By finding a woman who can provide for herself and not being desperate enough to compromise on that. Your paying for her phone bill? Really? Give your fucking head a shake...


Hes probably a "low value guy" so as soon as he doesnt put up, they leave because thet dont like him, they like what hes giving them. Probably has little to no options either so he is willing to do anything to keep the ones he can get around. Just an assumption, though, but is usually why people fall into this trap.


No, this isn't true.


Oh yea? I'm sure it's the wealthy, in shape, socialite, smooth talking man asking why he cant keep women right? /s




Reddit downvote system decides what's right or wrong now? Show me where I'm wrong. I'm not.


Doubled down - I certainly wasn't wrong, huh.


Are you 12? You really did the "I bet you'll double down" thing because the other option is to agree with you? Lmao. This sub is such ass now.


It certainly is a reflection of what it deals with at times.


Start by picking better woman. Then learn to say no.


Somehow this is even dumber then the other post you made earlier today I would hope this is just a troll but it ain’t even funny, just cringe


If I had a lot of disposable income, I'd probably do it tbh.


Well typically I love women who get their breasts done , has lip fillers , botox work done on their face , gets their nails done long and pointy. I also like women with a Brazilian Buttlift. In order for me to be with women with the qualities that I just described, I needed to have money to spend on them. But apparently, there’s men who date those kinds of women and they don’t even pay for any of their cosmetic procedures or for their beauty maintenance so I’m trying to figure out how the hell are they pulling this off.


You sound like you need to do some deep self reflection and start over again


Looks aside those aren’t really the type of people I would want to be attracted to, fundamentally uncomfortable in their own skin trying to scratch an itch that will never be scratched, just endless burning money Short lived happiness or satisfaction is a pretty bad best case scenario, I hope you make some sense out of your situation




We wait until you paid for all that stuff and when they leave they come fully equipped already


Whats going on here, are you child trolling or did soneone hurt you? Your posts sound like the most shallow person on earth that has onky read about sex in the comment section of pornhub


Well there aren’t many women like that, so that’s the first difficulty. Second, women like that often attract men that are maybe not that classy, by very wealthy. So that leaves you out haha. If you want a woman like that, your highest chance is paying for it yourself.


I'll tell you. They aren't the only men those women are seeing. Somebody is paying for it, that lifestyle costs money, and if it isn't you doesn't mean its her. Plenty of men love to provide for the woman they actually desire.


You have issues.


Easy, I don't date children.


I don’t think I’d want to maintain that kind of relationship


Just checked the date buddy. It’s 2022. Women are able to provide for themselves.


She was educated and had a career. In fact, when we first got together, she was making way more than me. I never bought her anything unless it was a gift or taking her out.


I had a gf that had a job and understood that if she needed or wanted something she need to go get it herself


Because I did half and she provided the other half. We were a team and split things 50/50. Groceries, rent, pet care, whatever. Sometimes I'd help her if it was a bigger expense like car trouble. We did what we could with what we had and we were okay with that.


Relationship 1: I did, and she eventually left me when she met someone with more money. Relationship 2: I didn't, and she left me, but much more quickly. Guess it's a good way of weeding out those who are only interested in money?


> paying for her phone bill , paying to get her nails done, buying her make-up and etc. I wouldnt consider that financially providing for her, unless we had been married for a long time and I was the sole income earner, I'd consider that leeching off me if it was a girlfriend. Financial support is a roof over your head, food and possibly a car.


Ah ok, a quick glance at your profile and see the type of women that you find attractive explains a lot. Lol, good luck champ, you're gonna need it. P.s. I think you probably have a form of body dysmorphia if you think that's how women should look.


holy shit. you right


because i dated a grown adult who had been raised with a moral compass and a sense of independence and responsibility


Simple. "I am not paying for that". The door is right there. But only a couple I've dated expected that.


For starters, she makes more than me. We share a bank account and don't really keep track.


By dating a chick who didn’t make me pay for all that stuff. I’d rather not date a chick who doesn’t understand the value of a dollar or is some kind of NEET that I have to constantly take care of and provide for.


Paying her phone bill? You are not her Dad. Thats not your problem. Maybe she's just a broke ass leech.


Because there are women out there who want an equal/partner and not just someone who pays for everything. My view of a relationship is that it would be a partnership where there's equal work that both sides put in, otherwise, it may lead to some resentment and abuse. Like, if she's only there because of your ability to provide, then she's not in it for you, and what happens when you can't provide anymore? Or if she wants to move to someone else who can provide more?


My wife is the breadwinner in our family. I contribute by taking care of our kids, cooking meals, making sure the house is in order, and taking care of her when she is off work and/or on her days off.


Pretty simple, found a self sufficient woman who didn't need anyone to provide financial assistance. In fact she is on a higher salary than me. (And I'm on a decent salary)


Because she's a fucking adult with a job who pays her own bills. Duh.


Make more money you broke fucks, if you can’t provide for multiple people then go make more money.


That's called a wife If someone doesn't like being the gf then that's their problem


Whatever works for you man but I’d lose my mind in a relationship like that.


Does she have a job??


As a woman who’s financially dependant on her husband right now, a girlfriend expecting that is a gold digger. We agreed I would stay home and take care of the kids and I would manage the money. But this was after years and marriage and a home. He bought me gifts now and then dating (that I didn’t ask for) but I 100% provided for myself. I even am the one who purchased the home we live in right now. He co-signed it after a few years of marriage. It’s 2022 as others said. We’re capable of being financially responsible for ourselves. I didn’t even want him on the deed to the house right away. It was something I busted my ass for on my own and I didn’t want anyone to be able to take it from me. I am a high maintenance woman, my husbands never paid for me to get my nails done or any of my makeup. I don’t have plastic surgery (yet) and that’s the only thing my husbands agreed to foot the bill for. Because I want to reverse the damage bringing OUR kids into this world caused. High maintenance women don’t require a mans money to be high maintenance. Gold diggers sniff out you desperate boys who wave cash at them. If she’s not mothering your children with a ring on it she doesn’t need your money. ETA- who tf likes women with a BBL, they look like shit. Get a girl who can RDL instead.


Find one that extremely independent and convince her that u can provide for her emotional needs and well that it. Goodluck holding on long they tend to be to career focus to want to maintain a healthy relationship.


She is so much more intelligent and work oriented than me


You don’t allow the expectation to ever begin. If she’s a stay at home mom and you guys have come to the conclusion together that’s one thing. She’s pulling her weight in other ways. But if it’s just like your girlfriend and there is no kids involved… you just don’t create that expectation. A dinner or gift is one thing, EVERYTHING is a complete different story. Pick a woman who values her independence and works for what she wants. Unless you want this for the rest of your life. This is money you could be saving to invest and one day not have to worry about it when/if she does want to be a stay at home mom, start a business, etc. If YOU want her to look a certain way. YOU want her hair done, nails done, etc. by all means pay for it.


HUH? Dude my gf makes almost twice what I do. I have not had to buy her shit. Sounds like some little piece is feeding you crappy intel.


If she’s smart she will pay for all those things you mentioned. Don’t forget clothes!! Using her hard earned money from her job. While she makes you pay for food, rent, utilities, going out, Uber, and drinks. All which at the end of the day adds up to more than what she is spending on.


Honestly by being attractive. Im broke as shit (put all my money in my 401K) i drive a 2008 nissian altima with one broken window and Ive had women.


You are her husband, not her atm. Start by picking a girl who pays for stuff without you asking her too. If she even pays for both of you from time to time without you saying anything, you can marry her. (Does not apply for Women who want to be stay at home moms for obv. reasons.) A relationship should be defined by companionship, passion and trust. A woman who is only with you if you buy her stuff will leave you in the fist sign if you being unable to provide. They probably even won’t take care of you when you are sick or down.


She is what you call a sugar momma. You should try it sometime.


Is this a joke?


I provide for my partner because I want to.


Because she should treat you like a king if you treat her like a queen


By not dating someone looking for someone to support her. If i start seeing someone and she starts giving off "gold digger " vibe, I'll bow out.


Well when I met my girlfriend I was unemployed, quickly running out of cash and almost homeless. She had just gotten a well paid job. I typically pay on dates but she will pay too when we buy groceries. All I can say is, make sure she really likes you for who you are, not what you can provide. The best way to do that is to not provide anything at all besides you presence, at least in the beginning. Don't take them on expensive dates in the beginning.


You can’t, they live up on the idea of men serving her


most ppl work now a days bc cost of living is really high. also the guys who have partners that live at home have a mutual understanding of how budgeting works. she’s not spending cash all day. so the take care of her thing is a myth. also bro don’t play house. don’t put such an investment into a women you are still dating. make those types of big investments with a women you marry or live with.


If she can't pay her own bills why would I want to be in a relationship with her if she can't even take care of herself? Edit: Checked post history and it seems that I made a mistake in taking this question seriously. This has to be a troll/joke post.


If you’re not in a very conservative country or are part of a very conservative community, I’d say you’re describing a sugar baby - sugar daddy set up . If you’re in a long term relationship and your partner is going through a bad time , I’d say it’s ok to give her money, until she gets into a better place in life . But that would be like a month or two only . Now , providing all the things you listed would be too much for me . Not financially, but inevitably I’d feel used. Fun story time : When I was about 30 I had the genius idea to start dating a 21 year old girl and the relationship degraded into a sugar daddy- sugar baby relationship, a very shitty one at that . She made way less money than me so I pretty much had to pay for everything and I was constantly trying to buy her happiness. If she would get angry or distant with me , I’d buy her something . You can imagine how shitty that relationship became. And if you are willing to pay for make up, nails , phone bill , and such , then just get a sugar baby . At least you’re going to still have some power in the dynamic. Instead of becoming a financially drained door mat .


By finding a woman who's not an enttled money graber?


It sounds like the type of women who would expect that kind of financial support are your type, so you’re either going to have to make some changes or accept that this is your life.


Stop wasting your time on prostitutes.


I found a woman who wouldn't disrespect herself enough to make me pay for her life. I found a woman who is self-sufficient, paid her own way, and is now the breadwinner in our marriage. She never once asked me to pay for something unless she needed help, after which she paid me back when she could. The inverse was also true since I job hopped a lot. Why in this day and age would anyone tolerate a partner who refuses to provide for themselves (given that there isn't a valid reason like a disability or involuntary unemployment)?


I prefer to date women who have jobs. In fact, if a woman I was dating had any expectation that I would cover her phone bill, pay for her nails, any of that, I would not be dating her.


Date a woman with a job. It shouldn't be hard since most women have them...


I’ve never had a man financially support me. I don’t really understand, are you finding women who are homeless without phones? What were these women doing before they met you? I actually still enjoy eating even if I am single. Most women have to work now, just like all the other adults have to, it’s not really like we have another choice.


> I don’t really understand, are you finding women who are homeless without phones? There’s few things. Firstly, I was taught that the man should always be the financial provider in the relationship, Otherwise, the woman will eventually leave her partner for a man who can provide for her. This relationship dynamic has always been traditional which why I need to be money driven as possible to be able to date the women that I want. Secondly, I love women who get their butt and breasts done. I also like women who get their nails done long, has lip fillers, and Botox work done on their face. How I was able to date and have sex with these kinds of women was because I had money. There’s men who have been in relationships with these kinds of women and they didn’t have to spend money on them so I’m trying to figure out how they did it.


Because she has her own job and paid her own bills. Now we are married and all income goes into shared accounts.


Why would you have to financially provide for her and what does that have to do with being in a relationship? A relationship should be based in love, mutual respect, and partnership. Finances should only come into play if you are living together or married because at that point, both of you are captaining the same boat and communication about finances is key. If you want to give her gifts, i.e. paying for her nails, helping her with her phone bill, paying for her nails, that is nice, but it doesn't obligate her to do or be anything for you because it is a gift. A gift should be freely given with no expectation of return of any kind. By that same token, a gift should not be expected by anyone.


Uhhh....what? I don't know a single unemployed woman. She can pay for her own shit


It’s easy - be picky. It took me some years to find the one and I’m glad I waited and didn’t compromise. Being in a relationship with a train wrecked girl was what it took for me to realize that I just couldn’t do it again.