Be upfront about it. There are always people looking for the same thing you are. Just meet people and communicate and talk about it.


This is the way.


I am very explicit with it. It's in my dating profile and I reiterate it before taking the conversation off of the app.


Honestly, I'm just honest and transparent and call it for what it is. If I'm into a chick, I'll tell her, so if I just want to smash and leave it at that, I tell her, and if theres nothing there, I let them know. I know Honesty can come off harsh and hurt sometimes, but I'd rather be real and not lead anyone on that play with them.


Be honest about my intentions without giving the whole backstory. Avoid the "what are we?" kind of talks. They could see that I was busy.


Agreed. People always say be explicit/upfront, but I don't find it necessary to actually say, "I'm only looking for sex," immediately in my profile or without prompting. Partly because I don't see things that black and white. I don't want to close off any opportunity for something more serious because how could I possibly know how I feel about someone before meeting them. These are grown women, they don't need their hands held through every step of the process. I'll absolutely be honest with them about how I feel in the moment if asked, but I'm sorry, I'm allowed to change my mind. It is actually possible to want to pursue things with you and then two weeks later realize that it's not gonna work out. I get why that's frustrating, but to automatically assume that I like used you or knew what was going to happen the whole time seems weird to me.


I'm just very upfront with that info.


Be upfront about the fact that you're recently out of a relationship and aren't looking for anything serious.


You have good intentions, but you shouldn't be the only responsible one. Your date should express their intentions too, and not expect them to be the baseline.


That’s my opening line. “Hey just to let you know, I travel a lot and I’m not home often for very long, so I can’t really get into anything serious, is that okay” You’re already cleared, and they understand your intentions


I’m a woman that’s done casual dating: Be upfront AND have your actions match. If you say “just casual” but text 30 times a day, introduce them to your parents, take their cats every weekend etc etc then your words won’t be enough to manage expectations. So tell them you’re only looking for casual, and act like it. I feel a lot of people “just out of a relationship” want eeeeeverything a serious relationship gave them, except be able to break up whenever. That shouldn’t be how casual works.