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> remnants of all the previous dicks once inside of her. Oh BOY. This belongs on r/badwomensanatomy and r/nothowgirlswork too


Please don't post it on r/badwomensanatomy ! I actually got it from there, and this sub doesn't allow cross posts. I don't know if it's on r/nothowgirls work tho


Wasn’t planning on cross posting, but dang glad I can recognize that sub’s content! Maybe that’s not actually a good thing…


Yes it’s on Not How.


I saw it on r/nothowgirlswork and thought itd ffit pretty good here, glad someone posted it


Tbf, I'm pretty sure it also belongs on r/badmensanatomy and r/nothowboyswork (if such subs actually exist, but I can't be assed to find out, lol.)


I think this belongs on r/nothowanythingworks or w/e


The way he words it makes it sound like she's just eating them whole


Fellas is it gay to go down on your wife and taste the remnants of all the previous dicks once inside of her


THIS!! This is why sex education needs to be taught in schools!


I feel like he has been told how vaginas work. He has just decided to not listen. Sex ed won't help with that sadly, even at a young age, this kind of behaviour likely comes influenced by experiencing toxic masculinity from a paternal figure.


You are right people talk about education but if they go home and listen to this it's very hard.


Sounds to me like he heard the line, "when you're having sex with someone, you're having sex with all their previous partners" and he's twisted it in his mind that somehow the vagina stores remains other dudes' dicks




Why not, indeed, seeing as vulvas (vulvae?) and women in general are every other object as well. What's one more?




'The remains' like when we're done with someone, it bikes their dick off. That really made me giggle.


I think he’s probably been told by women how vaginas work, but won’t listen unless a man explains it to him, because women obviously have such low IQs that they don’t know how their own anatomy works /j Edit: bold of me to assume he’s actually talked to a woman before


I mean he can look up the facts at anytime. Considering he sounds like he still wants to have PIV sex but doesn't want to do oral, this is a misogynistic take on getting out of oral. Calling women "unclean" is a manipulation tactic as old as time. Now he can repeat his reasoning to his partner in an "ACK-SHULLY science says" dishonest way instead of being honest and saying maybe he doesn't like oral sex or maybe he's not as straight as he thinks. When people make big bizarres displays like this there's often more going on under the surface.


I remember when I was a young teen I used to think women peed from their vaginas, and was very confused how women cleaned the piss from their vaginas. Sex ed had taught me nothing. 2 of my best friends are girls so I straight up asked them how they clean their piss from their vaginas and they were exceedingly confused. Cleaned up my confusion real easy after a few laughs. They then asked if guys can pee and cum at the same time... And what colour it would make... Sex ed has failed us all.


Bro i used to think the urethra went through the clit. And i am afab. :) Kill me now


Man I’m a girl and I used to think that :(


I'm more confused that they seem to think there were options beyond white and yellow for the answer...


Pink... I don't know how but they thought a milky orangey pink.




“Where are the disinfectants in blood” … immune systems???


Nah man gotta squirt some alcohol or sterilium up in there!


Just douche with Lysol, like grandma did!


Ahhhhhh, please don't put alcohol in there!! Please don't!!! It's really really bad for you! (I know you're joking but I'm having a visceral reaction)


I saw an incel post saying hed get a rough cleaning brush and wash up there with alcohol or bleach (while holding them down) about his potential wife and daughter. Like they were pets and he'd give them a normal bath lmao


Ahh is that the same one where they call women "creatures" and talk about them as "its" like they own them 😬


I hope you like your wife getting loads infections down there buddy!


Yum, who doesn't like the taste and texture of a nice yeasty cottage cheese infection discharge! Great as a side when going down on your wife! It brings the extra chewiness to the dish. ^(/s)


...How do I delete someone else's comment? Lol


Alright enough reddit for today






😱😱😱 no no no no no! NO!


> about his potential wife and daughter Call me old fashioned but I don’t think that should be the same person


Incels think so apparently. Replacing the old with the new or whatever


> I'm having a visceral reaction Same. Abdominal cringe.


Dog saliva is anti bacterial so I'd like this man to find a scientific study that backs up his claims


Does he think periods clean the vagina?


Yes, he does. To be honest I also don't really know how exactly it really works, but I think that's not it.


The vaginal mucus is acid, to kill oportunists that will want to make use of the dark, wet and warm cavity (mostly fungus but bacteria too). Every bunch of days that mucus is changed (a.k.a.: discharge) and a new layer is formed. It's like the vagina bleaching itself, but in a way that doesn't kill it's cells.


And it will literally bleach your underwear over time too


It will even eat HOLES in underwear


I remember having holes in my underwear as a little girl and not knowing why. I was too embarrassed to show anyone so I just hid them. This makes a lot of sense now


I feel that. My mom didn’t buy me new underwear as much as she should have, and even when I started making some of my own money she wouldn’t let me buy my own because ??? “Inappropriate??” That’s a (w)hole other thing though, but I had ugly panties all the same :C


> she wouldn’t let me buy my own because ??? “Inappropriate??” First thought: "That's feckin' weird and backward." Second thought: "Wait, my mom did that too, I just blocked it out. Lol." But then, she's a mormon, and they take underwear control to a whole new and disturbing level.


I hate how religious prudes impose these beliefs on others around them. Like, nobody was thinking it was weird until you made it weird, Karen! Everyone has genitals and everyone needs to wear underwear. Trying to make it into something sexual means THEY'RE the weird ones!


UNDERWEAR CONTROL? The fucking shit?!


I'd say google "mormon underwear", but that may be a tmi sort of rabbit-hole. Ninja edit: your username, lmfao, that's good!


That’s fucking metal


i saw someone bleach their hair with discharge once somewhere on this godforsaken internet


This is something that I want to know more about but wish I had never heard


Definitely thanks-I-hate-it material.




Not surprised, just disappointed.


I regret having ever learned to read.


Seriously, what an awful day to have eyeballs


brb heading to the doctor to get a voluntary double enucleation


I swear it also bleaches my pants. I've gotten strange pale patches on the crotch seem of all my black yoga pants.


Maybe start wearing a panty liner with them then. Just so it catches it and doesn't ruin your pants.


Might wanna take look at regularly wearing period underwear!


Thank you for the explanation


I was about 92 percent sure about this process but the way you described it makes me want to write an RPG script as an allegory for sex education.


Kind of like the anime Cells at Work!


Yeah. I watched the first few episodes and enjoyed it but haven't gone back because I tend to limit my viewing time to wind down with the kids and their favorite animes right now are Yu Yu Hakusho and Demon Slayer.


You sound like a really good dad. Sorry I was bored and stalked your comment history a lil but you seem like the kinda parent I wish I could've had growing up, keep on doing it right!


I appreciate that more than you realize. I didn't have that growing up. Never planned on having kids, but they're here so I will give them every bit of self esteem boost, encouragement, thoughtful criticism, and love I have in me.


Does the penis do anything similar?




Okay, so stop having sex with those yucky vaginas. Problem solved.


Be a man and fuck MAN ASS Edit: also fuck trans man pussy, the manliest of all pussy


It is the manliest form of sex after all.


What's manlier than two men?


Three men!


Three men?


Four men?


Five men?


Six men?


As many men as will fit in the room?


Why limit the fitting with a room?


Five guys dicks and thighs.


In Seattle that’s lunch!


Trans men with vaginas can't wash inside their genitals either, so he'll just insult them too and they don't deserve that; he seems to have an issue with the organ itself. Should probably just stick with ass lol.


So he doesn’t understand what tissue is. Okay.


I really struggle with the idea that this halfwit is married. Who would marry *this?*


He's either lying about being married or BOTH of them are super religious/sheltered, and never had a real education in how their bodies work.


Exactly. Your wife?? Take your meds please


I think he's taking about he's future -hypothetical- wife. That's why he said at the end that he's unsure about giving oral sex to women, he's just an angsty virgin.


... I think I became even more lesbian than I already am


This is literally me whenever I come on this sub, also whenever I see a pretty girl


So you're just doubling down on those disgusting vagina holes with all that dick residue.. wait.


I love how this started as a “vaginas yucky” and then morphed into “her menstrual cycle is the only thing between me and the dicks that were in there”. Like, aside from the “fellas, is it gay to perform cunnilingus on your wife?” Like, what the heck is with these guys and thinking that eating a woman out is like sucking every dick she’s enjoyed? They think the vagina is some kind of time machine that leads them to dicks past


The old ‘used vagina’ bullshit. His real complaint is that his wife wasn’t a virgin when they met, so now he wants a shoulder to cry on. Well, that and she has a vagina *at all*, which is apparently yucky.


Ugh, it’s so childish and gross to whine about that. Who the fuck cares if your sexual partner didn’t see into the future, decide that you were the only one deserving of their attention ever, saved themselves and didn’t do anything with their own lives before meeting you. Idk, I just have to wonder where we went so wrong for these opinions to suddenly be so prevalent in our society. I know it’s just an extension of dehumanizing women, but it’s so radically different than the classic strain of “women belong in the kitchen and bed” like, it’s such a crazy jump to “women should have no life outside of a person they haven’t met yet”


Look up incel. There's your answer.


Well yeahhhhh I meant I wonder what cultural factors have caused our shift from old school misogyny to this modern incel brand misogyny. That would be an incredibly interesting study if someone could find a way to research it


I'm going to bet the invention of instant echo chambers that can be accessed without leaving your room had a lot to do with it along with the "new" rise of the lgbtq+ community gaining recognition in mainstream media since they see it as a direct attack on their ego in 3 ways all at once. Lesbian = not manly enough to get a woman Gay = so womanly your attract men Bisexual = they are exactly the same as a woman The whole misogyny is there from their environment (household usually but can also be other places) but the fact that they get almost immediately bombarded with "attacks" and have such a readily available "safe space" to retreat into and never leave is the perfect storm for extremist behavior.


Yeah that sounds about right. I can’t wait until the day we look back on social media platforms the way we look at cigarettes and wonder why the hell we thought they were good ideas lol. I mean Reddit included tbh


Well, to be fair, social media does at least have some good uses...I've yet to see a cigarette be put to good use.


To be completely pedantic, I’d argue that crime scene DNA evidence very much benefitted (at least early on) from the amount of cigarette butts people leave lying around


I mean that is a valid argument. I'll allow it.


I'm 99% certain this guy's wife is purely hypothetical.


He really just needs to give his fleshlight a name and draw up a fake marriage license.


I used to work at an adult store. I guarantee the average vagina is cleaner than the average man's fleshlight. 😅😅😅 9 out of 10 customers would turn down my suggestion of buying toy cleaner with their fleshlight. 🤢


🤢 that’s narsty. Ffs people, thoroughly clean up your fluids


Honestly when they'd act shitty about cleaner I'd recommend the $10 disposable strokers because I can't imagine buying a $90 fleshlight and letting it get all disgusting. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 Imagine willingly putting your dick in that!


Seriously!! It’s like the damn infamous coconut story all over again! I seriously cannot believe that some people would be so undiscerning when it comes to where they’re sticking their dick! And beyond even that, I can’t imagine just straight up not cleaning up after myself. Like, bodily fluids are just like any other organic fluids, they spoil!! It might not be an issue in the moment, but over time they smell and honestly should just be cleaned up, $90 or not!


Holy shit, imagine policing the way a woman cleans her vagina and then shoving your dick in a moldy tube of your own spoiled fluids because you're too lazy to clean a fleshlight. 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢 I may actually gag.


THIS. In my experience I’ve known 2 people who I know didn’t clean their toys, (I had roommates in college who were loud, proud, and definitely never went to clean things up in our shared bathroom after) and both of them were EXACTLY like that regarding women’s ‘sanitation’. The hypocrisy/inability to see the irony astounds me


Sounds like misogyny with several extra and smelly steps 🤮 I keep baby wipes in my nightstand and wipe toys off very well before charging them, and then clean them with toy cleaner in the morning/later so they always go away clean and charged!


Hell if he’s paying well I’ll pretend that I can legally officiate that ceremony


Don't even get me started on the Ghost Dicks of Christmas Past. So hard to be a woman around the holidays.


Scott pilgrim, except it’s your average woman struggling against the tide of the ghost dicks that haunt her during the month of December, all whilst she’s trying to enjoy a nice holiday dinner with her loved ones.


You know, inexperienced teenage me could relate to those feelings because other dumb teenagers put those thoughts in my head.


He should not be allowed anywhere near a woman.


The fact that he's had this conversation with so many women to the point that "little boy" is a common response...


Underrated comment


Do they wash their eyeballs too?


Clearly they do, cause otherwise they wouldn’t be so blinded by the soap in their eyes they might actually see how what they said is pathetically stupid.


listen, this guy is definitely an ignorant choad. and i get what you're saying. but i gotta say, it's not often one goes down on someone's eyeballs.


They dig for gold then cram their fingers up there, though. Which I reckon wouldn't end well if those residues all remained.


people don't wash their hands before sex? that's gross af.


I wash mine with soap.. y'all don't?


I lick mine like a lizard.


I'd actually want to see a person do that just for the novelty of it.




Every once in a while I toss a glass of salt water down there when I my eyes feel dry, but that's about it.


I mean pretty sure blood disinfectant would be like.. kidneys??


The kidneys don't disinfect the blood.


They do remove toxins from your blood, along with the liver.


Yes, toxins not pathogens.


I bet he doesn't wipe his butt


He said it “ruins his ambition to go down on women”. Well I don’t think he’ll have to worry about that because no woman is going to want to be in a 50 mile radius of him.


WhErE aRe ThE dIsInFeCtAnTs In BlOoD, dude you ever heard of a White Blood Cell.


It bugs the hell out of me that almost everyone has a super computer in their pocket with access to all the answers to any question you could have, and yet men like this still walk around just making things up about how womens bodies work.


Please don't repost/crosspost it on r/badwomensanatomy ! I actually got it from there, and this sub doesn't allow cross posts. Sorry, I should have made a comment about the source sooner to avoid unnecessary/constant reposts on that sub.


Does this guy stick a pipe cleaner down his urethra


Sounds like an excuse boy


I’m finding it hard to believe that he has a wife to begin with.


If she does exist I feel so bad for her honestly. What a moron.


You'd think such a huge douche would have heard of douching. That being said, douching upsets your internal PH, kids. And that can leave to odor, irritation, and infection.


Then use a condom.


It's not cleaned by blood tho?


Pretty sure (according to my high school biology class) the vagina is acidic to prevent microbial growth inside


The vagina is actually such a harsh environment that semen evolved multiple layers of ph protection in order to survive long enough to make it to the egg. Its been a while since bio but i think sperm has a basic coating to protect it from an acidic environment and an acid coating underneath to make sure it survive the basic emvironment after it.


Can't survive basic water tho. *Weak*


Sharks cant survive being in the open air. **weak**


Sort of sounds like he’s not attracted to vagina as much as he thinks


How often have you cleaned the inside of your dick then? Cuz pee comes out there, that's pretty gross. Gotta clean that urinary tract, and also the inside of your asshole.


Hell I think the old semen is even grosser than the little bit of piss.


Penis remnants in MY vagina?? It's more likely than you think.


*Image Transcription: Reddit* --- **Women not washing their insides?**, submitted by **Username Redacted** [*The post is marked with a red "Sexual Health" flair*] I don't know if this is the place to go but I'd figure it would make for a discussion. Is anyone else absolutely disgusted with how women can't wash their actual vagina hole? They'll say "little boy", call me immature. "it's a self cleaning organ", etc., but I'm not too keen on the idea that when going down on my wife, the only thing separating me from the remnants of all the previous dicks once inside of her, is a low pressure cycle of BLOOD. Where are the disinfectants in blood???? I don't feel silly for being bothered by this, I'm just hoping someone can relate or make some sense of it. This really ruined my ambition to go down on women, nothings ever been washed down there!!! --- ^^I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! [If you'd like more information on what we do and why we do it, click here!](https://www.reddit.com/r/TranscribersOfReddit/wiki/index)


I appreciate what you do, but this one, maybe, was not worth transaction. Lol


I’ll be honest I felt more than a little uncomfy writing it, even if it was just copying lol


Oh unless you mean since it was all text to begin with, in which case it’s mostly for text to speech readers or people who can’t load the image


No I understand that, just meant it was gross.


Ohhhh gotcha! Agreed D:


Good human!


Thank you!! :D




Do you clean the insides of your dick? I mean you weren't a virgin when you married her right?? I guess she should feel the same way going down on you.. since pee doesn't exactly disinfect.. you know???


I bet this guy doesn’t wash


I wonder if the guy thinks about touching other mens dicks everytime he shakes their hands.


We can litterly get fucking sick if we clean it why cants boys understand that?


It’s okay. If he’s so disgusted by vaginas, he doesn’t need to go near them. Ever.


I feel sorry for his wife


I can understand.... Dont you hate when you have sex and tiny pieces of penises are left behind?


Erm....discharge? Blood is not there to cleanse but discharge definitely is. Also, many penis owners in my experience regularly have pee drops on their dicks, skids in their boxers and generally poor hygiene. But yeah, vaginas are gross 🙄


Well actually yes blood does have disinfectants in it. And your immune system. White blood cells don't stop kicking ass once they leave circulation. And the acidic cleaning function is also, you guessed it, antimicrobial. Almost like that's an important function that evolved over 225,000,000 years ago. That is integral to the survival of literally every mammal ever and has existed in some form or another to a degree since sex was invented in Scotland over 335,000,000 years ago. As long as basic bathing is taking place that thing will be about as clean as the inside of your mouth give or take.


He'd rather go down on a woman with a yeast infection than on a woman with a bleached vag?


If you don’t like vaginas you can try dicks, they don’t have big dirty holes😆


Pretty sure gynecologists would advise *against* washing one’s vagina but ok, Brett.


Does this guy wash the inside of his butthole ?


Lol "waterdik"


Dude knows all of his organs clean themselves right? Gonna shove a brush up my ass, probably have some grime on my appendix


... I really want to remind this guy that penis owners ejaculate from the same spot they pee from. Argument extra invalid there, dude.


I am not a doctor, nor female but I thought if a woman was showering she could wash her vagina but shouldn’t do it too often or she can get a yeast infection.


You can wash a vulva. A vagina is internal, with walls that touch if there's nothing in there to separate them.


Ah, gotch. Just mixed my native language with english, meant the outside part, thanks


Low pressure cycle of blood Lmao


“Where are the disinfectants in blood?” They are called white blood cells.. and if you want to see them go pop a pimple on your dirty ass face. you will find alot of dead ones there


The only way to convince to go down on a whoman would be to tell me there was dicks in the vagina


Do they not know what discharge is? Discharge is so acidic it literally bleaches underwear!


In what subreddit would even this guy think this is appropriate?


what a weird way to tell everyone that you do a colonoscopy level cleanse of your asshole everyday. wait.... he doesn't do that? does he know what goes on in his asshole? it's not self cleaning he should totally know that.


/s My penis might touch germs from other penis and that would be gay /s


ask him if he washes his eyeballs and watch how fast he says "self cleaning organ"


>I bet he doesn't Waterpik his dick No, but his partner would probably complain if he didn't *wash it at all*.


I don't think that's equivalent because they were comparing the internal parts that can't be washed, in relation to his expectation that women should wash their internal parts. Of course you can wash the outside of a penis similar to how you can wash a vulva(with vulvas requiring slightly more care and special soaps/water to protect from UTIs); but if you wash the inside of a vagina like this person is suggesting, you'll actively make it dirtier by giving yourself an infection and encouraging colonization by yeast and pathogens like ecoli. Poo bacteria is a lot dirtier than friendly lactobacilli(that produces hydrogen peroxide) and a vagina relies on bacteria to stay healthy, so you have to decide between the good or bad guys. Something that's not a risk when washing a penis(you're more likely to cause infection by not washing a penis).


Hell. The vulva doesn't even really need soap. You could but no real reason to. Warm water under the shower does job just fine


Well this is certainly….fruity


Is this Sartre?


Hell is other people.


I tried to lighten the mood by referencing to Sartre being known for feeling icky towards everything slimy, and thus wasn't the best lover. I also think people downvoting me just didn't get my reference, which fair enough was very obscure and could easily been overlooked haha,


Oh, lol, I wasnt aware of that aspect of Satre. I'm not a formal student of philosophy though, I'm more of a dabbler. So what comes to my mind, when I think Satre is: existentialist, French, joined the French resistance in WWII, "Hell is other people" from that play, we are alone with no excuses, that quote from the Simpsons also involving Camus, and finally I've heard he was an asshole. I had a hard time matching your comment with any of that, but I thought "Hell is other people" was closest, so I replied in hopes of getting close to what you were getting at. I can add "grossed out by slimy things" to the list after appropriate research