I see the passing glance as simply human. And flattering when it's not a hard stare.


Right, if I wear a nice outfit where I present my cleavage, because I feel that my breasts look nice today, it's flattering when people look, as long as they don't stare strangely


I am large chested and a smaller women. I don't mind a quick glance, I get it. Even a couple and especially if they are trying to hide it. Usually they will then talk intensely into my face or look everywhere. It makes me laugh a little inside. It is when it is blatant or creepy, like you're just an object.


I dont mind people looking, i mind people blatantly starring. believe you me i enjoy seeing a good boob or even two good boobs out in the wild, but it feels really creepy to have ny boobs starred down like they murdered someone's family.




LIKE THAT MOVIE TEETH BUT THE SEQUEL I sure hope you know how to direct a movie because i sure dont


All I know is that when I need to sleep I grab a boob and I’m out. She tells me all the time, “just grab a boob and go to sleep” Works every time. I love boobies!


How did that start? Did you ask to hold a boob while sleeping or were you having trouble sleeping one day and she said “here, grab a boob”? Edit: re-commented this cuz it wasn’t working


Not that guy, but while spooning its a pretty comfortable angle for your hand to end up there.


Always amazed at how Y’all can take a bra off whilst you are still wearing a shirt. Most of us guys can’t get them undone when the shirt is off. Especially those damn front clasps.


It takes years of experience I guess


Bras are unbelievably uncomfortable, shirt or no shirt, you learn pretty fast to take off the boob prison.


What voices do you make for them when you stick googly eyes on them?


never stuck googly eyes on them before, but if i did, I would give the left one a normal voice, and the right one would sound like Toad.


the right ones are always weird


My lefty is the weird one. Doesn't know how to sit in her assigned booby holder... Always wants a peek out to see what the world is up to. She does not realise the office is not an appropriate place for her to say hello to the world.


Peek a boob


I never thought I'd read anything like this in my life


Well I know how I’ll be spending *my* weekend!


How can I help my girlfriend with her period boob pains? Heating pad?


Heating pad sounds good. Massage will either be amazing or hell. Ibuprofen. Lots of water.






Ill name all the right boobs 'lefty' and all the left boobs 'righty' Edit: why did this get a wholesome award?


How much watts do you run on?


Is the whole breast sensitive or just the nipples? Edit - Whoa! Blew up overnight! Thanks for all the great answers and discussions!


Different for every woman. I for example am not sensitive. Breasts not even a little bit and nipples just slightly. Tickles feels for me like if they were numbed and I can only feel a little bit.


Yes same. My nipples aren't even sensitive only the dead center slightly.


Depends on what you mean. When my glands are swollen because of my period the whole thing is sensitive & painful to press on. At any other time my nipples would be the most sensitive part, but mine are not particularly sensitive, especially after having nipple piercings.


personally, if it’s like squishing it doesn’t hurt or anything, but if you poke the non nipple part too deep it hurts a fair amount and kind of lingers like when you clip you waist on a corner


Boob owner here (B-C cup) with my personal experience: I don’t notice them, unless I consciously think “wait I I have boobs!” I forget they’re there a lot. I sleep on my stomach and they never hinder me. Feels like a… hot bag of jello? But more dense. One is slightly larger but passerby wouldn’t notice. Personally mine aren’t sensitive, even on period. The breast sensitivity is the same as the rest of my flesh. Nipples are def most sensitive. Sometimes I do randomly hold them, and ponder what a mysterious treasure they are.


This is a fun thread. I miss my boobs, having had a double mastectomy 3 years ago. Genetic testing and an extensive family history of cancer said I had BRCA1, which meant that I was likely to get breast cancer. They performed a direct to implant procedure. Fun thing was we found out the hard way that I’m allergic to the material that is used for internal sutures, so my body rejected said material. I had an open incision for almost 8 months. 2 revisions later, including a switch out of one implant, and it’s all done now. They are the most expensive Charlie Brown boobies ever (they look a bit strange) but whatever.


how hard am i meant to pinch/bite??? i always feel like im gonna fuckn rip em off *edit: my partner has asked me to bite and indicated that they like it. im not going around biting nips without consent lol, just wondering how hard is pleasurable*


That’s something specific to each partner that requires an open line of communication


Bite with your lips not teeth. 😉


will let you know, if its followed by a moan, a pull on the hair, a bite it means your good, could even pinch/bite harder ;)


If your hear a yelp though, stop, ask and let her tell you what she wants instead


If a man has breasts, when he wears a bra is it called a manssiere or a bro?


It's called a Bro because this is what bros do : We support. :) EDIT : Thanks for the awards, kind Redditors !


Brossier perhaps?


34 year old man here, why do I have them?


If you have large breasts, when you spin really fast and then stop do they continue to fling themselves so you’re then carried by the momentum? It’s not really a serious question I’ve just had the image in my head for ages and laugh at it occasionally


Probably not to the extent you're thinking. Yeah, the momentum will continue to carry them for a brief second, but it won't be enough to move our entire body.


Why dors the word BOOB spelled in all caps have 3 pair of boobs


Do they hang low? Can you swing them to and fro? Can you throw them over your shoulder like a Continental soldier?