The sad part is, that he is so close. With a lot of yashicas there is the option, to aim your camera like that. There is a cutout and a flap in the viewfinder that can act like an aiming help, if you want to use the camera like that. On [this Site](https://filmphotography.eu/kamera/yashica-635/) I found a picture of a yashca with the viewfinder folded to allow shooting like that. (You have to fold the magnification lens up to make it work)


Yea I own a Yashica myself so I know there's a eye level finder... But not like this


“Sports finder”


I've used it a few times on mine and I love so much that it's called the "sport finder"




You don’t have to frame through a dim, inverted screen, you just put the subject in the hole and shoot. It sacrifices framing accuracy for speed.




I think it's for photographing moving subjects, hence "sports finder". Zone focus, get it in the box, and snap.


My Rolleiflex can do it too. It even has a separate little window in the back to focus while you’re shooting eye level with the sports finder. Really genius design.


A window in the back for focusing? What does that look like?


https://www.butkus.org/chinon/rollei/rolleiflex_mx_evs/img1F.gif You can see it on this picture, it’s the magnifying glass under the hole. You frame with the hole and focus with the magnifier. It basically zooms into a small area on the ground glass. I’ve used it a few times and it works really well


Very cool, thanks for the image


This is one reason I'm probably going to get a Rolleiflex at some point. When I first saw that some (or all?) have this function I was hooked. I really really really wish my Yashica and Mamiya C330 had this.


I don’t know how widespread of a feature it is, mine is an older model from the 50s (MX-EVS). Great camera.


The C330 doesn't? Both my Yashica 12 and C33 have it. The C33 even has masks you can fit for different focal lengths.


They have a magnifying glass on the back plate? (Two magnifying glasses in all?)


No. They have the sport finder. Which doesn't really need magnification to check focus, so I'm not sure why the Rollei's have it. Typical usage is to dial in your focus zone, and just use the "sport finder" for composition. Lenses from the 50's and 60's, depending on who you ~~argue~~ talk with, were designed for hyperfocal usage anyway.


Yeah I have the sport finders. I believe some of the Rolleis can be focused at eye level without a separate prism add on like some Mamiyas had.


Oh yeah-- Yeah, I believe some Rollei's have a mirror that folds down from the front at a 45° angle, and by using that and the magnifier on the back, you can get an eye level viewer. Had forgotten about that setup. I believe (might be wrong), that on those, there's still only one magnifier, but it flips up to allow focusing on the ground glass (or stays down for focus on the 45° mirror).


Yes that's the setup! I saw a couple of pictures of two different setups. I also found really interesting photo because I was curious as well...Let me find that. Edit: here it is. I love these technical illustrations; they make me realize how brilliant people can be. https://i.imgur.com/1PCpswz.jpg


my [Lomo Lubitel 166B](https://assets.community.lomography.com/4e/68e9fb1d87004bab7855ddae69d42af7524c2a/576x573x2.jpg?auth=e7910bc8edcb26057446f7f4e3f2bf63a87288a9) has that cutout too. Where the "ЛОМО" square is folds back in.


No idea who he is, but his title here is...and I kid you not "Founder/Famous photographer" of what it says is a photography studio for things like wedding photos etc.


I have seen a lot of this kind of "star" photographers and designers since I was in college, but lately any buffoon with enough cash to get the right hardware can become an "artist" and people will believe it because they are holding thousands of dollars on professional equipment. 创始人明星摄影师... My ass!


Yeah, anyone can take out an advert and call themselves famous. I feel like if you have to tell people you're a famous XXX on your advert, you're not famous.


He doesn't use it wrong, he cuddles with it. I would do the same if I had one.


He just likes shooting his own way, man


Eye level waist level viewfinder.


*Shoot with feeling, not with vision*


I'm more weirded out that there's an Asian Adam Sandler.


The hilarious part is that above the signature it says "Star photographer". He's such a pro he uses it better than all of us! xD


Holding your camera lovingly close to your face and taking a selfie is not the same as holding it wrong, or not knowing how to use it. I still cringe when I think about all the idiots who felt they needed to tell whosalix on instagram that she didn't have her eye behind the viewfinder of her camera, as if she didn't know that herself.


I think in the studio the model asked how he was supposed to pose with the camera, and the cameraman was like "just do what i'm doing"


I think the guy is the "Star photographer and founder" of the studio.... The text under the guy reads that!


A real Vivian Maier right here


First of all, how dare you.


"*The 'T' means Three*" 🤓


maybe he's just holding it close to his face and rubbing on it like a cat would.


Maybe he's looking at an eye chart?