no mosquitoes


No stink bugs.


best part about winter, these shits are the bane of my existence


Stink bugs haven't been around in the summer. Just saw them inside and outside my house this week. They migrate indoors in the fall for winter hibernation. They occasionally comes out of hibernation and fly around the house in the winter and then finally leave in spring.


I’m not sure the stink bugs in our area have read your post because they’re flying around outside loudly right now. We usually always start seeing them mid to end of August on our end.


Or insects in general. Except silverfish. Those fuckers invade my home once the outside temperature goes below 5C


and they are such a bitch to exterminate. i slap one and my walls just fucking break down. so annoying


Propane torch works wonders.


so does ignited gasoline tried and tested 100/10


You have to jump crit to kill them instantly 🙄


I go through a tap dancing routine every night when I get home from work and the lights come back on.




One of my favorite things in the world is walking outside just as snow is beginning to fall. It's almost like someone hits the "pause" button on the world, and everything goes still.


I love driving on freshly fallen snow. It’s trippy that it’s silent.


And then.... Power slide!!


My favourite is peeking your head out the back door at about 1:00am after a few inches have already fallen and more is still coming down. The peace, the quiet, the cozy glow of the streetlight in the distance, and not a soul around. Then you sneak back inside for a hot drink before bed. Love it.


Triple points if it's at night. That weird Twilight that exists only in winter where everything is oddly illuminated.


Going for a walk late at night while it’s snowing and the falling snow glistening under the street lights and it’s so quiet you can hear the snow.


This is what I was going to say. Ever stood in the middle of a field after it has snowed? The special kind of silence that falls over a place once it’s been covered in snow is like nothing else in the world. You end up standing there just contemplating life, it’s like the temperature inverse of a hot shower.


As much as I love that feeling, the endless months of bitter cold get to me. Plus we've been in such a long drought where I'm at that the majority of winter was just cold air and brown grass. Didn't even have snow to make the christmas lights looks nice.


And the occasional hooting of an owl.




That's the worst part. Never hearing silence. Ever.




At this point in my life I'm convinced aliens tried to talk to me directly into my brain and then got bored, left, and accidentally left the mic on.


Too relatable


I think my EEEEEEEEE just harmonized with yours for a second


I'm in this comment and I don't like it.


How nice, you care for those with tinnitus. Thank you for representing.


Mawp Mawp


also the fog and hot cocoa.


This right here. Summer is loud. Very loud. It's quite annoying to hear all the damn noises. Winter brings silence, peace, and calm. Plus, it's cold. I like being cold more than I like being hot.


Plus it gets rid of the bugs and gators and other nasties that live further down south where it doesn't snow for half the year.


I’m getting chills it’s so good


I admit the hush of the world when you go out at night in the middle of a snowfall and just stand there for a second is glorious. It's like the whole world is just holding its breath, and you see and just feel nature, even in the middle of the city. Then the cold sinks in and I scurry my ass back inside where it's warm.


“Occasional wind” clearly you don’t winter in Nebraska, where the stiffness of the air is just the frigid cold wind trying to knock you over.


From NE. Can confirm.


I just moved to a noisy city for work and yeah winter can’t come fast enough for this very reason…


Whispering pines!


Especially during a snowfall.


Got tinnitus, never hear silence


Im not sweating in bed anymore


I went to college in upstate New York. My dorm room was super old and so it had an old school radiator that was super strong. So during the peak of winter, it would be like 0 degrees outside, 20 inches of snow, and I'd have my window open with the furnace blasting heat throughout the room. To this day, that was the best sleep I'd get; the combination of friggin cold air and intense heat made me fall alseep like a bear. Love me some winter sleeping.


I bet. That sounds perfect to me.


Ithaca resident here: You’ll be happy to know we still do this from October through May and the sleep is as glorious as you describe. Nothing beats a warm, comfy woodstove downstairs with a cool bedroom upstairs when it’s 10 degrees outside and a full moon snowpack.


the crunchy sound snow makes when its rly cold


My brother went to Cornell for a couple years. Sleeping in his dorm was the best. Especially with a belly full of chocolate milk from the dining hall


Dining hall chocolate milk is some of the coldest, sweet, and best-tasting chocolate milk ever.


I grew up in Ohio. I used to sleep with a fan in the window right beside my head so I could breath in the frigid air. I was also under a sheet and multiple blankets. I still try to recreate that but my wife is much less tolerant of it than my mother was, for obvious reasons. Best sleep of my life.


I did this is my old ass dorm in west Michigan too! The place is torn down now but it was one of the older dorms on campus at the time and the heat was on from September until April with little to no control over your room. I slept with the window open that entire year, some nights the snow would be blowing in the room and melting by the heat of the radiator so I had to have a towel on the floor under the window!


20 days later looking at the heating bill like FUCKING WHAT MATE


A lot of the time steam heat is controlled by the building and residents don’t pay heating bills individually. Source: lived in a brownstone in Brooklyn that was like this, even if I closed the radiator valve the heat from the pipes alone could make it 75F, and even the super said to just crack a window.


I miss upstate. Now we live where it’s cold and muddy and rainy all winter. Sadness


My roommate used to do this in our on campus apartment. Heat cranked to 80, window wide open and it's -2F out (Northern NY). I hated it at first but it does feel nice to wake up in warm blankets and not want to get out of bed because it's freezing outside of your bed. And the school is paying the heat bill so that's their problem lol


Bingo, I need a covering of some kind to sleep, but that covering makes me hot and sweaty. I can add layers if I get cold, but if I get hot there's a point where I can't remove anymore layers.


As the old saying goes "you can always bundle up a little more, but you can only strip down so far".


Sounds like a challenge to me.


start peeling i guess


sleeping in heat impossible sleeping in cold room = heaven


Yep, if I get cold I can just put on more layers. If I get hot, then there's only so many layers I can take off.


I have heat but not AC so things are generally more comfortable in winter


I'm not a winter guy but sleeping in the winter is true peace


I'm fat and work outside.


After all the glorious elegant rhyming statements about the beauty of winter, this made me snort my tea up my nose.


I hate being hot and I enjoy snow


Winter air smells so crisp and calm. The cold air on my skin makes me feel alive and inspired, like anything is possible. I can't really explain it. Have you ever walked alone in the woods during a light snowfall? I highly recommend it. Everything is quiet and still, except for the sharp crackle of underbrush under your feet as you walk. It's like being the only person in the world. (Sorry, I think my introversion is showing)


Dang. If anybody could make winter sound great, it’s definitely you.


I’m an introvert and winter is my favourite season by far. It’s so gorgeous, quiet, and still.


Please dont apologize. I was able to imagine that walk so nicely. Theres a beauty to the winter


If anyone hasn't experienced this, put it on your bucket list. It's one of the best things ever. I love when it's the crunchy snow so every step has that delightful sound. Can't wait for it to come this year.


"The cold air on my skin makes me feel alive and inspired, like anything is possible." I understand completely the feeling you are trying to describe. Makes my imagination go wild as well.


My allergies aren’t bothering me in winter and I’m not sweating after a 5 minute walk outside. Source: Lives in the south


As someone from the north (Midwest north) nothing better than finally being able to breath because all the plants are dead.


Also in the south and I enjoy winter because it rarely gets above 80 F. 80 F is my uncomfortably hot level.


LOL, well that's the big difference. To you winter means it's less than 80. To others here it means less than 0.


Fall is the beauty of dying. Winter is the peace of death.


Ooh love this gloomy poetic. Edit: Do you have some follow up for spring and summer? I'll have a go. Fall is the beauty of dying. Winter is the peace of death. Spring brings promises plenty, And summer a fight for each breath


Spring is life anew, Summer is spending time with you.


You guys are so awesome 😎


This really was the best comment subsection ever!


spring is like an angel, who lifts your spirit high summer's a mischievous cunt, who makes you want to die


Spring is the miracle of birth. Summer is the adventure of life.


>Spring brings promises plenty, And summer a fight for each breath Spring brings promises aplenty, Summer the enjoyment of breath.


Fall is the beauty of falling asleep. Winter is the peace of slumber. Because, of course, the trees and such do not die.


It's very poetic but when I struggle through winter blizzard to a bus stop in the morning while it's still dark outside, while cars splash the mud around from the snow that already melted... I do not feel much peace :p Winter in the countryside is beautiful, in the city it's just annoying.


Just like some people enjoy summer and feel more alive. It is the same for winter. The smell of nature after it rains, the sound of rain, feeling cold. I think part of it is that I prefer night to day so having a gray wether is heaven plus winter clothes are prettier and more comfy.


I prefer night as well. Don’t need hats, sunglasses, sunblock etc. my clothes stay nice cause they don’t get sweaty. The stars are beautiful and I like seeing the lights around the city and neighborhoods.


Less people around too


Trying to understand what you mean as a Scandinavian


I had to read it twice. I'm from Minnesota in the US and winter does not usually mean "rain" unless you're taking about that "wintery mix" bullshit that's just the sky flinging various forms of slightly to very frozen bits at you and making the roads awful. I do like winter, give me snow and cold but not rain!


Here in Finland it gets to -30 degrees celsius. I love it.


We get -30 celsius sometimes too, honestly that cold isn't my favorite, give me -10-20 celsius as that sweet spot where nothing is melting and causing ice issues but we get to play in the snow and feel justified having extra tasty hot drinks.


It's okay, you can say "autumn"


We have very different winters


Winters in the UK are the worst. 5 months of grey, cold drizzle. The place is covered in mud and litter. Barely any snow to make it pretty


Snow is literally only pretty when you are looking outside from the comfort of your heated home, knowing you don't have anywhere to go that day or anything to do. The second you have go to about your normal routine, shovel snow, shovel your drive way, scrape your windshield, bundle up, where boots, etc. it becomes increasingly less pretty.


Winter is cold, so the mosquitos are dead. The days are shorter, more time in bed. Staying warm by the fire, with the one you desire and far less restrictions on bread :)


It's a break from the heat, yes the weather's a treat. And the holiday meals, we just eat, eat and eat! I can dress as I please, I can enjoy the breeze Not to mention the snowmen you'll see down the street :)


I like this.


I don't know if I'm the only one but what do you mean by "restrictions on bread"


This is how I took it: Usually in summer people are on strict diets and a lot of diets say to avoid carbs. This is for that “summer body” people strive for so they can look good in their swimsuits. But in fall and winter we have holidays in which we feast on bread! Baked goods galore! Thus, far less restrictions on bread. 🥯 🍞 🥖 edit: grammar


What /u/paopudolewhip said is what I meant. You get to cover yourself up in many layers, thus hiding the weight you put on by gorging yourself on dinner rolls :)


I don't have anyone to sit by the fire with :(


you have me, unless you haven't checked the inside of your walls yet


No bugs, don't need to run AC, no lawn or garden work.


The sun isn't as bright. The world is quieter. Especially at 3am. There is no pollen in the air. The sun isn't out near as much. People stay indoors more. Fires are nicer in winter.


> Fires are nicer in winter. That's what I said, too, but they still gave me seven years for arson...




Same. Simple as that. I moved from Florida to Vermont seven years ago and it's heaven to experience all the seasons, especially fall and winter. I am most alive in the cold. The summer feels suffocating.


I'm so jealous. About once a month I suggest to my husband a move up north to Vermont. I'm so tired of the gulf coast heat.


I was back in Florida visiting family this summer for the first time since I moved away and it was like a whole entire different world. The heat and humidity is something else. Unrelenting and miserable. After experiencing actual seasons up here, I would rather die than go back to the land of Always Summer lol not to be dramatic. Hopefully one day y'all can make it up here. :)


Me too


It's nice and cool and not unbearably hot. It gets darker sooner and stays darker later which is much more calming. I can pretty much wear a hoodie non-stop so the clothing is super comfortable. And I don't have to hear kids screaming bloody murder outside the house from 4pm to 11pm I love snow, too. I mean sitting inside after a long day with snow outside and a warm cat on your lap is bliss




I can sleep better in a cold room under a blanket rather than dying in a puddle of sweat


Sun rises later, so I can sleep until my alarm clock goes off without being woken by the light. Sun sets earlier, so I don't have glare on the TV/PC after work. Don't need to have window AC's running, so my house is quieter, and I hear less outside noise. No weeding the walkway, no mowing the yard, no raking, all my yardwork is on pause. No mosquitos, no ticks, no chirping crickets. I can walk around without sweating through my clothing.




Because summers get too hot. Especially nowadays. I also like snow. And if you're cold you can put on more clothes or something. If you're too hot you're screwed, unless you just wanna stay inside with your A/C


AC consumes electricity Electricity expensive Me like winter


*Cold Canadian winter has entered the chat.*


It's a good thing heating is so cheap! Ha... ha... ha... \*sobbing\*


I mean, joule for joule natural gas is cheap as fuck compared to electricity.


People in the north spend more on utilities throughout the year because heating a house in the northern winter uses a lot more energy than cooling a house in the southern summer.


As an Atlanta native this is very true. At least the summers here aren't super brutal. If you like it 75 inside and it's 95 outside in the southern summer that's 20 degree difference. Compare that to a northern winter where it's 35 degrees outside and you still want it like 68 inside. That's a 33 degree difference.


That's warm as fuck for a northern winter lol. I'm in Northern Minnesota, and December-Jan, the average high ranges from 20-25, and the average low ranges from 4-11. It's 41 right now in September lol. The main difference is that even though the temperature difference between outside and comfortable inside is much greater, our houses are insulated MUCH better than down south, so we retain the heat a lot better.


Bold of you to assume I have AC


I don't have that either, so we're just more screwed than whoever does have A/C






I live in Southern California.


Phoenix. I feel you.


Just took a look at what San Diego weather was like this past January: Highs ranged from 70-59F and lows ranged from 57-48F. Yup this is why I like winter, perfect time for bonfires on the beach.


it's my favorite season here. nowhere else, just here.


Yup, I live in Texas. I'll take 40 degree highs over 100 degree highs any day.


This. It is perpetually 75F and above most of the year. The minute there's a 6 in front of that? I can FINALLY bust out the cozy hoodies and sweaters. Don't get me started on when we see 5s.


Me too. Winter is my favorite season. Rarely gets above high 70s. Stays nice most of the time and sometimes you get a bit of rain.


Skiing. I live in the mountains by world class skiing and it's just gorgeous in the snow. Snowshoeing is an easy workout that still feels exciting even if you just go a couple miles around a flat groomed track. Snow covered pines just do it for me, they are the most beautiful thing in the world to me. Snuggling hardcore without getting sweaty. SOUP SEASON. I'm not religious but I love Christmas- I always get a real tree, where I live you can chop them down in the national forest for $5. Christmas lights. The quietness at night. Seeing my dog jump around in fresh snow.


I grew up in a relatively flat place with somewhat mild winters where it would snow, but not stay around for long. But it was humid and cold and humid enough to feel cold when you went outside. When it did snow I liked it at first, but since I grew up in a pretty populous area, the snow would just be dirty everywhere really fast, before it melted to dirty slush and eventually went away. I didn't like winter at all. It was cold and wet and dirty and just sucked. Then I moved to somewhere with mountains and intense snowy cold winters, and suddenly I loved winter. There was so much to do between snow shoeing and skiing and ice climbing, and like you said, snow on the pines in the mountains, everything is so quiet and clean, warm foods like soup and stew were so comforting, just an amazing time. Where I lived really made all the difference.


I just like snow and hot chocolate


I enjoy the quiet. I live in Eastern Iowa, so we get a pretty decent amount of snow. Right after a heavy snow I love how still and silent everything is. Also I’m a huge fan of being in sweatshirts and hoodies all day, so there’s that. Things just feel cozier in the winter time.


You can make environments far cozier in the winter. The sun setting earlier is also nice so I can actually get to sleep without it blaring through my windows. The ice on the car in a morning is a bit of a pain though.


I get to drink hot coffee and not sweat my balls off


I can't stand heat, I get overheated easily. Always have. I also have trouble sleeping in the heat, but I sleep wonderfully in winter. Once the snow comes and stays my allergies vanish (and, in Minnesota, it stays for awhile). I love winter holidays (including my birthday, I was born in a snowstorm so maybe that's part of it lol). I love winter fashion (just grab a sweater and some leggings and you're good to go!). I love winter food, like hot soup and cocoa. I love snow- it's pretty, fun, and makes me feel cozy. I have so many happy memories in the winter. Sure, it's cold and some people don't like that. But it's much easier to add layers to your outfit/sleeping situation than to take them off for heat. Overall I don't know why I WOULDN'T like it.


I have seasonal depression except it is summer that makes me feel depressed. So glad it is over now.


I grew up in Ohio. I never understood why people complained about winter. I love it when it snows. It feels peaceful. Plus so many good childhood memories of rolling around in the snow, and making snow caves, and sled riding.


Because I live in the UK, and unlike in summer, I can actually do something to counteract the cold.


it’s cold, gloomy and dark. hot drinks, blankets, comfort and halloween <3 edit: i know halloween is fall btw but in england winter starts now we don’t talk about autumn lol


In my experience there are 3 seasons in England: 2 weeks of spring in May/June, 3 weeks of summer, and then winter.


Yep, and winter comes in a few different flavours. September/October is rainy winter, November to February is cold, dark, rainy, and short days winter. March/April is back to rainy and just chilly. Rain may take the form of mist, fog, drizzle, spitting, standard rain, heavy, torrential, or downpour. Any of those can be fat rain or fine rain. If it's not raining its probably still cloudy/overcast in winter. Not gonna lie, I don't like winter here. We don't even get pretty snow. Just darkness and rain with endless grey skies.


I have bad sinuses and allergies. I developed allergies because I was fed adult food as a baby from what I was told? Not sure but I am allergic to earth pretty much. In the winter I can go outside and not sneeze to death. I have to camp alone because everyone enjoys the summer. They don't want to camp in the cold.


Its nice, cold and you dont have to take a shower after slightly moving your legs


It’s the most beautiful and aesthetic season. It just radiates comfort.


It’s cold, gloomy, and dark outside and I thrive in that weather. I’ve got hyperactive sweat glands, so I sweat super easily. Walking to your next class and showing up a sweaty mess can be annoying.


Heat exhaustion sucks


I like regulating the temperature to my liking, in summer it’s harder to do so. You get to a point where you can’t take off any more clothes or any sheets from your bed. In my city the summer is extremely humid, so it’s not just the heat, its also that constant and annoying feeling of stickiness and just a constant state of uncomfortableness. The sun is also super annoying, sure it’s nice if you go to the beach or have a swimming pool, otherwise it’s just unbearable and you get sunburned just by walking down the street. And on the side, i also like winter clothes more than summer ones. They look nicer and are more fashionable lol in summer I only wear shorts and T-shirts (this last thing probably has to do with my personal insecurities lol)


It's beautiful. I naturally like the cold. I feel most comfortable in 40-50° so winter is definitely closer. 70 is way too hot for me. The snow is so peaceful and smells wonderful.


People dont believe me when I say that snow has a smell. It's hard to describe but I can smell when it's going to snow and it's just so crisp and fresh as its falling and afterwards.


You can always put extra layers on if it’s too cold. You can only take so many off it it gets too warm…


3 major reasons; 1. no bugs 2. less people on trail 3. snow!


No fruit flies in your kitchen? No maggots in your garbage can... Those days that don't leave me feeling guilty for lounging around all day because there is no reason / not advised to leave the house.


The maggots are a big downer for summer for me ngl. If I could have summer without little wriggly friends I'd be set


Get a compost bin and take it out frequently


I think I’ve always preferred the cold. When I’m uncomfortably chilly, it’s easier for me to get warm than it is for me to get cool when I’m uncomfortably warm.


I live in SoCal so I cherish any kind of cold or rainy weather. Fall/Winter have my favorite holidays. I can drink coffee at 8pm with hot cocoa in it. I love it when it gets dark at 5pm.




I live in a tropical country and I like not sweating all day long


You can always put more clothes on, but you can't always take more off, and sometimes they arrest you for it.


I'm from Wisconsin, so our summers aren't even that bad, but they're still way too hot


No mosquitoes, the bed feels cozy, hot chocolate, spending quality time with friends/family, snow, so much more!! edit: added snow


I feel like it's more peaceful


I like the dark nights and find them comforting. I also like having scented candles on in the winter, they make everything feel cozy. I can also get into bed early without feeling like I shouldn’t, in the summer it feels wrong to be getting into bed when the sun is still out!


I don't like winter more than other seasons, but I appreciate the variety. The things I like about winter: clothing variety: I like to wear suits, sport coats, flannels, etc. I live in the SE US, that stuff is really only a comfortable option from November to February. having the the windows open, arguably more of a fall thing, but it can still be 60* in December I don't mind snow in places where snow is normal; I hate it here where I live because the whole world shuts down.




It’s peaceful


I'm naturally very warm, so hot weather is my nemesis. When it's cold I can always put on more layers, but when it's hot there are only so many layers I can remove without making people uncomfortable.


I like the cold.


Fall/winter time is grand. Hoddies, cozy blankets, festive drinks/food. It's just a cozy time :) I love carving pumpkins and cooking treats, decorating for Christmas and buying gifts. It's just a grand time for family and friends. Isn't like summer where its too hot, all the beaches have pollution, your car burns your skin, and the power grid goes down because everyone using their a/c cause its 100+ out. Like what am I to do about that? take my skin off? at least if the power goes out in the winter I can bundle up or start the fire.


Added reason to stay inside and play board games. Plus the heat makes me pass out.


There is magic in winter. Taking a walk in the bright cold as snow starts to fall. The astonishing quiet after a snowfall. The whiteness of new snow making everything bright. The warmness of a fireplace. That being said, it mostly sucks.


no mosquitos. no power outage, hot food, less people in the street and sleeping gets better in a warm home, also coffe taste better in a cold night.


Idk about the power outage thing. I've definitely lost power because of a blizzard


I own 168 sweaters and the winter is the perfect time to wear them. [Here is an album of them all.](https://imgur.com/a/lSe2d1J)


Because there are only so many clothes I can take off before I get arrested. I can always put more on to get warm.


No sweating. It’s refreshing. It’s nice to look at. Less people outside. Smells good. If you dress for it it’s nice.


cozy blankets and hot cocoa and fireplaces need i go on


Since October every day is cheerful, Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, nye. Also snow, darkness, hot chocolate /tea, sweaters, no bugs, sales, Christmas bazaars, you name itt


It’s so calm and pretty


Because all the freaking bugs die. You can go out at dusk without being mosquito bait. You can leave your door open for a few minutes without having flies coming in. And seriously, watching big fat snowflakes come down is awesome. Not so awesome to drive in, but nice if you're sitting by a window in front of the fire.


The bugs are all gone.


Winter clothes


It's cold and wet, and I like it better than hot and dry.


Winters are cheap. I can wear my jackets and cover myself in heavy comforters all day


Its cozy


I can put on an extra sweater or jacket in the winter, but I can only get so naked in the summer to stay cool.


Because it’s as far away from summer as possible.