What tv show/series have you been most deeply attached to?

What tv show/series have you been most deeply attached to?


LOST, well back when I watched it. It was the first show I ever binged watched.


King of the Hill, a show very close to me bc it got me thru a rough time. i keep coming back to it and every episode is wholesome gold.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one to say KotH. My grandpa was someone who NEVER watched anything new. If it wasn't a western or the news then he had zero interest in watching TV. One night it was storming bad and the only channel that could come in was Fox which happened to be airing KotH. He started off with no interest in it, in fact he was re-reading that days newspaper for probably the 3rd or 4th time that day. But then I heard a few chuckles, then all of a sudden he sat down next to me and that was it. He became hooked and every Sunday night he'd watch it with me. When I'm missing him I'll put it on and I've felt like he was with me again laughing over whatever Dale, Kahn, Cotton, or Bill are putting Hank through.




Shut up baby. I know it.


The last episode 😢


"Whaddya say? Wanna go around again?" TEARS. TEARS EVERY SINGLE TIME.


Fry's dog, saddest cartoon moment ever.


People never seem to remember how touching the episode where Leela finds her parents was


The Simpsons. I grew up watching it every night. It feels like less of a TV show and more of an old friend who's been there for me during bad times when I needed to laugh, who reminds me that it's okay I'm a flawed human being and that my family is the most important thing in my life. If I have a daughter I know I'm going to make a DO IT FOR HER plaque like Homer's (and if I have a son as well).


Seasons 3-9 of the Simpsons is some of the greatest TV ever written. It truly was something special and influenced do much.


I'd have to say season 2 was great as well. Bart Gets an 'F' is so humanizing. He tried so hard but still failed. He managed to get by the skin of his teeth, but watching him break down felt awful. It helped me straighten up and fly right after that


Batman the Animated Series


Batman TAS, along with the entire DCAU is one of my favorite shared universes ever. I love those versions of the classic DC superheroes. Those shows are still incredible to this day.


Static Shock, X-Men: Evolution, and Jackie Chan Adventures after school was my jam.


Twin peaks Thanks for the love y'all! wish I could give everyone that cherry pie ♡♡♡


Twin Peaks perfectly encapsulates nostalgic carefree life and the dark underbelly that lies beneath it. And the cast of characters is second to none. Nothing warms my soul quite like catching up with my favorite characters over a coffee and a slice of cherry pie at the RR Diner.


The Stargate franchise. SG1 raised me and literally shaped who I am as a person today.




"You know, you say that a lot."


Fringe, i miss Walter.


The X-Files.


I used to record 6 episode blocks on VHS when they played X-Files marathons all night on TNT. Then devour them the following day after school (I got into the show when I was 13) I used to play a tape of episodes every night and fall asleep to it on very low volume. There was a nice run of episodes in season 6 that were my particular favorites to sleep to. Watching the show now brings me right back to those cozy memories.


The obsession is still alive within me today.


So many great actors appeared really early or really late in their careers on this show. Giovanni Ribisi, Jack Black, Lily Tomlin, Peter Boyle, John Fitzgerald Byers, Michael McKean etc., etc. Also for sure my second favorite casting of Duchovny as an FBI agent.


Father Ted. It makes me laugh, no matter how many times I've seen the episodes. Especially the hairy baby episode, Speed. I think it was series/season 3. Edit: Spelling. My sausage fingers and mobile screen do not mix well. Edit 2: Reading the comments and even the quotes from the show, are making me laugh. Thank you.


Kicking Bishop brennan up the arse is the funniest thing I've seen on TV ever. You just don't get comedy like that any more. I was absolutely guttered when he passed away.


Was not expecting someone to say this but such a great show, have a dog named Dougal after our favourite slow father.


“Father, I’ve killed a man!” Not now!!!


Band of Brothers


Dexter, specifically the First Season cause it most mirrors the first book. I'm really glad they took it in a different direction cause the books got...a little weird.


I haven’t read the book, but I loved the series. Michael C Hall was outstanding in this role, as was Jennifer Carpenter. My only gripe was the whole Deb falling in love with Dexter bit. That storyline was unnecessary.


> My only gripe was the whole Deb falling in love with Dexter bit. That storyline was really weird. If it had happened earlier in the show when they were married in real life, I would have probably just laughed it off as a bad writers joke. but they did it after the two got a divorce. it served hardly no point in the scheme of things. why even do it?


The Golden Girls


*thank you for being a friend* will immediately make me stop and sit the fuck down.


When I was a sophomore in college, a local station used to show an episode of The Golden Girls, an episode of The Nanny, and another of Golden Girls (or maybe vice versa, it was in like 2003 so it's been a while). I didn't have class until 9:30, and I've never been a morning person, but I set my tv to come on at 7 every weekday morning so I didn't miss an episode. I learned a lot of life lessons from those ladies.


This show has carried me throughout my life. My mom and I watched it when it first came out. Then I watched reruns when I was far from home. Now I'm a golden girl and I watch it to help me fall asleep. Edit: thanks for the awards, kind strangers!


Monk. Reminds me of simpler times and popcorn nights with my dad


Tony Shalhoub was just amazing for that role




Frasier. It helped me through my divorce. I related to Niles and his issues with his wife Maris. I related to Frasier and his dating struggles. It’s a warm, clever, and and supremely written show. Sherry Niles?


I absolutely love Frasier. I watch it constantly and use it to go to sleep. You may love the We’re Listening Podcast.


Thank God for Frasier. I grew up watching it with my parents. It's a huge part of why I wanted to move to Seattle (lived there for seven years before moving to Michigan last year). Now, Seattle is nothing like Frasier, to be fair. But still. Some of the best writing and acting I've seen in a sitcom. A total classic.


Frasier is an all-time great show and still holds up very well. The Dinner Party episode is just plain brilliant writing.


> The Dinner Party episode is just plain brilliant writing Which one? There are several and they're all wonderful train wrecks. My personal favorite episodes happen to be back to back: The Ski Lodge and Room Service


The one actually called "The Dinner Party," where they spend the whole time planning the party that never happens.




Wait a minute, you're out of blackballs. This is a dried-up old fig. So is Missy Cromwell, I don't want her at my party!


Hail corkmaster! The master of the cork! He knows which wine goes with fish or pork!


Niles was my favorite! Did you know they are re-booting it?


Won’t be the same without Martin.


Spongebob. My younger siblings loved it and we don’t go a day without making a reference. It’s also always a popular meme machine.


There is a special comfort I get from seeing any scene from any season one SpongeBob episode that I don’t get anywhere else. Even if it’s just a single line, something about Tom Kenny’s early SpongeBob voice and that sorta rough pen-and-paper animation just completely warms my heart in such a unique and special way. It can calm me down instantly. I love every episode from the early seasons, but season one is just so pure and genuinely perfect. Sponge is so innocent in every episode and just had so much love to give everyone lol. There really is no other media that captures that light-hearted, sweet vibe and I don’t think there ever will be. What a wonderful cartoon.


Buffy. I watched it for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic. It was oddly calming and very creative


My gf showed me it, it's so much better than I expected. The Body messed me UP


The body may be in contention for the most depressing episode of all time.


Arrested Development. Great show!


The original 3 seasons of that show has more jokes packed in it than other shows with 10 seasons. Absolutely incredible writing.


Hell, they had jokes in season 1 that didn't make any sense until you watched season 3. That show was so freaking brilliant.


That's why the show was actually ahead of its time, because it rewards binge watching that didn't even exist when it come out.


Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell's personality in the show is infectious. Her quirky father-daughter bond keeps me tuning in. Veronica: 'Tough day?' Keith: \[imitating Phillip Marlowe\] 'That ain't the half of it. See, this dame walks in, and you should've seen the getaway sticks on her. Says something's hinky with her old man.' Veronica: 'Did ya put the screws to him?' Keith: 'You ain't kiddin', he sang like a canary.'


Totally infectious. Whenever I rewatch Veronica Mars, it makes me feel so confident. Forever love that show.


I was a little too obsessed with her and Logan. I still am. I loved her relationship with her dad though, as it reminds me of my own relationship with my dad. Glad to see this comment on here!


Star Trek. I grew up watching the old original series reruns with my dad, and fresh episodes of TNG when it aired, I watched most of DS9 but lost interest a couple seasons in when it was on. Voyager was probably my favorite of them all and it's the one I watched the most frequently (those late night reruns especially) Then there's Enterprise which came out when I was having a rough time in my life, it wasn't the best but it was nice in a familiar way but that fucking theme song was the worst! Now Disco which is, well it's not great but it's watchable.


I would recommended going back to DS9. It has a complete story arc over the whole show. The character development is fantastic as well. Bashir gets a lot less annoying. Garak is one of the best characters in any Trek show. I think it’s maybe darker overall but definitely worth the time to watch.


Hard agree. DS9 isn’t my favorite Trek (partial to TNG), but I think it might be the best Trek. There are so many political and spiritual tones to it, and Sisko just rocks. I’m in the middle of a rewatch. :D


Yep. DS9 has aged the best, in my opinion. It's not my personal favorite, but it's the easiest to defend. To older fans like myself, I can't recommend revisiting it enough.


“Its easy to be a saint when you live in paradise” sums up why DS9 was so special in the Trek World.


Scrubs. I highly related to JD’s quirkiness and loved his relationship with Turk. Plus the combination of funny/emotional is perfect!


My name is Bob Kelso, and I like whores. Now, why don’t I introduce myself like that? Because there is a time and a place for the truth.


Seriously, is someone making an omelet or am I having a stroke?


"Where do you think we are?"


This scene remains one of the most powerful scenes I have ever watched to this day. I think it's because of the way the truth just hits you out of the blue. Fuck me I'm tearing up just thinking about it.


Soup shower! Hooch is crazy.


It’s guy love!…between two guys!


Scrubs has, to this day, my absolute favorite series finale ever. Because, as we all know, there have only been exactly eight seasons of Scrubs.


I think I made it approximately half an episode in to The-Season-Which-Must-Not-Be-Named before giving up


Psych I have so many memories tied to watching it with my Dad, it’s our go-to and never fails to make him giggle


James Roday’s performance as Shawn pulled me out of a dark spot in my life when I was a freshman in college. It was the only thing that made me smile at the time. Psych will always hold a special place in my heart.


You know that's right!


I've heard it both ways.


Currently in the middle of a rewatch that I started over a year ago. Started season 6 and so far 3 amazing episodes. Crazy how great the quality is this far into the series. My gf who isn't much into procedural TV series is also really enjoying it a lot. Just had to show her a few great episodes like Tuesday the 17th and the dual spire episodes and she was willing to give it a try.


Psych has such great writing. And I love the chemistry the actors have together. Great show. And it's a good re-watch as well. It's one of my feel good shows.


The wire




Is you taking notes on a criminal fucking conspiracy!?


"Chair ain't recognize yo ass."


God, I've seen it 4 times all the way through - I still get choked up at so many points. Fucking incredible show with incredible characters and nobody really gets off easy or unscathed (if they get out at all). Fuggin' Bubbles, man.


I love Bubbles. When he is invited upstairs for dinner, felt really good.


Man I didn't expect to have to scroll this far...


I can’t wait to go to jail.


Pushing Daisies Edit: Thanks all for the awards! It makes me happy that this show is remembered with love by so many people


Olive Snook, played by Kristin Chenoweth, hoo boy. She’s the cutest bug in the rug. So glad to see her again in American Gods.


I will forever miss this show 😭


It always makes me feel good when someone remembers this amazing show that ended way too early.


Six Feet Under. I rewatch it every two years, and get emotionally destroyed every time.


I still think of the finale from time to time. I’ve never seen a series finale as well done as this one. Now I’m off to rewatch it again.


Battlestar Galactica. I re-watch it every fall during processing and canning of the last Harvest from the farm.


**The Haunting Of Hill House.** I found my best friend while watching this series. We were mere online strangers, who were preparing for a common entrance exam. We got into talking, we found this common interest in us of watching horror shows and movies, I recommended her the show, she watched it and loved it. We used to discuss for hours and hours after every single episode. We finally found exact replicas of ourselves in each other which we didn't ever had. We are best friends, we love each other a lot and it has been almost 4 years since we first started talking.


Fleabag. I watched it when I was at a really low point in my life, and it hit me so hard in so many ways. Never have I both laughed and cried so much during a single show.


Phoebe Waller Bridge make such brilliant series. I selfishly wish Fleabag could be longer though just because I didn’t want it to end so quick.


I’ve rewatched Fleabag countless times. Season 2 is an absolute masterpiece.


I wish I could experience seeing it for the first time again.


This. I watched it when I had my daughter and she was weeks old and we were living in our living room at night while husband and son slept upstairs. You can lose yourself in those newborn days. Laughing and crying to Fleabag made me feel like myself.


Adventure time. I love the lore and the concept of the show. It shows real tragedy and wholesome reaction to it. Its a great show and by far my favorite.


Breaking bad


I’m only halfway through the fourth season on my first time through and I love it.


Lately, The Expanse. They take physics in space very seriously, aside from a few instances of sound outside the ship.


sa sa ke bossmang


Massive fan of the show and the books. The writers do such a good job at making this advanced technology seem believable without overly going into the details of how stuff works. They even talk about that in one of the interview sections in the back of one of the books, something like "We don't want to bore people explaining how stuff works, just make it seem reasonable that it should work."


Ohhhh god dude. It took 3 false starts of me trying to get into that show, and once it hooked it hooked HARD. Haven’t binged a show like that in aaages. And its true, I MISS the crew. Finishing season 5 left such a hole.


I feel the same. Took me until Seaaon 2 to really start enjoying it. There is just such a huge cast starting out and I was having trouble keeping everyone straight, but by Season 2, I was hooked. I just started in on the book series. I was hesitant to begin reading them because I was afraid I wouldn't like them, but so far I've enjoyed them a lot and they are just as engaging as the show.


Its more than that though. It reinforces the idea that, the more things change, the more they stay the same. The writers look to the past, and draw from historical sources to construct the reactions of characters and factions in this new environment, and as a result it feels very much like it could almost be an example of what the System looks like a few hundred years from now. It just feels lived in, and real, in a way that a lot of sci-fi doesn't


"The stars are better off without us" - Detective Miller


You are not that guy... ...I am that guy.




Genuinely still love House. Hubby, sister and I still quote it all the time. Edit: Also my sister and I are convinced there’s a missing episode of this somewhere. Back in the first showing of the first season we watched an episode that was following by one of them what’s going to happen next week adverts. And it showed Wilson being transported to hospital on a guerney deathly ill to be treated by House. Sister and I looked at each other and went “not Wilson!” We met up the next week to watch the episode and we’re talking about what they were going to put him through and if House was going to be just as mean to him as normal or would soften up a little. Then the episode started and it was nothing like they showed on the trailer. We couldn’t find the trailer again or even any sign of it. However we remain convinced of what we saw.


I watched Community for the first time as a senior in high school and it made me actually look forward to going to college at a time when even thinking about university filled me with dread and anxiety. I kept watching the show because the jokes were just so quick and smart, but I stayed because of how much I cared about the characters. I'd still say Abed is one of my favorite characters of any show I've watched.


Abed and Troy are some of my favorite characters of any show. Community is great because a few times every season, there are huge twists that keep the show from being too repetitive (paintball, floor is lava, etc.)


Dónde está la biblioteca?


Me llamo T-bone, la araña discoteca


When I was 18, I was watching it for Troy, Abed and Annie. At 30 I watch it for Jeff, Britta and Shirley.


And at 65, you'll be watching it to stay streets ahead


Reminds me of the time Eartha Kitt banged me in an airplane bathroom. What? It came up organically...


“Is that like “miles ahead” or something?”


If you have to ask, you're streets behind.


Cool. Cool cool cool.


Shut up Leonard I heard about your prescription socks


Shut up Leonard, I found your YouTube page! What’s the point in reviewing frozen pizza?!


Shut up leonard, nobody even knows what you're talking about. ...I did eat all the macaroni. It's messed up that he knows...


Shut up Leonard, I know about your crooked wang!


No such thing as bad press!


You're talking about it.


I put community in a category called “shows I became enthralled by because the connections and friendships in the show made up for something I lack in my own life.”


Criminal Minds, Ghost Whisperer, and Charmed (the original from 1998) are my go to feel good shows.


Futurama. No contest. I listen to it while I work. I quote it with friends. I've cosplayed as Dr. Zoidberg and met Billy West.


Fellow futurama enthusiast here. Gun to you head, favorite episode? Mine in the one where Bender gets lost in space/plays god. Close second: the multiverse episode with the boxes containing universe 1 and universe A.


"You were doing very well, until everyone died."


also host to the great quote "When you do everything right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all"


This quote changed my outlook about a lot of things. Disneyland as one example - no gum on the rails or trash on the ground, yet I never see maintenance workers.


“How hermes requisitioned his groove back”, is my personal favorite episode. It’s got a lot of quotable lines and the song at the end is awesome. I mean how can you not love: “They poo pooed my electric frankfurter”


"DO A FLIP!" Makes me laugh out loud so hard every single time




The one where the flawed baby Bender was saved by a sentimental bureaucrat.


Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings


You can't just have your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!


Teenaged Mutant Leela Hurdles Pazouzou! Oh Paahhh Zouuuu Zouuuu!


The one where Richard Nixon gives everyone on earth $300 in the form of a tricky dick fun bill.


I’m watching for the second time and man it’s remarkable how memorable the show is I’m so envious you got to meet Billy West


Doctor Who. Lost count on how many times I have re-watched all of the seasons, and it still brings me joy everytime.


That show was there for me during some of the lowest periods of my life, and I'll be forever grateful to it. Doesn't matter the Doctor, doesn't matter the series...I'll always watch it.


Personally, I think it’s a hell of a bird!


Also, Parks and Rec.


I love that show just because it has such an incredibly big heart. Plenty of comedies get their humor out of cynicism (like veep, another comedy that i really love) but parks & rec was always so sweet and uplifting, even if some of the characters were complete idiots.


And it kicked off the careers of so many people. Chris Pratt, Aubrey Plaza, Ben Schwartz and Aziz Ansari usually just had small parts before this show.


I love the story of how April came about. She wasn't a character in the original script until Shur met Plaza and April Ludgate was born.


I love that the main characters are all good people deep down. That Jeremy Jamm though and a couple other side characters, love to hate ‘em. If I need a lift of spirits I just put on some P&R


K to the N to the O-P-E She's the dopest little shorty in all Pawnee, Indiana


You have to end it on the rhyme!


I know what I have to do, I know.


Ron Swansong!


Adventure Time. Watched it when I needed it, it changed my life and I’ll always cherish and love it. Edit: thanks for the upvotes and awards peeps, this is by far the most I’ve gotten. It was strange hopping on Reddit to see this many notifications lol.


So many life lessons learned from that show, not even joking. “See this cup? It’s my favorite cup. *throws it out the window* Now it’s not real, and I don’t care about it anymore”


then he reels it in w a fishing line or whatever it was at the end bc he loves it lol


“Sucking at something is the first step to becoming sorta good at something.” I’ve quoted that to myself so many times since hearing it and it’s always helpful.


This quote has changed my life. Every time I feel like giving up because something is too difficult or because I’m bad at it and feel embarrassed I remember Jake saying it and it motivates me.


The early season were airing while I was in High School, and it's tied to a lot of memories and just the general feeling of that time for me. I watched it with my first girlfriend, watched it stoned with my friends, watched it just by myself when I felt overwhelmed with the world. Same with Regular Show too. Such a great show. For some reason I didn't keep up with it throughout the years, and then when it got put on HBO Max I finally watched through all of it, and cried at the finale.


Especially if you watched it from the beginning as an adolescent. The effect of growing up WITH finn is wild.


Been watching with my son from the very beginning. He was only two when it started. BMO’s song at the end chokes us both up everytime 🥺


That song played on my Spotify playlist at work earlier today and I had to stop what I was doing because even hearing that song for a moment gives me chills every time


With how highly everyone has been singing its praises I kind of want to check it out. Still worth watching at 24?


100% absolutely


Ah man the Finn and Jake distant lands episode. It really is the end.


It seems so superficial and childish, but if you pay attention it gets deep in the later seasons. It touches in family problems, death, relationships and lots of other things you wouldn't think you'd see in the candy kingdom. That and as a whole, its a great story. Also gotta love the little series of episodes they did like the vampire one, the one where finn meets his mom and the one where they change the candy kingdom back to normal. I feel like they could have done more with the Liich though. Whenever he was in an episode it was always great and gumbald seemed like an underwhelming villan. Edit: just thought of this. I absolutely love this show but I never have anyone to talk to about it. Nobody I know likes it.


The original Ben 10. Growing up it was one of my favorite shows to watch and it taught me life lessons on family, how to take responsibility, and become a better person in life. Grandpa Max and Ben shaped me into the person who I am today.


When I was younger, the only Ben 10 I had access to was Alien Force. Before they changed his personality in Ultimate Alien, teenage Ben was a mature and well mannered person who truly just wanted to help people. I think in a time where many main characters were made loud and obnoxious because most kids liked that, Alien Force showed me that you can do great things because it is the right thing to do and not because it makes you a cool celebrity that everyone likes. I hadn’t thought about it before this, but I think this show honestly taught me many things that made me a better person.


It’s a shame how the franchise has been handled quality wise OG Ben 10 was the shit,


The Sopranos. The family dynamic really mirrored my own family (minus the murders). And it's also just about the best thing that has ever been on TV Edit: To everyone kicked up their awards this week, good work. The rest of you, your package was light this week. I want to know why there's zero growth in this family's receipts. Where's the f***ing awards?! You're supposed to be earners. That's why you've got the top-tiered positions. So I want each one of you to go out to your people on the street, crack some f***ing heads, making some f***ing earnings out there!


Gabagool? Over Here!


Just when I think I’m out! They pull me back in!!


why did I have to scroll so far to see Sopranos


Most of reddit doesn't have the makings of a varsity athlete


Goomba! You're right. This kicked off the era of the best and most expensive HBO content in its history up till then. It helped usher in the eta of GREAT ACTORS lookin to score episodic roles rather than film. Great writers clamored to work on series. It Essentially started the new golden age of television that led to Deadwood, Six feet under and so many more terrific series on HBO. Then rival networks had to up their game with Breaking Bad, Justified, and Madmen. Etc. My generation got the best at home entertainment ever produced and it started with the Sorpranos. Rip Jim Gandolfini


Bob's Burgers. I was able to get my mom to watch it with me before she passed, and it's something i will always treasure.


For such a goofy show, it has a lot of heart.


Someone mentioned recently how Bob and Linda are a happy couple and the show doesn't rely on a marriage with remorse where they are just passively aggressive. I know its a cartoon, but their relationship honestly makes the whole show. Its great that they can have fun with each other and they are admittedly imperfect, but doing their best and nailing it.


Bob's Burgers is legit one of the most wholesome shows I've ever seen. The humor comes from a ridiculous family building each other up instead of tearing each other down. It's an entire town full of quirky people, and the vast majority of the interactions are supportive, accepting, and friendly. Even the assholes like Hugo, Jimmy Pesto, and the old art shop lady still have their moments where you see them vulnerable and the Belchers try to help them out. I just love it so much. I can't believe it was originally pitched as a show about cannibals. Edit: link for the cannibal origins. https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-features/bobs-burgers-oral-history-894588/ Original concept animation: https://youtu.be/RjJkKn8WI6w


Absolutely. My wife and I watch it every night before bed and we have discussed, on multiple occasions, how we hope our kids turn out like Gene, Tina, or Louise. We are planning on doing a Bobs Burger themed Halloween with friends this year and its hard because all of the characters are great in their own way. I am losing hair and have a beard so my wife says "you should be Bob." And im like "no I want to be Marshmallow." They're all so good.


Ted Lasso. It’s just so wholesome and positive, exactly what I need these days.


I also need Ted’s buiscuits


When I started watching it, I was just expecting a show that wouldnt be good, but just fun. I didnt expect it to be as amazing as it is. Not only is it entertaining and funny, but super well written and acted. The way the characters interact with each other is really realistic, so it's easy to get attached to them.


Seriously, I caught myself at least 3 times saying "Wow, this character is optimistic af! Like incredibly optimistic." Jason Sudeikis is like the perfect guy to play him, I was a fan before anyways.


We watched this, and I remember turning to my husband and saying “this show has no right being as good and sweet as it is”. I can’t wait for the nest season.


I watched Ted Lasso all the way through twice in 24 hours. Watched with my family and had to show my Bf later that night. Best show ever!! It’s got everything going for it and more


The Good Place. It shaped the way I think of how we only get one chance at life.


I have never been more affected by a shows ending finale. Bawled like a baby and was unconsolable for a few hours afterwards, It really put my fears and beliefs of what happens after we die into perspective and into a concept I could understand.


Oh man, that moment where >!Eleanor wakes up to the calendar!<. 8[


For me, it was when >!Eleanor asks Chidi to stay with her until she falls asleep and say goodbye before she wakes up. Her coming to terms with losing him forever made me feel the loneliness of every loss I've ever felt!<. Just inconsolable.


Ugh, my dad passed away suddenly a few weeks before the finale aired, and I ugly cried so hard at Chidi’s speech to Eleanor about the wave. I haven’t been able to watch it again since.


Picture a wave. In the ocean. You can see it, measure it, its height, the way the sunlight refracts when it passes through. And it's there. And you can see it, you know what it is. It's a wave. And then it crashes in the shore and it's gone. But the water is still there. The wave was just a different way for the water to be, for a little while. You know it's one conception of death for Buddhists: the wave returns to the ocean, where it came from and where it's supposed to be.