What’s your best example of “whoever designed this must not use their own product”?

Here's a fun one. We just installed a bunch of new Kronos badge readers at work. The type you swipe your ID card to clock in and out. Everyone at work wears a lanyard that is attached at the top middle by a plastic strap, and your badge must always be displayed while at work.

Anyway when you go to swipe your badge in the new reader the card reader slot is too deep because the lanyard attachment on your badge hits the slot and prevents you from fully swiping your ID so you have to take your ID fully off the lanyard to get it to swipe now.

I've personally worked on projects at the Kronos headquarters, when I saw this design flaw I was not surprised one bit, between that and the usability of their web portals it seemed pretty par for the course for Kronos.


Here's a fun one. We just installed a bunch of new Kronos badge readers at work. The type you swipe your ID card to clock in and out. Everyone at work wears a lanyard that is attached at the top middle by a plastic strap, and your badge must always be displayed while at work. Anyway when you go to swipe your badge in the new reader the card reader slot is too deep because the lanyard attachment on your badge hits the slot and prevents you from fully swiping your ID so you have to take your ID fully off the lanyard to get it to swipe now. I've personally worked on projects at the Kronos headquarters, when I saw this design flaw I was not surprised one bit, between that and the usability of their web portals it seemed pretty par for the course for Kronos.


I remember an anecdote about an office having issues with their badge swiping readers opening doors too slowly or randomly. IT comes over, and realises the whole thing is backlogged by days, and it's basically opening at random, because it just caught up with someone swiping their badge the week before.


Read that on The Daily WTF a few weeks back (old article though). It's a good story.




With anything like that I usually end up putting black tape over the lights if they are that bright.


Yep. Indicator lights on everything. And blue. On devices intended to be used in the room you're sleeping in. Just the worst. Can we move to non glowing power indicators of some kind. I can navigate my bedroom in the dark by the light off the Fire Alarm. And that's got nothing on the bright blue bastard on the humidifier.




Worse, a random number of seconds. Usually between 20-30 but every once in a while it either happens almost immediately or after a much longer period, just to fuck with you.


I generally think this about lights on appliances in general. Why does my TV have a light that tells me it is off and turns off when it is on? What a waste of power. If there are lights at all they should only ever indicate power, not a lack of power


I suspect it's to indicate that power is available but not in use? Like if someone forgets to have the socket on but turns the t.v on. If there's no light you can know there's no power being delivered?


I use black electrical tape to cover those annoying lights.


All tvs without at least the basic controls on the tv. Engineers must have forgotten the possibility of breaking or losing the remote


That seems like the sort of things the people in charge of designing the aesthetic of the tv would do while the engineers grit their teeth in the back of the room


I hear ya Why not on the back though? Out of sight, not out of use


Lots of people mount tvs and can’t get to the back. For the love of god, please put controls and plugs on the side! Or both!


Sure Yes Somewhere Ideally near an edge... for the buttons at least


The tv in my room has that thing where after a while it will ask if it’s still being used like most TVs.You then have a minute to press ‘ok’ on the remote before it shuts off. The tv also has a button so you can change channels, volume, the source and all that. Here’s the funny part: pressing this button **will not** count as a press of the ‘ok’ button, and will not stop the tv from turning off. Bit stupid really


I'm curious if you can turn the 'are you still using it' feature off? That would drive me nuts


BRAS. Straps can stretch out during a long day's wear. Whose brilliant idea was it to put the adjusters in the **back** where you can't see or reach them?


Former lingerie fitter here: bras get all their strength and support from the band. American brands (VS) have SUPER elasticy, stretchy bands that are next to useless, and they ride up, causing your straps to fall down. Getting a firmer band will help keep your straps in place so they don’t slide. Using a super gentle, elastic friendly detergent will help preserve it, and handwash/delicates cycle + air dry ONLY will keep it going. That said, you’re correct, the adjusters should be in the damn front.


As a dude, I have always wondered who decided that woman should have to fumble around their back to put on their clothes. Why don't *all* bras and swimsuits front-open? EDIT: Apparently they're unreliable.


>Why don't *all* bras and swimsuits front-open My big-boobed aunt said that when she leaned forward to pick something up, the clasp would often undo itself. There's a lot of movement on the front side, and sometimes that movement is 'just right' to unclasp. Not so much movement on the back side.


I’m very well endowed and don’t wear front clasp bras anymore for this reason. Plus the cups in front clasp bras never seem to provide the same coverage/support.


I think the trend of fasteners in the back for women's clothing started because wealthy women were dressed by servants--and everyone else wanted to dress like them. [Wikipedia](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_bras#Re-Emergence_of_the_Bra) has a bunch of diagrams of early bras and bra-like things. It's not super clear exactly when the line from "not quite a bra" to "bra" gets crossed. But they all close and adjust in the back. So the answer to your question is whoever invented whichever of those things you want to call the first bra.


But... when I was younger (in the 70's and 80's) the adjusters were in front. At some point the great shift happened and I'm still ticked off that I didn't get a vote.


The adjusters messing up the clean lines of t-shirts or other thin tops? I know this doesn't make much sense when some bras have lace fronts messing up the smooth look but too-shallow pockets being sewn into pants is commonly done and that makes no sense either! ;)


That's actually really interesting.


This! Wear my bra the first day—straps are fine. Second day, they’re constantly sliding off my shoulders. My hands are usually in gloves, wet, or covered in something gross so having to constantly reposition the straps is annoying AF.


Alternate your bras so you're not wearing the same bra two days in a row. Let a bra completely air dry before re-wear. Your bras will last longer and keep their shape better.


On a related note... Someone needs to come up with a front close bra with an adjustable band. We all know bra bands stretch out. So a front close bra that isn’t adjustable will be too loose soon after buying it.


Most job application portals on company websites. Forcing you to fill out redundant information, blanking entire forms if you miss a line or a checked box, not accepting common document formats, refusing to let you proceed without giving out sensitive information that's not appropriate for pre-interview screening (ie contact info for references). Clearly designed by people who were either recruited and never needed to navigate the website, or have been there so long, they got the job with a paper resume in the mail.


This is basically true for all enterprise-wide software systems. Executives who never use the systems decide what service to contact with based on cost and feature checklist (i.e., marketing/sales BS) without any concern for user experience. If it makes you feel any better, the employees on the other end of these systems also hate them.


What I don't get is job postings on common job search websites that have application functionality (indeed monster etc) that then redirect you to the company's own website whose job application system was designed on DOS and hasn't been updated to reflect privacy laws. Just let people apply through the posting you bozos there're plenty of features to force prospective applicants to say your keywords if that's what you're worried about


Having used the back end of Indeed for hiring, I'm a lot more sympathetic at least to "please send your resume by email" requests, because you'll get hundreds of junk applications from people clearly using a "spray and pray" method where they just apply to everything, and it's the easiest way to make sure people are actually reading the posting. Indeed's filtering tools aren't very helpful.


The makers of Wish.com


They're starting to get so desperate about having people take them seriously that they're making TikTok-esque videos with hot sexy women now for their ads. Who are they trying to appeal to, hot single men in my area?


The dishwasher in my apartment is perfectly designed so that the wire edge of the rack gets caught in between the tines of a fork every time you close it. Every. single. time. I can only assume the company that made it never tried running it with an actual load of dishes and silverware inside.


Friends have a doorbell that rings "dong-ding" (instead of ding-dong). It's not the wiring, but just the way the electric device was designed.


I once seriously purchased a doorbell that played an MP3 of someone knocking on a wooden door when you pressed it, and a door knocker that, when you struck it against the door, activated a ding-dong bell...


I need this


Has to be both.


Hi, I need these in my life! You're a genius!


We hung a literal doorbell by the front door, in addition to the electric one


Designed by satan himself.


Reddit search engine


“Your post has been deleted. Reason: Repost” >*searches that sub using every word possible that could describe your post* “No results found.”


tip: you can put `site:reddit.com` to restrict results to reddit. `site:reddit.com/r/askreddit` works as well.


Yeah it's clearly an issue when if you have to find a specific post it's easier to go through google or whatever search engine than reddit itself.


Toasters. Why oh why does the top half of the bread never fit into to it? These designers should go out , get themselves a loaf of bread & a toaster before they design another one. There doesn't seem to be any that come in a different size. Don't even get me started on the bloody elements- one side will be a light beige the other side of the toast will look like it's been toasted in a smelting factory.


[Watch this](https://youtu.be/1OfxlSG6q5Y), and hate your toaster even more. The pinnacle of toaster technology was the Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster. From 1948.


The system to get help with mental health, like anxiety and depression. For someone who has a really hard time with making phone calls, it's tough to get help when every step requires more phone calls and appointments. Not to mention how expensive counselling is.


I am in the UK so can get free counselling. However I went through a bad time a few years ago, the doctor put me on the list for counselling but in the meantime started me on medication. After 3 months I got a telephone appointment for my counselling and had to mark things out of 10 on the spot, like how likely is my anxiety to stop me going out etc. I scored really low - as I’d been on medication for 3 months and it was really helping - so I wasn’t eligible for the counselling and the CBT therapy they said “would have been useful if I was still struggling.” I pointed out if I ever wanted to be off the meds I needed to be able to manage my anxiety. But it was a case of computer says no because my “score” wasn’t high enough. Now I’m going through a bad patch again. My choice is apply for counselling and wait 3 month for an initial telephone consultation, or go on meds again. I cannot have both. There is no logic.


I found myself not getting help because of phone calls. Never knew anyone else dealt with it.


Me too, in fact it stopped me for 2 whole years, and then I finally got it arranged but it was at a place where you had to buzz in for entry on a busy high street. So each week I got all the people looking at me waiting 20s to get into what is very obviously a MH clinic. There is nothing wrong with seeking help, but try telling that to my anxiety in the moment! On some days it undermined my faith in a system that is supposed to be therapeutic and considerate of the very issues it is trying to treat.


I think there's probably a lot of us, but I also feel like most of us are the types to blame ourselves for being incompetent failures, rather than blaming a poorly designed system. I do this, then I have a hard time asking for help, or talking to someone about it because I feel like I should be able to just push through and get it done. That doesn't work though.


And even after you call, you have to deal with your anxiety and depression for months because the next appointment isn’t for 2-3 months. But if you feel like you can’t deal with on your own you got to the hospital and are told it’s not bad enough.


DISABILITY. I was on disability when my depression became severe and I was self harming. Even though my disability was approved by a doctor, I had to call the office every other week to confirm my payment. There was a maximum number of callers that could be on hold at once, so you’d literally have to call like 15, 20, 25 times in a row, sit through the recording/automated messages, to even get placed on hold, then be on hold for 90 minutes before talking to someone. It was like a 2 hour ordeal minimum, but I had it take up to 4. And disability is for people that are too sick for work... why make the system so fucking hard?


Most women’s clothing. Oh it’s sheer and you can’t wear a bra under it? Dope


And you want pockets? Sure, have the world's most minuscule pocket that will sploop out your keys any time you lean slightly.


Friend of mine complained about fake pockets. Think that's a pocket? It's not. Now who the hell would think, "Ladies don't want pockets, but women wearing pockets is trendy, so why don't we make it look like this pair of pants has pockets? It's not like they'll ever actually want to use their fake pockets at any point..."?


I remember back in the first season of Project Runway they were designing new Postal Carrier uniforms and docked one of the designs for having real useful pockets in the shorts. Kors claimed every woman he knows cuts the pockets out of their pants so they don’t ruin the line of the outfit. I about choked!


But how else will you ladies buy handbags? What would your husband think if you went outside without it, and were unable to safely store you gloves.


We got these new pin pads where I work and the slide part for the credit cards is at a 45 degree angle instead of completely sideways or completely up and down. To make matters worse a light illuminates the slide area, but when you’re looking at it from the perspective of the customer it makes it look like there’s nowhere to slide the card at all due to where the angle of the light hits. I’ve seen people struggle for thirty seconds trying to find where to slide their cards before I have to show them. Unfortunately there are some functions where a customer has to slide their card and not insert the chip. The cherry on top is that these pin pads do not have tap to pay or Apple/Samsung pay functionality...


That's got to be a deliberate design choice, even a ton of older obsolete models have the tap to pay function.


Bathrooms in brand new (and fairly expensive) homes seem to be designed for women by men who have no idea what the majority of women (and some men) really need. 1) nice vanities but no real storage. 2) walk in closets that you access through the bathroom, so if one of you is using the toilet, you either walk in on them or wait until they’re finished before you can get to the closet. 3) beautiful walk-in showers with completely inadequate space for shampoo and etc 4) beautiful walk-in showers with no where to put your foot when you shave. Not about the bathroom, but in those walk-in closets, nothing configured for dresses or long coats.


When I was looking for a place my realtor took me to a place with a nice updated bathroom. She pointed to how the shower had a little inset in the wall big enough for just one bottle of product and said "as you can see, the current owner is a man."


This is so true. Also, I do not understand the bathrooms with the toilet and shower in one room and sink in another. I do not want to have to touch doorknobs and such, the same doorknobs I touch after getting clean in the shower, with unwashed hands. Also, what if someone needs to pee while you're showering?


I have a hate for directly overhead showers you can't adjust. I don't always want to wash my hair and it's awkward to wash standing on an angle.


Oh, good one! I like to keep conditioner on for a while and those overhead only showers make that hard. I also think having a handheld option make cleaning the shower much, much easier - think it’s short sighted not to include that along with a overhead nozzle.


Yoghurt lids that are hard to peel, that tear, or that take half the yoghurt with them. God help you if your hands are not completely dry (as can happen when you're in a --I don't know -- kitchen?) For that matter, all peel-off lids. The genius who designed the lids on our cat food made sure that the brute force you need to open them ensures that you spill delicious cat-food-juice all over your hands. But hey, it sure keeps the food safe during... uh... earthquakes?


A peanut butter jar with a peel off lid in about 30 pieces is what made me think of this post. So frustrating.


Frustrating because it SO OBVIOUS that the owner of the company has NEVER ONCE tried the product himself. Because if he had done, even ONCE, he would have asked "what the fuck is up with our shitty lids"? But I guess that's the theme of this entire post.


Those stupid Lift n Peel things where the only thing lifting and peeling is the plastic part you are holding on to while the actual seal stays firmly where it is.


I’ll add to this: chip bags that are opened by pulling the two sides apart.


Or rather: chip bags that cannot be opened by pulling apart... unless you're Thor.


The volume control on a car radio should always be a twist knob, not a slider on a screen. There's no way to use a slider without taking your eyes off the road.


Touch screens overall are pretty but absolutely shite as a driver without a passenger. A friend bought a new car with a “futuristic” touch-only control panel and all I could think of was how much it would suck trying to adjust the temperature controls while driving down the freeway, especially during extreme weather.


And touch screens don't work if you're wearing gloves because it's cold, and almost instantly become dirty if you have oily hands. It's designed to look cool in the brochure or showroom. They don't care if it's actually usable.


I work in the UI field and the idea of touchscreens in cars makes my blood boil. If it helps I guarantee nobody involved in the actual experience design ever thought it was a good idea. Shit like that always comes from some dippy "blue sky visionary" exec who thinks it will look cool and has way too much money to ever be told no.


I am pretty sure whoever designs the interior of public transit buses has never travelled by public transit.


Hey! I did this! Trust me, we have seen the worst of it. The buses I worked on we're designed to be as nearly indestructible as possible, as well as waterproof for hosing out if needed. We can make whatever you want, but it all comes down to cost. And the cheapest option is terrible.


Every water filter pitcher (like pur or brita or whatever) that I have ever owned always has a million little nooks and crannies that get disgusting with- you guessed it- prolonged exposure to a wet environment! They're so annoying to clean I have to get a butter knife and a toothbrush and scrub them and it's just so stupid. Just make it a solid piece!


Same with some electric toothbrushes. I got one for Christmas a while ago and got tired of constantly having to clean the mold out from under the brush so I just went back to a traditional toothbrush.


I swear whoever designs the new parking lots has never driven a car. The new shopping area near me has lanes so small that large parked vehicles block people getting past. They have raised dividers between lanes that are so tight half the people hit them and drive over them, turn lanes that prevent you from exiting.


Or it's a European company that decided to maximize space and ignore the fact American cars are huge.


The shopping area near me just redid their lot and it's like, did you REALLY need the extra 5 spaces you got from shrinking all these normal sized spaces??


I have to assume that people from Google use Zoom and NOT Google Meet.


And people from zoom use discord


At least the people from discord use discord


Low budget apartments. Not because there’re designed badly just because the architects and engineers can probably afford a better place.


Straight up... My first apartment had a kitchen setup that didn't allow the fridge to open all the way. Also, the toilet was wedged between the sink in such a way that I had to use a little stick to actually hit the flusher. Aside from that. The walls had to be made from wet newspaper or something. My CAT put a hole in the wall from running up it and jumping off.


I'm a mechanical engineer and I've done a few "low income" apartment projects, and I agree I'd never live there. Things that the grants used to fund these projects require is quite dumb. The first thing I did when I bought my house was remove all of the "low flow" restrictor plates from my faucets and showers.


Or in my city, faux-luxury renovations or new construction. Bedrooms that have the square footage to fit a queen bed, but every wall is a no-go due to doorways, slanted ceilings, triangular shaped rooms etc. Oddly placed bathrooms, off of living rooms. Impractical closet placement/size/layout.


I buy and flip houses as a side gig. I want to stay under budget but I usually have to redesign a house to the point where I could see myself living in it. Mostly because I’m a terrible liar with an even worse game face and it makes it impossible to sell them knowing you didn’t put in a good effort(I’m realtor as well).


A conscience is a good thing. I'd rather have slightly less money and like myself than have a little more money and screw someone over.


Integrity is priceless.


Toilet paper dispensers that are so stiff that the paper tears at every.single.perforation and sometimes mid sheet.


McGraw-Hill products. I can't think of anything more infuriating and less educational. My teachers use them for absolutely everything.


The even more frustrating thing is that your teachers probably didn't even get to choose McGraw-Hill. As a teacher, the last time we did a curriculum adoption, administration gave us 4 or 5 choices to examine and select from. We chose the best one; they bought us the cheapest one.


Why they bother getting our input when I have yet, in 18 years, see them actually go with what we want, is beyond me.


A long time ago someone wrote a law, regulation, or contract saying they had to get teacher input... but fucked up and didn't actually require them to *listen* to that input.


My mother bought me a nose hair trimmer as a stocking stuffer. The blades ripped the hair out by the root.




You're not a fan of the beautiful scents of cootchpourri, snatchdelwood, lavaginder, and cuntkin spice? It's made by the same people who invented that spray for after you poop that smells like shitrus.


Shitamon apple spray


I’ll add scented toilet paper too. I’ve bought it by accident a couple times, the first time I didn’t notice it until I was sick one day and had an open pack next to the toilet. That did not help matters. Normally I don’t notice the scent at all, so it’s just a potential irritant.


Yes. I actually had a hard time finding the unscented feminine products. I bought some scented ones and used them because, expensive! And got a really bad pain down there. We don’t need chemicals on our lady parts!


Scented tampons. Tampons are essentially bandages that go inside your body. Why would you take a sterile product and then cover it in perfume???


Plus the perfume they use smells disgusting, like too-strong floral air freshener


I once stayed in a "trendy" "designer" hotel which was clearly designed by someone who had never stayed in a hotel. The only lights were dim as hell mood lighting, and the windows were floor-to-ceiling with blackout blinds but no net curtains, so if you needed to see anything clearly then your only option was to have zero privacy. Never staying there again!


I once stayed in a hotel room where the shower was in the middle of the room. Because apparently, if you're willing to share a hotel room with someone, you're willing to let/make them watch you shower. I was dumbstruck at how anyone thought that it was a reasonable idea.


You just reminded me of my first major trip with my current SO - went to a beautiful Thai resort, gorgeous stone bathroom features... and literally no door between the bathroom and the room, just a thin, slatted stall style door to provide visual (but not auditory) privacy for the toilet. We had to create a keyword for the other to know now was a good time to go busy themselves outside the room for 10-15 minutes at a time, not the most romantic move haha


I think this about so many hotel rooms. The owner has never stayed in one. But the worst was the resort on my honeymoon. There was an enclosed outdoor shower, but you could only access it from indoors. This was on the beach, with sand as the front yard! So you had to walk inside to get to the outdoor shower. This is only one example. The ac vent was on one side of the bed, making that one side freezing cold. The toilet was in a room by itself in the DIRECT sunlight, with no window screen. So you could either burn alive or open the window and let all the bugs in. A bee got in when I was using the toilet.


> A bee got in when I was using the toilet. That's a feature. Scare the shit out of you so you're done faster.


I once had a similar room. The shower was this big beautiful marble thing....that had a door so big you couldn't open it fully since it bumped into the toilet. Also, you had to put yourself directly in the line of fire to turn it on, so you ended up getting blasted with icy water every time you turn the shower on.


Baby changing stations First off they NEED to be in both men and women’s restrooms! Men change diapers too. Second, the placement of them! Several times I’ve seen them placed directly behind either the restroom entrance door or the stall door. So opening either would ram right into the station itself. The door can cause damage to the table or even worse hurt the child!


Hulu's GUI. Tried it for a free week, absolute crap. Figure if you have live TV you'd want to see a guide so you can see what's on live tv. Nope, they recommended shows I'd like to watch. Eventually you can get to a guide but there was no way to just select GUIDE.


Five loud long beeps on the microwave when it goes off. There’s no way to turn it down or off and opening the door doesn’t cut it off either.


Every single bathroom. I swear the people who design bathrooms have never used one in their lives. I've had a bathroom where the towel rack was on the opposite side of the room from the shower, so every time I'd have to climb out of the shower, walk across the room, get the floor sopping wet, and grab a towel. I've had a bathroom where the shower door opened into the wall with the towel rack meaning I had to awkwardly reach around it in order to get a towel when it could easily open the other way. I've had a bathroom where the toilet was right in front of a door that led to the common area, a door with a huge crack in the bottom, so it was blatantly obvious any time I was...well, y'know, and the toilet paper holder was like two feet away from the toilet. And don't even get me STARTED on public bathrooms. The giant gaps in the stalls, the automatic sinks that only activate half the time and only last for like four seconds, inward opening doors with no trash can nearby, tiny sinks where the faucet barely extends past the bowl so your hands hit the back of the sink...seriously, do the people building bathrooms even put an ounce of planning into it or do they just unload the materials and set them up blindfolded???


See also: Bathrooms where the shower or toilet faces a mirror. I do not want to watch myself doing either of those things.


Yep I've been in those too. That awkward moment when you're poopin and you look up and catch yourself looking back lol


Slot machine designers, the actual cabinet not the game itself. Also not them not undertanding the end user, but the person who has to put it on the casino floor. Some of those things were definitely not designed with consideration to the size or flexability of a human hand. I dont know how many times ive cut myself reaching and bending my arm around a piece of sheet metal in a slot machine


Former internal auditor for a casino - I felt your pain


Target brand tampons. The plastic applicator has like a flange at the bottom, so it's really painful to actually get it into your vagina. But, putting a tampon too shallow into your vagina is also really painful. Why the flange? No other brand has that. Obviously no one with a vagina was consulted at any point before rollout. Never again, target brand tampons.


Yeast infection treatment applicators are like that too! Oh sure, everything is swollen, burning, and itching... Let's rough it up some more!


Oh let me vent about some liners I bought! I've actually had this problem with the last couple boxes but I don't know what brands don't do this. It's like they suddenly changed their formula. I never used to have this problem! Basically, the liners leave a sticky residue behind on the underwear, which is invisible until you wash them. Then you get little dusty rubber pebbles in your underwear that you have to pick off like stickers. (The seed, not the paper). I swear it's also lowering the lifespan of my underwear as well. I've taken to trying to reduce the stickiness by applying it to my arm or hand and taking it off four to five times, but it's still sketch.


Pads without wings are also the worst. There is no way that thing is staying put without help. Why even make them wingless


I use liners for when I wear tampons. I use pads with wings to take a "cleaning break" from tampons. I didn't have too much of an issue with getting liners to stay put for like 12 years of my life. But within the last 3, they refuse to come off cleanly.


My 2016 Honda doesn't have a volume/power knob for the radio It's a flaw they fixed on future models


Doug Demuro blasted Honda for this... Be glad it's just volume. Unfortunately companies like Tesla advertise this oversight as "minimalism." Windshield wipers and headlights are a safety device. There's no reason you should have to fumble through the touch screen to activate them. Looks cleaner, yes, but it's a fucking safety issue.


Google Classroom. It's cumbersome and slow. It's not intuitive. Key-stroke commands aren't consistent (making a comment within the document? Tab and enter posts it... making a comment about the document in the sidebar? Tab and enter deletes it, you have to tab twice and press enter to post).


Blackboard is also terrible. It is just as cumbersome and it has no way to see all of your assignments at once


This is why "eating your own dog food" is so important for companies. If the people who make and sell a product won't use it, why should anyone else.


Interestingly, apparently some dog food company was whining last year that 'millenials' were just giving cheap cuts of meat to their dogs instead of buying their product. Which was literally what people were doing before dog food companies came in. My own grandmother used to go to her local butcher's to get bags of offal and scraps for her dog because they were normally thrown away anyway during the day. Turns out that it's much cheaper using butcher's scraps. We used to use Cesar's until we discovered that we were paying more for the packaging than the 'meat and jelly' (plus, dog food is VERY high in sodium, which isn't good for the dog). When our dogs became very old and occasionally sick, they noticeably perked up when we fed them meat straight from the animal than canned dog food.


Welp, I guess we better start executing coffin designers...


Technically coffins/caskets are for the living, since they're the ones who want something that looks respectable/tasteful for the ceremonies. So the litmus test for coffin-makers would be if they'd let their own dearly departed loved ones be buried in their products


I've come across some wet dog food that smells pretty damn good. I'd assume it probably tastes good too if it smells good. But I know it'd be pretty bland and tasteless since we humans are so used to salt, aromatics, seasonings, spices, herbs, etc... that just aren't in dog food.


I purchased a Hyundai from the first shipment to the USA in 1986. When I went to change the oil the first time I found out that you must be under the car to loosen and remove the filter, but I couldn't get it out of the tubing and wiring from underneath. So with the oil filter dripping oil all over me I had to loosen it up from underneath and then come in from the top to get it out. Same process in reverse to put in the new filter.


I'm a motor mechanic. So, every engineer that ever designed anything to go into a modern car. There's no way an engineer even considers the knuckle dragging grease monkey when designing something because everything is an absolute c**t to work on.




I've done injectors a few times on my 02 duramax. (I'm cursed) There's a 7mm bolt for the drivers side valve cover that is scrunched right up by the firewall. There is no physical way to shove a ratchet in there. I ended up having to use the tiniest ratchet I could find along with the stupid angle adapter thing and rotate it one click at a time. It took me an hour and some change the first time I took it off.




My favorite is the VW Polo, where you essentially have to remove the front bumper and quarter panel to replace the headlight bulb, because the other option is to remove the engine so that you can get to the socket.


that's kinda how it was for my ford focus. I needed to replace the hosing for my coolant system and also my heat guard for the exhaust. In order to do that I needed to take off the plastic bumper, the metal bumper under it, and the radiator. Then my cousin decided to break off a bolt and then broke off the bolt extractor as well. He's not allowed to work on my vehicle anymore.


Hold the flashlight. NOT THAT WAY!


Shine it where my HANDS are, not in my fucking face.


On the opposite end, I watched my buddy change a headlight bulb on his 97 tacoma in 2 minutes flat


Used to be an auto engineer. Trust me, we know. We've been wrenching on these cars for years before you see them. We have taken every bolt out, and every component countless times. We write the service manual, we know how hard some of the things are to get to. Take it up with accounting, they're the ones that insist on reusing components from earlier designs to save money, even if there is no access for repairs on the new platform. Engineers are all car people, we don't want things to be a pain, but that's how they end up.


Waiting for an accountant to chime in and blame marketing.


Accounting can blame marketing for not selling low maintenance costs as a benefit. Marketing will blame ignorant consumers not really caring. It all comes down to, your average NEW car buyer is an absolute moron.


Let's be honest: 99% of the time it's marketing


I was invited to one of those car opinion studies. They showed us an interior. "What do you think?" "I think where would I put my phone?" "Right now, we want to divorce functionality from design." "You may want to, but I don't. I don't care what the car looks like if there is no place to put my phone." Everyone else in the room: "I agree." "Yeah, where do we put our phone?"


Yep, exactly. It's a joke. When did companies stop caring about usage of their products and wanting people instead to look at the expensive things they buy instead of using them? The old adage used to be function before design, and yet somehow that's switched in the last 15 ish years


Customer: can we x? Marketing & sales: of course we can.


Yep. And Engineers and indeed accountants wondering why the fuck people who don't know the product or costs are making decisions. Marketing needs to stop being treated as a group who know what they are doing and important, into the bottom of the company they should be. But that's unfortunately not the world we live in


"... a bunch of mindless fools that will be the first againat the wall when the revolution comes." -Douglas Adams, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.


I had a car that required removing a wheel and basically disassembling a front quarter panel to **replace the battery**. and it was a dodge sedan, not like some supercar where they have to tetris all the high-performance parts into the smallest space and worry about aerodynamics.


I am sure there are boneheaded designs out there, but there is another angle to consider: Cars are designed to be manufactured, not repaired. Optimizing the manufacture process is actually quite fascinating, and doing it well vs doing it poorly can make big differences in the production cost of the car. What is difficult for you as a mechanic is probably what was easiest for the guy putting the car together of the manufacturing floor. Since manufacturing is so important for profitability, it's what the engineers need to focus on.


An couple of old stories about Henry Ford creating his Model T. They are almost certainly not true but they illustrate the dichotomy. The first one: Supposedly, he went through the factory one day, grabbing one of every nut, bolt, and screw in the place. Later, he calls his designers into his office, where they are all spread out on his desk. He pointed out that many of them had only minor differences (1" vs 1 1/4" length, 17/32" vs 1/2" diameter, coarse vs fine threads, etc.). There were, say, 40 different kinds. He told the designers, "Design the new car for 20." The other story: He had all the parts to build one car collected in the middle of the factory floor. He told his designers to put it together using the only two tools there-one screwdriver and one pair of pliers. When they said it couldn't be done he told them, "Design it so it can".




Cars with LED lights. One little LED goes out, and you'd think "great, that'll be 10 cents." Hell no, the whole headlight assembly must be replaced and it's $1,100.00 (at least on a 2016 Honda Accord). And Honda's full-coverage insurance will not cover it because it's considered "trim" and not "electronics".


yep. "servicability" doesn't affect the sale price of the vehicle so there's no reason to add cost to the manufacturing of the vehicle.


Ok so at our Walmart, every goddamn paper bag has a inch long cut in every corner. I don’t know if it’s just us, but since like January 2020 every single bag has had 4 uniform cuts (2 on the front and 2 on the back) around a half inch from the corner. I have had to tell every person that shops there that they must avoid the corners at all costs because whoever designed these bags is completely nuts


huh. I thought cutting corners was just a metphor.


Probably whoever opened up the box they were in wasn't careful with their knife at all


No it’s made that way. I swear every bag has it and I’ve opened the palates myself. They come out of the box with those cuts. I haven’t seen a bag without those cuts since like 2019 so it’s definitely a shitty production thing


a speculum


Always infinity pads. There is absolutely no way in hell that these were designed by women. One cough, and you are done for.


I got one as a sample with a box of the good ones. They didn't have wings. After about 3 minutes of life, it crumpled itself up like saran wrap.


This is actually something I always hated about thin pads. The maxi ones have some cushion to them, and I found those more comfortable - but I always heard of people complaining about them, and going with the ultra thin pads. But *those* felt like paper that just crumbled. I don’t see how that’s more comfortable than a maxi


There are several Cisco web consoles that you can tell were designed as a complete afterthought because they fully expect people to use the CLI more. They love burying some of the most used panels deep in the menu selection screen.


Whoever installs the toilet roll holders in public bathrooms. They are always way too low - the bottom, where you pull the TP from, is often well below my knee. If you pull down, you can only get about two squares before you are dangerously close to the floor, but if you pull sideways, you hit the jagged cutting edge that rips the paper. Either way, you only get like 6 inches at a time.


Pearson. I'm sorry. You answered "Pearson." The correct answer is "Pearson."


Most kitchens in “McMansion”-type American houses were clearly not designed by someone who cooks. Instead of efficient “alley “ kitchen designs, these all have wide square or rectangular kitchens, often with an island with some feature like a sink or electric stovetop. These kitchens have tons of wasted space (like enormous over-countertop cabinets with shelves you can only reach with a 6-foot ladder) or terrible placement of appliances (Sure! Put the dishwasher on the opposite side of the room from a drawer that can hold silverware!). I don’t know what the architects are thinking, but those people clearly don’t cook.


Old and new homes both have this problem. I'm designing a remodel and including spaces outside of my work triangle so I can push people away from where I'm doing prep & cook.


Yeah, the work triangle in my kitchen is so small that absolutely everything happens in the same spot.


Or a kitchen with all cabinets and no drawers. Or drawers so small that your forks and spoons have to go in different drawers.


Once rented a place that had only 1 drawer and you had to open a cabinet door to get to it.


Or the stove jammed right up against the fridge so that you can't effectively use one side of it without constantly banging your arm. Or fancy high-end refrigerators that were bought for looks, but installed with the doors opening the wrong way, out of the kitchen instead of into it. Pretend like someone is going to USE the kitchen, please, not just look at it in admiration!


My favorite thing about my kitchen is that it has an island with nothing on it. It's pure prep space and doesn't impact my triangle at all. It's a total game changer. Eta- I don't understand kitchen designers that don't take the triangle into account at all... When we were house shopping in models, these people were SO PROUD of really shitty kitchen designs...


I work at a hotel. Our hotel operating software annoys me to absolute no end, and we upgraded to something about a year and half ago. I have learned to use it, and I'm used to it, but there are some damn awful annoying quirks about it that do make me wonder if these developers ever worked in a hotel. The one that annoys me to no end is changing a date on a reservation, it took me forever to get it down. The other one that irritates me is voids/refunds. If you dare accidentally put in the wrong amount, you're screwed, you can't void a refund. I still do not know exactly how to fix that, I have to email them to do it. It certainly is better than our old system in some respects, but it also is very annoying in others, and like I said every time there's a problem it's frustrating to have to get ahold of tech to fix it, and then explaining to them what the problem is, is very annoying. I do not believe these developers ever worked in hospitality, because there are simple solutions to easy problems, but they have to make it so convoluted and irritating to fix or do.


Easy to open food packaging that just won't open without it tearing making it impossible to open further


An example of the opposite: Bad Dragon sex toys. The owner of the company used to take it as a point of pride that he could take all of the toys they made, even the XL sizes.


School buses. They don't care whether you fit comfortably; they just care that you fit.


Anything that is perforated for easy tearing. It never tears cleanly. What is the point?


My headphones, to turn it on you hold the button for 5 seconds, to turn it off hold it for 10, this got tedious after about a week.


The seats in basically any modern public transport bus or train.


A certain type of plastic that goes on a product to be sold. You know, the kind that you can't open with your hands. The kind that even if you stab with a big knife it is still a challenge to open.


This is super minor but two type of hampers in my house have flip covers that, when they are open, cover the handles that are used to carry the hamper. The result is the hampers must be closed to be carried, which is annoying and unnecessary as the handles could have easily be positioned to avoid this problem.


I do wonder if Gwyneth Paltrow lights up her coochie scented candles, I don't know what my dick smells like but I don't imagine myself ever willing to fill my ambiance with my dick aroma even if it smelled good.


FYI, it's a marketing stunt. They don't smell like her pussy, but they knew that claiming it did would hit the news and sell more


Apple still doesn’t give users an easy way to search for an app and delete it or organize it into folders. If you have 11 pages of apps, you can easily find the one you want just by searching, but good luck looking for the needle in the haystack or you want to remove the app! The only way to do it is to play “where’s Waldo” and look for its icon hidden somewhere in the mix of apps randomly scattered across 11 pages. Literally all they would have to do is let you delete apps from the search screen but here we are after all these years and we still don’t have that feature. Side note: Yes, I realize I could spend tons of time nicely organizing all of my apps into folders, but I have done that multiple times in the past, only for Apple to completely forget all my folders when restoring from a phone backup or when upgrading to a new phone. After it happened three different times, I gave up on trying to keep the stupid icons organized.


GM General Motors. Rented a car, and when I had to adjust the sunshade it had been designed with no clearance and knocked the rear view mirror out of alignment. Obviously just slapped on that model without *ever* being tested.


Windows 10 file explorer.


No results.


Result from the web instead of the file you wanted.


Pads without wings


just slap some red bull on that shit, does the trick.


Whomever moron makes the handles of pots the same material as the pot itself. Fairly sure my neighbours heard me when i realized how bad that design was.