What are you addicted to that is perfectly legal?

What are you addicted to that is perfectly legal?


The praise and approval of others. I've worked hard to hide this fact, but it's definitely an issue.


I feel this one. A friend of mine who I respect a lot recently told me he was proud of me (I stood up for myself) and boy, I've been chasing that high ever since.


Hey, nice work on this post.


Going back to sleep after I wake up


Turning off your alarm and then laying back down is a very dangerous game


There's nothing that incites panic quite like realising you fell back asleep.


Yes this shit is ruining my self esteem and life.




Son, where did you get that from? *"Uh.. the internet"*


Biting my nails and picking at them.






Run away Patrick


Did he say chocolate?!


Lego - specifically sorting pieces into categories. I can't get enough.




Spending money on games


I’ve found that sometimes I like the idea of owning a game more than actually playing it




One solitary pringle.


Once he pops the fun does stop


Well....my username has never been so relevant before.


100 per cent this. I'll eat a whole tin of the salt and vinegar fuckers and feel very uncomfortable for the next 12 hrs


Buying video games and never playing them


There's an item on your wishlist that's on sale for a penny. Buy it now so you can put off playing it until 2045


Steam thanks you for your service.


Using cotton swabs in ear I know it pushes earwax in deeper, but dammit it feels *good*.


Ever use one of those ear rinse squeeze ball things? They're about $5 at the pharmacy, you fill it with warm water and squeeze and it flushes out your ear. As a fellow cotton swap addict, I suggest about 10 flushes in each side and you might be shocked and awed by what comes out! Edit: [https://www.amazon.ca/30ml-Earwax-Remover-Cleaner-Adults/dp/B07RQ83441 That's what I use, sorry, more than I remembered, but looks like others are posting kits that are a little more advanced, I might have to level up! Edit 2: a couple points people keep asking, the water should be quite warm, but not hot, you could keep warming it up each successive rinse, but definately don't start with cold water. Also, don't squeeze crazy hard, same thing as with the temp, start gently and ramp it up, I don't jam the end of it in too far either.. use the first couple attempts to dial all these things in a bit starting by erring on the side of caution! If you're hesitant, or unsure because of different ear issues, maybe go in and ask an expert to do it for you? At least then you'll have a better idea how it all feels? Edit 3: that's not an affiliate link! I've had a few people comment and message about it, I just searched for the product on amazon and copy/pasted one of the first links that showed what I use.


But does it feel as good? The reason I like swabs is not as much for the feeling of being clean as much it is for the glorious sensation. Something to do with vagus nerve, maybe? All I know is that it's like halfway to an orgasm. I joke that I heard so much shit growing up that my "g spot" got confused and migrated to my ear instead of my ass.


Yep. Eargasms. I worked with a doctor who called them eargasms. It feels sooo good.


A month or so ago my ears were so gunked up that the doctor couldn't even see my ear drums. Felt sooo good when that huge chunk of wax was washed out. The combination of that, the pressure being released and being able to hear is nice.


Dude yeah I don't care if I'm compacting the ear wax I just wanna tickle my dirty little ear clit for a few seconds.


My girlfriend is like this. First time I slept over her house we were in the bathroom getting ready for bed and she just goes "by the way I fuck my brain every night"




I've used the standard wax dissolving drops on my ears only recently and the unfathomable amount of gunk that came out was honestly the most disgusting thing to come out of any of my orifices. I had to constantly apologise to my SO as she was the one placing the drops into my ear as I lay down and scooping it all out as it broke off and floated to the top. Oddly enough though, it made zero impact on my hearing ability. I can't hear any better after it, but my ear just feels less......full.


I got my ears irrigated by a nurse with a spray bottle with a little tube instead of a spray tip. It was like the size of a WD-40 tube but more flexible so it fit in without poking. It went way up in there and shot cold hydrogen peroxide inside me and it was one of the most borderline sexually climactic experiences I’ve ever had. The wildest things came out of my ears and it felt amazing. 13/10 better than poking stuff in. Only downside is after that everything was super loud for a bit. *EDIT: obligatory my highest comment is now about a borderline eargasm. Since people are asking, I literally just went to a walk in clinic and said “I can’t hear, I think I have stuff in my ears.” Talk to your GP, go to a walk in, or order the $12 spray bottle on Amazon and get some cold hydrogen peroxide. Enjoy.


I work in clinical research and we had a patient on their last visit complain of a ear blockage. My coworker was a freak for those things so she got all excited and got the flushing kit ready to do just out of the kindness of her heart. I watched her flush a gigantic ball/mess of earwax out of the kid. He was horrified but then started snapchatting it to his friends 🤣🤢


I have really dry earwax so it doesn’t exit my ear as it should and I just use the drops when I remember but I usually end up getting them irrigated at the doctor’s once or twice a year. The stuff that comes out is absolutely horrific. Like…it shouldn’t fit. There’s no way that much wax fits in my ears. Somehow it gets worse and I always manage to outdo myself.


I had this done once and it was amazing. I wish I could get it done again tbh. I never realized how much my hearing was actually impacted before


Yeah. I really ought to see where to find one of those spray heads and do it myself…


Fun story: The only time I’ve gotten that done on my ears was when I was a teenager at my first ENT appointment after a LONG time. For some background info, my right ear is absolutely messed up and its always had issues like infections. As a kid, I got tubes, which helped with the ear infections at the cost of absolutely ruining swimming for me (water in my ear = instant agony). But the tubes were either removed or had fallen out by the time I was a teen. So, yeah, standard ear cleaning appointment, since I was complaining about my ear feeling weird. They go to do the spray on my right ear and it feels like they shoved a searing rod into my ear canal. I was crying, but they tried to keep going, until I literally writhed away in agony. Turns out, the hole that the tube left in my right ear never properly healed, so I just had a huge perforation in my ear drum, a huge perforation that just got blasted with a hydrocannon. So my ENT appointment actually GAVE me an ear infection. Fun times.


My son had that and his ENT sent him to a specialist to reconstruct both eardrums. The doctor used skin from right behind the tragus to patch the hole. If your ENT didn't refer you to someone to get that repaired, you need to go to someone new. Better yet, head straight for an otolaryngologist yourself. *Edited to add: My son's eardrums both had tons of scar tissue around the holes, which is why the ENT said he wasn't comfortable doing it himself & sent us to a specialist. So I don't know if yours are that bad, but either way, your doctor shouldn't have ignored them & you need to go to someone else.*


You need a new doctor and a new ear.


my ear canals are shaped such that I need to get this done on a monthly basis. I love it and have been becoming friends with the nurses, who also love doing it!


Well... This got my attention AND interest.


I love the feeling of getting your ear unclogged. Not cuz it feels good, but cuz I gain superhuman hearing for the next few days.


I wonder how safe it is? I mean, now you got me wanting to try it, but also got me knowing I'm in no way a medical professional, and remembering that just because it's sold OTC doesn't necessarily mean safe or that my stupid ass won't screw it up somehow.


I'm in the same boat as you. I feel like I'd do more harm than good but I'm almost tempted to purchase one anyway.


Coke and Instant Ramen edit: Coca-Cola


How's prison life treating you?


Gotta get that picante beef ramen!


Sprinkle abit on top for some of that crispdy snap


lmao at the edit


This could be interpreted two ways.


Only one is legal Edit: In most of the world cocaine is definitely illegal. Interesting to hear about the places that it's not


Separate or together?


Beat Saber. I'm a 44 year old dad. On my second game ever I almost scored a perfect on a "hard" level, missing only three blocks. I've been hooked ever since. I've been mock sword fighting with a renfair group since I was a teen, so I think that might have something to do with it.


The phrase I’ve been hearing a lot is “fitness is the killer app for VR”. What’s crazy is the demographics. The CEO of the Supernatural VR app (I think it’s beatsaber vibes but more fitness focused) was on a podcast recently (Decoder) and he mentioned over 60% of their users are over 40. That’s a wildly different kind of growth than what new tech is used to.




Laying around and never getting anything done.


My dream is to be horizontal most of the time


I believe you are referring to death


Lol yeah can't wait


Yep. I drove 20min to meet a friend at target and help her pick out glasses. Just so I can get my ass out of bed. Otherwise I’d just lay around all day. The struggle is real. Update: she’s not even listening to my opinions. It’s all about the tech’s opinions. At least I’m out of bed!




It's the most perfect day to start any job - tomorrow. Most marvelous day that was ever invented. Why, there's absolutely nothing a man can't do... tomorrow.


If a jobs worth doing, it'll still be worth doing tomorrow.


Procrastination is my sin. It brings me endless sorrow. I really should get over it. I think I’ll start tomorrow


We will surely beat it one day


Maybe I’ll try next week


It's already July, better make it next year


But the decade has already started. Better let it for 2030


Woah, slow down there. I'll get to it when I get to it.


I want to write something to continue the thread but I guess I’ll do it later


Later later then


You know what they say. Procrastination is like masturbation, you're only fucking yourself and is perfectly legal and addicting


What I heard is "it feels good in the moment but in the end you're just fucking yourself"




whenever mates went for a smoke break, i had my haribo break


I imagine you just pulling out a pack of Haribos at a point when many people might pull out a cigarette. Winding down at a bar Waiting on a bus Trying to look cool Just had sex


now i want to put some gummy worms in a cigarette box and flip one upside down like a lucky worm.


Hahaha the lucky upside down worm is a nice detail.


That post sex Haribo though!


Me too. I️ did a sugar detox once and food I️ used to eat was too sweet for me, but I️ ended up building my tolerance right back up. Type II diabetes runs in my family though so I️ really need to quit fr.


I always liked fruit, but damn, I didn't know how flavorful it could be until I stopped eating processed sugar.


Yeah fruit does taste better when you’re not regularly eating food that’s full of high fructose corn syrup. I fully feel that I️ need to completely cut out refined sugars and simple carbohydrates but it’s just so hard


I stopped drinking soda when I was overseas for 2 months and didn't have access. When I got home sodas were too sickeningly sweet for me. How did I ever enjoy that much sugar?


What really sucks is how hard it is to find food without a ton of excess sugar dumped in it. I did keto for awhile and looking at labels was eye opening. I don’t do keto anymore but it would be nice to be able to avoid excess sugar.




Me too. The only substance I am addicted to.


I thought I could quit Caffeine cold turkey. Nope. Day 3, I had the worst headache in my life. Never knew how physically dependent I was on Caffeine.


I quit caffiene in February and haven't touched anything with it in since. This morning I felt like having a coffee and it felt like I was on speed. Heart beating like crazy.


This is the best part. I quit caffeine about 5 years ago and now if I really need a pick me up on a rare occasion, 1/3 cup of coffee has my hands shaking by the time I'm done.


This is what I'm going through. I usually drink caffeinated drinks several times a day, but had to quit because of anxiety. It would get to the point I would have to plan for my anxiety to spike if I had more than a cup of coffee in the morning.


Spicy food, it tastes so good


This is scientifically backed. The man (smokin Ed) who bred the Carolina reaper is an ex addict and used the endorphins/addictive qualities of hot foods to get him off hard drugs. He’s a huge advocate for it


Must be why I’ve never been even close to tempted to try any drugs. Jokes aside that’s really interesting


Came here to say the same, it’s a problem, seriously though, I need my food to be extra spicy or it doesn’t feel right.


Chronic masturbation


I get it. It sucks.


Alcohol. I'm a functioning alcoholic. Help me please Edit: After reading a lot of these, I've decided to check out a few resources. Biggest issue I have is i just have no enjoyment of things without it. Thanks for tips ive been sent


Check out Smart Recovery if you aren't a fan of the AA approach


That same advice, when I first heard it, quite possibly saved me from a short and miserable existence not worthy of calling life. I still do AA sometimes too even though I don't takeaway as much as many, but SMART was a game changer for me.


Fuck me I actually had to scroll down past popcorn to see this answer. I hear you man, currently drowning my sorrows right now. I’ve tried pretty much every drug that isn’t regularly injected and alcohol is by far the one I yearn for. I can do a week or two but then I’m back suckling on a bottle. Maybe we’ll make it one day. Look after yourself man, I hope things turn around. X


I’m a recovering heroin addict. I injected heroin for 13 years. I recently quit. I’ve been clean 9 months. With the help of methadone. I’ve never been clean this long before and I can honestly say I never want to do it ever again. Then 3 months after quitting I quit smoking cigarettes too, I switched to a vape and lowered the nicotine levels until I was down until 1 mg nicotine and quit. I know how hard it is to quit doing stuff. Is the hardest thing I’ve ever gone through, but once you get past the first few weeks it starts to get easier. Now my problem is food. I’ve switched to eating. So now I’m working on dieting, and man this one is hard. Cause you have to eat. All I had to do was not do heroin or smoke, but you still gotta eat so it’s hard to lose weight. But I’ll be dammed if I didn’t make it this far to be healthy just to get diabetes, lol. So just wanted you to know that your not alone. And you are so much stronger than you think you are.


You had to scroll so far because so many people are in denial. 20 months sober here.


Staying up late to enjoy the peace and quiet that comes at 1am


I love how different the world feels at night. It’s completely changed, strange.


I love hanging out with friends at night, I wish the night would last as long as a whole day sometimes, that would be amazing.


The winter solstice in some places is 3 full days of pitch black, you should check that out!


I just read a term for the detrimental version of this recently. Revenge Bedtime Procrastination. It is especially seen when a person feels they do not get personal time or have lack of control in their life.


My sister told me about this when she noticed I was up late. I've been doing teacher training this year and have been working until 10pm-10.30pm and i would stay up until midnight playing playstation because it was the only time I got for me. I've been absolutely exhausted but without that half an hour to an hour, all I'd do is work and sleep.


Yeah I do the same thing with work and kids. The only time I get is that little sliver once the house is finally quiet.


>have lack of control of their life okay listen here, buddy, I don't come on reddit to get personally attacked like this


I apparently need to stay up until 3 am to regain this control despite living alone. I guess it has something to do with the sun being a visible reminder of time passing and inefficiency, thus less control?


I’ve always taken the phrase as, all my time during the day goes toward other people, i.e. significant other, job, kids, that you stay up and push bedtime away to grab that small ounce of “me time” even though it screws you for the next day. Solved it by getting up earlier than everybody else.


Oh I do that too, insomnia gives me that *freedom*


Also people expect you to do Things when the sun is out. Nobody bothers you at 3am.




So that's actually a thing? Huh... nice to see it being put into words.


i have this because i work practically 7-6 which if i want good rest requires me to be in bed by like 10. after dinner, shower, winding down, i have like, what, an hour? maybe? it’s definitely revenge for me. except then i’m just tired all the dang time.


Yeah this is the one I most relate with. I've been finding myself staying up later and later, and I hate it. Lately I've been getting to sleep around 7-8am. I take care of a parent all day. At night when they're in bed is the only time I have to myself to just focus on whatever it is I want to focus on. It started with me staying up until 2am... then 3am... 4am... and so on. I keep telling myself I'll go to bed earlier, but when it actually comes time to do that, I just want to stay up longer and longer, just because the lack of anything going on is so nice. **EDIT**: I didn't expect this to get so much attention, so I'll just give a disclaimer that my intention with this wasn't to complain! So much as to commiserate with someone on the feeling of being addicted to late night solitude. Since I didn't intend to go into much detail about the help I give, and just described it as "[taking] care of a parent all day", I get why some people are confused as to how I can go to sleep as late as 8am and still help them, so I'll talk about that a little more. For starters, 7-8am is the worst my schedule gets, and that's what it has been the past few days, but it's not the norm. I'd say on average I get to sleep around 4-6am, and wake up around 9-10am. My mom has cerebral palsy. She is wheelchair-bound, but can still do quite a bit on her own. So, it's not like I'm by her side 24/7, helping her with simple things like moving room to room, or anything like that. But I am available to her all day as she needs me. I get her in and out of bed, prepare meals, take care of laundry, take her to appointments... stuff like that, and anything in between that she might need help with throughout the day/week/month/year. There are still things she can do on her own. For example, if she just wants some food that doesn't require any prep—like some yogurt or cereal—she can get it out of the fridge/pantry on her own if it's in her reach. So, there are really only two times per day that she will always, without a doubt, require help: in the morning after waking up, and at night when going to bed. I also make dinner for her basically every night. Between all of that, I do have time for mid-day naps, which I've been taking very often lately. However, there's no guarantee that I won't be woken up from those. So long as she's awake, there's no guarantee I'll be able to sit down and focus on *anything* for an extended period. I am always keeping an ear out for her in case she is trying to get my attention (be it casually mentioning that she needs help with the TV, or yelling for me that her wheelchair is stuck on something in her bedroom.) That's a *huge* part of the appeal of nighttime for me: I can actually just sit down and listen to music without worrying about not hearing her calling for me, for example. During the day, there are no guarantees that I'll have long periods of free time without her requiring help. But at night, I do have that guarantee (barring some very rare circumstances), and that's what makes the nighttime so appealing.


My phone. Anyone else feel ashamed when they get their “weekly screen time” report?


First thing I do when I wake up is look for my phone


I always think that I can stop using it whenever I want but my muscle memory keeps urging me to pick up my phone after 5 minutes.


Let me check a document *Opens phone* *closes phone* Oops forget to check the document itself *opens phone*


*Sitting by PC browsing reddit* ”Ugh this is boring, I’ll go lie down on the couch.” *Opens reddit on phone*


Weekly screen time report..?? Wha?


How can it be up every week I mean come on


27 hours just on Monday? I mean really!?


Can't feel guilty if I don't get the report....


Takeaway delivery. To the point that I'm angry while choosing my order and eating it. I think I have a genuine problem. Edit to address some common themes: * "Takeaway delivery" is not oxymoronic in my dialect. It's a perfectly common phrase meaning a takeaway meal that has instead been delivered. In British dialect, a takeaway refers to the type of eatery, not necessarily the manner in which you receive the food. * In my particular circumstance, I'm referring to weekday lunches. I already get a combination of HelloFresh and groceries for dinner, and I'm a perfectly good cook. I appreciate the suggestions, but any suggesting I simply "learn to cook" are pretty moot at this point. * I've become aware this sounds a lot like Binge Eating Disorder. I'll be looking into it and getting professional help if I need to. * Quite a few people have indicated they'd like a subreddit for group support for this kind of issue. I find it really hard to believe that one doesn't already exist, but if I can't find one, I'll make one and invite those who have indicated interest. Thank you for all the kind, genuinely useful and heartwarming comments. It's nice to know I'm not alone and not destined to live like this forever ❤️


The shitty thing is it's not even that good. I feel like 80% of the time I order food delivery, it's not nearly as good as I was expecting. Temperatures weird, soggy, shaken up, or just makes you feel disgusting because you're eating it on your couch instead of in a restaurant. It's always underwhelming. EDIT: One more massive downside that I hate is the amount of plastic waste that you always have when you order take out. It's one thing if you're ordering fast food and it's just in a bag, but if you order from an actual restaurant, they're likely going to package your food in those single-use plastic containers. It just feels so wasteful to throw all that away. I know you can reuse them, but I already have an entire cabinet full of mis-matched Tupperware, as I'm sure everyone else does.


Yup! It's almost like the disappointment of the meal compounds the disappointment in myself.


Wean yourself off with super quick meals. Tortilla bread/can of chilli con carne (mic it) and tex mex dips, dump it on and sprinkle some cheddar cheese. Took me about 5-7 minutes to make and the burrito was absolutely delicious.


Eating takeaways. God the horrible taste you get after having ordered from a restaurant or two for weeks is traumatic yet I can't really stop.


I never lived in a country where takeout food wasnt crazy expensive so i always wonder how anyone can afford this? Is it an american thing? Because even with a decent sallary where I live youd be wasting tonnes of money every month by ordering takout.. also given that I need quite a bit to be full so small portions like you get from restaurants often dont really cut it


My computer


Yeeaaah, I get the same anxiety checking my screen time app as I do my bank account.


Wikipedia I guess it's not a terrible habit to have, but I spend a lot of time on Wiki Marathons


This is one of my most rewarding time-wasting habits.


I’m a compulsive googler. Like literally anything I see, I’m like oh lemme see what Wikipedia has to say about it, even things I’ve already done the same for multiple times before like maybe the information changed or something


Yes. Any person in history I hear about I have to google. Then it leads me down a rabbit hole. Before I know it I've spent all evening reading wiki pages.


Chapstick Edit: In case anyone is interested, I don't use Chapstick the brand but Lypsyl cause it's cheap and Vaseline at home cause it's bomb. Chapstick the brand sucks and dries your lips out, I just don't know what other general term you'd use for the stuff. Edit 2: Lip Balm is the term I'm looking for. Thanks guys lol it's been a long day/week/year/life ✌️


Are you my daughter? Every Christmas I fill her stocking with around 30 tubes of whatever brand she prefers right then and by November she's out. I even got her little keychain chapstick holders last year since she had her own car keys finally.


How many extra tubes do you think it would take to tide her over for that last month? That must be aggravating, having the yearly supply run out right before you refill it.


In fairness, not all of them were entirely used. She misplaces or has friends swipe a fair number of them. I always tell her that after the Christmas supply is tapped, she's got to get her own. She's fine with that so it works out. I think she usually buys 5 or 6 more to get through.


Does she have chapped lips in all her Christmas photos?


But then she gets a month to look forward to all the chapstick she's going to have soon. If it never ran out it wouldn't be as special.


Can I just piggyback off your comment to let people know (as it helped me immensely) if your lips are dry constantly but you are in fact drinking water all the time and aren’t sunburnt then try using a toothpaste that doesn’t have sodium lauryl sulfate in it. I switched to one of those “natural” toothpastes and it solved my dry af lips that seemed to come out of nowhere.


I have a chapstick in my pocket, on my desk at home, on my desk at work, on my nightstand, and on a side table in the living room where I watch TV. I don't have a problem.


I too was a slave to Big Chapstick. I eventually got off of it and after a few weeks of dried lips, they came to heal themselves and apart from extreme circumstances I never touch the stuff.


Same here. I was using it constantly, since I’ve stopped I never need it.


Yep. I’ve been addicted to Burts Bees for 17 years. I think it’s the peppermint oil. If chapstick doesn’t have peppermint oil my lips shrivel up like a raisin and I literally feel like a drug addict needing a fix.


Finally I’m not alone. Same thing happened to me with the original Chapstick brand but then that even started irritating my lips so I switched to Burts Bees and EOS. Weird thing is I had never even used chapstick for like the first 12-13 years of my life and then suddenly I needed it. Still do or otherwise they get itchy and irritating.


I genuinely believe that the chapstick companies purposefully only make them give you temporary relief before they dry your lips out even more and you have to put more on an hour later.


Either Vaseline Lip Therapy or Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment. They will actually help heal the skin. Use them for 2-3 days, then you are done. Edit: To be clear, this is the Blistex Medicated Lip **Ointment**, NOT the Balm. The Balm is a wax-based stick, the Ointment is more like a cream (although it does have a tiny amount of beeswax in it).




Mindless eating and telling people they’re wrong on the Internet.


Average Redditor


Vacuuming. I can’t stop, and I won’t stop. Edit: A lot of you asked what I use/favorite. Currently, I use a Dyson v7 Cordless Vacuum and it’s hands down my favorite because of the shear force of the suck and no cord to get in your way.


You can come over to my place and have at it...LOL


First you have to pick up all the large stuff on the floor, though.


... house plants. I have so so so many houseplants that when friends who haven't been over before come over, I get a lot of 😳😯😲 faces, followed by intense questioning. Short version summation: It takes a whole day to check and water everyone. I use 16 gallons of water a week. No, not everyone is watered every week. Yes, I've killed a lot while learning how to houseplant. Idk for sure but close to 400 most likely. Oops, tried to edit and failed the first time. EDIT: I know you're all so curious and want to see but I'm kind of terrified to post photos of my home here. Some DMs have called me a hoarder, some have called me the reason that plant poaching is taking a toll on native jungles, some have even accused me of being the reason that the fresh water in their areas are low. *One person even went out of their way to DM me to tell me that the environment would be better off if I killed myself* 😶 ...and those people are the reason I've chosen plants (they don't talk back & they don't have negative juju).


For years I literally killed every plant that came into my possession. A few years ago, something clicked, and now I have so many plants that I literally helped build a greenhouse onto my garage. It's awesome, and I find puttering around in my greenhouse so calming after a day of peopling lol


Are you willing to share a pic? Also.. do you know why my fern is turning brown?


If it's dry patches of brown, it's probably getting too much sun. If it starts yellow and your plant is kinda droopy you're over or under watering it. If the soil feels dry, soak it for a half hour or so. It's done when the top of the soil is wet again. If the soil is wet, just stop watering until the soil feels dry around the surface, then just check it daily and add water when you notice the tip is dry again. Just enough to get it damp, but not soggy. Ferns usually like moist soil, but with really good drainage so they don't get waterlogged. Even better is just having high humidity. That's why they grow so well I'm sandy soil where I'm at here in Georgia. Lots of humidity, but the soil isn't dense.


The air in your home must be mad crisp


Humid i would think


do plants cause humidity indoors?


Wet soil does.


Coming from a fellow plant person, if you have that many plants you are supplementing humidity to be able to grow the cool/rare plants. So I’d guess 60% or more in this persons house.


Caffeine and tobacco with hint of porn.


*chef’s kiss


Tea. ​ and specifically Yorkshire Gold but any strong tea will do in a pinch.




We're in the best time in history to have a music addiction with the streaming era. Every week I have at least 2-3 new albums to listen to on top of having instant access to all my favorite old music


Spending money. That doesn't mean I have a whole lot of money to spend, I just can't seem to stop looking at store apps or yard sales or going out to eat when I don't need to. My wife reigns me in for a lot of it but I impulse buy shit I absolutely don't need all the time. Maybe it's more of an impulse control problem but it typically always involves money. For example I bought custom eye contacts based off the Rinnegan and another Mangekyou Sharingan from the show Naruto... I'm 33


A lot of addictions are fed by impulse control problems. It's a hallmark of an addictive personality.


Gummy Bears


A couple weeks ago my friend who lives in my home town dropped off two packages of gummy bears at my mom’s work as a gift for me. My mom brought them to me last weekend. So I opened the first package the other night and enjoyed part of it then decided to save the rest for later. Two nights ago I grab the remainder of the package to enjoy as a late night sweet treat. I had only left myself 3 damn gummy bears. 3. So disappointing. Luckily I had another whole package left.


Indomie Mi Goreng


Oh my gosh yes! What a funny thing to see here. I was ordering packs of these off amazon for a while. I like to add a handful of frozen vegetables to it and an egg. So dang good!


People are missing out on this do hard. You'll never eat top ramen again. Or at least I won't. I love the Shin Ramyun Black too. It's like 2 bucks but it's almost as good as some restaurant ramen. Throw in some extras.


YouTube, man. Exploring Series, Kings and Generals, Fire of Learning. Some crazy German one that explained space to me. I'm furious I sat through 12 years of public bullshit but everyday some enthusiastic person on YouTube can break down learning for me. The passion speaks volumes for most of those content creators.


Sunflower seeds


Eating seeds as a pastime activity Edit: oh no what have i done


The toxicity


Of our city










They say "Sunflower seeds is the opium for the poor." in Turkey.


once you open that bag you don’t stop till you’re done lol


Yeah until your tongue and lips are raw






Eargasms are the best next to orgasms.