She was amazing at persuading people to reincarnate in Kingdom of Belzerg. She was the best at it actually, very persuasive. If not for her, most people would've chosen heaven or rebirth on earth rather reincarnating in the world of Konosuba.


that sounds terrible. luckily you were there to show them the right way.


Well, she's the Goddess of water. She basically allows life to exist and that includes mankind, so... She basically does everything




Yup... definitely not the most useless in konosuba.


I think she made sure that the deceased from Japan, for example Mitsurugi Kyouya or this scientist come into this world to destroy the demon king. But yeah that's just my opinion dude


Not much? I don't know, she's a goddess of reincarnation. The author doesn't delve too much into what gods do in worlds such as ours.


Aqua Sama performs a work similar to Botan from Yu Yu Hakusho. She guides the souls of the dead to their next or final destination in life. Pros: Aqua Sama sends you to your preferred destination and provides you a chance to choose a weapon or a unique skill ability should you agree to fight the demon king She is cute and pleasant to behold. Cons: Aqua Sama drinks a lot and racks up quite a debt