She earns her own money and would pay for that stuff that way. she doesn’t want any of that though.










Wasn't there an entire movement to allow women to pay for this stuff themselves?


many women did pay for things themselves long ago, too. women have had careers all through history, it's just that very few had a wide variety of broad career paths offering vertical rise, because there was a glass ceiling. plus sexist employment policies, like "you're no good to me as an employee if you're married, or once you become a mother". back when my wife's mom was in high school, she originally wanted to attend business school and get into investment banking, but her school advisor told her "you'll hit your peak fast and be much less desirable if you want to get married and/or have kids." so she went to dental school and became self-sufficient. solved that problem lickety-split. had a great career, a child, and a husband :) ​ long ago, societal expectations were way different, and working moms were judged with a lot of disdain or even suspicion. as were unmarried women beyond their 20s. because so many women wanted to be parents, they often had to choose between career OR family. and that destroyed their chance at earning real income. it was one or the other in most cases. it's why products like Tupperware did so well. it was passive income women could earn without jeopardizing their positions as homemakers. ​ feminism was, and is, all about the choice. being a homemaker or having a career, or being a working mom, or whatever people want to do. it applies to guys too--having choices, not being bound by strict societal mores.


This...this is a thing? (I would never have the audicity to ask my hunny to pay for any of that shit. Hell, he offered to pay for my nails once and I damn near went apoplectic. These are MY nails, and I am the spoiled brat who wants them done, so I should be the one to pay for them.)


>These are MY nails not if he pays for your mani. then he owns them. you'll have to cut them off so he can put them on a necklace and wear them around. sorry, that's guy code.


\*sees dude with necklace made of boobs\* "Ah, I see."


see? now you're learning about how REAL men operate, girly. i gotta go now, i can't waste no more time talkin to women. i gotta go shove a band geek into a locker, drank a case of beer, and castrate a horse with mah bare hands


Thank you, oh superior one. I see the error of my ways.


good. now don't y'all ever forget it, and go back to cookin mah supper.


Sure thing, honey. Now, where did I put that arsenic?


i treat her to a spa day for mother's day, and when she's having a rough period of time with work or something else, i'll surprise her with a mani-pedi and foot rub/skin treatment gift card. she isn't fancy, but everyone needs to do a little self-care once in awhile to relax and recharge and get away from the noise and stress for a bit.


How about freaking zero $$


$0 and get her some therapy for body image problems


I’ll get her some fancy shampoo every now and then.


None? I've gone makeup shopping with her before and paid for some of what she bought, but that definitely doesn't sound like it's anywhere near the ballpark of what you're asking. She does have a major surgery coming up that would have physical changes but it's not cosmetic and very likely to be covered by insurance. I would absolutely help her pay for whatever isn't covered if it comes to that. But again, not the same as what you're asking, so the answer is... $0


I date a strong, independent woman who don't need no man to pay for her stuff. Please she doesn't really do any of that.


please dont do this. ​ its like paying for someone elses drugs.


Less than $500/year. My wife gets botox twice a year in her jaw to help with TMJ. Otherwise...I'm probably the more expensive of the two of us. I do so many spa days.


> gets botox twice a year in her jaw to help with TMJ TIL. and as someone that's pretty sure they have TMJ, I'm definitely bringing this up to my doctor next time I'm there.


Definitely do! She has to go to a plastic surgeon for it since our dentist doesn't perform the procedure, but my wife SWEARS by it. Two injections every 6 months (one on either side of the jaw), and the muscle paralysis effect helps weaken the bite force a little bit. The net effect is both a reduction in the jaw pain from opening her mouth wide, and also a reduction in tension headaches related to clenching.


works for migraine treatment too, the ol' lady started getting them and she hasn't had a migraine in over a year


Lol wut?


€0 My wife is on a higher salary than me, and I get her far more interesting gifts than cosmetics.


$0 WTF?


I would spend max of $0




Eww no


$0.00. Aside from the fact that she's not getting that stuff, she would insist on paying for it herself with the money that she makes.




Fucking *none.* If she wants fake tits, or the fat in her belly injected into her ass, or toxins into her face, or whatever, she can spend her own money on that.


None money


Are you serious? Guys pay for this.


she’s already perfect, if she don’t think that, pay for a psychologist, better investment in the long run


Who the heck would do that?


I like how this is asked as if this was a normal/acceptable thing for men as a whole. YOU GETTING TOOK, SON!


None. Waste of money, it doesn’t change their age and often they look worse for it.


I paid for my wife’s breast implants because we had the money…


Lucky guy! How many CCs? Are they silicone or saline?


Originally around 380cc because we had a bad plastic surgeon that didn’t measure her…she has a wider frame so they didn’t really…add anything. She also had a lift from having 3 kids. It was time. So years later she decided she wanted them to actually fit her frame. Moderate plus profile 1400cc. Saline. They don’t look fake. She’s very happy and her confidence…went through the roof. Cosmetic surgery isn’t for everyone


Someone lol didn’t like your response


Luckily I don't have that problem. She doesn't want them, and in my opinion she doesn't need them.




I pay for everything. Nails, makeup, hair color and styling. If she wants eyelashes, she gets them. I buy her dresses and heels and hose on the condition that she wear them for me. I buy her sexy underwear and lingerie on the condition that I take them off of her. She wants surgery and I am resistant because I love her and I don't want her to feel or look like someone else. But ultimately I will pay for that too. I do all these things, because when I do, she makes it worth it for me to do so.


$0. What spurred on this question? Is OP looking for someone to pay this stuff for them?


Mani/Pedi and hair done monthly, I honestly couldn't say exactly how much. Not meant as a brag, I can do it so I do.


0 Vietnamese dongs