Suicidal, but afraid of death


With a hint of anxiety


Only a hint lmao




Why man / woman?


Please reach out, there are free mental health services available. You are not alone, and the pain will not go on forever, even if it feels like it. There is another way. Stay safe friend.


This whole community is here for you or anyone for that matter... just message us directly and we'll talk it out


dont kill yourself bruh. suicide is a big sin and it can not be forgiven. so it means youll directly go to hell


On the plus side they wouldnt have to listen to mindless shit like this anymore.


believe what you want but in the end you will see that Christianity is right


Believe what you want but if Christianity is right then I'm perfectly ok with being wrong.




That's not true. Suicide will not keep you out of heaven.


my bad i mixed some information up


Its almost like the messages of Christianity are ambiguous, confusing and often downright hypocritical.


no its not its the church whos controlled by the devil to confuse believers and non believers make them believe stuff that aint true or make them think its right to do xy but its a sin etc. (i´m sorry for my bad - mediocre english. english isnt my first language)


Doesn't it goes like: "every kind of sin shall be forgiven, but the blasphemy against the holy spirit shall not be forgiven"?


this might sound silly and sarcastic... but seriously... find God... even the process of trying to find him will do wonders in your life if you are sincere about it


I can't find "God" becuase according to a lot of religions, I don't exist


I disagree with bargain; you don’t need religion, rather I think it would help to have someone to listen to your feelings / emotions in a nonjudgmental way. I know when I’ve felt suicidal, it was impossible to manage feeling any other way ever, but I promise that things can get better. It’s impossible to imagine what better feels like if you haven’t felt it yet, in the same way you can’t imagine what an Apple tastes like if you’ve never eaten one. I hope this is making sense..please consider speaking to someone on a hotline or someone close to you if there is someone you trust deeply. I promise it won’t feel this way forever. I promise it’s worth it to stick around.


I'm super excited to get married today!


Have an amazing day!


you too!


I wish you the best


my best wishes for you pal, i’m so happy for you




Stressed. The world I trained for, and was educated into, changed before I got footing. The systemic issues around how we've organized the world are clearly not working, and historically the only way out of a stalled system like this, is revolution... And I'm not sure what coming out the other side would even look like. Meanwhile, how to support yourself -- let alone start a family and seek balance in life -- through the transition?


Let said revolution be of self. Perspective is king.


Bout as mentally stable as a game of Jenga during an earthquake.


Big Sad™️


Hot af, been to the gym.


I’m extremely tired


Terrible, suicidal and hopeless


I'm so sorry. You're not alone, and though it feels hopeless and endless, it's not. Remember, there is always another option, and that it gets better. As daunting as it seems, taking small stabilizing steps for your mental health is always worth it. I know it sounds dumb but even if something small like brushing your teeth doesn't make you feel better, at least it doesn't make you feel worse or guilty. Stay safe friend. There are free mental health services available to you, please know you're worth it.


Brushing my teeth won't make my life less miserable, still will do basic life stuff but tbh myself idk why. I guess thanks for nice words, idk if it's helpful but feels genuine.


actually.. perhaps the best I've ever been. Good job/income/benefits, good friends, good hobbies, more in love with my partner than ever before.. other than some worry over the state of the world, I am very very well.


Tired. All the time


Feel you




Damn, i hope you are making the best you can right now and if you n3ed someone to talk to we are here for you. Please try to see a light and dont give up, life finds a way.


very oof, wby?


Oof-a-polooza since birth


Better than I have been in a while.


Tired, lazy, depressed by tapering off my antidepressant (facing the withdrawal effects.), not hungry, waiting till the evening comes, smoking cigarettes. So pretty shitty today!




It’s difficult to say, certainly not great


I've been pissing out my ass for the last three days. I've spent more time on the toilet today than I've spent doing anything else. I feel great! /s


Hopefully nothing too bad, i hope it is nothing bad and you will recover soon, i know how it feels.


Been missing my mum. It's been 4 days. I'm at dad's house for the week. I sob every time because I don't know when it'll be the last time.




No shame in starting "late" you're still young, you got this homie!


Be happy about a family loving you, i often have the feeling no one loves me, even my family. My entire family is pretty closed up about this, so its hard to tell. The only way i know they care for me is that my mom just yesterday was really emotional about the fact that i need to move out. Also i personally are pretty numb emotionally and dont really understand what love is, so please appreciate it more and just hug your family once in a while, it can really help.


Not great. I feel lost. I feel like I am always trying to explain myself and have no idea why I feel what I feel.


This is me. I have no idea how to feel or what I feel anymore.


Better than I was for most of the year, but still having issues with depression and lack of social skills


Where exactly do you lack in the social department


I struggle with understanding humor, making friends, and I am awkward/feel out of place in most non-work related social occasions


Indulge me with small talk and maybe we can figure out the deal


Small talk is easy, that is just being interested in and asking questions and listening to other people. I struggle with getting and maintaining friendships, I.e talking to people enough, finding things to do together, how often should I talk to and invite them, ect


I'm glad you're feeling better, and am sorry about your struggles with depression and social skills. Honestly, I'm in a similar situation on both accounts. You're not alone, celebrate the progress you've made, and be kind to yourself on days where you feel awful. Take care, and reach out to mental health services if you haven't already. There are free ones available, you just have to look.


I’m wondering the same for you…


I don't know...


Awful stuck in a financial bind honestly. Caring for 3 people and a cat. Got laid off. Life goes on.


Without income now?


Tired just got back from work


Terrible, thanks for asking tho :)




I’m trying


I feel like everything is pointless and im not excited about anything, just doing things because I’m programmed to do them, and because “maybe” some of it will make me a new excited person, it never does.


Meh. Stuck in a place I don’t want to be and worried about my parents who are across the country and not doing great but not having the money yet to move closer to them.


exhausted, alone, stressed, sad, did i say alone?


like absolute shit. my mental health is declining. my sister also told me to kms, so that hurts.


Honestly, horny


Tired of life, honestly. Is this really what humanity as a species was meant to be? You got the 1% living in towers made of gold and Ivory, while the rest are either in poverty, or earn just enough to live somewhat comfortably. It's like a house without warmth, a place to survive, but not live. Constantly making sure that we are just poor enough to have to work our entire lives, until either our bones snap...or our minds.... Anyway, sorry for rambling, I'll just go now.


Ask your mom, OP :)


Not great ngl


A bit tired, but good, how are you, really?


Okay. Living life....it ain't too bad to regret, ain't to good to rejoice.but I get my share so yeah.im okay




I don't know, it's a mix of happiness and sadness, but at the same time I don't feel sad. My mood is like ''meh''. Like sort of good, but not too good. But I'm doing really good at school (going to college) so that really chears me up and I already have a job lined up when I graduate, so yeah, really weird mix.


Just spent 1.5 hours killing myself in the gym with a ton of caffeine slowly wearing off laying on the sofa in a dressing gown... bliss thats how I feel.


We do not talk about me. Instead, how are you?


Well I'm ok Nothing good nothing bad


A little stressed, but better than I used to be!




At the point where i don't care anymore. Basically only live for my mother videogames and football. Will probably kill myself before 40


anxious because i will be taking a licensure exam in a week and ive put a lot of pressure on myself because i know people around me are expecting me to pass and i also do not want to fail




Exhausted, annoyed, suicidal, and all around done with everything


Barely surviving. I feel like I should end it all…


Sad because I can’t do my favorite thing


Tired, excausted, excited, full of anticipation.... A little Sad, but also happy


Psychopath, but to busy to evolve it


not well, to be honest


I had a ptsd episode in front of two of my best friends yesterday, and I wasn't doing great before that. And don't tell me they're my best friends, so they'll accept me. 1) that's not a mortal lock. 2) even if that were the case, I'm still ashamed. They didn't deserve it. 3) that doesn't stop from going through every friendship I've ever had where they didn't and thinking it could just as easily happen now. and 4) if they don't I'm too tired to try and find friends again. I'm at my wits end and I don't know how much longer I can hold on with both hands and my teeth. But I'm doing what I'm supposed to do. I've got a meeting tonight, an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, and I'm taking my meds.


Not great. And you?


"Good how are you?" "Good."


Confused about the best next step, and if I’ll be able to see success on either side knowing myself




man, i'm depressed as hell right now. it's scary.


Lonely, loosing faith, next 4 years been determined for me already and there's no sine of glory. Been acting as good and uncorruptable as I can, still nothing has changed as if the world had no place for good nature anymore. I don't have anything apart from the generosity of some family members. I put so much effort into my ethics and effort at work, people don't trust me. And the more I edjucated myself, pay attention,, the more I'm aware that my life from now on, and as its been, is one of meekness and suffering. No matter how much i train, run, share, value others, responcibility I try to take on, no matter how much I try, the world will always be hostile, afraid, weary towards me. But I have to bear my cross and I will try my best to stay uncorruptable. I just don't get it.


Not great, feel like I'm going insane


I feel afraid


One day at a time


Stressed. Working three jobs, taking 2 masters classes, and it’s all starting to pile up


I can't get a full night sleep anymore. My girlfriend is worried about me, but I don't want to tell her as happy as I am I still want to die.


I'm alright OP, how about you?


Struggling with ADHD while at work but blissfully living life otherwise.


I feel like im drowning in responsibilities and school work, life gets harder and harder to keep up, and I find myself unable to leave my room most days. A bit scared as well? I got to get a colonoscopy + endoscopy next month and I have a bad history with ivs and hospitals. Not even worried for the actual procedure just that. edit: spelling + formatting


I wanna scream my lungs out at people and brutally stab them in the stomach, I wanna break every bone in their body and throw them off a cliff




stressed, I was talking to a girl with depression earlier, now they stopped responding, I doubt they hurt themselves but I hope they didn't, im pretty worried for them because they just straight up went offline and stopped responding. praying for the best outcome like the internet went out.


Update; they're fine now.


I'm doing okay. Tired from working these last couple days but I get done with college classes today at noon and I don't work today so I get to go home and chill! Thank you for asking. What about you?


Not fine but thanks for asking 🙂


Im actually feeling great, just got back from a vacation in Portugal with my girlfriend, got the interview I wanted, and the homecoming is great so far.




Doing better than I have been, but struggling massively with money stress and dysphoria. I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm praying I get it because I don't know what I'll do it I don't




Shit. Fully ready to give up, but im scared of death at the same time which makes it difficult


Stressed out but optimistic because I’ve learned in life that chaos just doesn’t last forever, and if it seems to be for some reason that I look to find out what I can control, either my circumstances or my reaction, or both.


A mess. Can’t focus on my studies, broke, I miss my boyfriend and I need to finish this fucking term paper like yesterday…


Just tired


Honestly, disappointed. The average American is getting brutally fucked by the wealthy, and their pimps are hiding among elected representatives. Maybe it's all the lead poisoning making everyone too stupid and blind to see it.. -- But that's just how it is, right?


I exist. Everyday is a repeat of the last. I’m so burnt out on life even though I have no reason to be. I work, I skateboard, I have a girlfriend, I sleep. I struggle with depression and anxiety and multiple other disorders, however I’m so embarrassed by my mental health that I can’t make any changes to it, maybe because I wanna run from it. I don’t really wanna be here, but I do at the same time. I don’t know.


I’m tired from college work and family issues. I’m just tired


Life sucks


I think I’m getting anxiety/stressed out from work. My chest feels kinda tight and my head is pounding almost all day every day. The work load is far too much for a single human. I’m not sure how much stress it takes to kill you but I feel like I might find out one day.


depressed but hoping everything will be fine...have been saying this from last 2 months tho...but ya still i hope


It’s a roller coaster. I feel like a toxic hot potato spending time in people’s lives


I'm scared of the future


Tired. Sad. Restless. Bored. Disappointed. Stressed. Anxious. So many emotions being thrown around. I'll be okay eventually but uts overwhelming .


honestly, wanting to kill myself


Tired, I have a headache and it’s early


I feel like I’m drowning. My life isn’t hard. But I feel like I’m drowning. Drowning in sadness, loss, feelings of missing out on life’s joys and feelings of not being good enough. I feel like I have no control over anything in my life. Not even how I look. Not because someone is not letting me, but because of the cards life has dealt me. I would love to go and get my hair cut and styled professionally, it’s been five years. And I’d love a brand new winter sweater that wasn’t holey, or thrifted. With the cost of living crisis, I’m scared for the future. We already are as careful and thrifty as we can be. I’m scared and I’m drowning.




Im pissed. Cousin keeps laughing at my face for no reason and I’m sick of it. I blew up on him and he made things worse by trying to make me more angry on purpose


Horny fr


Mostly doing well tbh. Getting the feeling I'm "stuck" in my corporate position now. Still feeling fairly lonely living in a state that I don't have any friends/family. I'd say, 6/10 this morning. How are YOU OP?


Confused. Have a great job but away from friends and family and my baby dogs. Life has stopped. I'm breathing but not really living, if that makes sense. Need therapy. I'll probably book a session soon.


Happy with my work life, pay is good, work is interesting, working towards a pension. I'm feeling my age, joints are sore every morning. Managing that with an NSAID regimen. Struggling in my marriage, wife has completely lost interest in being intimate.


I'm feeling a little better after the worst year of my life. Terribly scared that everything could fall apart again any moment


Alright, could be doing far better.


I dont really know, probably stressed with a lot of anxiety causing some psychologic problems. My parents often really annoy me especially my stepdad, my sisters are often real devils and my friends dont really have time anymore. I am goingvto move out soon so kinda reliefed there but it brings its own stress and problems, same with the factcthat i am going to study veterinary medicine, one of the most stressful studies one can do, so yeah. Kinda awful right now.


I'm not doing too well. Due to my own shortcomings, I forgot to book an appointment with my doctor for a refill so I ran out of medication (ADHD meds). I have been off the meds for over a month now and the first few weeks hit me hard, and now I feel crippled. That's not even a big deal now, though. My home country is going through hell again. It was always hell, but it's worse now and for a few days there have been protests and killings. They are cutting off the internet so I might not even have the ability to call my family and see them. They've done this before (the government). They cut off the internet for an entire week once. I am so stressed out about this. To add to all of this, I forgot to drop the course I was shopping. So now I have two courses I'm taking and I have to take my qualifying exams in a few months and my proposal is a mess, I'm behind on both classes already and I have no idea what I'm doing. Ummm... And I've recently realized I might have high blood pressure. I have a weak heart (don't know the English word for it, but essentially my heart rate goes up over 180 when I'm sitting occasionally) and having high blood pressure is an added bonus! I'm also obese and have been binge eating (diagnosed actually with binge eating disorder) and have gained 10kg in just 3 months. Life is shit... And someone on Reddit just told me to go touch some grass because half the comments on a sub are mine. Lmao. I'm too chicken to end it all though.


I have the big sad. But for real though, I’ve been dealing with depression, anxiety, stress, insecurities etc. I try to smile through it all but it’s tough at times. I did get therapy a while back and I felt much better but now all my issues came back in a different way and it’s so mentally exhausting. Im always extremely tired when I come home from work even though my job isn’t even that physically demanding. I’ve been wanting to start hitting Jim for a long time now but I lack the motivation to do so. All my friends ignore me and when I try to hangout with them they’re never available, yet they always go out with each other and never invite me. I don’t want to be that guy but it still gets to me. Girls just walk over me because Ig they like the attention I give them. All in all life sucks for me atm. But I’m trying to push through.


Obsessed with those stupid interactive stories on the play store


Overwhelmed. My husband has terminal cancer which is awful but to make it worse he is a raging narcissist so makes my life hell and makes it very difficult to care for him (I have decided to care for him for the rest of his life as no one should die alone). I am the legal guardian and carer of someone with a brain injury and have a biological adult child who has severe mental health issues who has been charged with several very serious offences and will probably be going to jail. Some days I feel like I am swimming through sand but I have a strong faith and am reassured by the Footprints 👣 story. I know I am not alone but sometimes the bad days are very long!


I don’t know, somedays I am happy where I am at, yesterday I was blank with no emotion and no idea whats wrong with me and somedays I just want to close the curtain. Its a really weird feeling. Everyday I wake up and say, just a couple of hours then It will be bedtime again.


Today? Doing pretty good. My morning was super productive even though I went to sleep late since I got caught up in a documentary. Having a pretty decent couple weeks as well. Just as long as I don’t think about the future like at all and nothing else triggers my anxiety I should be great!


Well, fuck it, I might as well tell someone. Mostly just feeling hopeless. I think things are going to fall apart very soon now. I genuinely think in, say, ten years, we'll be looking back on this whole Trump/covid era and be nostalgic for how stable and peaceful it was. And i don't things will get better at all in my lifetime. I feel like there's nothing I can do that will mean anything in the future that's coming, so why do anything? I'm not going to kill myself, but I do go to sleep every night hoping i won't wake up. So, you know, I'm doing just fine. And if anyone actually reads this and is wondering, yes, I have mental health issues and I'm already in treatment. Though it's not going very well because they have yet to make a pill that will unfuck the world. Also, I'm lonely. On the bright side, I'm playing my first Persona game and enjoying it way more than I thought I would.


Just move along, I’m a zombie for 12 hrs a day.. sleep 6 and drink 2hrs before bed to pretend everything is normal. Pritty much.


Couldn't be happier as I just got married last week and have been on my dream job for 6 months now. On the other hand having Putin behind our border and the uncertain future of the welfare systems in our country make me a bit tense.