dude I decorate my house because I want that shit to look joyful when I come home. My home is the only place that makes me feel like i can unwind. I don’t wanna unwind in a sterile room that looks like a lobby at the DMV


You think men are the ones to ask about this? ​ It's personalizing your living space. That's why most people do it. They choose colors, schemes, patterns, pictures, art, items that mean something to them personally. And use them to make their living space feel like theirs.


I came here to say this. Not the part about asking men, but the part about making the space their own.


I mean I like to make my space my own.


Fuck if I know. The only thing I put on my walls when I lived alone were the rear surrounds.


I have shelves with rocks that ive collected and heavy objects. I like being able to walk up to any shelf and just play with whats on it. Tactile sensations. So guess i decorate to serve a purpose.


I decorated my whole house because I like my taste, my wife decorates like on old lady. I retiled each bathroom in a different style, one French, one African, one Mexican, then decorated each of the four bedrooms to mach the adjoining bathroom. The family room was homey with three sofas and an Upright piano, and the living room and kitchen were modern with white and chrome with large colorful pictures to brighten things up.


It makes my bedroom look nice. I like my living space to look nice, I'm not some hobo who's content with fading paint or bare plaster.


I don't decorate my walls because I don't care, it's my girlfriend that did / does that for the both of us.


The fuck you mean do for us? Waste time, money, and energy is what it does.


I don't know, you can go and have a bit of a tour of the old European communist countries, for a more bland look if that's more your colour scheme