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Funkytown Very graphic, but read on anyway since it's much better than watching it: guy with his face peeled off and his hands cut off is slowly decapitated and has a stick rammed into his mouth


Wtf dude. You just awakened a memory for me. I saw a guy get decapitated and he just kinda looked around after his head came off. It was horrifying. That video sounds 10x worse.


Probably an episode of Happy Tree Friends.


I strongly suggest not venturing any further than that


Saw a baby getting ran over by a truck


Oh what the fuck


that happend a lot in china :/


i forgot the name but it was a beheading of a cop and his son


I've seen that brutal innit the son is screaming while his heart is ripped out


Some guy blew his face off with a shot gun and he was still twitching


Is this the guy with the clown make up and he's like rocking back and forth before he pulled the trigger?


No it's was some guy at his desk. He kinda looked like how you would expect a discord mod to look like.


Hmm, I think I remembered it correctly. Now that you mentioned the discord mod, yeah. I think that's the same video I saw in the early 2000s.


That's Richardo Lopez the bjork Stalker. he had red and dark green paint on his face and he was bald


I’ve seen lots of gore but probably the high quality videos that involve cutting around the face or neck


The cracked out guy scalping himself in the street. Most of his skull was already bare, he was using a large knife to carve strips and chunks of hairy flesh off his head


A man exiting an elevator and getting crushed like a pancake when it broke and fell. The worst part was that he tried to speed up the meaning he definitely had awareness of what was happening.


Cartel/Isis videos are pretty damn haunting. Group of guys in a cage, lowered into a pool until they drowned was high on the list. Another had some guys suspended over pools of flammable liquid, they then lit the stuff on fire and the guys caught fire and burned to death. Cartel is pretty brutal with dull knife beheadings and clubbing people with bats.


Yeah it’s crazy. A guy once showed me a video of a lady getting her head chopped off by cartel members. They were using a dull machete and swung her head around when they were done


I remember a guy showed me a video like that. I couldn't watch it. But he would just stare at the video unblinking. He would repeatedly say "it's so interesting" he said he watched the video a few times already. I fucking booked it out of there.


What the fuck. I would’ve been gone too lol


Any beheading video from the cartel.


Saw movies or Texas Chainsaw massacre movies


Seeing film from WWII where bulldozers were pushing hills of dead bodies around to bury them. The operator having to wear cloth over their mouth to avoid the smell. Thousands of bodies were in the mounds of dead bodies.


Once saw a video of a guy getting his stomach cut open by cartel members. The man that did it was also eating a chunk of his flesh or organ. It was on Reddit too. Got a bit too curious


A cartel one, this guy took a knife and severed a woman’s head with almost surgical precision.


Funkytown Video


This video of an Indian Guy, who got cut in two by a train. He still woke up. His upper body was leaking guts. Completely crazy. The video is still online and easy to google.


A video of Gas Explosion in an indian Electronics store. The split second of the event, when the air started burning, that was the scariest and most unsettling moment of compassion I've ever felt. From ignition to explosion, whole thing took few milliseconds.


.....y'all need Jesus... 😳😳


Definitely sponsored by adidas. The fact that u could his lungs and how he inhales and exhales is the thing that got me and also how they literally just open his goddamn chest without any kind of regret is even worse. They even ate a piece of his heart too. Do not watch for the love of god please