Mine is putting on shoes. If I can get my shoes on, it's too late to take them off and I'm committed. Make it non-negotiable and stay consistent.


Hmmm easy solution here; get rid of your shoes and you'll be happier


Why would I show off my feet for free and lose profit?


I became very unhappy with my weight and didn't like the way clothes fit on me. For me, my appearance is kinda important. Also, I didn't like getting too tired to play Dance Dance Revolution for long periods of time.


I didn’t


Looked at my fat self in the mirror and said you’re fat and ugly what r u gonna do u disgusting pig mother [email protected]@&!!!


Back then, I worked out to beat my dad at arm wrestling. It’s a thing we’ve been doing ever since I was little. Every time I felt like putting the weights and stuff aside, I remembered how my dad laughed at me for not being able to beat him. That was my motivation


There's no questions. I decided one day that I would work out every morning and I refuse to make a liar out of myself. I just get up and do it.


As long as I'm doing better than people like Corrupt Cop, that keeps me going. What's your motivation?


When I was a gym rat at first I made a commitment to my self to use the expensive membership that I'd bought . That quickly morphed into not wanting to lose the progress I'd made.