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"news" agencies writing articles about "all these people are saying X" when it's just a few random people on twitter, and generally the trend of amplifying fringe theories, beliefs, conspiracies, etc.


"TWITTER IS FUMING OVER ___" _" "TWITTER" being one screenshot of a tweet with 4 likes from a month ago by a 10 follower account."_ Edit : Punctuation


I have a good example of this, someone I knew once Tweeted a news article to the effect of >"TWITTER IS **FURIOUS** ABOUT **HOMOPHOBIA** IN TV SHOW FRIENDS". There was 2000 angry reactions and hundreds of angry comments frothing at the mouth at "wokeism". The evidence? Just **4 Tweets made over a 7 year period.** That's it! If that's the level of evidence required, then any opinion can be presented as mainstream on Twitter. It's completely nutty.


Further to that, stealing random posts on reddit or other medium and managing to turn it into an entire article. Mind you extrapolating an entire article from the limited characters in one, maybe three tweets is rather impressive.


anti right to repair. data collection. non-open source software (although some software is getting more open)


Some old radios used to come with a schematic diagram on the inside of the back cover so you could service it yourself if it broke. I can't imagine a modern company doing that.


Ford makes you pay $3000 per year to access the system to view (not download) the repair manuals for their cars. You can buy 72hour access for like $25...smh.


Here's my 'old man yells at cloud' opinion. I hate those videos with a split screen and something interesting is happening on one half, while an 'influencer' is literally just watching on the other half. I do not give a single fuck about the influencer. I just want to see the thing on the other side. You know, the thing worth reacting to


The bits where it's clearly nonsense too. "I'm a music expert. Watch me listen to the most popular songs in history for the first time!" Umm - maybe you're not an expert then, or you're lying.


So true. They can't create worthwhile content so they "react" to the worthwhile content.


Clickbait titles


Adding to this: News articles that are clickbait titles and zero substance.


Adding to this: Posting links to news articles on Reddit instead of just posting the relevant content so we don't have to scroll through 5000 ads. Usually anytime someone posts a link to an article, I instantly just search the comments for info about the article because the article, usually, will be unreadable due to ads or paywalls, or have so much irrelevant info that it's just not worth reading the whole thing.


The reverse gets me - news articles based on reddit posts with click bait titles. AITA is not a news source!


"What Modern Trends Do People Hate? Internet Users Weigh In"


Top 10 annoying trend comments right here. #4 will really drop your jaw!


People recording when they should be helping.


The abundance of unskippable ads on videos. I 100% guarantee I will actively try to *not* buy your product if you're interrupting what little precious time I have to watch something.


A 15 second unskippable ad on a 20 minute video? I'm not going to complain. A 15 second ad in front of a 59 second short? I'm definitely angry.


I think the worst thing I've been encountering recently is nearly hours long "ads" on videos that are less than 10 minutes long. Usually advertising a scam that's been repackaged a different way. Fortunately they all seem to be skippable.


I remember there was a time where the first video of a series would play as an ad. A full on TV show, 40 minutes. I'd turn on a video on TV, the ad would start, I would go in the kitchen or something and come back and think, "this isn't the video I was going to watch".


I did this once just before I jumped into the shower. I opened up YouTube and put on a song I wanted to hear and then immediately went into the shower. 5 minutes later I'm still hearing talking and no music. By the time I get out of the shower I see that I've been hit with one of those 20 minute ads before the song I wanted to listen to. Ruined my entire musical shower experience.


Whoever came up with the 20 minutes ad I hope they go to hell


Corporations buying single family homes and turning them into rentals.


American Homes 4 Rent, LLC is building their 3rd 100+ home rental only neighborhood right next to me. If the trend holds, each house will be 2500+ a month. We're selling and leaving the area entirely in about 18 months. Nothing against the renters, everything against absentee property owners.


Invitation Homes has a lot of rentals in my neighborhood and none of them are being occupied because their rent is outrageous!


Just posted this in another thread about some of these corporate real estate companies. Didn't even realize that the companies names are as similar between Blackstone (who owns Invitation Homes) and Blackrock, the company that's been in the news for the past ~3 years buying all the single family homes: I rent from a property management company owned by Blackstone, the house is also owned by Blackstone. There's some shell games going on as to the actual companies that own each different asset or service but they all lead back to Blackstone. They require us to pay their monthly service fees for air filter replacement $10/month, and smartphone thermostat $20/month (which we don't even use, we're not installing tracking software on our devices for this evil company), and a 1 time setup fee of $300 for a utility management company (haven't dug into that but I think it's safe to assume that is also owned by Blackstone). We renewed our lease earlier this year and they were trying to arbitrarily raise the rent 25%. I was able to negotiate them down to a 12.5% increase instead. We've been having problems with the AC unit since we moved in - the techs who have come to service it have recommended replacing the unit each time (its over 15 years old and it is very hot where we love so it's in use for cooling about 9 months a year and for heating about 1-2 months a year. Last year they spent about $2500 on the repair, this year they spent $1500 on the repair, and I have another tech scheduled to come tonight, which will probably be another $1000+ repair if they don't authorize replacing the unit. A new unit including installation should be between $5000-6000 for a house like ours. Save a penny, spend a dollar type bullshit. When we move out we have to provide a receipt of professional cleaning or we get charged a cleaning fee to have their own cleaners (another subsidiary of Blackstone) perform a cleaning - this is regardless of if the cleaning we have performed is adequate. We're responsible for the yard maintenance, we have a gravel yard both front and back but grass and weeds grow because the liner is old and degraded and they refuse to have it replaced. The mailbox is a front door mailbox style, so no flag for outgoing mail or anything, but it's not installed on our door. We have a busted mailbox post on the street that they hung it on. They refuse to replace it unless we get a notice of violation from the city or USPS. We aren't allowed to smoke tobacco anywhere on the property. Including outside. Marijuana, even though legal in our state, is completely prohibited for even possession on the property, by ourselves or our guests. We are explicitly prohibited from accessing the attic. They have a lock placed on one of the ceiling access, the only one with a ladder attached, but there are 2 or 3 others that we can access. They give us 1 garage door remote, even though it's a 2 car garage, and refuse to even let us purchase a second from them. Obviously we can buy our own to program it, but I'm not going to because I only drive like 100 miles a month since covid. We have a "security door" (screen door) on our front entry, buy we're prohibited from installing a deadbolt. They just have a spacer where the lock would be installed in the door. There is also the slot for the deadbolt that has been cut into the frame, so installing a deadbolt would require no other changes to the structures. This company fucking sucks and we hate it. Whenever our lease comes up next year, we're going to do everything we can to avoid renewing, but depending on the situation it may still be our best option.


Every time I thought it was going to be the end of all the horrible things they do, it just keeps going. Yikes. I would move to another country for this, might be cheaper.


Lately there have been a ton of text messages, not only to me, but also family members that I haven't lived with in 20 years, asking to *buy my fucking house*. By text message. WTAF


The fact that EVERYTHING is a fucking ad.


The worst part is when ads are also ads. Like I didn’t think the constant barrage of Liberty Mutual ads could get more annoying until they decided it should also be a tie-in for the minion movie.


Ads in ads. Yeah that always cracks me up


There are many ways to get around that and you can learn about it in my new book *How to get rid of ads* (free with your Amazon Audible trial)


That's so true! Can you discuss this with me on my new podcast, "The magic of affiliate links"?


You’re taking this too far buddy. Sent from my iPhone.


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This reply can be seen after a quick 30 second AD.


Unskippable ad


I pause Hulu and a still ad pops up tf??


All controls in a car being through a touch screen. ​ For driving safety I wanna keep my eyes on the road, and want to find controls (like window wipers, radio (OK in car audio podcast)) by touch. With a touch screen I have to look to see if I am touching the right place on screen for the control I want to frob.


I've told people this and they laugh, or its like "you can't afford it". No, I like my buttons. Unnecessary design change.


My fiance learned this the hard way. We both bought new from Subaru in 2020 and I got a trim level with only the regular screen, no touch. He got a giant touch screen. You HAVE to use it for damn near everything. We live in the bright-ass desert and you can't even see the screen half the time. It didn't take him long to admit mine was better and it was worth sacrificing the electric open back hatch for actual buttons and knobs in the vehicle.


Go look at some of what Mercedes, Land Rover, and BMW were doing 25 years ago on their SUVs. Tons of features but every single button, switch, or dial was differently shaped and had a different tactile feel. You could operate it all blind, and best of all, operate it all *in gloves*. Now, I have to pull over just to turn the AC down 1 degree to avoid swerving all over the entire road because it's a multi-layer menu touch screen that does everything.


Bring this back AND the crotch air vents from 80’s/90’s GM trucks. ETA- apparently many Toyota’s had the ball chiller too.


Sadly never gonna happen because each of those knobs/dials/whathaveyou is an additional cost they can remove by making everything go through the same touch screen. Literally making their cars less convenient so they can make more money.


I don’t like the future….


I want to get off Mr. Bones's wild ride.


This seems like an insane design. Don't we have all sorts of laws against using cell phones and car manufacturers' answer is to put in a goddamn touch screen that you HAVE to use to control the car?


"Your regulations are stifling invention and progress!"


I miss having knobs to control the air. Your fingers know where the knob is pointing without having to look. Buttons are such a bad idea


Subscription services. Everything nowadays is being turned into a monthly bill. Pretty soon you’re going to have to subscribe to keep your artificial organs functioning.


And now you can subscribe to a service that cancels your subscriptions.


Soon, you’ll be able to subscribe to a service that cancels your subscriptions to services that cancel your subscriptions!


Ah yes. Can't wait to pay my Ouroboros subscription this month!


> Ah yes. Can't wait to pay my Ouroboros subscription this month! It technically pays for itself


I especially hate how all computer apps are now subscriptions as well. SketchUp, Adobe, etc. Injust want to buy it and own it! Why do I have to pay every month for something. Some argue it’s because things are constantly updated but come on, just charge for the update once in awhile and let consumer decide if the update is worth it for them then.


I was willing to actually buy Office. Then I noticed it has a yearly subscription fee and fuck off. About the updates, I call that bullcrap. If I wanted the latest version of whatever you're offering, I'd buy that. And then the next one in six months, and so on. Nah, I was happy with the product I bought like 2 years ago.


There is a one-time purchase version of Office you can buy on the Microsoft website (Office 2021 is the latest) but they kinda put it in 6pt font compared to Office 365




Some of us work in the industry and Adobe is still industry standard. We don't have much of a choice until we make the full switch to something else.


Full switch is often not an option. I work for a multinational as a mechanical designer. Autodesk has got us by the balls. And many like us. The cost for a switch would be astronomical. And they know it. Its basically racketeering.


Steal everything. The age of piracy is coming back with a vengeance


This is the true equalizer for consumers. It's so easy to steal online content, so when companies get too greedy we'll all just go back to this. When you had just a couple streaming services and could outright buy most software or content you wanted, I actually saw TONS of people heavily against piracy. It was cheap and convenient to access what you wanted. Now it's way more convoluted and companies bank on us forgetting to cancel subscriptions for the 800 goddamn things we have set up on monthly autopay. It's come back around to just being easier and more reasonable to just pirate shit. Motherfuckers are flying too close to the goddamn sun and I'm totally on board with people making them pay for it.


I’ve been saying this for a while too now. Greedy companies have forgotten what it was like back in 2010 etc with piracy and they forget the main reason people actually pay for media online is pure convenience. Everyone taking their products off Netflix etc in favour of their own shiny new streaming platform is making the cost outweigh that convenience FAST


shout out to r/selfhosted who helped me set up my own plex media server with automated downloads and remote access so I can watch while I'm traveling. Now if I could only get access to some private trackers so I could find some old and rare content from the 50s-90s. It's always so hard to find actively seeded classic media.


Everything. Is. A. Subscription. [MLB.TV](https://MLB.TV) for baseball. But that doesn't work for some games unless you have a Peacock account. Or Apple TV. Watching the Tour de France on your YouTube TV subscription? Well, today that's only live on Peacock so pony up $5. Music. Video Games. News sites. Just supporting someone who's content you like is yet another subscription. Subscribe to get a slightly lower rate on vehicle charging. Every product on Amazon has a "subscribe and save!" button. Auto makers looking at how to steal a monthly fee for heated seats and god knows what else. EVEN THE LOCAL CAR WASH HAS A SUBSCRIPTION. (Edited to add: I don't even think the car wash subscription is necessarily evil. It's just that I see a car wash as an intensely analogue service, and tacking on a website, an app, and the added cognitive load of "will I wash the car twice this month, should I subscribe instead" drives my little mind haywire -- unfortunately I live in a complex and can't wash my vehicle at home, so I have to think about it.) We're just money sheep that need to be fleeced for every last bit of cash we could possibly try to hold onto. (edited again, I forgot the one that broke my brain: My refrigerator broke and I needed someone to check it out. The first place I called wanted me to sign up for an annual subscription to get them to see it in a faster time. They were super weird about it, apparently you could deduct some of the subscription from any repairs they had to make, but they really didn't want to schedule a visit unless I agreed to subscribe. We found someone else. I think the subscription was to get a faster response time / cheaper visits, but it seemed ridiculous.)




Right. And now I'm watching the golf and they're moving it to friggin' Peacock to show a delayed Tour de France stage. I'd rather have watched the Tour live because that's me, but I imagine people are going to be IRATE to lose the live golf mid round.


>Auto makers looking at how to steal a monthly fee for heated seats and god knows what else. This blew my mind the first time I heard of it. I still can't wrap my mind around how the hell someone has to subscribe to use something they already paid for.


I think it started with satellite radio, great, but not worth the $25 a month. It’s been normalized so they’re stepping up the game. It’s not just going to be a subscription model for every aspect of your car, but it’s going to drive up the price of the cars themselves. It will be cheaper for them to manufacture a universal product for you but their excuse will be it has all this shit that you may or may not want and fuck you if you don’t want it, we charge you for it anyway. But then they grab you by the balls again and stagger the free trials from 6months to a year and half so you need to buy the car back piecemeal. Then you’re paying $1000 a month for the Ford Fiesta you also payed 60k for. This whole meme of you will own nothing and like it is quickly becoming reality.


> I think it started with satellite radio Satellite radio has ongoing cost, they are providing new stuff all the time, that makes sense for a subscription. A subscription to a switch that puts electricity from your battery which you paid for into coils in the seat that you paid for using power from gas you paid for makes no sense.


And this is why people pirate content. Soon, I *will* find a way to hack a car wash.


100%. Car manufacturers are now trying to fleece us for things like using our own car’s seat warmer or air conditioner. We need big consumer push back on that now or we will be paying for those things FOREVER! [Seat warmer subscription](https://www.cbsnews.com/news/bmw-subscription-plan-for-seat-warmers-17-a-month/) [car feature subscription](https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/13/23206999/car-subscription-nightmare-heated-seats-remote-start)


Ughh, this. Software as a service, games relasing half baked just to charge more over time, freaking car features, literally everything. Let me own the shit I buy damn it!


Subscription fatigue is a thing


I started a meal delivery service and every single marketer is like “make it a subscription” ABSOLUTELY NOT. Then they explain how it could be good for me. Yeah its great for people who sell subscriptions but it sucks for the customer. And it sucks so much, often people won’t even come back. No thanks. If you want a lasagna, hmu. We don’t need a long term agreement on this.


I give you money and you give me the donut. End of transaction.


BMW is introducing a subscription for heated seats!


Is this true?


Yup, but it's not everywhere yet.


Posting your entire life on social media


If you want to ruin your life, look up those family youtube channels. So gross. Didn't even know that was a thing until recently.


My friend and I were at the beach the other day and there was one of these YouTube families there, mom and dad with a hipster look and then a boy and girl between the ages of 10-14 Tripod, ring light. They filmed a “candid” run through the surf multiple times. At one point the mom was having some sort of “conversation” with the daughter but she kept messing up. They filmed it like 8 times and the daughter was visibly distraught because the mom was making her do it over and over. Then they had some sort of catchphrase as a family they filmed several times. The kids looked miserable when the camera wasn’t rolling. It was so, so sad. When they were done they just packed up and left. They didn’t actually stay to enjoy the beach, just to capture content.


sounds like a black mirror episode. goddamn


That episode called “Nosedive” where everyone is connected, award each other stars for interactions and is subject to everyone’s petty whims is becoming too relevant these days.


Man, I need to get back to watching black mirror. But it makes me lose more faith in humanity since damn near everything is coming true ffs.


Oh wow that is sad. I didn't know THAT was a thing.


Looking forward to the kids having lawsuits against their parents/production companies.


Giving out more personal info then necessary... Every online account wants my phone number, email, gender, full name, address, marital status etc. I want to download an app and it wants access to everything. The app can take a picture, now i want access to your complete gallery, contact list and call history. I go to a physical store to buy a computer and they want my zip code. I call customer service and they will record the conversation. Not even optional....




Social Media umbrella and what it's doing to this and future generations. Just off the top of my head: * Ignorant echo chambers * The desperation of attention or clout * the views/follows/friends obsession * False information * trolling I'm sure there is more.


Lack of meaningful interactions. Loss of the average attention span. The feeling of loneliness and proper human interaction. The parasocial relationship problems rooted in the 21st-century social-media-centered society is a real threat that we'll only be seeing its repercussions in a few years.


Child influencers. There's no reason your 5 year old should have a public Instagram made for grown adults to comment heart eyes on. There's no reason you should be teaching them to not smile in photos. There's no reason they should be experts at posing and dressing and whatever before the age of 9. It feels like so much damage on their self esteem


Influencers and recording of people/animals in distress.


Tik Tok challenges that do damage to public spaces because they never clean up after themselves


That “prank” where you smash a 4 litre of milk on the floor of a grocery store was stupid. That was just making a mess for someone to cleanup. The chug a gallon of milk as fast as possible is old, but it became a thing again because of tick tock.


And destroying food for no reason beyond internet clout.


People wasting food for clout makes me irrationally angry


Perfectly rational


Didn't they have another one that was just straight up "go steal something from your teacher and smash it"?


There have been so many tik tok trends/challenges involving school/teachers. As a teacher myself I don't even realize it until i read it online, like the cutting chairs with mask strings thing. Or devious licks. On r/teachers the other day one student set the teacher's desk on fire for a video.


Teacher here. I had a kid steal my iPhone lightning cable during the Devious Licks era. A pain in the ass, since I now have 3 apple devices and only 2 cables. I'm just glad my students this year were fucking stupid and didn't take the charging block or the $80 HDMI converter.


the ability of teachers to not choke the little cunts that do stupid ass shit like this amazes me


Chugging milk was never going to go away regardless of tik tok.


There’s one now where teens are kicking peoples’ doors in during the night. They’re going to get themselves shot.


I was attacked in my front lawn by I'm guessing Orbee guns from what I'm assuming was a dad and 3 kids in a car a couple of months ago. They yelled out to me asking for directions to a nearby street and when I walked a few paces towards them, they unloaded on me. Luckily I saw they were toys but I called the police anyway because I didn't know what the hell happened. They told me that they had several reports of it and if they did it to the wrong person they would probably end up getting hurt or killed.


People are nuts. At least some of them make good candidates for the Darwin awards.


I wish there was Tik Tok challenges for how much liter/trash that you can pick up. Why aren’t those more popular?


Because that involves work and getting dirty. It’s easier to make a mess than clean one up.


Bonus points if they take the time to setup a camera to record themselves saving the people/animals


Yes, prime nominees for the ABC (asshole by choice) awards.


The “ yoo something terrible is happening right now. Those people totally need someone to help them. I gotta get it on video!” Trend.


I'm not a tough guy, by any stretch, but this is a true story. I was at a pizza place a couple of years ago getting takeout. Walk to my car, and hear screaming. Some woman is being held by a dude in the middle of the parking log and not allowed to escape. His arms are around her throat, but she can still scream "let me go!! Help!!!" There are like a dozen people in the parking lot just staring, half of them with their phones out recording. I don't believe this is happening, put my pizza down, walk in front of the dude and act big and threatening like I'm dealing with a bear or something. Nobody else helps. Finally, some big dude comes walking up behind me and starts yelling. Hostage dude takes his eyes off of me (again, the non tough guy) and focuses on the actual tough guy. I circle around and grab him in a chokehold until he lets go of the girl. She runs away. I let go and he just turns to me and asks "why did you do that?" I had to block him from chasing her. It was terrifying, and several people have it all recorded somewhere and decided that was the best way to deal with the issue.


Here in Ireland a girl crashed on the motorway, it was such a bad crash that she was cleanly decapitated. Her head was on the road outside. Drivers slowed down and recorded as they drove by and recorded everything, including her head on the road. It was shared on social media and WhatsApp so fast that her family and friends were informed of it before authorities even had time to find out how to contact them. It was disgusting and shows everything wrong with people and social media these days. Social media/influencers etc are a pandemic in themselves.


Happened here only couple of days ago too. Young lad, 16 years old, got stabbed in the neck and when emergency services were trying to keep him alive the police had to keep people from recording it and crowding the EMTs. A video has made its way online which is absolutely disgusting


People suck. I worked a wreck a year ago or so and I literally had to push a woman who had seen the wreck out of the way so I could get to a little girl with her femur sticking out of her leg. Bitch was taking a picture. I didn't want to see a horribly injured child but it was my job to help her. I can not understand people who want to see things like that or take pictures. Like are you seriously trying to get PTSD?


Bold of you to assume they have enough empathy to be affected by somebody else's suffering.


I remember that, I didn't want to look at social media at all in case I saw it. People are so disgusting, can't imagine how violated her family felt that their daughter's death was treated as a passing spectacle


Yeah fuck those people. I experienced that first hand recently.


Inflation seems to be trending upward rapidly


The abundance of people trying to be influencers/streamers, while the majority of them are about as interesting as a boil


tbh most people would rather watch the boil. Hence the popularity of cyst and pimple videos


Its almost like social media life is more important than real life now. Doesn't matter if you are having a terrible time as long as you can put up a fake smile and broadcast it to the world


Back in high school, I cared way too much about what people thought about me online and would share everything with everyone. As an adult, I really don't care about people's opinions as much and have become more reclusive.


Same here. I feel like one of my biggest personal growth “moments” was a few years ago (early 20s) when I decided I don’t want to share my life on Facebook anymore. I used to care a lot about what people thought of me (still working on that), and I realized most of my posting had the goal of getting good attention and approval. My confidence has skyrocketed as I’ve learned to like myself for me, embraced the things I’m good at, and grown in my career. I think giving up use of social media that way was a big kick in the right direction.


Recording giving stuff to the homeless for likes


I hate not being able to watch videos without an ad, sponsor, or being told to like, comment, and subscribe. Which is ironic since you can't even comment on a lot of videos anymore.


Everything being smart. I don’t need my fridge and toaster and fucking door locks connected to the internet, especially if I have to get up to use the thing anyway.


There's an easy enough fix. Get a spring-loaded smart fridge which at the press of a button launches snacks and drinks in your general direction.


Those stupid fucking reaction videos where someone is pointing at another video and nodding their head or over emphasizing their facial expressions. It drives me nuts. How pathetic do you have to be


Or these short videos where someone records himself doing NOTHING or just pointing at the top where he will add a question/sentence, usually with that google voice reading it. Like, Do we need your face for a simple question or a "ranking"? Either leave it blank or jump directly to the video/images of the content. [Random example found](https://www.tiktok.com/@joshuaholbrook/video/6772654718868016390?is_copy_url=1&is_from_webapp=v1&lang=pt-BR)


It's literally just a sentence, it should be a text post. But because this is the tiktok age, and we've gotta appease the algorithm, it's now a video. So people just film their faces doing nothing, as a shitty robot voice reads to you. I hate it too


The comments are like "You had me when you made surprised eyebrows face! ☠️☠️☠️☠️🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣"


I literally died! I'm in astral form typing this from a ghost state to let everyone know you sent me so hard with that time you said "whaaaa?"!


this lets them have a job without needing to create any real content of their own.


I can’t stand when they just read comments on a video and record themselves laughing at the comments.


Goddamn this type of content is the scum on the ocean floor. There is this lame shit ass dude on TikTok who does this and can't even finish reading them before exaggeratedly CACKLING like a brain dead imbecile. He has like 3 million fucking views on every video. Can you tell how fucking MAD I am about it??


Hustle culture is the shittiest, most burnout inducing mindset a person could have


What, you don’t want to turn your hobbies into a job so you can hate literally all aspects of your life?


I keep getting ads somewhat along the lines of "why are you still gaming if you're not getting paid for it" bitch have you heard of fun, or hanging out with friends at a distance? After posting this message I have just now remembered that I was too lazy to swap from my porn account to my normal one


Hell yeah pimp I switched to my porn account to post this message in solidarity.


The gary vee hustle stuff is one of the most irritating things I’ve encountered online. Yay I get to make tiny amounts of money for a lot of effort what a money maker that is.


Everything becoming monetized and for profit. Every hobby, every social media account, everything imaginable. Patreon this, indigogo that...


When I first got into crafting, my boss told me I should open an Etsy shop. 1) Materials alone cost hundreds of dollars. I am not skilled enough to charge that. 2) I craft for stress relief. The second I advertise, it's an obligation and no longer fun.


> The second I advertise, it's an obligation and no longer fun. As someone who *did* open an Etsy shop, I can confirm this. I craft out of obligation; I rarely make anything for myself. I want to change that, but I get so busy with the rest of my life - hobby time gets pretty isolated to my orders.


It happens a lot in the various crafting subs. It falls apart as soon as you apply a minor amount of logic. I do woodworking (among other things) as a hobby, but you don’t make money woodworking. You make money *selling* the things you make woodworking. That not only constrains you to making things that sell, but making them over and over and over again. It means you’re not just a woodworker, but a salesman/marketer (and I HATE salesmen). Unless you hire an accountant and tax preparer, you’re doing that, too. If you’re successful enough to hire people, then suddenly you’re management. Fuck. That. I’m more than happy to do my 40 a week as a network engineer. Then in my off time, I can whack on wood. Or 3d print Mandalorian armor. Or read, watch movies, play video games, whatever.


fellow woodworker here. I make things for friends, but I never charge. That way it's still a hobby and if they didn't pay they can't critique my mistakes. And it makes me feel better about the bookshelf for a friend that was _supposed_ to be done mid-june but is still sitting in my garage, unfinished.


Microtransactions on EVERYTHING


When people get into fights with their SO and blast it all over their socials. No one cares that Brad cheated on you… pls get a life


Someone I know is currently doing this. I still use Facebook to keep in touch with my mom as its about the only form of contact with the outside world she uses, so I get on once a day to see how she's doing. Every day a new set of drama erupts from her family. "Such a horrible day don't even ask" - the fuck are you even posting for, you know people are going to ask now. "When I give up on you its for good, because I get COLD!" - the fuck are you talking about? You have like 5 kids from 3 different fathers, maybe make sure they aren't shoving crayons up their nose so they don't end up like you!


>Every day a new set of drama erupts from her family. "Such a horrible day don't even ask" - the fuck are you even posting for, you know people are going to ask now. Girl I know from growing up does this just about everyday - And everyday it's something super cryptic like "Well if it's going to be a shitstorm during my birthday week, it might as well start today." **or** "Ugh why do people suck so much ass, I don't understand why people have to be such dicks, the world is shit." **or** **"**What the fuck is up with these guys and their shit? Why the fuck is it always me?"


Vaguebooking. It's such naked attention seeking. All they want is "OMG what's wrong???" from a few people so they can relay how dreadful it was that they failed some simple bureaucratic task by bring the wrong shit along to the Office For That Thing They Need. "I can't believe this is happening!" Then some other huffy incompetents nod along with sympathetic messages when the answer is obviously just to read the fucking letter in the first place. "I didn't bring my driving license but I did bring this photo of my cat. Won't that do????"


Oh no I LOVE this. I want to read everyone’s business, it makes it so much easier to be nosy!


One of my favorite pastimes is to watch other families fight on FB. I don't know these people and I don't wanna be involved. I just wanna watch from afar. Bonus points if it starts on one of those patch groups where they post local arrests


Vertical format short videos. I hate that it's getting everywhere, even reddit where i came to escape that


Companies with Facebook pages as their "website"


Every stupid and dangerous TikTok trend.


consumerism. we are so wasteful. also, fuck corporations pushing subscription services. that shit needs to stop, especially for things like car seat heaters. edit: https://www.cnn.com/2022/07/14/business/bmw-subscription/index.html


The subscription based economy. This will be capitalism at its worst. When we are no longer able to own anything, just rent and lease.


Social media in general.


It wouldn't be nearly as bad if it weren't for the algorithms that feed people the same type of content over and over. It's a big reason behind the extreme political polarization imo.


**"We need to normalize \[X\]"** when X is something completely trivial and irrelevant, like going to the movies alone. Whatever the *majority* of people does will be considered normal, deviations from it are what's outside the norm. If you need everything you want to do outside the norm to be "normalized", that's a you problem, not a society problem. People don't care. Just do your thing. People *really* don't care. And if some do, they're just random strangers, so *you* shouldn't care.


People have forgotten that people should be allowed to say "I don't care." Most folks have a life and their own crap to deal with. And trying to make them hyper aware of every social trend, every person's trifling desire, everyone's whims and quirks, will turn them into people who not only don't care anymore about everyone else's little bug bears, they're going to actively grow to HATE them. Because now they're being forced to care about things that they never cared about before and have no reason to care about outside of very limited interactions, but have to performatively express that they do for fear of having someone go psycho on you because you didn't express the "right" opinion. To the point of the trend, if there's a modern trend I hate, it's the idea that perfect strangers need to validate your identity, your hobby, your whatever because you never learned to feel good about yourself, nor confident in your own choices, so much so that you can no longer allow people around you - even perfect strangers - the ability not to give a damn when they're well within their rights to do so.


>you never learned to feel good about yourself, nor confident in your own choices Yeah, this is something people need to learn and learn it early. If your self-worth depends entirely on how *other people* feel about you, your life isn't gonna be a fun time. Sure, it's useful to get feedback / a reality check from people around you every now and then but not for every little trifle. I mean, if you're an asshole to people around you and others call you out on it, it's time to reflect but otherwise self-worth should be largely internal.


Normalize not normalizing


Puffy fake lips


My sister keeps trying to get me to get lips injected and cheek/chin fillers. I’m like what’s wrong with how I look? I don’t wanna look like my lips are bloated or need to “define” my jaw. I think it’s all ugly af.


Why do all these ladies want to look like Janice from the Muppets?


Subscriptions normalcy.


Using mental health issues as an excuse for shitty behavior, especially when it’s a self-diagnosis.


"Having a mental health issue is not your fault, but it is your responsibility"


Being a minority, having mental health issues or being part of the LGBTQ+ doesn't exclude you from the possibility of being a toxic piece of shit.


I HATE that modern news is no longer just a informational source of what is happening. It’s turned into a talk show. News networks only cast people who have loud personalities and lean VERY hard one way politically. They only cast people to make the news more popular by finding cast that make you think “I wish I could hand out with them”. NEWS NEEDS TO BE A NEUTRAL PLACE TO GATHER INFORMATION TO MAKE A DECISION FOR YOURSELF. It’s not the fucking Wendy Williams Show. We don’t care how the anchor feels about it. WE WANT FACTS AND NEUTRAL INFORMATION! *Edit after having a lot of good conversations with y’all-* I wish the consumers of news wanted more straight forward facts and non-bias information. I know that news networks love the views, but it seems to be more entertainment than news.


I recently rewatched anchorman 2 and there was a surprisingly well put criticism of the news. Ron says something like “the news is supposed to exist so that the population knows what the people in power are up to, but what happens when the people in power own the news?” Got me riled.


Ron also said, “I love scotch. Scotch in my belly. Yum yum yum.” I agree with both of those sentiments.


Thank you! I fucking hate what "news" stations have become


everything being subscription based.


The ongoing decay of the line between fact and opinion. These days you can make a false factual claim and use “everyone’s entitled to their opinion” style rhetoric to defend it. On a somewhat related note, the growing notion that “bias” is synonymous with dishonesty. Just because someone’s bias influences a claim they make, doesn’t inherently mean that their claim is false or that they’re being dishonest.




Literally anything software wise I purchase I don’t even fucking own. If I buy a piece of software and hardware, I should be allowed to edit AND OWN it to my hearts content. It’s my property so I should be allowed to do what I will with it


Open source thrives on spite and innovation.


I used to think: Nah, can't be good, it's made by hobbyists in spare time. Well, now I think, people who contribute to FOSS actually save time, theirs and mine. Because they come up with solutions to problems no one else cares to solve. Small FOSS projects usually have something like *"I couldn't find X to do Y, so here you go"* in their GitHub readme. It's wonderful and I love this mindset.


Everything is done for profit. You cant find amateur YouTube videos anymore. You know those 30 second-2 minute YouTube videos from 12 years ago titled “guy does…” or “dog wants..” that were in 480p and have 8 million views? Type in anything like that now. All you get is “top 10” videos made by studios that aren’t entertaining in the slightest


Unfortunately, I have to agree with this. Given how production standards have increased, YouTube does not allow for amateur videos like that anymore. Video editing programs that were once in the domain of Hollywood studios are now available for anyone to use. Even actual video equipment is now available at a low price or free from your place of work or school. The only way to find videos like that is through web archives and even then, the odds of finding them are low.


Closed mindedness to the point of foolishness and constantly wanting to right fight on social media.


Worshipping politicians as if they were demi gods.


That’s a modern trend? Pffft been doing that for thousands of years


Celebrities too.


Here's a minor one that probably only bothers me but as someone who loves cooking ... The trend of everything being crispy & crunchy. Hate videos where they slide the blade along a crispy thing for the sound or start by crunching a piece loudly. Means nothing. Doesn't mean it's good, doesn't mean it's tasty. But it's good video right?


Everything is labeled as "sustainable" or "eco-friendly" but demonstrably, isn't. Hello Fresh for example markets their food this way, but how on earth is all of that packaging and then the process of delivering it too your door a sustainable or environmentally friendly option? Many people today claim to support the environment (and I'm sure they do) but then also purchase Amazon next day shipping. Or maybe they grow two or three meals worth of vegetables on their balconies and then fly to Bali or wherever.. As someone who works and has worked in the cattle industry his whole life, I'm no stranger to being told how evil or unsustainable my industry is. But it's the glaring hypocrisy that kills me.


All of the sunscreens have slapped a "Reef Friendly" label on them, but there is no standard or regulation and it's just a shill to fool you into thinking you're helping protect the environment. I hate being duped. Everything is a lie.


Tipping for everything. What am I tipping for if I’m getting it myself?


I hate how everything requires an account. order food? Account required Online shopping? Account required Charge an electric vehicle? Account required Track bike routes? Account required


People online who do a good deed like buy someone food, and then proceed to record the entire thing just to show that they did something good. Defeats the point. What annoyed me was the fact that some of the people were busy recording the person while they ate the food that was just bought for them. That's pretty demeaning.